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Black Cum In Me

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 11/10/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Content: 4.5/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 36 minutes

Cast: Amara Romani, Luna Star, Kat Dior, Luna Star, Moe the Monster, and Isiah Maxwell.

Directed by: Jonni Darkko

Genres: Anal, Big Cock, Creampie, Gonzo, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: 4K video resolution

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery, creampie recap, trailers, website information

Overview: Porn's heavy-hitting director Jonni Darkko delivers a bang with Black Cum in Me, his first creampie video, which features must-see scenes of gorgeous, lusty starlets taking black cock in all three holes before enjoying a warm, internal injection.

Scene 1 - Amara Romani and Moe the Monster

Don't be surprised if you feel a bit sweaty or even can't bring yourself to hold it in at the conclusion of this fifty-minute spectacle. If there were any scene to showcase the arousing aspects of interracial, creampie, and deepthroat pornography, than this exhilarating thrill-ride between Amara Romani and Moe the Monster is certainly the one. It opens by showing Amara salivate all over a clear dildo, with Darkko's trademark gonzo-photography providing us of intimate closeups of the way her tongue acquaints itself with the dildo, until the camera pulls back to reveal Amara massaging her asshole. The camerawork coupled with the crystal-clear, gorgeous 4K resolution sets a tone of consistency for the entire disc. Amara stretches her the moist lips of her labia for viewers to behold before the scene officially begins.

"I'm going to suffocate myself with your dick," Amara promises Moe as she immediately dives right into deepthroating his sizable shaft. She gags and slobbers all over his cock, making a sloppy mess of sticky spit and drool that coat her jaw and his entire lap. She bills herself a "sloppy little whore" before treating Moe and herself to a reverse cowgirl all over the mess she made. During this time, Amara is unapologetically vulgar and filthy, demanding that Moe later fuck her "shithole" and make a whore out of her, even when she can barely seem to keep her lunch down as she goes back to sucking his dick.

As you can expect, her deafening moans do not stop when Moe's deep in her "shithole," nor when she's bent over for doggy. Moe grabs onto her pink lingerie and yanks it out of the way as Amara, deep in ecstasy, exclaims how much she loves dick in her ass. Then comes one of the hottest - if not the hottest - deep-throat sequence I've ever seen. While upside down, Amara's savors Moe's long dong, slurping and sucking her way to bliss as her once spotless face soon becomes a haven of saliva and drool. Thick, bubbly loads of warm spit bathe her entire face, seeping into her eyes and nostrils as she passionately continues to suck Moe. Her hair and makeup become in complete disarray during this, as the spit even travels down her thick black hair. Amara's technique never fails and her eye-contact is penetrating; it takes everything out of a man not to cum during this scene and we're barely a half-hour in at this point.

It ranks right alongside Amber Rayne's deepthroating of Richard Mann in Throat Meat.

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The entire thing ends with Amara's bubble butt hogging the screen at the very end, riding Moe fluently with a quiet little twerking-edge to spice things up, before we see her flipped on her back with her legs spread, ready to take Moe's load in her ass. Soon after putting it inside her butt, Moe blows his load, but just when you think a fade-to-black is in order, Amara takes a long, clear straw to suck the cum out of her ass and into her mouth. After she's treated to a little bit, she proceeds to fart out the rest; a slow-motion recap of the entire thing concludes the scene, a brilliant, nasty conclusion to one of the wildest porn sequences I've yet to see. Passion, enthusiasm, high-energy, and filthiness runs through this scene like sperm out of Amara's ass, and it opens the DVD amazingly. Five out of five stars.

Scene 2 - Luna Star and Isiah Maxwell

Seconds after we see Amara shoot cum out of her asshole, covergirl Luna Starr's enormous behind fills up the screen, with her delightful see-through bra/panty combination already kicking off what looks to be another excellent scene. She dances a bit, before finding herself arching her back on a couch - the perfect position for Isiah Maxwell to come up from behind her and land face-first in her ass, the same ass she was twerking with a few moments ago. Isiah looks to please her with a bit of rimming and fingering before the focus fully turns to him and Luna's sloppily sucking his cock, showing there may indeed be more than one recurring pattern for this disc after all.

Despite being a little over an hour long, this scene progresses faster than the last one. "Put that cock inside me," Luna demands Isiah, and he obliges as she audibly queefs once he enters her. Luna is very vocal throughout the entire scene, sometimes shouting in English or Spanish, which sometimes works for the arousal-factor of the entire thing, but at the same time, doesn't necessarily, just because it's so repetitive. However, there's no denying that Luna is always into the hot sex, especially as she's tasked to do/feel so much as Isiah spreads her legs apart, plowing her mercilessly while she rubs her clit.

A more true-to-form doggystyle, however, has Luna into the sex so much she begins drooling on the couch as she tries to keep her ass open and effectively spread for Isiah to enter. As he trades between her plump booty and twat, she reaches around her leg to massage herself once again. Cowgirl is actually the position that suites Luna the best, as we get to see her rocking body unblocked in its entirety, and artfully conveyed as her legs soon go up and the focus becomes on her lower-half.

Once again, Darkko's amazing directorial skills come together in what could've been a drearily ordinary titfuck sequence. Isiah sprays her mouth and chest with a load of lube, so he can work his way between a naughty blowjob and a ravishing titfuck as Luna multitasks nicely. Finally, she aids him in spreading her crotch for his cum, to which he gives her a sizable load she has no difficulty in creampie-ing out. This is something of a long scene, but the payoff is rewarding. Four out of five stars.

Scene 3 - Kat Dior and Isiah Maxwell

For the third scene in Black Cum in Me, the ever-popular Kat Dior gets her turn at accepting a creampie from a hung black-stud, and after flaunting her elegant lingerie set - with a thong that can barely conceal her butthole - Isiah Maxwell returns to give her what she desires. He wastes no time in sticking his cock inside Kat before a full-body mirror, not even bothering with a blowjob nor cunnilingus because he likely knows he'll get it out of her eventually. He takes her on before the mirror as Kat wails in pleasure, lifting her leg to reveal a cute black soul-patch of pubic hair before it's time to get on her knees.

Isiah commands the blowjob once again, placing his hands on each side of her head, thrusting her skull back-and-forth onto his cock. Even with this, Kat is always the star, and manages to grab a hold of his cock to show him that no matter what, she's the scene-stealer here, slurping her way to satisfaction. Kat is once again thrown against the mirror, but this time with fluttering eyes as Isiah goes for her asshole. "Where's my dick?," he softly asks her. "It's in my tight little asshole," she says, repressing ear-piercing moans of both pain and solace.

She commends Isiah as she rides him cowgirl, taking him all the way to the balls whilst being flabbergasted at how deep he is inside her ass - she shows her fullest appreciation when she squirts, mind you. In the home-stretch, she bends over and offers up her ass to him, a taste of where of he'll be putting his load when the time comes. After a mid-fuck blowjob, Isiah reenters her booty, trading off with the clear dildo she used in the beginning of the scene, and proceeds to thrust deeper and deeper until he finally unleashes his load inside of her. Kat's enthusiasm is better articulated through her moans than it was in Luna's repeated vocalizations of pleasure, and she looks completely and happily spent by the conclusion of this overall very fun scene. Four out of five stars.

Scene 4 - Hope Howell and Moe the Monster

In a beautiful deep-blue bra and panty set, busty brunette Hope Howell fingers herself for our pleasure, reminding me of a younger Caroline Pierce the entire time. Her voluptuous figure and slow, sultry technique shows off more than even the loudest moans could convey. After that introduction, we're reacquainted with Moe the Monster, to which Hope happily greets him with an oral workout as she removes her huge, loopy earrings. Try as she might, though, she's the first girl on the whole disc who cannot deep-throat their respective performer's huge cock, coming up about an inch and a half short of his balls. Even with a bit of lube assistance from Moe's helpful squirt-bottle, Hope cannot seem to fully down such a hearty dick.

This is no problem, though, because it only incentivizes Hope to work harder and through gobs of spit and slobber that make this scene echo the steaminess of the opener. This especially rings true as Hope does everything from spread her mouth with her fingers and even plug her nose in efforts to fully satisfy Moe. She eventually taps out, climbing on him for a round of hot missionary sex that has her impressively and smoothly riding him until she visibly starts to cream on his dick. A bit of spooning-sex allows for Moe to become acquainted with Hope's tight asshole, which has her moans turning into melodic outbursts of appreciation.

In the home-stretch, Moe pulls Hope's hair back as she, once again, tries to take all of his cock, yet still comes up a bit short. Following that, she bends over doggy to accept his dick in her ass again; "look what you did to my asshole," she tells him as she moans, blowing bubbles of spit that subsequently run down her chin. A bout of upside sex shows us how rough Hope enjoys it, with her being choked and Moe's fingers entering and exiting her mouth quite frequently. As Moe's plowing her vagina, he finally blows his load, which floods her pussy and proceeds to warmly cover her asshole. "See you in nine months," she tells Moe, queefing out the last of his cum. A beautiful scene concludes humorously to conclude this opus of a disc. Four and a half out of five stars.

Final Thoughts

I give full-credit to anyone who can make it through Jonni Darkko's debut creampie feature without blowing their load or maximizing their excitement level too early. Black Cum in Me is a whirlwind of sexual fun, with the unbelievable talents of four terrific young women shining with every intimate angle or artful closeup. A testament to the frequently impressive gonzo style of pornography - where directors thrive to throw you in the midst of the action, never quite zooming out to show you the act in its entirety - Black Cum in Me features quite possibly the best deep-throat sequence and one of the best interracial scenes I've ever seen with the wonderful Amara Romani and Moe the Monster making for lightning chemistry. 

While its two middle-scenes can't quite match the level of unabashed excitement and ecstasy as that awe-inspiring opener, Luna Star doesn't disappoint as the disc's covergirl, throwing herself into a great mix of doggy-style and consistent sex, while Kat Dior struts her well-rounded assets all while battling Isiah for a commanding role in the scene. It all concludes with Hope Howell, whose performance and energy are still off-the-charts as she performs a scene that's decidedly different from the previous, despite in a fun-filled way.

Black Cum in Me is a must-see for porn fans, highly recommended, and undoubtedly one of the best creampie titles of the year.

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