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Naughty Office 45

Studio: Naughty America » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 11/13/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 11 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Big Boobs; Office

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K Ultra HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Unknown

Cast: Featuring Gigi Allens with Audrey Bitoni, Katie Kox, Raven Bay, CJ Jean, Johnny Castle, Preston Parker, Seth Gamble, Chad White, Brick Danger

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for 2 Chicks Same Time, My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend; Interview with Summer Brielle


Naughty America has been running its Naughty Office series for over 10 years with the first installment coming out in 2004. Here they present the 45th installment in the sex series that continues to put office workers in compromising positions where secretaries get fucked, interns are dominated and work celebrations turn into bar top fucking. Naughty Office 45 features the lovely Gigi Allens the Australian blonde bombshell who has been in the biz since 2012. She is the boss from hell that stays on her intern Seth Gamble’s case. After Seth fails to produce a report she has been waiting for, Gigi decides to put him into a training program, except her plan is to train him on how to fuck her pussy best. Seth shows his worth, fucking her on the desk and splashing it with cum she greedily licks up. Gigi is joined by Audrey Bitoni, Katie Kox, Raven Bay and CJ Jean. The flick is 5 of Naughty America’s webisodes from their Naughty Office series so I suggest you watch this one online. There are great office-based fantasies throughout, including chemistry filled fucking by Raven Bay and Chad White in the office library.

Scene 1:  Katie Kox and Preston Parker

Today’s special on the bar menu is Katie Kox and Preston takes her pussy right there on the bar top. It all starts with Katie’s celebration about closing the big deal with their client. She couldn’t have done it without her staff and she wants to take them out for a drink to celebrate after work. Katie and her 2 coworkers go to the bar but it’s closed. The bartender Preston breaks the news to the girls that the bar closed at midnight tonight. He tells them the bar across the street is still open but he can give the girls a drink just for 30 minutes while he cleans up. Katie’s 2 coworkers don’t want to stay. They were hoping to meet people tonight. Katie is so tired that she can’t go anywhere else. She decides to stay and she wants a club soda. Preston congratulates her on closing her big deal and tells her the club soda is already locked up. He would have to go to the back to get it. Katie doesn’t want to put him out of his way. She tells him maybe he needs a celebration tonight too. She starts kissing him across the bar then invites him to come from behind the bar. Preston sits on the bar top and Katie unzips his pants and puts his cock in her mouth. She admires his big cock and tells him this is the best way to celebrate then she works her lips down his shaft, hugging his cock with them. Katie enjoys her bar top cock and quickly pulls off her panties and straddles his meat, riding him cowgirl style on the bar.

She bounces up and down on his big dick slowly at first then she picks up the pace, dancing on his dick. Katie is getting more than she bargained for at the bar and she’s glad she stayed past closing time. Her big tits bob up and down as her ass slams back and forth onto Preston’s cock. He spanks her round ass cheeks and guides her pussy up and down on his prick. Preston climbs down and positions Katie at the edge of the bar top and tongues her pussy, making her part of today’s bar special. She grips his hair and moans out how good his tongue feels. Preston sits her on a bar stool and opens her legs wide, fucking her pussy and drilling it deep while Katie holds on to the edge of the bar top. This fucking celebration has made getting that big deal all worth it. She swallows her pussy juices off of his cock, sucking it clean then she bends over the bar stool for a hard doggy fucking. She begs Preston to fuck her big tits and he spits on them then drills between them with his hot rod. The pair go back to fucking on the bar top but this time Katie rides her way into ecstasy in reverse cowgirl position, creaming all over Preston’s prick. She orders him to give it to her again and again. They spoon fuck until Preston is ready to pop, shooting his load all over her face and in her mouth, giving her a large dose of spunk. Katie sucks his cock and says this is the best deal she has closed today.

Scene 2:  Gigi Allens and Seth Gamble

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Gigi is a tough boss and she puts her new intern Seth through the ropes of the business. The new training includes a lesson in how to fuck her pussy well. After putting up with his incompetence, Gigi gains an appreciation for her intern after he fucks her on her desk and plasters her tits with cum. When the scene opens, the impatient Gigi is waiting for her cup of coffee. She calls out to intern Seth who scrambles in with her coffee and apologizes for it being late. Gigi gets back to work but can’t finish because she has been waiting for a report from Seth. He is over 3 hours late with it and Gigi simply can’t wait any longer. She calls him an incompetent intern and he is not meeting her expectations. She pulls him by the tie over to the chair and tells him he needs training. She puts her feet on his chest, revealing her pussy and tells him that when she gets upset she gets horny. She tells him to lick her pussy and show her just how competent he can be. Seth tongues her clit, making his mean boss compliment his pussy eating skills. This is the only thing he has done well all day, Gigi tells him. His flicking tongue is making Gigi feels great. She starting to like his enthusiasm. Gigi decides to give her intern a little treat. She gets on her knees and sucks his hard cock, squeezing his balls while she swallows his meat. Seth gives her mot uh a little help by thrusting his cock further and further to the back of her throat, face fucking her, but the boss in Gigi takes over again when she orders Seth to set down and eat her pussy some more. This time she stands in front of him and bends over doggystyle for more pussy eating.

With her pussy all wet now, Gigi is ready to be fucked. She admires his hard cock just begging for her to sit on. She does what any good boss would do, she takes control of his dick, sits on it cowgirl style and rides it. Seth holds her around the waste and dick drills her bossy cunt, making her happy. She climbs off longing to taste her pussy off his wet cock. After pleasing her mouth, she sits on his prick again and enjoys a hard ride with her intern. Gigi fucks her pussy hard in reverse cowgirl position but makes her cum when he pussy slams her from behind doggystyle. After eating her snatch on her desk again, he spreads her legs wide over the edge of the desk and fucks her pussy, keeping his fingers in her mouth while his dick does the work in her pussy. Seth drills her hole then pulls out and covers her tits in jizz, letting the excess form puddles on Gigi’s desk. She is very happy now and compliments her intern’s skills while she licks his cum puddles off her desk.

Scene 3:   Raven Bay and Chad White

Raven can be called the painted lady after the cum blast she gets all over her face in the office library from Chad White. When the scene opens, Raven is working late, reading books in Chad’s office library. As she bends over to put the books back on his shelf, Chad takes a peak under her skirt. Raven saw the whole thing and asks him what he’s doing. Chad denies doing anything but Raven insists that she saw him and she knows he wants it. These 2 start kissing passionately all over the office until he sits her on his desk, pulls her panties off and buries his face between her legs. He devours her soft, pink pussy, licking it all over. Raven tells him she misses the way his mouth feels on her pussy. Chad licks her ass hole too, driving her crazy on the desk. She bends over the desk in standing doggy position for more of Chad’s tongue then Chad raises the stakes by fingering her pussy. Raven is so horny now she can’t wait to get as his cock. She unzips his pants, gets on her knees and starts sucking his dick after spitting on his balls. She deep throats his shaft then gags on his cock until Chad pins her in standing doggy position against the bookshelf and stuffs her pussy with his cock. She holds on to him while his dick spreads her pussy. Raven keeps one leg high up on a shelf while Chad slams her hole from behind.


She tells him to fuck her pussy then gets on the floor on all fours for more doggystyle love that keeps her tingling. He calls her a good girl as she takes thrust after thrust of hard cock deep inside her. After creaming all over his pussy, Raven sucks up her juices in a 69 oral session when she sits on his face and bends over to suck his cock. The cowgirl is next and Raven rides him hard, slamming her body up and down on his, keeping herself reeling in pleasure. Once she gets into reverse cowgirl position, she grinds her pussy all over his dick, riding around in circles on his pole. Chad spoon fucks her next before pinning her down in missionary position and pumping her pussy. Raven’s eyes are rolling back in her head as he stretches her pussy. He mouths here it comes then pulls out and completely plasters her face with cum. He quickly gets dressed as Raven says this was a great use of the library.

Scene 4:  Audrey Bitoni and Johnny Castle

Audrey is working late and is talking with her friend on the phone, telling her all about the new guy they just hired. She walks into the bathroom and closes the door, not seeing Johnny walk in, put his briefcase on the desk and go to the bathroom next to her. When Audrey comes out of the bathroom, she is surprised to see a briefcase on the desk. She thought she was the only one here. That’s when Johnny steps out of her bathroom. Audrey hangs up the phone and flirts with Johnny. She drops a pen on the floor and when Johnny picks it up, he looks up her skirt. Audrey sees the whole thing and asks him if he found what he’s looking for. The sparks of attraction fly between these 2 and they start kissing and grinding on each other. Johnny helps her big tits out of her blouse and starts kissing and sucking them. Audrey has big beautiful boobs and Johnny enjoys playing with them. She lies on the desk missionary style with one leg raised high up into the air and Johnny admires her pretty pussy. He licks it around and around, sucking on her clit and making her wet, then he drops his pants and offers her his hard cock. Audrey savors sucking his dick and looks up at him and says welcome to the office. She keeps her big wide eyes focused on his while she wraps her warm lips around his dick. Johnny sits down and enjoys getting his dick sucked while Audrey spits all over it.

She is back on the desk again, this time lying in missionary position over the edge. Johnny holds on to one of her legs and fucks her pussy. She tells him to keep it right there as he maintains a steady pussy pumping pace that has Audrey in ecstasy. Her big round tits jiggle back and forth as he slams in and out of her pussy. Johnny pulls out and beats her clit with his dick then goes back to fucking her. She gets in standing doggy position over the edge of the desk and looks back at him telling him it feels so fucking good as she watches his cock stretch her pussy open. Johnny starts slamming into her harder and harder and it keeps Audrey moaning in pleasure. Audrey welcomes the new guy to the office in the best way possible by riding his cock in reverse cowgirl position on the chair. He guides her body up and down on his dick until she positions herself on the floor to be fucked in spoon position. She tells him she needs more of his cock and Johnny gives it to her in a deep penetrating spoon bang. After pussy to mouth, she goes back to missionary fucking on top of the desk until Johnny gives her a parting gift, a load of cum splashed on her face and chest. She puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it and Johnny thanks her for the tour of the office.

Scene 5: CJ Jean and Brick Danger

CJ Jean overhears Brick in the bathroom masturbating. He’s at a sperm bank and they need his load but he’s jerking off in the room place. He’s in a public bathroom when he should be in one of their private rooms. She opens the door and find him with his cock in his hand. Brick tries to pull his pants up quickly but it’s too late. CJ reminds him that he should be in a private area to give his specimen but she can tell that he needs a little help with the whole thing. She pushes him back against the wall, kissing him wildly then she unzips his pants and starts sucking his cock, which is still hard from the time she walked in. She admires his dick, holding it in one hard and working it in and out of her mouth. Brick tells her he’s going to be ready to make his sperm deposit soon if she keeps sucking him this way. They go to the private room and even though its full of girly magazines, CJ tells him he won’t be needing those. She picks up where she left off, putting his cock in her mouth and sucking it.

Brick turns the tables and spreads her legs open and gives her pussy a good tongue whacking. He sits back down on the couch and signals CJ to sit on top of his towering dick. She slides down his pole and enjoys the feeling of it sliding in and out of her wet pussy. She tells him to fuck her pussy. The cowgirl ride is a hot and fast one, keeping CJ pleases. She bends over doggystyle on the couch and before Brick drills her snatch, he spanks her ass cheeks. He fucks her doggystyle, keeping CJ screaming out. CJ climbs back on top of him again for more cowgirl style riding that keeps her pussy wet. After pussy to mouth cock sucking, CJ gets fucked hard in spoon position and cums as Brick’s cock slams in and out of her tight hole, stretching it out. She begs him to cum for her, sending Brick into a round of over drive, plowing hard and fast in her pussy. He pulls out and aims his cum load for her face, dousing her with spunk, getting it in her eyes and on her forward. She sucks his cock off to finish the job.

Final Thoughts:

The old 9-to-5 can be a bummer but for the workers in Naughty Office 45, the office perks include fucking the intern, fucking the new guy and using the office library to fuck ‘til you cum. The Naughty Office series has been around for more than 10 years bringing fans dirty office fantasies that are bound to turn every worker on. In this 45th installment, fans enjoy watching featured Australian starlet Gigi Allens dominate her new, shy intern in the office. Seth, the intern, can’t seem to get anything right until Gigi opens her legs and tells him to fuck her pussy. After slamming her tight hole across the office, he cums on her tits and desk and she licks it up, telling him this is the best thing he has done all day. The naughty Gigi is joined by Audrey Bitoni, Katie Kox, Raven Bay and CJ Jean in 5 back office sex scenes.  There are great moments in the flick that include hot office fantasies that are a turn on to watch, but I suggest you watch this one online.

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