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My Husband Brought Home His Mistress 10

Studio: Devil's Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/13/16

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Genres: Couples, Threesomes, Wives

Director: ?



Cast: Jay Taylor, Raven Bay, Layla Price, Zoe Parker, Silvia Saige, Ziggy Star, Savana Styles, Kacie Castle, Tommy Pistol, Mark Zane, Marcus London, Hef Pounder

Length: 2 hours 29 minutes    

Date of Release: August 15, 2016

Extras: Music On/Off, Photo Gallery, 4 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Devil's VOD Links, Menu-Selectable Popshot Recap

Trailers Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: There are some lighting variances in scene 3, but nothing horrible. There's a bit of extraneous audio here and there, and we do manage to catch a glimpse of the camera man's hand once in awhile. Logo Right Lower.

Overview: The title gives you an idea of what this disc is about, but it might be a tad misleading. I went in thinking that the wife might be a bit miffed for a second and then join in later, but that's not the case at all. The wives seem to really get off on watching their hubby's bang his mistress, and most just help out here and there in one way or another. None of the wives actually get banged by their husbands; you should know that going in. In fact, in scene two "The Mistress" isn't actually his mistress at all, but a girl that the wife wants to be his mistress! The scene's vary in intensity and style, but overall the disc works well enough.

Scene 1: Kacie Castle & Layla Price & Tommy Pistol

Newcomer Kacie plays the slut on the side, and veteran Layla is the dirty-talking wife who's already hot for her when hubby brings her home. The mistress is wearing pants and a "God Save The Queen" shirt which works well for her; Layla is also sporting a style that works for her. Layla wants to see what this slut is all about and is quick to strip her and start playing with her pussy. The two chicks are hot for each other, and Kacie is into the four-finger fucking she gets right away from Layla. Kacie is obviously a whore, and wifey understands why her hubby is into her and starts dominating her to her own delight. Layla's a very understanding wife and initiates a two handed finger fucking of the slut with her husband. She's totally into this slut and wants to see her get sloppy on her husband.

Kacie & Layla

There's tons of slapping, and spitting amongst the girls. Layla spits in the slut's face and hair and rubs it around. Normally, the spitting thing does not work for me; oddly here it totally works. Layla can suck a dick farther down her throat, but Kacie is definitely no slouch. Wifey just wants to see this girl work her magic on her man and Kacie is ready for action. The wife just dominates the mistress, choking her and slapping her into fucking her husband harder and faster, coaching her along. I'm not sure who is enjoying this session the most, but it appears to be Layla. Tommy and Kacie just bang the hell out of each other and Layla settles for a bit of oral action and the chance to slap her competition's ass until it is red. She even helps the other girl fuck her husband, with four fingers in her pussy, and then some in her ass to gain leverage while she slams Kacie's ass onto Tommy's cock. Kacie may be new, but she works a dick like nobody's business, makeup running down her face because she's fucking so intensely.

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I really wanted to see Layla get laid, but it's pretty enjoyable to watch her just order the slut around in order to please her husband. Kacie is working hard, and she's covered in sweat and spit by the time Tommy whips her pussy hard with a belt. Tommy drills her from behind, his thumb buried deep in her ass hole; he's already planning to pass her around to his friends and his wife thinks that is a great idea as she gets her hole licked by the sub.

Kacie & Layla

This scene goes from two pretty girls making out to a very consensual DomSub relationship between the three rather quickly. Newbie Kacie is pliable and ready for just about anything, right down to four fingers spreading her hole open so a cock can be plowed into it. This is not your average threeway, and is totally hot. By the time Tommy tosses his load Kacie looks like a trainwreck, in a good way. I look forward to more work from this girl!

Scene 2: Raven Bay & Ziggy Star & Mark Zane

Raven is not Mark's mistress, but Ziggy wants her to be. Mark's eager to make that idea happen and Raven is eager to show off her new tits. Ziggy's eager to see her friend get naked, used and abused. Ziggy wants to know what hole her husband wants first and they all agree that her mouth will be a great starting point. Before that happens, Mark wants to taste their twats and then the girls share his lollipop. Ziggy says he likes it when "you go all the way down" and Raven obliges, going balls deep on his boner while his wife straddles his face. Raven's ready to ride, and ride she does.

Raven Bay

Mark doesn't seem too interested in his wife at this point, opting to pay attention to the new pussy pounding on his pecker. Ziggy helps out with some cock sucking, and clit licking where she can as Raven just romps on his rod. Raven wants it from the rear and gets it while giving tongue to the giving wife. The married couple work great as a team to make the new mistress cum all over his cock and then Ziggy finger fucks her friend hard and fast before she backs away to let hubby pound his new fuck doll. The girls trade places facesitting and cocksucking, cumming on his face in succession. Mark wants more new pussy and Raven takes off her heels now that it's time to get really serious and rides him like a rodeo queen while his wife slaps her ass and makes her pause so she can taste her juices.

Raven & Ziggy

Again, this scene has the wife seemingly enjoying this fuck fest the most as her husband just hammers into his mistress' hole. Raven's eyes are bright as both girls drop for the pop, which Raven gets in the eye and the two girls make a future date to do it all again.

Scene 3: Silvia Saige & Zoe Parker & Marcus London

Zoe Parker

This scene starts with a totally different vibe than the others. Marcus is a well-manicured guy that seems to have found a mistress with that aura of hotness that hasn't been fucked well in a while. Zoe enjoys a cigarette from a fainting couch as she and her husband stare knowingly into each others eyes while he paws at the new girl. Mister and mistress both stare down the wife as she gets her nipples licked and Zoe has finished her smoke and smilingly joins right into the action. This may be the happiest look I've ever seen on Zoe's face, and I've scrutinized a few of her titles. She's enthusiastic to watch Marcus lick his mistress and then she takes her turn while he fucks his mistress' mouth. Zoe is not going through motions here, she finger fucks "the other girl" while making smiling eye contact with both of her cohorts and then she gives enthusiastic head while Marcus whispers to his mistress that he wants to fuck her.

Silvia & Zoe

This scene is chalk full of sexual chemistry among the trio. Marcus stares into Silvia's piercing eyes as he passionately kisses her deeply while his wife streams slobber all over his schlong. Zoe is passionate about peeling Silvia's hair back as Silvia sits atop Marcus in a 69. Silvia gets fucked hard in reverse cowgirl while Zoe gladly rubs her clit. Zoe makes sure sure to get her pussy licked while Silvia goes to town on her husband, and she smiles and makes eye contact the entire time. Silvia's a sexual dynamo and Zoe's eyes glow with appreciation on how well she is servicing her man. Zoe even takes a break to rub one out while she watches Silvia slap her ass down on Marcus' cock. He is totally turned on while he fucks Silvia from behind while she eats his wife's pussy. The girls here are enjoying a great "walk in the park" while Marcus just shows off to his wife how well he can fuck his mistress, covered in sweat. He moves in to missionary to just pound Silvia while he works up a load to splash on their pretty bodies and faces and then introduces Silvia to his wife and has them share his spunk.

Hottest Scene of the Disc.
There are some dramatic light level changes in this scene, but who really cares when the sex is this hot?

Scene 4: Savannah Styles & Jay Taylor & Hef Pounder

Jay & Savannah

Hef brings his new secretary home and his wife is cool with that because she looks like she does. Savannah says she's so horny, but Jay is already getting naked. Savannah seems surprised that she's about to be fucked by her boss and his wife, but she's into it. Savannah's licking snatch really quickly and Jay is joyous about that and then her husband joins. The girls then share an intense dick lick while they make out and Savannah shows off her oral skills as she gets throat fucked. She then shows off her gymnastic skills while Hef rubs her clit, legs spread in a full split as his wife sucks his dick. He mentions that he thinks Jay wants to watch him fuck this girl more than he wants to fuck her and she laughs and climbs on Savannah's face.


Savannah wants some scissor action and Jay obliges while she sucks her hubby. Hef leans back to enjoy a good cock suck from Savannah while his wife spanks her ass. The scene is totally believable as he fucks the foreign woman from behind as she eats his wife's twat. Wifey gets sidelined as her husband fucks this secretary, with her jiggly ass, from behind. Savannah sidelines herself to play with her slit while Jay gives her husband a suck job. The suck job becomes a competition for a bit and then Hef needs to hammer the new girl's hole from below while his wife masturbates. Jay seems cool with that role, kind of just wanting to sit back and masturbate while watching the blonde fuck the shit out of her husband in a number of positions. He's ready to pop and has his mistress sucks his cock and balls while he jerks to deliver  to both of their faces. He invites her to stay for dinner and since there is a roast in the oven, the wife is all good with that.

Final Thoughts: It has its up and downs. I was shocked as scene one ended and Layla had never gotten penetrated, but once I knew that's what we were in for I was okay with modifying my preconceived notion of the title. I would have arranged the scenes a bit differently and placed Zoe & Silvia's scene at the end, because I just thought it was a smoking hot scene. Kacie and Layla open this disc with more spitting than I really cared for, but it actually makes sense for that particular scene and it turns out to be a sizzling start. Overall, it's worth streaming for a couple of days; there's no really notable Extras on the disc so I'd say Stream this Online.

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