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Don't Break Me Vol. 3

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 11/2/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4.5/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 21 minutes

Cast: Veronica Rodriguez, Megan Rain, Angel Smalls, Sadie Pop, Sally Squirts, J Mac, Jean St. Jean, Bruno Dickemz, and Carlo Carrera

Directed by: Unknown

Genres: All Sex, Big Cock, Teens 18+

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No specifications to note, but everything is crystal clear

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery, cum-shot recap, trailers, and web access

Overview: Marketed as "tiny spinners fucking big massive dicks," Don't Break Me Vol. 3 contrasts incredibly petite hotties taking enormous cocks in a three-hour extravaganza brimful of excitement and a variety of positions.

*Height and weight according to the DVD case of the film*

Scene 1 - Veronica Rodriguez (5'3'', 99lbs) and J Mac

The first few minutes of the first scene in Don't Break Me Vol. 3 basically establishes that there will indeed be many layers of eroticism. For one, Veronica Rodriguez's, the DVD cover-girl, ass is busting out of her neon-fuchsia leotard as she pivots back and forth on a two-wheeled hoverboard taking selfies. She shows her prowess on the board by riding it both squatting and standing, and using it to evoke humor, as she states she'll use it as a getaway vehicle when she sees J Mac's giant dick. "His big dick is gonna break me in half," she nervously claims.

As soon as J Mac arrives, Veronica goes to work, pursing her lips around J's impressive member while continuing to roll back and forth on the hoverboard. What could've been a needless distraction is actually handled quite well here and provides for a lot of fun, like when J pounds Veronica's pussy from the back and she uses the board to repeatedly roll on his dick. It's a neat little contraption that serves the scene well. After she sucks him off, J takes off her small tank-top to reveal tiny tits, and the two soon get to fucking. She backs her ass up onto his cock in a way that would make dirty south rapper Juvenile quaintly smile.

When Veronica ditches the board is when she's really in for it. J Mac doesn't hold back, as if he's exacting revenge for all the cheekily negative things Veronica said about him in the beginning, pounding her pussy during a vigorous cowgirl session. She's absolutely drilled in missionary, as well, and adding to her own excitement with a finger inserted in her beautiful ass for good measure. When the leotard finally comes off is when she's on her toes getting it from the back, with her hands balanced on the hoverboard, being full-on- wheelbarrow-fucked like crazy. Upside fucking, where J Mac can continue to give her all he's got figuratively and literally leads to unexpected, but delightful squirting followed by a cum-blast to the face, which she drools all over herself. An excellent, enthusiastic opener on all-fronts. Four and a half out of five stars.

Scene 2 - Megan Rain (5'0'', 97lbs, she claims, going against the DVD cover's information) and Jean Val Jean

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Megan Rain is an absolute heartbreaker in appearance and personality, with her piercing eyes staring right into your heart, her perky demeanor, and her lovely, chirpy voice all being the kind of attributes you want in a girlfriend or a spouse let alone a porn star. Thankfully, the producers recognize this and devote a great deal of time talking to her and getting to know her. She talks about her flexibility, which comes naturally due to her small stature. She does the splits and pretzels herself a bit for the camera, foreshadowing the kind of moves she'll be doing on Jean Val Jean's cock in just a few minutes. Jean has a lot of fun benching and lifting her, in addition to burying his face deep in her ass as she clings to a pull-up bar. The foreplay here is almost perfect.

Despite the size of Jean, Megan has no trouble touching her throat with his dick, and resting her nose against his naval. She works his cock impressively before he hoists her upside down in the air and face-fucks her; saliva and spit cover Jean's dick and the excess flies past the camera for a deliciously hot few moments. Megan's left breathless after a few deep-thrusts, as her legs are pushed into her with Jean's girth pumping into her tiny twat. She cowgirls him with her legs in the air and behind her head, fluttering her eyes at the camera as she remarks on how she can see his dick inside of her.

Megan throws her legs behind her head once again in order to allow Jean full access to her pretty pussy. Her eyes roll back and flutter once again as he gives it all he's got. Towards the end of the scene. she's face down, ass up, with arms wrapped around her legs waiting for Jean to enter her yet again. Jean works her out a bit more before rewarding her with a much-deserved cum-blast all over her face, which blends with her spit and dangles off of her chin. Through improbable odds, Megan's scene matches the level of quality of Veronica's. Four and a half out of five stars.

Scene 3 - Angel Smalls (5'0'', 87lbs) and Bruno Dickemz

Right off the bat, Angel Smalls shows herself to be quieter and even shyer than the two women before her, but not all women can wear such a perky persona when they're about to get a dick that could weigh about a third of them, I suppose. Nonetheless, Angel smiles and shimmies her way through this scene, and when Bruno's massive member comes out, she shows where her true talents lie - but not before Bruno clears out her luggage bag to see if her eighty-seven pound self can fit inside.

Angel's deepthroating skills leave her coming about an inch short of Bruno's balls, but that doesn't seem to matter when she spreads her legs for him whilst on her back. Taking the whole thing, Angel's faces spells out a mixed reaction of pleasure, pain, and overall determination to service Bruno's long dick. She also looks pretty adorable bent over with her ass poked out just for him as well. But the best position is a POV shot from Bruno's eye of Angel's ass filling the camera as he stretches her out. She bounces her ass atop his lap as he grabs a hold of her hips, sinking deeper and deeper as the riding intensifies. "I could back up on your dick all day long," she dirtily purrs.

After a few more positions - including upside-down fucking, once again - Bruno pulls out to spray his load on her face and in her mouth. A bit of a drop in quality due to the stunted foreplay, but don't you dare say Angel doesn't make her sex positions her own. Three and a half out of five stars.

Scene 4 - Sadie Pop (4'10'', 95lbs) and J Mac

Sadie Pop's scene opens on a bit of a peculiar note, with one of the recurring production members attempting to startle her by creeping up behind her with an oversized "gangster bear" mascot head. The entire thing is absolutely goofy, and sort of stalls the entire scene as we await the arrival of J Mac, once again. Sadie, however, knows just what to say, giving vivid, dirty descriptions of how she'll be fucked after she takes off her underwear to reveal a petite, shaven pussy.

Her blowjob technique lacks the copious saliva and sloppiness of the first three women, Megan in particular, who more-or-less set the standard, but that doesn't matter so much once Sadie gets going. From the moment J enters her, you can tell just by looking at Sadie's face that it's a tight fit. As J pounds her while lifting her leg in the air, she represses loud moans long enough to declare, "I want to hear my ass clap." She then feverishly rubs her clitoris as J continues to thrust with her leg over her shoulder. After fucking another petite soul on a hoverboard, J should get some kind of award for having the ability to fuck women in the strangest but most dedicated of ways.

To end things, J throws Sadie into a headlock of sorts, which also has her legs doubled over her head, giving her the great ass-clapping she demanded as he nails her tight box. The only downside to this is the momentum is lost with a pretty unimpressive cumshot, but at this point, the sexual energy and heat was almost getting to be too much. Four out of five stars.

Scene 5 - Sally Squirts (4'11'', 80lbs) and Carlo Carrera

To end things, we have Sally Squirts, the second-shortest but lightest woman on the disc. Her barely legal look, high-pitched accent, braces, and petite stature oozes the kind of innocence this disc is about. Covering her with two pillows custom-made for a twin-sized bed makes her practically disappear, and even her curled up on the same-sized bed makes it seems as if it were fit for a king. The producers decide to play a prank on the unsuspecting Carlo Carrera by stuffing Sally in the fridge in a pretty enjoyable sequence of "foreplay."

When Sally's time to get broken open comes, she fellates Carlo confidently, with enviable rhythm and perpetual cuteness. It's also hot watching her finger herself moments before Carlo sticks his sizable shaft inside her from the back, proving that no amount of fingering could adequately prepare her for what she's about to experience. She moans and even slightly grimaces, having her braces bight down on her lip in order to fully stomach all Carlo has to offer.

She eventually toys with her pussy while holding her legs in the air for Carlo, an act that assists her in entering a brief tizzy of squirting. In addition, missionary has her riding consistently while eyeing the camera, as if she's pining for you next, and standing sex seems to have her in complete and total ecstasy. Her reliance on eye-contact continues as she slurps her juices off of Carlo before he can toss her on the bed for a few more forceful thrusts before it's time to finish things up. He plays with her pussy while she sucks him off and allows him to do the honors when it comes to stroking him off and blowing his load all over her face and chest. Four and a half out of five stars.

Final Thoughts

The "Big Cock" genre in porn, be it of the all-Caucasian or interracial variety, has exponentially grown in recent years. Being a fan of HushPass's Whitezilla series, I'm currently in awe over how well MOFOs' Don't Break Me series does the genre complete and total justice. The third volume of their ongoing series is a beautiful mix of engaging, humorous foreplay, versatile and ever-changing sex positions, unabashedly exuberant cuties, and a flurry of terrific dirty-talking - all of which is immaculately directed - that sustains its three hour runtime.

During that time, we see everything from Veronica Rodriguez reacting to a dicking from J Mac by spouting vocal responses in Spanish to Megan Rain entrancing us with her flexibility. Having said that, no girl phones in her performance and everyone - from the men to the women - appear to be having a fun-filled time in addition to strong chemistry. Don't Break Me Vol. 3 shows what porn is all about, and even as slight issues arise (like the sometimes lengthy amount of time it takes for everyone to get naked and the absence of valuable features on the disc), there is enough quality content here to make this a borderline exceptional, definitive example of its respective genre.

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