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Perversions Of A Stockings Freak #2

Studio: Swank » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/9/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: Fetish, Stockings, Feet, Shoes, Smoking, Anal

Director: Unknown



Cast: Trinity, Carmen, Lora, Maya, Lis

Length: 2 hours 37 minutes    

Date of Release: October 6, 2016

Extras: Trailer for "My Buddy's Hot Big Mama", Photo Gallery, Chapters Separated by Intro/Foreplay/Sex/Popshot, NO BTS although the cover says there is.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Decent enough anamorphic widescreen presentation, and since there is really no dialog you can mute it if you aren't into the soundtrack. The cover mentions it was digitally remastered for DVD. Between that clue and the fact that the scenes seem to have the ladies in 80's-90's fashions I'm going to say it is a compilation.

Overview: If you couldn't tell by the title, this is a foot and leg fetish video focusing on legs with stockings. Each scene does a good job of keeping those stockinged legs and feet in frame almost constantly. The sex ranges from decent to sizzling hot.

Scene 1: Trinity & Guy


Trinity starts off the show on a bed, in a little black dress with matching stockings and heels. The guy gives her a thrusting finger fucking and then gives himself a foot job with her feet. The action swaps between him thrusting between her feet and her pussy pretty regularly. He softly grunts throughout the entire scene, but since there's no dialog you can safely mute it. She looks pretty good getting pounded, the camera pretty much keeping her stockings in frame in some fashion during any and all positions.


There's no real chemistry or spark, even when the two are kissing. However, she seems to be a willing fuck doll. She makes eye contact with him and the camera lens regularly as if to make sure he's enjoying fucking her feet or the position he has her in. He is obviously getting what he wants out of the deal, squeezing his load out between her feet and into her shoe, which she slips on. She then rubs her foot around in it, takes it off and licks it while staring into the lens in closeup.

Scene 2: Carmen & Guy


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Carmen is a stunning brunette with the eyes of a cat and a beautiful round ass. She's decked out in a see-through camisole, black panties and matching nylons with silver heels. She's petite but perfectly proportioned. She teases seductively and a dude enters and starts licking her legs and rubbing his crotch with her shoes. He pulls his cock out and inserts it between her shoe and her foot while she caresses herself. This obviously isn't her first leg/foot video as she uses both expertly as she jerks his cock before climbing into a 69. Things get interesting when she holds a cigarette between her feet for him to puff on which gets him really excited and he stops to undress while she licks her toes for the camera. Once his pants are off he fucks her face while she spreads her legs for the camera and rubs herself which comes across as super sexy.


Now that he's warmed up, he can't resist banging this beautiful babe while licking her soft round boobs. He peels off her stockings to get some nude foot action and she climbs on top for a ride. This girl is so freaking hot to watch fuck. She also sucks a mean dick and then stands and strips while jerking his rod between her toes while he licks her ass. A quick spit suck on his rod and she's ready to slide his rod into her ass. He takes that ass in a number of positions, each one allowing the camera to showcase her body differently. He finishes himself off between her feet as she lies on her stomach, a huge stream covering her ass and back. She rubs it all in and then lights a cigarette between her toes for him. He looks like he just had the best time of his life and she looks very proud of having given it to him.

Wow. Super hot scene! If anyone can identify this girl as more than "Carmen" please do so!

Scene 3: Lora & Guy


Lora saunters into the room wearing black and white lingerie, with a black boa, black stockings and silver heels. A guy promptly bows to worship her feet and legs. She gets into doggie on the couch so the guy can fuck her feet for a while. She smiles and moans softly while he works his cock and then she spends some time sucking it; her ass looking nice in profile. She seems to like all the foot play and the guy shows his appreciation by licking her box and then enjoys some boner time in it.


She has a pretty ass and it shows well to the camera in doggie as well as when she lies back for him to piledrive her throat while licking her toes. They go through a number of positions, the sex being slow and methodical, with foot jobs interspersed. There's an abrupt edit and a cut to her riding him now completely naked, his cock buried deep in her ass. Another abrupt edit has her finishing him off with her feet shown from a couple different camera angles. She seems very pleased with herself as she licks his jizz off of the bottom of her foot.

Scene 4: Maya & Lis & Guy

The scene opens to the two gorgeous blondes; Maya in purple and Lis in black. Lis gets right to crotch and leg licking and then bends her partner over to lick her from behind. Maya then takes a turn licking and the two lick each others tongues playfully. About the time I was settling in to enjoy a good lesbian scene between two hot starlets a dude enters and they share a cock sucking, with his fingers sliding in and out of Maya's fuck hole. The girls look amazing together and the guy seems extraneous, but everyone's having a good time as he fucks their feet and mouths and everyone does a bit of ass spanking. The two girls seem really into each other and laugh as one jerks his cock with her feet while slapping it into the other girl's mouth.

Maya & Lis

These two girls are the epitome of porn stars, in my mind. Maya is the first to to give up on the foot action and climbs on to get some cock stuffed in her and then 69's him while he gets foot jerked by Lis. Lis then licks Maya's ass while the guy licks her from the front. They then switch it up so he can hammer Maya's hole while Lis sits on her face. Maya is definitely the most vocal one in this scene, overloading the microphone at times as she gets rammed harder and harder. The guy can't pass up slamming Lis' hole as the two girls make out with each other. Lis shows off her flexibility by licking her own toes while getting fucked. She makes great eye contact with the guy during that.

Maya & Lis

The trio move on to a four-footed jerk job, followed by Lis sucking his cock and Maya's toes simultaneously. She then pulls off Maya's stockings with her teeth so she can do some serious toe sucking before slobbering all over Maya's ass hole so the guy can slide into her back door. She's also up for sucking the guy's cock right out of Maya's ass. Maya is a non-stop fuck machine, taking it easily in every hole while making out with Lis. The guy can only handle so much hotness and blows an incredibly massive load using Maya's feet, and he covers both girls in two different directions!

While it initially seemed that the guy was extraneous, it turned out to be an incredibly hot threesome.

Final Thoughts: As a leg/foot fetish video this totally works. The girls look great in their lingerie, and they let the guys use their legs and feet however they see fit. From a purely sexual standpoint Carmen, Maya and Lis are all outstanding. Trinity and Lora put in decent scenes, also. The guys are unnamed but are really just there to get off on stockinged babes. I'm not sure it will appeal to everyone - but for those with a foot fetish it is Recommended. If you have a smoking fetish and a foot fetish you'll definitely want to check out Carmen's scene!

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