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Cindy Queen of Hell

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/11/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Feature, Anal, DP, DPP, Airtight

Writers/Directors: Joanna Angel & Xander Corvus
Director of Photography: Mike Quasar



Cast: Joanna Angel (Raven - Cindy's Mom), Leigh Raven (Cindy), Sarah Jessie (Hecate), Nikki Hearts (Succubus), Lily Lane (Virgin Sacrifice), Anna Bell Peaks (Succubus), Ophelia Rain (Masseuccubus), Xander Corvus (Lucifer),  Small Hands (Leviathan), Tommy Pistol (Satanic Priest), Owen Gray (Asst. Satanic Priest), Gage Sin (Asst. Satanic Priest) Chad Alva (Lost Soul)   

Length: 2 hours 42 minutes    

Date of Release: October 17, 2016

Extra Shit (That's how it's listed in the menu): A bit of BTS during the final credit roll, 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Gallery, Internet addresses

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The first few sex scenes are pretty dark, by design. Watch those in a darkened room for optimal viewing. Otherwise, it's crisp and clear in anamorphic widescreen. The audio is pretty clear, with a bit of distortion (intentional?) during the band vocals.

Preamble: Cindy Queen of Hell is what happens when Joanna Angel puts together a huge cast of heavily talented porn performers, gave them an obviously good budget and let them show off their creative sides. In addition to performing, much of the cast here is involved in the design, production, and technical aspects of this feature film. This is what I assume to be Burning Angel's biggest and most technically robust project ever. There's plenty of Special FX makeup, contact lenses, a fairly elaborate Hell set and a ton of dialog, with plenty of one-liners and humor tossed in.

Overview: It's a tale of making a choice. Cindy has turned 21, and now her mother must tell her that she is the daughter of Satan. Meanwhile, Satan is thinking about stepping back a bit and letting his daughter rule the roost. Since it's a feature, I won't be going into plot details, just cluing you into the sexual aspects. I gave you the list of major players and who they portray above, but I will refer to them using performer's names down below.

Scene 1. Joanna Angel, Small Hands, Xander Corvus

Joanna is looking to get as much cock as possible back stage and Small Hands and Xander are willing to give it to her. She gets naked except for her piercings and studded accoutrements; Small gets Handsy on her tits while Xander eats her pussy. These are all trained professionals on a closed course, people. They all speak naturally, even while Joanna jumps right into a spit roast with Xander drilling her hole. It's immediately apparent that Small Hands is bucking for a Best Supporting Actor nomination, and it's just as apparent that he probably deserves it. He's enjoying having his cock sucked, but needs some pussy so she gets on him in a sitting spit roast. The intricacies and color depths of her body art even surpass Small Hands', and that's no small feat.

Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel

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Joanna plays the band slut so well it is ridiculous. Xander and his buddy just use her for the slut she is. She moves from position to position, spitting and slobbering on command all while talking dirty at appropriate times. She goes from getting pussy drilled to pumping up and down with a cock in her ass without even flinching and puts it right in her mouth afterwards. There's very few moments where she doesn't have two cocks ramming away in two of her holes. Speaking of two holes, this is NOT Anal 101. The DP action is not soft and slow she just gets both holes rammed hard and fast. But wait, there's more! She gets DP'ed in not one but two positions. An edit brings us to Small hands just pounding away in her hole so he can blast on her belly and then Xander steps up to slam her hole and fill it with his.

The lighting here comes from what appears to be a single, overhead source; keeping Joanna bathed in light while the guys move in and out of the falloff zone. The sex is hard and intense, and the lighting really works as designed here provided you aren't trying to view this at high noon like my first viewing!

Scene 2. Lily Lane, Gage Sin, Owen Grey, Tommy Pistol

Lily is great in this scene, an obvious nominee for Best Group Sex Scene again this year. Once the back story of the ritual is set up, complete with her contact lenses looking creepy, everyone gets naked and just fucks this girl silly. She gets things going with three cocks in her lips and then she makes like a circus seal just throat fucking everyone. Once she's nicely covered in slobber I turned the volume down a bit (but kept it loud enough to hear the dialog) and I gave up paying attention to who was in what hole as well. It rotates constantly. Like the last scene, the lighting focuses right on her spot and the guys just pound this girl mercilessly. She never breaks character, even during the two or three seconds when her mouth isn't filled with a cock and she's screaming for one to be in it. The guys create a cacophony while they moan, groan, spout lines and just enjoy any hole they can get in. Again, NOT Anal 101. They spin this girl around like she's on a Lazy Susan and just pound her fuck holes and she just keeps begging for more.

Lily Lane

This girl has so much sexual talent she can say "Three" and "Hail Satan" while she's being plugged airtight, when asked how many cocks are in her. She gets that treatment in a couple of positions and then the scene gets kicked up another two notches as she gets vaginally penetrated by two dicks and eagerly takes another right in her ass! This IS NOT your average three guys on a girl scene. This is freaking impressive! Lily stays in character, while wearing Special FX contacts, during a feature film while guys just plow every hole she has randomly, with two or three in the same hole at one time!

Holy Hell, Lily (I Hope you read this review)! That was crazily awesome to watch!

Scene 3. Sarah Jessie, Small Hands

Sarah Jessie

Sarah's looking pretty hot in a fishnet body stocking, her erect nipples poking through the mesh as she rubs Small's cock and talks dirty. The two are "in Hell" on what appears to be a free-floating suspended stage, complete with background CGI green screen. It's a pretty cool effect overall. She gets right down to business trying to convince Small Hands her plan is a good one, slobbering all over his cock and putting her snatch in his face. He stands her up and pounds her from behind while she leans on a St. Andrew's Cross but he never binds her to it. That's okay though, because he tosses her on the ground and fucks her in modified missionary, her super-high-heeled patent leather boots on display. Her pierced pussy is also prominently displayed as he pounds her while she squats over him. There is a bunch of BDSM equipment in the scene, but it is only used as background, the pair choosing to just straight up fuck. I'm not sure why there weren't extras in the cage.

Scene 4. Anna Bell Peaks, Leigh Raven, Nikki Hearts, Chad Alva

Nikki and Anna are busy flogging Chad when Leigh shows up, and they invite her to try it out for herself. She flogs him a couple of times and then everyone starts making out. Anna Bell gets her snatch licked by Chad while the other girls watch while pawing one another. She's not greedy and lets him move on to Leigh's mound. The girls sit next to each other and he moves on down the line, the frontal view of the starlets is pretty hot. All the girls here are very pretty, each in a different way; variety is the spice of life after all!

3 Starlets

Chad gets some throat time in Anna while Nikki licks Leigh in the foreground as the stage seemingly floats around. Anna perches on a steel cage to get her pussy licked and the scene is a veritable feast of brightly lit, milky white flesh covered in ink. Newcomer Leigh shows she's already a versatile starlet and gets fucked from behind by Nikki and a strap-on before dropping to suck some dick. Her smile competes with Anna's for intensity as the fuck fury continues. Leigh takes a throating in spectacular fashion and then hops on Chad's cock for some hardcore bouncing, which Anna Bell thinks is incredibly hot, and she's right.

Anna Bell Peaks, Nikki Hearts, Leigh Raven

I've got to give kudos to Chad, who maintains his composure and a hard cock while three hot babes suck him and fuck him relentlessly. He gives Nikki some dick from behind and she asserts her authority when he pauses momentarily, making sure he's not planning on stopping. Chad is like a machine, just jack-hammering these girls, pumping furiously into Anna Bell and then splashing on Leigh's face.

The reverse gangbang aspect here is great fun! I'm still not sure if the stage actually moves, or the camera moves to create that effect.

Scene 5. Joanna Angel, Ophelia Rain, Xander Corvus

Xander gets the undivided attention from both women and even though Ophelia is a newcomer to the industry, she's right at home sucking a cock and making out with industry vet Joanna. Being in charge of the production, Joanna gets first dibs on the cock ride and she looks fabulous doing it while she has an intense series of orgasms. She plays fair and lets her man spend some time plowing Ophelia's pussy, who's busy burying her face in Joanna's twat. Joanna climbs back on and Ophelia licks her ass hole and then slides Xander's cock into it.

Joanna Angel & Ophelia Rain

Joanna Angel & Ophelia Rain

Xander figures there are six holes on set, and he makes sure to get his cock in all of them. Joanna rubs Ophelia's clit while Xander drills Ophelia's ass and that leads to a squealing orgasm. In a move that surprised me, the newcomer does a DP with Joanna strap-on fucking her ass while she sits on Xander's cock. That's all Xander can handle and Ophelia drops for the pop, but he manages to spray both girls.

Final Thoughts: This is an impressive production. The acting is on point with Xander and Leigh really portraying their roles very well. Xander leans towards the comedic side of things, which he explains at some point. Joanna and Small Hands both are also totally believable in their roles, as is pretty much everyone in this flick! I'm pretty sure this film will get multiple award nominations from AVN and XBIZ. It's already taken some awards home from the Inked Awards.

The fact that the performers actually played double-duty by being involved in the technical aspects of this production is also noteworthy. Joanna assembled a highly creative and capable cast and crew here. Xander even stepped up to the plate and co-directed this, a first for him. All in all, I liked what I saw. The guys are as impressive as the girls here, even when confronted with  multiple holes to drill. If you are a feature fan, and like your Angels inked, then this is a must-own title. Highly Recommended.

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