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Nubiles Casting 12

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Mr. 5B » Review Date: 10/31/16

XCritic's Advice: Skip It


Title of Work:  Nubiles Casting 12

Genre:  Casting series, Boy/Girl, Boy/Girl/Girl

Studio:  NUBILES

Director of Photography:  UNKNOWN

Cast of Stars:  Dakota Skye, Holly Michaels, Taylor Whyte, Skylar Green, Marisa Mei, Winter Marie.

Condom Use:  NEGATIVE

Length of Title:  01 hour and :57 mins running time.

Number of Scenes:  FOUR

Bonus Scenes:  NONE

Dates of Production:  2013/2014

Release Date:  2016

Video/Audio Quality:  Video quality in this film is in 2 different places for both cameras involved in the title. The still camera shoots a warm wide shot of the action very HD looking, but lacks close ups of the action and remains still for every scene. The POV camera is fuzzy at times and the models tend to move around a lot as they film from the POV perspective, which does portray an amateur feel for that camera. For audio turn up the TV or headphones as the sound is muffled often under the POV camera and far away for the still camera in the 1st scene, but does appear to balance out by the 2nd scene and the rest of the film.

Extra GOODIES:  A photo gallery appears in the MAIN MENU as an option. Here you will find a good amount of HD stills in the gallery for all four scenes in order.

“The 411”:  Here we have it again, another casting series that appears to last decades now in the industry. While Nubiles Casting 12 is not in a scummy looking office and one will notice zero black leather couches in sight, it is still just that……a casting film. Each scene is shot mainly in POV by female stars looking for newer models to be a part of the Nubiles brand with a question and answer session from the “Hot Agents”. Newer models undress in front of the camera playing shy and telling their stories to the “Hot Agents”, always leading to home base. You will also be introduced to a second still camera for wide angles and shots to showcase newer models as they go thru the interview into the sex scenes. While this was all shot years ago some of the actors are far bigger today than they were back in 2013 or 2014 when these scenes were compiled, like Dakota Skye and Holly Michaels. This is your best way to see some of your favorite stars before they were stars and still newer to the industry!


Scene 1:  Holly Michaels and Taylor Whyte

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This film opens into the first scene with the stunning Holly Michaels “Hot Agent”, holding a camera clothed and shooting in POV, while she conducts a casting interview of Florida newcomer Taylor Whyte. Taylor, blonde hair and looking young, has a bubbly and fun personality as she explains to Holly why she is casting. Of course there are talks of sex, dick sucking, and more as the interview goes on and these two appear to really be enjoying the scene. Holly has Taylor undress slowly throughout the question and answer session to show off her body and private parts. Right away as Taylor removes her top, one cannot help but notice her natural breasts that look like they’re ready for a cock to be rested inside them forever. Taylor continues to undress under the question and answer period as more clothes continue to be removed until she is in the buff. Nice round ass and tight little pink pussy on her petite frame awaits you, as she shows her all on the couch for Holly. Sadly 5 minutes into this scene you will notice Holly has had her back turned to the 2nd camera the entire scene, also not a single shot of Holly talking from a perspective to see her beautiful face and body while she interviews Taylor. It also starts to look weird that even though there is a nice couch in the scene both models stand in front of the couch for a while until Taylor is fully nude, where she finally lays on the couch for a POV view her from the perspective of Holly. Then there is a hula hoop in the scene, it just appears random for a few minutes in the scene, until the 11 minute mark when the male talent arrives out of nowhere and suddenly Holly is down to her undies. This also reveals a tacky background that exposes taped up sheets over windows, ladders, gear, and various items adrift all over the room. Eventually you get moving as this builds slowly into the blowjob. By now you have both girls naked and mainly a POV shot from the male for the scene as Taylor receives dick sucking instructions from Holly. Towards the end of the sucking critique Holly jumps in showcasing her skills on him as well. It cuts to Taylor on the couch and him working her over smooth and sweet, yet the film does not have any good close ups from the HD camera and only provides a secondary POV which at times can be shaky and hard to hear hurting the value of the scenes look. They run the ringer from doggy, to cowgirl, to Holly on the side of the couch masturbating with an occasional touch from Taylor as she rides the male talent. Finally, to finishing the sex in missionary, with a final cut of both girls on their knees for the POV pop onto the face and mouth of Taylor. The biggest sadness is that Holly was not utilized in the scene very much and we all know we would love to see more of Holly, especially with male talent inside of her!


Scene 2: Skylar Green and Dakota Skye

Here you get more of the same as Skylar interviews Dakota about her favorite sex positions in a room filled with random props and sheets up, as Dakota goes back and forth as she undresses to a massage table. In this scene Skylar does help Dakota undress and it happens quickly, so you do not have to wait to see Dakota completely naked. Skylar remains clothed as she continues the interview and occasionally with the POV camera you see a few close ups of the goods. I still feel some of these angles are bizarre as you can see the camera hands off to someone else who appears to be on a ladder shooting down. Then the camera is back with Skylar as the scene progresses forward showing Dakota with a hula hoop. Cutting to a pussy close up and touches from Skylar. Wish we could have had better close ups here as most the time the camera is in the wide shot that remains in place through the scene. Not much play going on either, just a lot of Q and A, as were close to 10 min in by now. With both these girls in this scene Nubiles had the potential to explode this scene right off the screen, but eventually Skylar undresses for Dakota and the girl girl action slowly builds up, with a little pussy eating from Skylar to Dakota. The POV camera goes down so you now only have the wide shot and a new 3rd camera for a far but nearer close up. A few minutes into pussy eating it cuts to a POV where the male talent arrives into the scene only wearing undies, and Dakota does not get to pay the favor back to Skylar. After a few minutes of rubbing his cock on top of the undies the girls reveal his shaft for the mouth to mouth exchange. Dakota begins to take charge of the oral pleasuring of his cock, as Skylar assist to keep it right where Dakota needs it…in her mouth. Once the scene shifts to sex Dakota starts the scene from missionary with the same easy going and respectful pace, while Skylar disappears from the scene. There is a switch to reverse cowgirl where the best shot parts of this scene from the Skylar POV are captured. Even a few shots of the cock going from pussy to mouth of Skylar and back to Dakota grinding away in reverse cowgirl. If the whole movie was filmed like this part of this scene this film would have been HOT! The scene does carry upward from here with Dakota riding the cock as Skylar sits her pussy right on the face of the male talent to get a closer look at the fuck action happening in front of her. A few more pussy to mouth back to pussy exchanges and Dakota switches to cowgirl, then doggy. We finish with the pop as both girls wait for his load to hit the mouth of Dakota, where she cum swaps with Skylar as the scene fades onto the next.


Scene 3: Marissa Mei

With a different approach to the film comes a scene that is strictly boy girl sex, as this time Marissa conducts her interview with the male who is clothed and on the couch. A creative spin to the normal casting titles available, flipping the script on a casting series. Various gear and items are still adrift but this time they will not be in the shot for long as this scene takes off fast. Before you know it the camera leaves the hands of Marissa and she is undressing with the male talent now filming POV. We jump quickly into him on the couch for a blow job close up and a few cuts with the wide shot of Marissa on all four where her ass looks amazing as she sucks him off. Not even a few minutes in she is instructed to sit straight onto his cock and does with zero hesitation in cowgirl. The cuts from the wide shots are good but still too far away for the close up shot the fans are looking for, and the POV makes it hard to see penetration for a scene that built up quick. To be honest there is a great fuck happening, it is just hard to see at times in the POV. She switches to missionary as his pace quickens. On the couch she moans in enjoyment and the POV does capture a great close up of the penetration in line with the wide shot cuts. Best part of the scene is right here, as she is on her back. They switch to doggy and the sound gets a little weird for the wide shots and in POV he is pounding away on her little box…she is very VOCAL. Best female orgasm of the film hands down!!! She appears to be having a great time in this scene as well and he continues to pound away until he blows all over her ass. She fingers up a little of the load to her mouth and fade to black. Good job you two as this felt real as the fucking started to progress and is the strongest of all four scenes in this film.


Scene 4: Skylar Green and Winter Marie

Skylar is back to bring us on home for the last scene of this film. She once again is in charge of the interview of Winter and finally the room looks like a set from a porn movie. Nothing is lying around random and the backdrop looks amazing. This is what all the scenes should have looked like from a cinematic stand point, warm, clean, organized, and professional. Both models look extremely sexy and their wardrobe is on point for the feel of the room. Skylar takes charge right away having Winter undress STAT. While Skylar snaps photos you have a cameraman following her to capture the shots, as well as that wide shot. Maybe having the model appear to be casting and using a cameraman to capture with two other still cameras could be the best look for this series. Once Winter gets down to her underwear a short Q and A begins that leads to Skylar peeling off layers too. A little ass slapping and titty play, but they both giggle often and continue to talk about the questions. We are back to a POV shot of Winter on the massage table where she turns for a full body inspection. After determining that Winter has a great ass for anal Skylar gets her to the couch for a spread eagle shot and some G spot touches from Skylar. Skylar does not pussy play long before she starts to tongue the clit and lips of Winter. Skylar gets Winter to switch her and Winter dives into Skylar with a mouthful of muff as they discuss dick. They walk out from the living room towards the stairs as Skylar follows with some great POV ass shots of Winter. Somehow after getting upstairs to the male talent we warp back downstairs to a shot with dick exposed and in the mouth of Winter as Skylar wants to see how far down can Winter go on his shaft. The scene goes on for a hot minute with just Winter sucking away as Skylar coaches, then it finally swaps to his cock pass off and Skylar takes charge of him in her mouth. There is a period of time that passes during this part of the film it seems like were in the BJ forever as even Winter goes back to the D. Eventually we cut to Winter on her back lying on the massage table and the sex begins. For some reason there is that up on the ladder shot and cuts to the wide shots remaining the same. During the warm up of the sex once again Skylar is nonexistent. The shots are clean though and with no POV the scene does carry a better feel than the ones where POV was used thru half the scene. They stay in missionary for a good amount of time, even a pussy munch halfway thru via the male star. Then we swap to him on the table on his back and ride cowgirl ride. Skylar is still nowhere in sight and the POV camera makes the comeback. A switch to doggy in the POV shot as you hear Skylar whisper to Winter and she demands some ass slapping again and again. The pounding picks up a hair as Winter gets loud and into her scene as she is close to climax. We stay in doggy to the end where you still get POV from Skylar and can see her on the ladder and the wide shots do well here to get the picture. OMG we finish with a pussy creampie…way to go brother. You get an amount of creampie drip close up and we fade bye bye guys until next round.


“The Porn Hard Truth!!!”

I have met many models that have shot for Nubiles over the years and a good amount that still look up to and respect Nubiles as a company. They do shoot a certain look of star and we would have to agree they shoot hot chicks no doubt. My critique is the footage was filmed so long ago, like close to 3 or 4 years ago. Some of the girls have moved along and some are successful in their careers like Dakota Skye, Holly Michaels, and Skylar Green. I felt this film to be slow as it had the cast to burn the DVD right into the player, but just dragged on and didn’t really showcase the action. The cameras didn’t match for continuity of the film. The audio was low and distorted or muffled at times, and things just felt thrown together and shot in a hurry. I will say with the footage being older Nubiles has grown in the last 5 years and probably could of saved this material or used it in a chopped up film of shorts focusing on the best of Nubiles Casting. We will see where they go from here, but I would have to say “SKIP IT”, unless you’re a diehard fan of one of the stars remaining or this series.



Mr. 5B

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