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Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 10/30/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Supernatural


Cast: Samantha Hayes, Dahlia Sky, Charlotte Stokely, Elsa Jean, Adrianna Sephora, Darcie Dolche

Director: Stills By Alan

Length: 130 min.

Release Date: Sept. 23, 2016

Condoms: None

Extras: 17 min. BTS doc. and two trailers

Video/Audio: Gorgeous anamorphic widescreen shot on digital film with 5.1 Dolby Surround


Overview: Just in time for Halloween comes this very well made lesbian love story of ghosts and witches from the talented team of director Stills By Alan and writer Bree Mills. Originally a three part mini-series for girlsway.com, this gorgeously shot film is more about style and story than actual sex, which is still pretty hot.


Scene One: Dahlia Sky and Charlotte Stokely


The film starts with us meeting Samantha Hayes, a medium who can see and hear ghosts. The beginning of the scene has Samantha witnessing an interaction between two spurned spirits. The special effects in this opening are top notch with wonderful visuals and truly spooky makeup on the spirits.



After the encounter Samantha is back home on her computer when she gets a message from Dahlia Sky asking for her assistance. The next day Dahlia arrives at Samantha's house and relates her story to her. In a BEAUTIFULLY shot sequence Dahlia explains that she is a Wiccan along with her lover Charlotte Stokely. While Dahlia used her powers for good Charlotte turned towards the dark arts, following the teachings of Alastair Crowley.


She and Dahlia perform a binding ritual that would allow them to communicate after death. After reciting an incantation they start kissing, and the first sex scene begins. They undress each other and Dahlia rides Charlotte's face. They scissor and lick each other in gorgeously shot sapphic love.


Scene Two: Dahlia Sky and Samantha Hayes


After Dahlia relates her story, Samantha confesses she doesn't believe her. To prove her powers she heals a bruise on Samantha's thigh. This convinces Samantha of Dahlia's power. Dahlia continues her story about how Charlotte dove deeper and deeper into the dark arts until she summoned the spirit of Alastair Crowley himself and dies in a sex ritual. She finds that the love ritual they performed didn't work and she hasn't been able to communicate with her as planned, which is shy she is asking for Samantha's help to summon her. After Dahlia healed Samantha's wound it made her weaker, and the only way to rejuvenate is through sex. So they go to Samantha bedroom and after some kissing Samantha sucks on Dahlia's nipples, telling her how beautiful they are. She lies down and Dahlia eats her pussy. After doing some scissoring Samantha eats Dahlia out and they end up in a 69.


Scene Three: Samantha Hayes, Dahlia Sky, Charlotte Stokely


Samantha and Dahlia drive to location of Dahlia and Charlotte's love ritual. In a circle of candles Dahlia recites an incantation and brings back Charlotte's spirit. Both Charlotte and Dahlia are too weak to finish the spell, so Samantha volunteers to help. She starts kissing Charlotte's leg working her way up to her pussy. She eats Charlotte out while Dahlia kisses her. After making Charlotte cum she gets underneath Dahlia and eats her. Charlotte and Dahlia then start bumping pussies while Samantha Rides Dahlia's face. And the scene ends with Samantha scissoring Dahlia while Charlotte sits on her face. After all of the sweet sapphic orgasms, the scene ends with Dahlia and Charlotte completing the spell sending both of them together to the next world. Wonderfully shot scene rounding out a beautiful supernatural love story.


Scene Four (Dovefucking Darcie): Elsa Jean, Adrianna Sephora, Darcie Dolce


This is a big boob fetish bonus scene, completely unrelated to the previous feature. It just pops up out of nowhere with no warning or explanation, and it can be jarring and confusing if you just watched Clairvoyance and expecting it to be a continuation. The gorgeously exotic Adrianna Sephora is running late for work while Elsa begs her to stay and fuck her. When she leaves Elsa starts snooping on her laptop and finds Adrianna's porn on it. One thing she notices about them is all of the women have big tits. Being small breasted this makes her feel self conscience. So she calls their big titted friend Darcie Dolce to come over for a three way. When Adrianna arrives home Elsa explains she saw her porn and wanted to make her happy by having a three way with a woman with big tits. At first Adrianna says they don't have to, but Elsa insists, so Adrianna starts feeling Darcie's big boobs, while Darcie returns the favor. They start undressing and Darcie starts eating out Adrianna. All of the licking and rubbing her nipple on her clit makes Adrianna cum. Darcie then lays down and allowing Elsa to sit on her face whlie Adrianna rubs her nipple on her clit. Darcie rubs and pats Elsa's pussy to orgasm while Adrianna goes to town on her pussy. With Elsa sucking her boob, Adrianna rubs Darcie's pussy while Darcie sucks on Adrianna's boob. Elsa then lays down and sucks on Adrianna's boob while Darcie rubs her nipple on Elsa's clit. Adrianna and Darcie then switch places allowing to Elsa to suck on Darcie's boob while Adrianna eats her out. The scene ends with Darcie riding Elsa's face while Elsa and Adrianna scissor each other making everyone cum at once. Again, why this scene is here I have no idea. I guess it's just a filler to round out the feature but it's so out of place it should have been included in the extras instead of with the feature. Still, it's pretty damn hot with three of the most beautiful and sexy women today.



Final Thoughts: The production value of Clairvoyance is top notch. While the story is a little weak the performances are great. You truly feel the love and remorse between Dahlia Sky and Charlotte Stokely. Samantha Hayes' performance is a little wooden but she makes up with some terrific sex. She's definitely the most romantic of the entourage. And what can I say about the photography. The camera work by Stills By Alan, especially during opening montage while Dahlia is relating her story, is so professional and beautiful with it's sweeping aerials and dark foreboding visuals. And finally I truly hope this film at least gets a nomination for it's special effects. Some of the best I've seen from a porn film this year. My grade: Highly Recommended.

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