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Nosy Neighbor, The

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 11/16/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Genre: Incest Lesbian Vignettes


Cast: Brianna Banks, Reena Sky, Melissa Moore, Elexis Monroe, Kimmy Granger, Alison Rey, Tiffany Watson, Scarlet Red, Alexis Fawks

Director: Stills By Alan

Release Date: Oct. 7, 2016

Length: 2 hrs. 45 min.

Video/Audio: Anamorphic Widescreen in Dolby Surround

Extras: 25 min. BTS doc. with interviews from all of the stars, two trailers and a photo gallery


Overview: Nice fun disc of five stories of stepmoms fucking their stepdaughters. Each scene has a slightly comedic slant Keeping the whole show fun and enjoyable. Everyone on this dvd really looks like they're having a good time which makes it all the more enjoyable for the viewer..


Scene One (The Nosy Neighbor, Part One): Brianna Banks, Reena Sky and Melissa Moore


In this great opening story Brianna Banks plays a prudish, holier-than-thou type who spies on incestuous step mom and step daughter Reena Sky and Melissa Moore as they fuck each other in Reena's house. When Brianna sneaks into their house and busts them, saying she's going to tell the authorities, Melissa starts kissing her, leading to a very hot three way lesbian scene with some of today's best stars. The very pretty Melissa Moore removes Brianna's top and starts making out with her. Reena joins in and Melissa switches back and forth kissing them. Brianna then lays down on the bed and Melissa takes off her panties with her teeth. She then starts munching on Brianna's pussy. With her ass up in the air Reena eats Melissa from behind and Brianna asks God to forgive her as she cums in Melissa's mouth. Melissa then lays down and Brianna starts eating her, asking Reena for instructions as she licks Melissa's pussy. Reena climbs up and rides Melissa's face, her gorgeous ass grinding on Melissa's mouth as Brianna gently tongues her clit.


After Reena cums she tells Brianna to keep tonging Melissa, making her have an amazing explosive orgasm in Brianna's mouth. Reena then lays down and Brianna sits on her face as Melissa tongues her. It's such a thing of beauty to see Brianna, one of porn's hottest stars today, cum on Reena's face. All three make out for a second before Reena gets on all fours and Brianna eats her from behind, Melissa laying underneath. Reena and Melissa make out a little before Reena starts sucking on Melissa's tits. Brianna alternates between eating Melissa and Reena's pussies bringing both to multiple orgasms. Melissa then gets on all fours and both Brianna and Reena eat her ass and pussy, Reena underneath.


After Melissa cums again she starts scissoring Reena. With Brianna riding Reena's face this incredible sapphic fuckfest ends in all three have a tremendous simultaneous orgasm, all three exploding on each other. The scene ends with Brianna a completely changed woman, her disposition a whole lot sunnier. Reena suggests that she bring her stepdaughter Tiffany over to join them sometime, leading to part two later on the disc. This is an amazing scene with so much great talent. Brianna Banks is not one of the industry's best actresses, but she's still a total bombshell and her sex scenes are incredible. Add also Melissa Moore, who was so great in Keep It In The Family, and the gorgeous hot blooded Latina Reena Sky makes this one of the best Lesbian group scenes I've seen all year. Truly amazing!


Scene Two (The Panty Trail): Elexis Monroe and Kimmy Granger


Gorgeous mature redhead Elexis Monroe is a panty sniffer, particularly her stepdaughter Kimmy Granger's panties. When Kimmy secretly catches her one day she leaves a trail of them to the laundry room. Elexis follows them in a sniffing frenzy to find a whole pile of them on the washer. This so turns her on she starts masturbating on the dryer. Kimmy hides behind the door and watches her step mother grab a vibrator and start to rub her pussy.


After she has a shuddering orgasm Kimmy steps out from behind the door and starts hitting on her. She pulls off her own panties and gives them to her, driving Elexis over the edge. Kimmy starts fingering Elexis and sucking her tits. She climbs up on the washer rubs Elexis' pussy with the vibrator. Elexis then starts playing with Kimmy's pussy making them both cum at the same time. Kimmy then haunches back allowing Elexis to eat Kimmy's pussy until she cums again.


They then get into a 69 position and Kimmy rubs Elexis' pussy before turning around and sitting on Elexis' face, making Kimmy cum one more time. This quick little fetish scene is nice enough with two great performers and cute little fluff story.


Scene Three (Sick & Twisted): Alexis Monroe and Alison Rey


This clever funny take on Ferris Bueller's Day Off finds young Alison Rey attempting to skip school to go to the beach. She talks to the camera and explains her plot, by tricking her step mother Alexis Monroe into thinking she's sick and needs to stay home. While in the car she groans and holds her stomach, licking her palms to make them seem clammy. Alexis is convinced and makes her go to bed. Once in there she strips off her school uniform revealing her bikini. But once Alexis goes back out to the car she sees Melissa left her schoolbag. She takes it back to her and finds the bag not filled with school supplies but beach stuff. She then pulls the covers off of Alison and sees Alison wearing the bikini. She orders Alison to take the bikini off and tells her she's going to have to tell her father. Alison begs her not to and says she'll do anything if Alexis didn't tell. Alexis tells Alison to kiss her and they start making out. Alexis starts rubbing Alison's naked young pussy and works her way down to eat it. In a wonderfully shot and beautifully paced fellatio sequence Alexis gently and passionately eats and fingers Alison's pussy. This brings Alison to a very sweet and but still intense orgasm.


They then go into a 69, Alison's nice ass and pussy facing the camera. Alexis sucks on her clit and rubs her pussy as Alison does the same until they both cum in each other's mouths. With Alison's juices still wet on Alexis' face, Alexis scolds Alison telling her not to try to skip school again. About half of this scene is story driven, the other half consisting of only two sexual positions. And it's one of my favorite scenes on the disc. Mainly because of the terrific comedic performances from the two actresses and Alison's tight young body paired with Alexis Monroe's gorgeous beauty are a winning combination.


Scene Four (The Nosy Neighbor, Part Two): Brianna Banks and Tiffany Watson


Taking up where part one left off, Brianna goes home and describes what she just did with Reena and Melissa to her stepdaughter Tiffany Watson and asks if she would be interested in doing it too. Tiffany is reticent saying she's shy. Brianna puts her mind at ease saying she can trust her. This comforts Tiffany and Brianna starts by taking Tiffany's shirt off revealing her pretty young boobs. Brianna sucks on them and lowers her top for Tiffany to play with hers. She sucks and licks Brianna's full mature tits before Brianna suggests she take her shorts so she can make her cum. Brianna starts licking and eating Tiffany's gorgeous young pussy making her cum.


Brianna then climbs up and sits on Tiffany's face before going into a 69. With Brianna underneath she tongues Tiffany's pussy while Tiffany rubs Brainna's. They then start scissoring, first with Brianna on top before switching over withTiffany on top. This scene does not nearly hold up to the first part. Brainna, like I said, is a great porn star with so much beauty and sexiness. Tiffany Watson, while very pretty and sexy, is so distant in this scene. Several times we see her looking off scene for direction. And she just doesn't seem to be able to hold up against Brianna who's such a professional. It's an ok scene. It just doesn't live up to the first part.


Scene Five (Sexty Mom): Alexis Fawks and Scarlet Red


The final scene has Alexis Fawks sexting her step daughter Mia, sending her nude pictures and dirty texts. Unfortunately she's been sending them to the wrong step daughter, Scarlet Red, by mistake. When Scarlet confronts Alexis about it she confesses she's always been jealous of the bond she's always had with her sibling, and wants the same kind of relationship. Alexis said she didn't know Scarlet felt that way. She takes her top off and Scarlet starts fondling her. Scarlet then takes hers off and Alexis starts sucking her tender nipples. Scarlet gets on all fours and Alexis eats her from behind. She then lays down and Alexis grinds on her face with Scarlets flicking her tongue all over Alexis' clit making her cum.


Alexis arches her back making those glorious tits of hers stand out even more. She starts scissoring Scarlet, bumping their pussies together. After they orgasm, Scarlet sits up and sucks on Alexis' big boobs while Alexis finger bangs her pussy. Alexis then lays down and Scarlet munches on her box making her cum. Scarlet then climbs up and they bump pussies one more time before Scarlet eats Alexis' pussy. Another great scene with lots of action and electricity.


Overview: This is a great disc with some of the best mature performers today. Some of them unfortunately overshadowing their younger counterparts. Brianna Banks definitely dominated her scene with Tiffany Watson, while Alexis Fawks was very accommodating to the very good Scarlet Red in their scene. Scene three, with it's great comedic acting performance from Alison Rey, was a standout. But definitely the first scene is one of the best group scenes I've seen this year, with the blistering action from all three performers. I also want to mention the very talented Stills By Alan. He's on a real role this year pumping out some of the most engaging and entertaining stories with partner Bree Mills, Highly Recommended


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