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Dillion Harper Volume 1

Studio: Naughty America » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/2/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Star Showcase, Big Boobs, Brunettes, Threesomes

Directors: Unknown



Cast: Dillion Harper, Natalia Starr, Karlee Grey, Mark Wood, Seth Gamble, Preston Parker, Chad White, Damon Dice

Length: 2 hours 16 minutes    

Date of Release: October 27, 2016

Extras: Slideshow, Interview with Adriana Chechik, 2 Menu-Selectable Trailers - Each chapter is divided into jump points so you can go straight to your favorite part.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in 4k, presented well in anamorphic widescreen. Most scenes have good audio, although the levels vary so you may need to turn up to follow the dialog.

Overview: Five scenes showcasing Dillion Harper's talents and assets, taken from the Naughty America website. Each scene has a brief setup followed by great sucking and fucking. If you aren't familiar with Dillion by now, you've obviously been living in a remote wilderness. She's a huge fan favorite, and adored by all of her "Dillionaires".

Scene 1: Dillion Harper & Mark Wood "Naughty Bookworms"

Dillion Harper

Dillion's studying after class at Professor Wods' request because her grades are slacking. He offers to tutor her at his house later on. They have a believable conversation, complete with a Freudian slip on his part which she smiles at. When she shows up at his house his wife is out and he starts hitting on her; making it clear that she's going to need to fuck him to pass his class. She plays coy and almost leaves but within a minute she's on her knees, hands and mouth on his cock smiling and staring up.

Dillion Harper

The camera moves in and out to adjust the framing during the sex. It does a decent job of covering her face, tits and ass in closeup while providing an overall sense of what is going on. Dillion, as always shows off her versatility. She has acting chops, can talk dirty while sounding natural and the girl can fuck. There's a reason she has legions of "Dillionaires". We don't often get to see her wearing glasses, but her beautiful eyes are accentuated by them as she gets drilled in a number of positions. She takes them off at some point, but puts them back on at the Professor's request so he can coat the lenses with his cum.

Scene 2: Dillion Harper & Seth Gamble "My Friend's Hot Girl"

Dillion is getting her makeup applied by an artist who has to run out for supplies right after she introduces Dillion to her friend Seth. They make small talk for a moment and Seth mentions her ass is hot. She asks if he's just going to stare at it or...? She tells him to not be a puss and pulls him close, throwing her leg up to his waist. Her smile lights the room as she starts rubbing his crotch. She's looking awfully fine in her tight skirt and blouse; however restrictive they may be. It's of no concern because they get tossed aside quickly enough.

Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper

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Fans of sloppy blowjobs will love this scene as she sucks his balls, gurgles and gags on his meat, and invites him to fuck her mouth. He's all over that idea and she sucks cock with a two handed assist while spitting and dripping slobber all over her now bare chest. Her smile is never-ending as she lies back, covered in her own spit so he can get up close and personal with her pussy. She gets blinky and squinty as she cums all over his cock while he fucks her in a chair. Soon, the action is too hard for a chair and it gets tossed over so they can bang on the floor. I always like both of these performers. They are natural sounding, look good, and both are total fuck machines. Her hair and makeup are a disaster by the time her makeup artist returns and admits she knew better than to trust the pair together. Dillion remarks that there's more than one kind of facial, laughingly as her face is drenched in Seth's man-juices; her hair sticking to her shoulders. The three of them laugh about it, our two stars still stark naked.

Great scene.

Scene 3: Dillion Harper, Natalia Starr & Preston Parker "My Sister's Hot Friend"

Dillion and Natalia are chatting it up and sunning by their friend's hot tub. They chat about their friend's brother, since Dillion has never met him...obviously that's about to change, but not before we get some solid lesbian action in. Natalia instigates the action by rubbing oil on Dillion who is trying to get rid of her stubborn tan lines. Natalia jiggles Dillion's ass and the two are playful as they banter while Dillion gets oiled up front and back. That leads to breast caressing, nipple licking and a head between her thighs. Dillion looks great getting licked by a girl, and although I know she's done tons of these girl/girl scenes, I can't recall any titles I've reviewed off the top of my head. As I'm pondering that: Preston shows up thinking Dillion's someone else and slides in the water popping up to scare her. Now that he's interrupted Natalia's vagitarian lunch, they're going to need him to supply some meat. The mood is jovial and the acting is solid as Preston watches Dillion get her box licked.

Natalia & Dillion

Preston stands in the tub as the two girls lie on their tummies and get to work with their mouths. There's a ton of ambient sounds if you are paying close attention, but you aren't even going to care. Natalia lies on her back as Dillion stays put and they do a top/bottom dual dick suck which is a rarity, and well-appreciated. Natalia finally gets as naked as her BFF and Preston starts plowing while Dillion takes on kissing and nipple duties. You'd think by now I would have learned what a 69 between girls with one of them getting dicked is called, or coined a cool term like "169" for it, but I haven't. Regardless, it's hot as hell to watch as Preston slaps his balls into Natalia before moving onto Dillion. Dillion rides rodeo as Natalia jiggles her snatch and ass in Preston's face while Dillion cums on his cock. Dillion rides like she's got a mount in the Kentucky Derby and it's coming down to the wire.

Natalia & Dillion

The scene is obviously filmed outdoors, on a perfectly cloudy day so everything and everyone is bathed in natural light with no harsh shadows. Preston rotates between the babes in a number of positions. Natalia gets four fingers from Dillion in the 3-way train link as she requests cum all over their faces. She drops and Dillion slinks in next to her to get splashed with semen and they share it thru a nice cum kiss which impresses Preston.

Scene 4: Dillion Harper & Chad White "I Have a Wife"

Chad's wife rings him up and wants him to evict Dillion because she has been late on the rent and wifey wants her mom to move in. He's not cool with that idea, but his wife convinces him to do it anyway. He approaches Dillion with that idea, and her world is shattered...she has nowhere to go. Luckily she's looking good and wearing great lingerie so she works that angle convincing her male landlord that there has to be an alternative to her getting the boot in 30 days. Her eyes are big, beautiful; her acting believable as she plies her wily charms while rubbing up against his cock. Her ass is framed awesomely in her lingerie as she loses her skirt and pulls him into her. He's believable as he backs off for a moment, because he's married but soon enough he's unzipping her blouse to check out her boobs.

Dillion Harper

Dillion Harper

The kiss and play with the other's crotch as the intensity heats up and soon she's throat deep on his dick. She wants his balls in her mouth but he's intent on tasting her twat which sends her into ecstasy. She's moaning and screaming dirty words as he fucks her in missionary and a number of other positions. Again, this is a great pairing of two athletic performers just fucking each other. He hammers her wet hole, making her cum and then she takes the lead riding him like she's breaking in a wild horse. She squeals and pants while she slaps his balls which are slamming into her as she cums again. By the time he gets her in doggie she's on her - I don't know what orgasm as her eyes get big while it happens again. Her big boobs shake as he slams her from behind for even more orgasms. She tries to suck his cock but he rolls her into missionary so they can look at tech others faces while he drives home and she prays loudly until he tosses on her tongue and tits. She knows she has won this battle and he agrees to pay her rent.

Scene 5: Dillion Harper, Karlee Grey & Damon Dice "Naughty Athletics"

Karlee & Dillion

Karlee and Dillion argue over who's going to drive the Corvette to the track. Karlee ends up winning and she's gunning it down the highway when the car overheats. It's a nice break from white couches as we get footage of hot chicks in hot cars driving fast, with a camera crew next to them. The girls stand around, cleavage exposed in their racing outfits, with no phones or wallets. "Hillbilly Damon" pulls up in a tow truck and once the hose is fixed at the shop down the street he agrees to forget about the bill when they offer the "blow for tow deal". The girls press each others heads deep on his cock and then he wants some more satisfying action so they peel off their jumpsuits and get ready for some penetration.

Karlee & Dillion

Karlee's hairy muff is the first up as she leans back on the hood of the 'Vette and gets fingered while her galpal licks her boobs and jerks the tow guy. Once he's good and hard he rams her, the "69" number of the car cleverly displayed in frame while he dicks her hole. Her eyes are big, and would be bright if not for the sun setting behind her. Damon is an equal-opportunity incident-exploiter and he shares cock time with both girls bent over, or propped on the hood of their car. Karlee's a slut, and her dirty talking friend isn't afrain to call her out on it, but everyone is enjoying the bang session all the same. Dillion keeps her oversized sunglasses propped atop her head as she gets fucked in numerous positions, it was probably an oversight but it's fun nonetheless. The trio fuck like rabbits; hard and fast as the roadside sluts fuck their way out of their predicament. Damon's load hits both girls' eyes as if they were targets.

Cool scene involving hardcore fucking with a fast car in action. I hope the overheating was achieved through Special FX utilizing a fog machine.

For some reason, sex scenes involving cars in the middle of nowhere always seem to suffer from late-afternoon shooting. There's always harsh shadows, and it never works out in the viewers' favor.

Cover vs. Content: Dillion and Karlee grace the cover in their auto-racing jumpsuits. They look good in that shot, but the actual scene is shot in a fading sun so there's lots of shadows present. Overall, content definitely wins in this case.

Final Thoughts: It's Dillion Harper, in scenes culled from a great studio. Her body is great, her acting is up to snuff. Her costars in these scenes match her abilities. Other than the last scene the lighting is up to snuff (Can we get a reflector on set people?). Camera work is smooth and covers all the shots you want to see. It's great work from everyone involved and I enjoyed watching it. You will too. If you already have a Naughty America subscription, you're covered. Other subscriptions may vary so I'm going to say if your subscription doesn't cover these scenes, this is a great representation of Dillion and it is Recommended even though the Extras lack things like BTS and the interview is with someone not in the film.

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