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Celebration Oral Sex

Studio: Viv Thomas » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/7/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Lesbian, Cunnilingus

Writer/Director: Alis Locanta



Cast: Amirah Adara, Victoria Puppy, Eileen Sue, Baby Jewel, Terra (Credited as Tracy Lindsay), Cayla Lyons, Silvie Luca

Length: 1 hour 33 minutes    

Date of Release: September 12, 2016

Extras: 2:15 minutes of Trailers, Some outtakes shown during the final credits.

Condoms: None Needed

Audio/Video Quality: Captured expertly on a 4K Red Camera, and well - displayed in widescreen. This is my first foray into the world of Viv Thomas, but I am well aware of the high quality stills that MetArt has been showcasing for years. That high quality is present in this video as well. The scenes are well-lit and the the environments picturesque. Audio is also on point, with some music tracks here and there that are not obnoxious, nor do they overpower the sensuality of each scene.

There is a problem with the disc at about 1:08 hours that causes the player to reset. Jumping past that point alleviates the problem. I had a similar issue with a title from a different studio a few weeks back.

Overview: Alis Locanta showcases seven very pretty ladies over four sensual scenarios broken into two scenes each. Each mini-scene shows a girl getting orally pleasured by the other. There's a very brief bit of a setup to each scene. This is soft, sensual, girl on girl action filmed very well. If you are in the mood for that kind of thing then you really can't go wrong with this well-produced disc.

Scene 1. Amirah Adara, Victoria Puppy

Amirah Adara

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Victoria and Amirah are chatting at the dining table and Victoria is sensually eating fruit. The two are turned on by each other and Amirah moves in for some playful kissing, fruit in mouth. She moves to the living room to do a strip-trease and sits in a chair nude, legs spread. Victoria gets the invite and moves in to kiss the pretty Hungarian's face and lick her perky nipples. The scene is framed nicely with the large picture window behind the two showing off the hillside. The blonde moves down and drips some spit onto Amirah's shaven slit and gives her a quick tongue and finger in her front hole and then fucks her ass with a middle finger while licking her snatch. It's a soft and fairly short, but hot scene which fades into another version.

Victoria Puppy

This version finds Amirah lapping water from a running faucet and Victoria coming in behind her and feeling her up. The two kittens paw at each other and Amirah strips off the Czech's clothing in the kitchen and kneels before her to lap at her box. The two use the counter for leverage and we get a good shot of Victoria's round ass as her leg is stretched along the counter top. Even though Amirah's still dressed, she looks super fine bent over, licking Victoria as she sits on the counter. Another nicely done scene.

Scene 2. Cayla Lyons, Silvie Luca

Cayla Lyons

The two Czech beauties are packing for holiday and enjoying a lollipop together, Cayla's ass looking great in her skin tight jeans. The lolli licking quickly turns to tongue twisting and passionate kissing and the scene fades into the two lying in bed reading a travel description and Cayla has planned ahead; not packing her gorgeous red and black lingerie which sets the room on fire as she walks in wearing it. She isn't wearing it for long though, as Silvie shows off her incredible ass while peeling it off of her. Cayla's blond locks contrast nicely with her black nylons as she spreads her legs for her partner to tongue plow her black-patched pussy. Watching her wriggle her hips as she gets licked is hot, and it's even hotter as she flips to doggie to get eaten from behind.

Silvie Luca

Silvie's in the bathroom, checking herself out in a mirror when Cayla comes in to ravish her. They can't get their clothes off fast enough as Cayla licks down her partner's body. past her erect nipples, spinning her around to lick her holes from behind. Silvie stands shuddering as her box gets licked by the blonde babe. It's short and to the point, looking great as the two get down to business in black lingerie in a black bathroom.

Scene 3. Baby Jewel, Eileen Sue

Baby Jewel

We get good shots of newbie Baby Jewel's tiny round ass as she garters up in a bright white dressing room and then slowly reddens her lips in a mirror as Eileen watches. Eileen gets hot and starts attacking the freshly lip-painted young lady, smearing lipstick all over both of their faces. The smearing continues onto Baby Jewels' ass as she gets a bit of a spanking, ass kissing and fingering from behind. She gets flipped for a furious tongue flicking before the scene fades.

Eileen Sue

Eileen is enjoying an orange slice as she recalls watching Baby Jewel apply her makeup and their earlier tryst. Jewel comes in and gets right down to business, licking Eileen's box, panties pulled aside as she sits in a chair. The panties get pulled off for some fingering, corkscrew-style. They finish up back where they started, applying makeup in the dressing room.

There is a problem with the disc at about 1:08 hours that causes the player to reset. Jumping past that point alleviates the problem.

Scene 4. Cayla Lyons, Terra

Cayla Lyons

Terra is preoccupied with rewriting a speech and Cayla diverts her attention by sitting on the table in front of her naked and kissing her. Her body is enticing and soon our speechwriter's face is between her legs, bent over, jean-shorted ass in the air. Like Cayla's last scene she is soon writhing and thrusting her hips into her partner's tongue in enjoyment.


Cayla lies on the couch, nude, and invites Terra to come sit on her face; a moonlit ocean framed in the picture window. Terra's firmly toned body looks good as she straddles Cayla's chin. Her pretty face is featured as she pants her way through an orgasm.

Final Thoughts: Pretty Hungarian and Czech girls are showcased beautifully in this short, but focused production. The sex is soft and sensual and captured expertly in 4K. Lighting, wardrobe, makeup and hair are all on point. The girls seem to be into each other, and the scenes. Nothing looks like anyone is just going through the motions. When you are in the mood for soft, close, pretty girl-on-pretty girl action then you really can't go wrong here. I feel most collections should have some good lesbian titles in them and this fits that bill perfectly. I actually liked that the scenes are fairly short, it kept it interesting rather than getting tediously repetitive. The Extras section is almost non-existent, so that may cause you to lower my Recommended to Watch It Online, but I think it will cost you more that way if I recall the pricing structure.

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