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Women By Julia Ann

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Mr. 5B » Review Date: 11/19/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Title of Work:  Woman by Julia Ann

Genre:  Lesbian

Studio:  Girlfriend Films

Director of Photography:  Julia Ann

Cast of Stars:  Julia Ann, Jenna Sativa, Ana Foxxx, Karla Lane, and Missy Martinez.

Condom Use:  N/A

Length of Title:  2 hours and :25 seconds

Release Date:  09-30-2016

Video/Audio Quality:  Video is in HD and audio is well balanced.

Extras:  Exclusive Interviews, Photo Gallery, and Trailer.

“The 411”:  Julia Ann directs this soft and sensual all girl release showcasing a versatile cast and an open mind. From AVN award winning BBW star Karla Lane, to EBONY princess Ana Foxxx, Julia Ann brings everything in between. Including, the addition of All Girl superstar Jenna Sativa, and the stunning and always sexy Missy Martinez helping to round out this title with a LATIN presence. Way to show diversity on the screen Julia Ann. If you’re searching for a title that is very warm and not the typical bang’em out content this might be the film for you. Each scene opens with a little tease from each model before they come together with Julia Ann for what transitions into two ladies enjoying each other on a set that is not the normal SEX, SEX, and SEX. The packaging looks amazing, to include inside the DVD case where Girlfriend Films and Julia Ann created a graphic to help highlight the feel of this film. Once you start the DVD the menu looks “BALLER”, as diamonds start to fall down the screen bringing you inside the film and menu. Plus the menu options are set up to go from star to star with their bonus footage and photos at the access of one click, so you can dive right in.

Scene One:  Jenna Sativa and Julia Ann

     We start this movie with a fade into the pool where you will see the lovely Jenna Sativa in the water doing her little dance and tease routine. The water acts as a friend to a wet t shirt contest where you can see right thru her shirt with ease, giving you a preview of those cute breasts and nice ass. As she dances back and forth she comes from the water for a little more tease, before getting wet again and fingering thru her long hair like a scene straight out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The music is simple and goes with her routine as she works the camera in a one on one environment, setting up the tone and feel of the scene to come with Julia Ann. She even teases you with a sneak peek of that tight little pussy as she comes from the pool, before entering the house to find Julia. Julia Ann sits patiently awaiting Jenna and her arrival like she was peeping on Jenna from the window inside. Once Jenna is inside we start on what I like to call a soft and seductive girl girl scene that does not turn trashy. Yet exactly the opposite, a cute charm and warm feel as if these two ladies love that they are touching another woman. Now yes the scene does pick up with fingering and pussy play, but I think you can watch and see the feel/set up for this scene and all the others is going to be pleasant. Rather a gentler and stimulating scene, focused on soft touches and warm embraces from one woman to another. This movie is not a typical pound’em out film, as many are used to viewing from the majority of other studios. My only complaint is they look like they are on a table with a blanket on it, more than likely to show the pool in the shot. You can hear the legs of the table move here and there and when it does it defiantly stands out.  I am also sure if you have a fetish for bra and panties then you are going to love what Julia Ann is wearing in this film.

     Keep moving forward with some kisses and quickly Jenna is naked and undressing Julia slowly a piece of clothing at a time. Keep in mind Julia only has 3 articles of clothing on. Julia does end up on her back as Jenna starts to kiss and touch those amazing breasts on Julia Ann. The making out continues until Jenna slides down the table and slowly starts working the pussy of Julia. The panties do come off and its dive right in with the tongue and a finger insertion from time to time. The two girls end up making out again as Julia tastes her pussy fresh off the mouth of Jenna. Jenna then slowly ends up on her back for Julia Ann to pay back the good deed with a more soft and supple approach to Jenna. While munching away on her tight pussy and also throwing a finger in here and there, Julia moves position to make sure she really gets a good munching as she straddles the face of Jenna. We see Jenna enjoying herself and remaining vocal as she tongues away on the pussy of Julia Ann. Jenna attacks the pussy like a pro and we move to another make out session where we know the juices are exchanging. Looking extremely satisfied, even a smile on her face, Julia takes Jenna in her arms and once again fingers get inside Jenna and attack on her pussy begins. Jenna gives off the signals that the spot is right, rolled eyes and orgasms included. Until the scene finishes off with two satisfied ladies kissing and embracing each other as we fade into scene two.

Scene Two:  Ana Foxxx and Julia Ann

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     We are back outside but this time was next to the pool and on the patio. More mellow music and a dance routine from the sexy ebony star Ana Foxxx. Ana works the camera with a more seductive dance and stares into the camera making you feel like you are filming this strip down. It does not take long and she is out of her bra and panty set, also another amazing choice for all you fetish fans out there. Classy and sexy is always a winning combo on any screen. It cannot be just me either, but one must not discredit the body on Ana…WOW is all I can say! Before you know it were fading quicker than the first strip tease and you get Julia Ann and Ana facing each other and we are now inside. My only critique here is we just watched Ana undress outside and now she is on a bed wearing a sweater. Sweaters aside, we jump into more soft kisses and touches from each other as this time Julia takes lead here and goes straight down to Ana and her panties. Julia does a little teasing and comes back for more warm kissing exchanges and starts to focus on the bra and tits of Ana. A kiss here and a kiss there we lose the bra, as Ana lies down on the bed facing downward. Julia lies across the back of Ana and seduces her slowly to the point of panty removal with a lick here and a lick there. Some more making out and then Julia commits to the eating of the pussy, add an insertion of fingers and some touches and you have a second scene that flows almost like the first.

      Julia Ann continues to service Ana as she moves up and down the body for quite some time. Then we hit the mark where the time comes to reverse roles and Ana begins her caress of Julia Ann. Ana jumps right in as Julia loses her panties fast and the fingers of Ana start to work the hood of Julia. Once again Julia Ann is all smiles as she stares at Ana excited for her mouth to fall into the pussy hole. Ana falls right into place sucking the pussy lips of Julia and tongue deep inside her walls. Ana spends some quality time down there sucking, licking, and rubbing away on Julia. Julia is vocal and wet as hell in this scene as we see her enjoying every second of this munch marathon. Ana comes up after some time to give Julia a little taste of herself and commence a scissoring of their pussies. ANA begins to grind away, as the making out and fur fucking continues, both stare at each other and whisper sweet nothings.  These two stars eyes are connected during a final climax that slows into gentle kisses and touches…..hence fade to scene three.

Scene Three:  Karla Lane and Julia Ann

     This scene has a feel different that the other scenes in this film. Saying this is not to be taken in a negative way either. The shots and backgrounds are on point for this scene. Add the bubbly personality of Karla Lane and how she plays into the scene with an approach the other ladies do not use and this scene stands out as the best on screen performance for this whole film. The music enters and Karla begins her dance and strip routine in the shower. Once again you have a straight on shot as the water gets her all wet as she touches and moves around in her own world. Karla does do the full 360 spin even after she loses her sexy bra and panty set, exposing all her private parts to the camera. As the water continues to soak her body she keeps the peep show going fully naked and occasionally giving you the shots you are looking for. Keep in mind her huge boobs and nice little bush are fully out as this point too. We warp ahead to Julia Ann in just her bra and panties and Karla in a towel on the bed. This background and bedroom, like the bathroom, to include the decor is how each scene should have looked. Put this aside and we see both Julia Ann and Karla are both a little giddy from the get go. More focused on fun and games than a sensual approach as seen in the first two scenes. Even Karla is the most vocal chatting with Julia than all 3 girls combined.

     Julia starts with some simple touches, whispers in the ear, and light kisses on Karla. Julia removes the hair clip from Karla so her hair can flow and the kisses get a little deeper. After moments of kissing Julia opens the towel covering Karla and moves Karla to her back. Julia begins to kiss and caress the huge tits on Karla. Karla is beginning to enjoy herself as Julia kisses away, slowly working down Karla towards the money spot. A tease with the towel still covering the pussy and Julia Ann takes her time to work around the legs and towel until the towel takes an exit stage left and we have Karla fully in the nude. Does not take long and Julia decides it is time to lose her bra and out comes her great chest. A little more close making out and Julia gets Karla positioned with a pillow to commence on eating her hairy pussy. Munching, fingering, kissing, and BAM here comes the toy, and Julia Ann takes it straight to the pussy of Karla. Karla still giggles here and there in the scene which is adorable by the way. Julia continues the cycle until a Karla climax, we swap so now Julia becomes the victim of pleasure. Karla runs Julia Ann thru the ringer similar to what she just experienced. The only difference is Julia takes the toy by her own hand to use on herself as Karla returns the favor. We also see a little toe and foot sucking as Karla has Julia put a foot in her mouth towards the end…..so BOOM fetish guys it all starts in PORN! Some supple kisses into a make out session including some fur rubbing with Julia on her back and here comes the toy in between both their pussies as they build towards another climatic finish. Julia hits her back as she is not done yet and toys, tongues, and fingers bring Julia to a finish. You have guessed it, making out in an embrace and we fade towards the final scene.


Scene Four:  Missy Martinez and Julia Ann

     I personally thought this was going to be the strongest scene of the film, but I was wrong unfortunately. Both these ladies are superstars so I assumed this scene would explode right off the screen. We start the same way as the other 3 scenes with music and Missy dancing in a corner next to a fireplace with little room to move. There is also candles in the fireplace, some lit, some not. Just looks tacky, also what is this bed pushed into a corner, it looks like Missy is trapped in a corner. Now the bra and panty set look great, and her strip down is slow and seductive. Fitting with the other strip down scenes, her ass looks amazing, plus do not forget about those long legs. Missy wastes no time in losing her bra exposing her two beauties as she ends up on this mattress with sheets in a corner. She even strips of those undies and pulls them to the nose for a sniff and into her mouth for a taste. Fully nude minus a kickass pair of glossy black heels Missy continues her show to the camera. She looks like she is still constricted to this corner which makes the scene feel compacted as the other scenes were more opened up in the view. After a few more moments of pussy shots, ass shots, and working the camera we fade into Julia Ann and Missy on the mattress. Now more candles are lit than the beginning of the scene and somehow Missy has her Bra and panties back on. Julia Ann is rocking a killer bra and panty set though, so if you love the look you at least get the chance to see Missy and Julia side by side in the goods.

     There is a little light conversation as each lady touches one another back in forth until we land at slow and soft kisses. A lot of breast touches happening here, but makes sense as both of these stars have amazing racks. You will also notice Julia Ann is wearing black heels as well, once again you are welcome fetish crowd. Missy then moves Julia Ann to her back and the making out intensifies as Missy starts to work Julia out of her bra. Julia Ann plays the same game working Missy out of her bra first, and enters the breasts straight into the mouth of Julia Ann. This scene does stay sensual as Missy continues to slowly work her hands across the body of Julia. Off come the heels and a little foot worship, down the leg, to the belly, breasts, and mouth of Julia Ann moves Missy. Out comes the chest of Julia and everything is still flowing smooth and sweet as Missy pays full attention to each breast. We lose the bra all the way and kisses resume, soft touches continue, and Julia decides it is time to take lead role. Brushing thru the hair of Missy you see Julia removes the ponytail and plays with her head, almost like a massage style touch. Julia moves down the back of Missy and ends up moving the panties quick for what appears to be an ass licking, into the pussy. Julia Ann turns Missy and the panties come off for more munch, finger, kiss, and repeat. Missy is smiling and at this part of the film is looking as she enjoys the treatment from Julia Ann a lot. Even some arching of the back and climax spots during this eat out session. Julia Ann repositions herself and has Missy lie back into her. Julia Ann and her fingers attack not only the pussy, but the mouth of Missy. Now we even have hand fetish in this film, we cover it all. You notice the scene is gaining momentum by the time we hit this point in the scene. After some punishment from Julia Ann, there comes a time where Missy becomes the boss. Julia hits her back and panties peel off right away, and we witness some more foot fetish moments. Missy goes down onto Julia Ann and Julia opens those legs up like a pro ready to receive her oral treatment. Missy munches Julia to orgasm, then moves up to finish the film in normal fashion with some warm kisses as we fade out until the next chapter.


Bonus Scenes:  Each model has their own separate photo gallery that includes an interview inside the film as well. They also include a trailer of the film in case you want to show your friends. If you want to get a closer connection to any of the stars in this film make sure you watch the interviews. Most the time many fans, to even include industry workers rarely get to see a side of the stars like this.


“The Porn Hard Truth!!!!

     I love the packaging of this DVD, from the artwork, look and feel, to include inside the case. This line up of models shows amazing diversity with the roster included in this film. I would expect seeing this from Julia Ann, as she is a mentor to many, and was one of the many superstars leading the fight for #NoProp60 in California. She helped unite all over California with FSC Army making history with a great team of stars and industry leaders, and crushing a lame ass proposition anyways. Now we are here for the truth, and I would start with inside the film once loaded into the DVD/Blu-ray player loads into a great looking menu. The features are set up simple and everything looks like the case.

     You start at the beginning and the strip tease idea at the beginning of each scene is a great idea too. The music paired with each tease goes perfect to keep that feel you are trying to pass off. Maybe from time to time you could have dubbed in more audio from each girl with the music as they dance. Also we only have one camera for each scene and we are definitely missing close up shots. If this was the look you wanted to show in the film it looks awesome, but fans and buyers want to see close up shots from time to time. Even if it is 5 to 10 seconds on a pussy close up or maybe when a model is spread on all fours. Get the close up of both holes. During the strip routines we had no close ups at all of a pussy, ass, or breasts shots the ladies teased with.  When the models come together there were also no close up shots of the kissing, making out, to include touches. Follow a hand with close ups and cut to these types of shots for transition changes in the film. Make the viewer feel like they are close to the touching themselves. Also not sure what perspective we are looking for as the ladies start each scene stripping to the camera POV style. Once Julia Ann enters each scene we get one perspective and it is not Julia Ann. Just felt weird as we move from a one on one sensual strip tease to Julia Ann and each star in a scene with her.

     Watch for continuity as well, if a model strips down nude it is impossible to go back to clothed from the viewer point of view. They have already been built up. I felt all 4 scenes were good but the scene with Karla showed the best look of set, spirit, and how it transitioned to the screen. This being said if all 4 scenes had that feel and look this film could have been a Grand Slam. What was released is released and the film is still a great film with a great approach. I would say it is a homerun and not just a base hit! The film is soft, warm, and watchable for sure. I am positive Girlfriend Films and Julia Ann will improve with each film as they continue to grow together, and I look forward to seeing where they take it from here.



Mr. 5B


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