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Keep It In The Family

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 11/6/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Incest Feature


Cast: Casey Calvert, Aidra Fox, Julia Ann, Melissa Moore, Isiah Maxwell, Marcus London

Director/Writer/DP/Editor: Mike Quasar

Length: 122 min.

Release Date: Sept. 22, 2016

Extras: A bonus scene, a popshot compliation, and a commercial for My Perfect Stroke. There is also a separate disc containing Mike Quasar's vignette release from 2014 called Family comes first. You can read Don Houston's review of this release here.

Condoms: None

Video/Audio: Well shot anamorphic widescreen in Dolby surround.

Overview: The latest from veteran porn master Mike Quasar is the story of a jealous wicked stepsister that's marked by great photography, well acted performances and blisteringly hot sex scenes.

Prologue: Casey Calvert expertly plays the truly evil rich bitch daughter of Julia Ann, stepdaughter to Marcus London and stepsister to adopted sibling Isiah Maxwell. Marcus and Julia are in the process of adopting Aidra Fox, god-daughter of Marcus, a good girl from the wrong side of the tracks whose father, Marcus' best friend, has just passed. Casey is having none of it and plots with Isiah to kick her out of the family. Aidra has a friend, the very pretty Melissa Moore, who has serious hots for Isiah and tells Aidra how she'd love to take his big black cock.


Scene One: Julia Ann and Isiah Maxwell


Julia overhears Casey's plot against Aidra, which Isiah is against. She also hears how Casey caught Isiah jacking off to Casey's underwear. This gives Julia the hots and she confronts Isiah in the workout room. She starts hitting on him, first kissing and then having him suck her tits. In true Mike Quasar fashion the pacing in this scene is great. He never rushes making the sex all the more beautiful and sensuous. Isiah, works his way down to Julia's pussy and eats her out. After making her cum they go upstairs to the couch and start making out. Isiah licks and eats Julia out again making her buck and moan to another great orgasm. Julia pulls down his shorts and underwear to reveal his well hung BBC and gives him some of that truly great head as only Julia can, concentrating on the tip and stoking the shaft like the expert she is. Once his huge cock is fully erect Julia sits on the couch spread eagle for him and he plows every inch into her. Julia Ann takes him like a pro, and after cumming she sucks and strokes him some more before climbing on top and going cowgirl on him, first front and reverse, her slamming body sliding up and down on his pole. They go back into a missionary and she rubs her clit as he fucks her bringing her to another great orgasm before he shoots his load on her tits. Amazingly hot scene with those trademark Quasar camera shots that puts you right into the action.


Scene Two: Casey Calvert and Aidra Fox


In this scene Aidra is getting ready for the bathtub when Casey walks in on her. She tells her she has a great body before undoing her towel and letting it drop to the floor. She lies to Aidra and tells her she and Marcus have been together, and in this family having sex with each other is normal. Good girl Aidra is reticent to Casey's advances but gives in when Casey starts eating her pussy. With Isiah watching Casey kisses Aidra's body. Aidra gives in and the two start making out. They fondle each other, tweak and suck each other's nipples and have general foreplay before Casey finger bangs Aidra standing. Aidra's intense orgasms are a true thing of beauty in this film. She convulses on Casey's hand giving the greatest facial expressions when she cums. Casey then sits on the edge of the tub and Aidra eats her out. She flicks and sucks her clit and uses her fingers to make her cum. Casey then gets on all fours and Aidra finger bangs her from behind, rubbing her pussy from underneath making her have a screaming orgasm. Aidra then lays on the floor and Casey munches her box to another orgasm. She then stands up against the wall and Casey fingers her from behind again. Casey then bends over and Aidra fingers her from behind before laying down for Aidra to eat her pussy to one more glorious orgasm. In less capable hands this could have been just another boring lesbian scene. But Quasar's masterful camera work and beautiful angles make it truly exciting. That's the mark of a great filmmaker. The ability to use the camera to tell the story.


Scene Three: Casey Calvert, Melissa Moore and Isiah Maxwell


Isiah invites Melissa over to get to know her better until Casey shows up and sends him inside. Casey starts hitting on her. Melissa confesses having the hots for Isiah and Casey tells her she can make it happen. Since she knows Isiah has been wanting to fuck her she tells Melissa they should have a three way. They start making out on the bed, kissing and fondling each other, until Casey brings Isiah in. Melissa lays down and Casey and Isiah both start rubbing her pussy and sucking her tits. Isiah then lays down and Melissa undoes his shorts and marvels at his huge ebony pole. She starts sucking it while Casey rubs her pussy. Melissa gets into a missionary position and moans as Isiah works every inch into her. Casey sits back and masturbates as Melissa creams all over Isiah's dick. He makes her cum several times before she gets on all fours and Isiah plows into her doggy style. Casey tries to get Melissa to eat her pussy but she's too busy screaming and cumming on Isiah's dick. He pulls out and Melissa sucks all of her juices off of him before climbing on top and riding him. She bucks her hips up and down on his cock pulling out every now and then for Casey to lick Melissa's juices off. When it gets to where Melissa is totally spent from cumming, Casey lays back and Isiah gets the pussy he's dreamed of. He fucks his stepsister's pussy until he shoots all over Casey's belly, Casey making Melissa lick it up. An amazingly hot scene and a great showcase between Melissa Moore and Isiah Maxwell.


Scene Four: Marcus London and Aidra Fox


After a day of shopping Aidra tries on the red bikini her stepfather just bought her and displays it in front of him with the hopes of winning his approval. She tells him what Casey said about her having sex with him. Marcus says she's lying and about how mentally unstable she is. He was hoping to have a second chance with Aidra. Aidra points out that she's grown now and wants to repay Marcus for all of the kindness he's shown her. She does this by suggesting they leave together. She starts kissing him and he starts running his hands all over her perfect body. He takes her bikini off and eats and fingers her pussy. This drives her crazy and she has a several very vocal and very animated orgasms. Her facial expressions when she cums are to die for. She sucks his cock before riding him, her perfect ass bouncing up and down on his cock. They then start spooning and she rubs her pussy to orgasm before finishing up in a missionary. In an intense fucking scene Marcus finishes by shooting on Aidra's pussy. The film ends with Marcus and Aidra embracing each other, Marcus agreeing to run away with Aidra. Cut to Isiah and Julia who decide to be together, and Casey crying while gazing out a window alone, now that her family has abandoned her. You almost kind of feel sorry for the ice queen.


Final Thoughts: This is probably the weakest storyline Mike Quasar has written. It's a very routine story about a spoiled rich daddy's girl wanting to oust an interloper. He really doesn't add anything to that tired old synopsis. However you really can overlook it since the scenes are so well shot with an amazing array of talent. When the players orgasm it always earth shattering with lot's of convulsions and animation. You really feel the intensity of the sex scenes along with the masterful camera work from Quasar. I wouldn't rate this among his best films but it's definitely very worthwhile for the great performances and scorching sex! Definitely Highly Recommended. 



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