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Teen Couples 2

Studio: Private » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 11/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, All Sex, 18+ Teens, European, Creampie

Director: Sam Frost



Cast: Katty West, Rebecca Rainbow, Sofia Like (Credited as Anita), Sandra Wellness, Sofi Goldfinger, Airx (Credited as Andreas Andrei), Arty (Credited as Vincent Vega), Joe T, Drago Gvozdik (Credited as Leo Dee)

Length: 1 hour 54 minutes    

Date of Release: November 3, 2016

Extras: 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers

Trailers Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in 4k, presented in anamorphic widescreen. Lighting is good and there are no real audio anomalies, but also very little reason to have your volume on. There's very little dialog and none in English, so mute away.

Overview: Sam Frost is back with 5 young Russian girls and their male partners. There's no story lines at all, it gets right to the point. I picked this one up because in my review of 19 Years And Naive from this same studio, I thought Sofi was cute, but too inexperienced and the whole movie fell flat for me. I thought with a couple of more titles under her belt she'd be worth checking out again. She's back in this title, in the same room as in the above-mentioned flick!

Scene 1. Katty West, Airx

Katty West

Airx is lying on a bed in a hooded jumpsuit banging away on an old typewriter. Ketty comes in and starts massaging him, stripping his suit down and he removes her tight clothing in return. She lies back with his head between her legs as he slurps on her slit and then she returns the favor. Her BJ is shot in partial pseudo-POV so she looks into the lens. Her tan lines are prominent as she pumps her little ass on his pecker. She grunts with each stroke of his meat in spoon and doggie.

Katty West

The camera view swaps between close and an artsy wide shot from behind vertical posts as her bald beaver gets banged. The camera moves are slow, steady and calculated, the room brightly lit with natural light. She's a pretty passive lay; holding her legs apart as he pounds his cock into her. He's grunting and drives home deep, holding it in as he spurts his load into her snatch and pulls it out so his milky white fluid can ooze out of her as the camera zooms in. They smile and kiss and he goes back to typing as she looks on at what he's writing.

Scene 2. Rebecca Rainbow, Airx

Rebecca Rainbow

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The camera starts at Rebecca's feet and pans up her body as she lies asleep in bed. It's a sexy shot. Airx is sneaking in, filming her on his phone. He pulls her white panties aside for a peek at the goods. She stirs to life and starts kissing him sensually, rubbing his jeans as he lifts her tee shirt to lick her perky titties. They get naked and he slides his member in and out of her mouth slowly as she stares up at him. He reaches to play with her pussy, his white-banded watch becoming a visual distraction for me. She smiles and moans softly as she watches him lick between her thighs. She gasps as he gives her the ol' two-finger corkscrew and then thumbs her hole for good measure.

Rebecca Rainbow

He makes love to her in missionary, playing with her small round boobs. His thrusting is faster as he moves into spoon; the camera displaying her body nicely from a couple of angles and distances. She starts panting and gripping at bedding as he hammers her harder before she climbs on to let him jam into her from below. She's not a very active rider most of the time, but she does do some bouncing. Her body looks great from the side and there's good views of that as she grips the headboard during doggie; which is when she gets the creampie.

Scene 3. Sofia Like, Airx

Sofia Like

Sofia is wearing some sexy pantyhose with strategic cutouts and a lace mask as she leans against a pole. Her non-sexy dress is quickly discarded to display her sexy lingerie as she kneels to suck some cock while she strips off lace gloves I hadn't noticed until then. This is only her fourth IAFD credit, but she seems ready for action. Her black hair brushes against her bra as she bobs on his knob. She perches atop what looks to be furniture made from pallets to get her pussy eaten and then flips into doggie to get some dick. Her ass displays spectacularly to the camera, and she holds her stockinged-leg up to display her goods from the front as she gets hammered in spoon.

Sofia Like

She gets back on her knees, ass in the air, so he can slide into her butt hole as she plays with her pussy. She props herself against the pole where this all started and lifts her leg for the camera to get closeups of him sliding in and out of her ass. Her eyes are bright and her smile big as she gets dicked like that. It obviously is working for him as he slaps her ass as a signal to drop for his pop and he spurts into her mouth and eyes, which she revels in.

She's a very pretty girl, and I liked the outfit.

Scene 4. Sandra Wellness, Leo Dee

Sandra Wellness

Sandra's sitting on a park bench when Leo comes up and they head back to his place. She sits on the couch, where she gets stripped and licked while playing with her nipples. She's nude except for a sparkly choker, legs spread to be licked and fingered. He stands to drop his drawers and she gets him hard with her hands and mouth. Her eyes are closed for most of the oral action except for some select POV-style shots. Her body is long, tight and lean as she climbs into a spoon so he can slide into her bald slit. She only has two IAFD credits as of this writing, but she is an active participant in the fucking, meeting his thrusts. Her face glows as she squats over him for a reverse riding session; the camera moving deftly to keep from chopping her head off as she bounces.

Sandra Wellness

There's a cool overhead shot as the two go at it in missionary, and she's a very active fuck bunny in doggie. Her ass is tight and firm and her nails contrast nicely with her skin tone as she spreads her cheeks for the camera. The camera moves in as he drains himself into her and pulls out to play with her jizz-filled hole.

She's definitely the most active rider so far.

Scene 5. Sofi Goldfinger, Arty

Sofi Goldfinger

Sofi is in the same art loft she was in during my previous viewing of her. She checks herself out in a mirror, dropping her dress, and donning some sexy black lingerie. She's all dolled up when Arty arrives and he immediately peels her negligee down to get at her pert nipples and then lifts it to lick her from behind. She likes that and starts getting loud, her vocalizations reverberating off the walls. He's here for a specific purpose, that's apparent as he pushes her over a couch to stick his tongue and fingers in deeply. He finger fucks her hard and fast and then peels off her tops so he can see her tits as she rubs her pierced tongue on his cock. She rubs herself as she fucks him with her face. She makes good eye contact once she's well into the face fucking, but he wants to hammer her hole and spins her like a bottle on the floor so he can slam her in spoon.

Sofi Goldfinger

Her tiny jugs jiggle as he pounds her, the jewels in her navel glinting in the sun. She's sporting a nicely trimmed landing strip, her blue/grey eyes sparkling as he slams her hard while spanking her ass. The pair roll right into a reverse cowgirl where she rubs her clit while screaming loudly as he bangs his balls into her. They are both grunting and groaning as he pistons her pussy from below. He takes a moment to catch his breath and she takes over the grinding and pumping. They move to the couch in cowgirl where she's the driving force, her ass red from the spankings she's getting. They slam her ass rapidly up and down on his rod, and then he lifts her into missionary so he can fuck her as he sees fit, choking her a bit with an occasional face slap, There gazes are intense upon each other as he pounds into her, almost causing her to fall off the couch. He's fucking her furiously and she's screaming as he rubs her clit with vigor until he pulls her to the floor to deliver a massive load to her face and tits before walking out of frame.

This scene is the hottest, with the most intense sex of the disc. Arty was obviously  into dipping his wick as hard and fast as he could into this blonde babe.

Final Thoughts: The disc starts out slow and soft, but gets progressively harder with each scene. Only the last scene has any really intense fucking, but it is supposed to be couples in love not guys banging horny sorority babes. As I mentioned before, I picked it up for another look at Sofi and she has definitely progressed sexually, even though she doesn't do anal in this one. There's no Extras, other than trailers, so unless you find this at a steal of a deal then you'll probably want to Watch This on Demand. The camera work is good, as is the lighting. The sex is really nothing to write home about; but there are five girls each with a different look to provide eye candy to a variety of tastes.

Credit Issues: The end credits list four men, but I only saw three - so names might not match actual scenes as I have them listed. Once the box was opened and I started checking out the credits I knew this disc was going to be harder to review than I thought. It's an issue I've run into before. These young, Euro male performers like to change their names, and usually just use a single name. So, depending on whether you believe the End Credits, IAFD, Private.com's website or other source - it is really up-in-the-air as to who's cock may actually be onscreen at any moment. Sometimes I just fall back on a best guess. If you know of an error I made in crediting these performers use the twitter link at the bottom to tell me about it.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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