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My First Interracial 8

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/1/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Interracial; All Sex; Big Cocks; First Interracial; 18+ Teens

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Zoe Woods, Lily Rader, Ally Tate, Dolly Little, Flash Brown, Joss Lescaf, Rob Piper, 

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Info for Blacked.com and Blackedvideo.com


My First Interracial 8 features 4 starlets in exclusive interracial scenes for the blacked.com studio. Lily Rader is the DVD cover girl and featured starlet and she opens the flick. Lily is a 20-year-old starlet who got into the biz in 2015. Her pussy is annihilated by big cock Frenchman Joss Lescaf who drills her tight pussy until she creams all over his dick. Lily is joined by Ally Tate, Zoe Wood and Dolly Little who each experience big black cock for the first time. Ally fucks Rob Piper after she lets her attraction for her brother’s best friend get the best of her, fucking Rob after her brother has too much to drink. Zoe hosts Flash Brown’s prick deep in her pussy and the incredible close ups on Zoe’s pussy getting stuffed missionary style show just how stretched her snatch is. Dolly closes out the flick in a fun and flirty fuck session with Joss Lescaf after she lures him into the bathroom and plays peak-a-boo with her pussy. Overall, I recommend this flick. It’s another well shot, well produced interracial flick from director Greg Lansky, featuring young, hot starlets enjoying dark meat in film.

Scene 1:  Lily Rader and Joss Lescaf

Lily’s parents aren’t happy with her right now. They cut her off during the summer, making things really tough for her. Luckily, she lives in a high-end area and she finds extra money through babysitting jobs. Joss hires her to babysit and things are going just fine her until she starts stealing money out of his room. Lily doesn’t realize that Joss has cameras all over the house. He watches her stealing money from him and decides to confront him. He tells her he is not happy with what she has been doing. Lily finds herself getting turned on by the way Joss is yelling at her. When he stops, she offers to be punished for her bad behavior. Joss tells her she deserves punishment and he bends her over his knees and starts spanking her ass, making her ass cheeks turn red. He spanks her harder and harder and rips her panties off. Lily can’t take it anymore and she asks him to let her use her mouth to show him how sorry she is. He agrees that it’s time to take this punishment to the next level and that before it’s all over, Lily will be giving him his money back. She drops to her knees and puts his huge black cock in her mouth, jerking and sucking it. She licks it all over and kisses it before sucking it again. Joss starts fucking her throat, making her gag and gurgle as his monster cock chokes her.

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He lies her on her back, opens her legs and starts fingering and licking her pussy, making her more wet. He penetrates her wet snatch missionary style and Lily begs him to go slowly because his cock is so big and it’s stretching her pussy wide and deep. He drills her tight wet, hole, pumping her hard and making her moan in pleasure. Joss punishes her pussy with his dick, making Lily pay for stealing his money. They kiss passionately while he fucks her. The missionary style pumping goes on for some time, leaving Lily to tell him how good he keeps fucking her. She takes more of his gigantic pole in doggy position, bending over on all fours and squinting and biting her lips as Joss’ fat cock drills her pussy. He grips her ass cheeks while he fills her pussy. Lily lies on her stomach for a round of downward doggy that keeps his cock diving deep inside her snatch. After a long and hard downward doggy, Lily rides his dick cowgirl style, enjoying every inch of his meat as is disappears further and further in her tight pussy. She tells him she’s using his cock to make her cum and that’s when she has her orgasm on his big dick. He grips her around the neck, making it more intense for her then he takes her on a missionary and downward doggy fuck session again. He pulls out, fucks her mouth and pops on her face, leaving his jizz dripping from her tongue. She says I swallowed all your cum, sir! And you punished me really good, sir!

Scene 2:  Ally Tate and Rob Piper

It’s finally summer and Ally can’t wait. She has the whole summer to look forward to. Her parents are traveling and she will have the whole house to herself. She only has to share it with her brother. He can be so annoying at times, especially when he brings his friends over. But there is one of her brother’s friends that she really likes. It’s Rob. She loves it when Rob comes over to hang out with her brother because she knows that he has a thing for her. One day when her brother and Rob were drinking, her brother passed out cold, leaving Rob alone. Ally gets dressed in her sexiest bikini and decides to take advantage of this time alone with Flash. She joins him outdoors at the pool and the 2 start talking, but it’s not long before they start kissing passionately at the edge of the pool. He sits her on the ledge and starts eating her pussy. The passion and chemistry between these 2 escalates really fast and she can’t believe it. Rob is tonguing her pussy right at the pool as her brother floats blissfully by. She starts jerking his dick then leads him back to her bedroom where the kissing gets even more intense. She jerks his dick and tells him she has been fantasizing about this moment for a long time but Rob has to promise never to tell her brother. He promises never to tell. With the deal made, she bends to her knees to suck his big, hard cock. She enjoys working his meat back and forth in her mouth and Rob enjoys thrusting it down her throat. He lies on the bed and she bends over doggystyle to keep sucking his meat. She says she loves the way his dick feels going back and forth in her mouth and she spits up all over it.

Rob tells her to keep sucking him just like that then he says he’s ready to fuck her. Ally moans that this is what she wanted as Rob pounds her pussy in reverse cowgirl position. She tells him to give it to her and he fucks her hard. She can’t believe how huge his cock is and the way it feels inside her. After pussy to mouth leaves his cock dripping with mouth lube, Ally rides him again then bends over doggystyle for a hard pounding from behind. She screams out that his dick is so big as Rob pummels her pussy, slamming it deep and hard from behind. The downward doggy makes her cum and Rob turns her over to lick up her pussy juices, tonguing her pussy and clit then fucking her missionary style over the edge of the bed. He slows things down, letting his dick glide slowly in and out of her wet hole. She loves the way his big dick feels going in and out of her pussy. Rob stays in this position, pumping her pussy until he cums, filling it up with an oozing creampie. She tells him he’s the best lover she has ever had.

Scene 3:   Zoe Wood and Flash Brown

20-year-old Zoe Wood has locked herself out of the apartment. She calls her roommate but learns that the roommate can’t come home until 4pm. She decides that she will just have to wait. She is outside waiting when Flash walks by. She is happy to see him and explains that she accidentally locked herself out of her house. He tells her it doesn’t make sense for her to stay outside and he invites her in. She takes him up on his offer. They get comfortable in Flash’s living room after drinking a glass of wine. He tells her she has pretty eyes and he has seen the way she was looking at him at the party. He leans in and starts kissing her. She pulls away and says she can’t believe she’s doing this, but Flash reassures her that everything is fine. He puts their wine glasses down and really makes out with her, kissing her and rubbing her neck. He is soon rubbing her pussy, fingering her through her panties as she starts to moan. He tells her to spread her legs. She opens up and he fingers her clit and is amazed at how wet her pussy is. She tells him she has been masturbating thinking about him and she loves the way he fingers her hole. After making her pussy even more wet, he takes out his cock and starts fucking her mouth. Zoe is on her knees trying to deep throat his big dick and telling him she has waited so long for his cock. Flash aims for the back of her throat and drills her mouth, making her drool all over herself. She can barely breathe as his dick fills her throat. She blows bubbles with her own spit on his dick and tells him she wants to be his dirty little girl. She calls him daddy as she keeps trying to deep throat his big cock and making a sloppy mess all over it.

He instructs her to lay down on her back and he starts fucking her missionary style. The camera zooms in close to the action, focused on a full screen shot of Zoe’s pussy as it gets spread open by Flash’s big cock. His long pipe pumps up and down in her pussy, stretching he rout and making her wet. She closes her eyes and moans in ecstasy as Flash fucks her. She is cumming and creaming all over his cock. He calls her pussy good shit as she cums. After a close up drilling of her pussy missionary style, Zoe sits on his hard pole and rides it cowgirl style, changing the past from fast to slow then fast again. She kisses him passionately while he slams her pussy. Zoe takes more of his prick doggystyle and this gets her worked up again. Flash fills her pussy all the way up, stretching it and spanking her ass. All the plowing deep inside her is making her cum again. Flash pulls out and aims for her face and open mouth, splashing his jizz all over her. She looks up at him and tells him she will have to sneak out of her apartment more often.

Scene 4:  Dolly Little and Jos Lescaf

Dolly Little has been attending one of the most prestigious private schools in the country. The only problem she has been having is in French. She is not doing well in that class and so her parents hired a French tutor, Joss. He comes over to her house and teaches her the language. He is really strict and Dolly is making progress. Whenever her parents leave the house, she flirts with him. She is so attracted to him and she will do anything to get his attention. Joss isn’t responding to her advances and she doesn’t understand why. She has one more plan up her sleeve and it’s something radical. She has to do something crazy in order to attract his attention. She excuses herself and goes to the bathroom then calls him in. When he opens the door, she is sitting on the toilet with no panties on, showing him her pink pussy. He can’t resist what he’s seeing so he walks in and helps her finger her pussy. She unzips his pants and pulls out his big black cock and starts sucking him. It’s already hard and she can’t believe how big it is.

He worries about her parents coming home, but she tells him they are gone all day. With that, she continues to suck on his huge prick, beating her face with it. They move into the living room where he eats Dolly’s pussy, making her wet. She goes back to work sucking his monster meat and licking his balls then she sits on it cowgirl style. She is amazed at the size of it as she works her body up and down on his cock. Joss grips her ass cheeks, helping her grind on his meat. Her tiny pink pussy is being stretched to the limit by Joss’ sick. The cowgirl turns to a hot standing cowgirl and he makes sure all of his prick drills deep in her pussy. She can’t believe how deep his dick is inside her. She lies back missionary style and after a round of fast pussy pumping action, Dolly cums. She calls him professor as she reaches orgasm. Joss licks her wet pussy then turns her around into doggy position and gives her more of the hard French cock she has been craving. She screams out how deep he is inside her pussy then she drops to her stomach and moans as Joss gives her a downward doggy fuck that has her eyes rolling back into her head. The downward doggy goes on for a long time and is followed up by missionary style that has Dolly sayings she loves it. She cums on his cock again then rides him cowgirl style until Joss pulls out and pops on her face, leaving his spunk dripping from her nose.

Final Thoughts:

Lily Rader stars in My First Interracial 8 and she hosts the huge monster meat of French cocksman Joss Lescaf in the opening scene of the flick. Lily’s scene includes hard discipline after she gets caught stealing money from her boss, Joss. He spanks her ass cheeks making them red then teaches her a big cock lesson by fucking her pussy until she creams on his cock. Lily is joined by Ally Tate, Zoe Wood and Dolly Little who each have their first big black cock experience on film for the blacked.com studio. Every scene is an exclusive. This film is shot and produced well, a trademark of director Greg Lansky, and the girls have great chemistry on film, especially Zoe Wood in her big cock takedown of Flash Brown. Dolly has lots of fun in her closing scene with Joss Lescaf after she lures him into the bathroom for an episode of pussy peak-a-boo. Overall, I recommend this movie. It’s good quality interracial porn with 4 starlets experiencing heavy duty black cocks for the first time and loving it.

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