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Mom Has A Huge Rack 6

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 11/16/16

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Content: 2/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 25 minutes

Cast: Christie Stevens, Alura Jenson, Erica Lauren, Sexy Vanessa, Courtney Taylor, Criss Strokes

Directed by: Unknown

Genres: Big Boobs, Big Cock, Mature, MILF

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: "Shot in HD," according to DVD case

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery, trailers

Overview: With a focus on veteran MILF performers in the porn industry, on top of ambient cinematography, Mom Has a Huge Rack Vol. 6 has moments of inspired filmmaking and arousal, but suffers from a laundry list of terribly generic sex positions and, at times, downright strange videography that almost corrupts the entire experience.

Scene 1: Christie Stevens and Criss Strokes

Following the actress-rundown in the opening minutes, Mom Has a Huge Rack Vol. 6 hits the ground running with Criss Strokes beginning to force his sizable cock down the throat of the golden-haired vixen known as Christie Stevens. Christie blows him with minimal gagging, not even trying to hide her prowess, as she dons beautiful black and white, lacey lingerie and various pearl necklaces. She adds a little flair to her blowjob by wrapping her man's dick in a couple of them before proceeding to have sex with him.

As soon as sex starts, we can't help but see how much Criss favors Christie's ass at every opportunity. He starts out by fingering and rimming it before deeply penetrating it, either with Christie's legs hoisted to the ceiling or as she's bent over the couch to get entered from the back. Entering both her pussy and ass at times, Criss breaks momentarily to throw his own legs in the air for Christie to savor his ballsack. Yet it isn't long until Christie gets his cock in her ass yet again, this time, stuffing those pearl necklaces inside her pussy as her ass is crammed.

When riding him in the missionary position as he plays were her ass some more, Christie turns potentially ear-shattering moans into teeth-grinding groans, but perhaps it would've been better had she exhaled those repressed moans. This scene largely feels sterile, with whitewashed videography that echoes the occasional flushed aesthetic of some of Amateur Allure's content, and there is no remnants of a story nor real personality amongst the performers. He concludes by ramming her as she bites down on her pearls, and spoon-sex helps him reach a hearty climax all over her large breasts - I suppose that's where the title finally gains relevancy. Two out of five stars.

Scene 2: Alura Jenson and Jason Lang

Alura Jenson is a busy woman. We see her lying in bed, supposedly taking a break from a big work convention, in steamy black lingerie, with her tits falling out, and five-inch red high heels as she angrily makes various phone-calls. Finally, she calls her coworker Jason Lang in to come pick up his check, but gives him a brief lecture and claims that if she doesn't satisfy him appropriately, she won't pay him his money.

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Alura does a great job of staying in character, constantly on her phone, vaping, or appearing distracted by other things even as Jason tries to have sex with her. The only time she seems to give him her undivided attention is when she's sucking his dick, stunned at its size, and even goes on to take a picture of it and send it to her mother - she apparently needs to be "pimped out" as well. A gag-inducing blowjob is reciprocated with cunnilingus as Jason eats her, fingers her, and eventually fists her at Alura's request. "I hope your dick is as stiff as those hands are," she tells Jason.

During sex, be it doggystyle or awkward gyrations I guess we're calling sex, Alura is constantly on her phone and dictative towards Jason. How many times she starts, stops, coupled with the camera focusing on her many distractions, this is less conventional porn as much as it is basic entertainment of the nearly softcore variety. When Alura gives Jason permission to have her doggystyle, she tells him to "dust off the cobwebs," and eventually speeds him along as he's thrusting, as she's apparently got other company coming over. He concludes by cumming inside her, I think, and sucking it out of her to assure she's clean for the next guy.

Such a strange scene ends with Alura giving Jason his check, which comes up short, by the way, and calling a hotline to request a trio of black, Latin, and white studs - I would've rather seen that scene, especially if I got to see Alura so in-character once again. Two out of five stars.

Scene 3: Erica Lauren and uncredited male performer

Erica Lauren is a unique starlet because she always appears to be having fun. She constantly makes her energy and enthusiasm known by giggling and cackling her way through scenes, talking dirty, while at the same time, remaining eloquent and fun. Thankfully she has her character because she needs all she can get when it comes to this thoroughly weak scene.

An uncredited male performer walks in to see Erica masturbating on her couch, but as the true exhibitionist she is, she demands that he join her in the fun. She sucks his cock for a while before he modestly asks to eat her out, to which she, of course, obliges. Finally, Erica climbs atop her man to ride him, but disappointingly does much else besides barely riding the tip of his penis. As the camera lingers on this awkward act of missionary sex, you realize how it's hardly even sex and more reminiscent of teenagers fumbling around in the sheets of a pickup truck. It's odd and ineffective.

Erica devolves into lengthy and slow blowjobs repeatedly throughout the scene, making her pervasive "oohs" and "ahhs" the most fun part because it breaks up the monotony entirely. Erica then gets on her back to be screwed in a way that allows her to not only watch herself be penetrated but also have easy access to her clit. "My pussy needs so much attention," she purrs. The concluding bout of spoon-sex is also equally sterile here, but it leads to him blowing a load on her tits as she warmly cackles. Erica's inimitable personality can't even save this flaccid scene. One and a half out of five stars.

Scene 4: Sexy Vanessa and uncredited male performer

Despite Sexy Vanessa's unnamed Italian stud claiming to have lost her voice, that doesn't bother her in the slightest as he allows her to ogle titles before the scene officially begins. She is a gorgeous woman, with maroon-colored bangs covering her forehead, an accent that lives up to the first part of her name, and a luscious pair of breasts and buttocks that are, at the very least, adequately showcased as she goes to town on her man's cock. She services his sizable shaft for a few minutes before allowing him to dive into her spread legs and go for a bit of a ride. Sex only lasts a few minutes at a time with Vanessa; she can't seem to keep her lifts off his cock long enough to let it go much more.

While he adds some sexual flair by toying with her ass as he's getting fellated, this is yet another lackluster scene burdened by the same old positions. Even though it's relatively short, it feels bloated, and the poorly shot titfuck that precedes a weak cumshot makes you wish it came early and was used more effectively. Two out of five stars.

Scene 5: Courtney Taylor and uncredited male performer

The finale of Mom Has a Huge Rack Vol. 6 is aesthetically different than the previous scenes, if nothing else for its opening montage of Courtney Taylor's body, which is captured in a violet-colored hue. It at least makes for a more involved, arousing introduction to any scene that we've gotten up until this point. The opening concludes with the hue evaporating to reveal a closeup on Courtney's taint before it's being licked and eaten out by yet another unnamed performer. Frequent closeups make this scene bear a bit more of a gonzo vibe than the previous ones as well.

Courtney's at least an involved performer, owning her blowjob and 69 sequences with great talents before allowing herself to be drilled in the missionary position. Even as we get to see her bubble butt fill the screen in these scenes, she's at her best when she's left to cowgirl, where all the emotion and fun can be read on her face like a book. She glides on her partner's dick before she's on her stomach getting rammed into the bed, all while caressing her magnificent breasts.

A shot from behind that more notably discerns her man entering from the back as Courtney letting out some presumably unintentional queefs before she's shifted up and has her partner cum all over her chest. She stares at the camera, pursing her large lips and bidding us farewell. This is the most competently directed scene of them all, yet still bears an unshakable ordinariness in look and feel. Two and a half out of five stars.

Final Thoughts

Mom Has a Huge Rack Vol. 6 had the potential to be a terrific showcase of big cocks and the maturest of MILFS, but it's the perfect example of what becomes of a film when it's victim to lackluster direction and wayward in a sea of sameness. The same sort of conventional positions plague this film, and a lack of characters or a narrative arc really make things boring even if the stars are mostly giving it their all. Pornstar Platinum's lack of identifying the male actors of the film also lends to the film bearing a dehumanized nature, and the videography, if not whitewashed, looks jittery and not compressed properly at times. This is a strange disc, and if Alura Jenson's bossy personality and Sexy Vanessa's gorgeous figure can't save it, you know something is deeply wrong.

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