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D.T.F. - Down To Fuck A Stranger

Studio: Brazzers » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 12/2/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 3 hours, 6 minutes

Cast: Charlotte, Belle Claire, Harmony Reigns, Lea Guerlin, Ally, and Unk

Directed by: Unknown

Genres: All Sex, Gonzo, POV, Teen (18+)

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note, however, English subtitles are present in four of the five scenes.

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery, cumshot recap, trailers

Overview: MOFOS' D.T.F.: Down to Fuck a Stranger essentially explores the pros and cons of a proclaimed "all POV" release, showing that while there is a great emphasis on intimate closeups and high-definition detail, there is also the occasional awkwardness when it comes to the canted angles. However, for the most part, hot sex with gorgeous young starlets prevails and makes for a solid showcase of where the visual quality of pornography is heading.

NOTE: Due to a DVD error, I was unable to provide my own personal screenshots for this release, so the following images are taken from Down to Fuck a Stranger's Adult DVD Empire page.

Scene 1: Charlotte and Unk

DVD covergirl Charlotte is caught on the streets one day by Unk, who has been parading around with his camera, and catches Charlotte in quite a predicament. She needs to find an apartment as soon as possible, for her new job nearby starts tomorrow and she's run dry on options. Luckily, Unk is renting out his apartment and takes her there to see how it and the miraculous view it has of metropolitan Europe. While the apartment is a bit dilapidated, Unk has three simple rules in order to strike a deal with Charlotte so she can spend the first three months in it for free: the first is she must clean the apartment, the second is that she must give him a blowjob, and the third is that she must have sex with him.

Charlotte contemplates for a minute, but is soon enough on her knees to service Unk. Her eye contact is piercing here, as she sucks Unk off on the apartment's balcony, with a gorgeous view to her left. She's methodical and passionate with her technique, taking her time on each suck and stroke before it's time to come back in and take off her outfit. She strips down from her pink tank, tight white pants, and pink high heels so she can lay back and take all of Unk's dick. She smiles as she rubs her clit as Unk carefully penetrates her, dirty-talking the whole way, even as he enters her from the back.

When she rides him in the missionary position, her tits can't help but bounce and flail from all the sudden movement. "You fit my dick nicely," he tells her later on, as he's faced with her ass in reverse cowgirl, grabbing it and spreading it for us to enjoy. Throughout the entire scene, Charlotte is cheerfully modest, subtly moaning but clearly holding back a wide-eyed smile as she lets Unk see her most intimate body-parts. Her reward is a small load on her forehead and lips as she tongues the tip of Unk's dick. This is a solid opener that, for the most part, manages the POV aspect well and shows how a simple scenario and pervasive, but not corny, dirty-talk prevails in adding an extra layer of arousal to the scene. It also helps quite a bit because of how charismatic both Charlotte and Unk are the entire time. Four out of five stars.

Scene 2: Belle Claire and an unnamed male performer

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Young, Czechoslovakian beauty Belle Claire is seen putting signs up asking passersby to attend her English lessons in a park one day, when a man wanders over to talk to her. She claims she doesn't have much money to pay for her studies, and that tutoring could help ease some of her worries. She's shy as can be when he hands her a few Euros, requesting she poke her tits out in public, eventually reaching his hand up her skirt to fondle her crotch. Eventually, she's giggly, albeit still bashful, but willing to go back to his place for some extra fun.

What unfolds is a rather intimate session of cuddling and fondling shortly after Belle strips, with our man rubbing and caressing Belle's beautiful body. She rewards all his hand-work with a simple, succulent blowjob that puts emphasis on her own personal hand-work while kissing the tip of his cock. The trouble comes when he slides into her pussy, and we see how the POV camerawork can actually be a hindrance to the action on-screen. During this first scene of penetration, the camera is awkwardly positioned to capture both of their bodies horizontally as the spoon one another. The canted angle more-or-less straightens out when Belle turns around and gives up her ass for him, but there's still an element of strangeness in the way of shooting.

Also, as the sex persists on, there's a sterility to the scene that wasn't present in the previous one. Maybe it's the awkward setup, or the fact that neither our man nor Belle seem to be very engaged in any kind of dirty talk, so it simply feels perfunctory. The most exciting moments come when he finally turns her over on her back again and begins to pick up speed, to which Belle can only react by massaging her clit a bit faster. Once he blows his load on her newly shaven crotch, all's over and done with. Three out of five stars.

Scene 3: Harmony Reigns and unnamed male performer

We are plunged into the streets of London, where a party is underway and our cameraman takes an unassuming Harmony Reigns back to his massive suite. Harmony is in awe at the luxury before her eyes, running from room to room before finally settling down in the bedroom, where she whips out her enormous tits for our man of the hour, and us, to behold. Harmony's accent is delightful, as she purrs her syllables as she tells him how "bad" or "naughty" he's being, with vocal inflections in all the right places. One of the hottest moments in the scene is when she sits relaxed in her chair, her breasts bulging out of her bra, with her legs spread to reveal a dainty pair of bright-blue panties.

A few minutes later, she's on her knees showing incredible blowjob prowess as she wolves down his dick after teasing him long enough. Once again, like Charlotte, her eye-contact is excellent, even as things shake up a bit as he decides to have his shaft lost in her tits for a bit of a titfuck. With that, he bends her over a glass table to get good access to Harmony's damp clit, and as he rams her, her tits wobble excessively. "Is this your little souvenir of London?," she asks as he strokes away.

Harmony is wonderful here, showing great charm as she's a loquacious presence to emphasize the naughtiness of what's taking place. She even keeps eyeing the money her man owes her at the end of all this, but that never fully distracts her from being dirty. After she treats him to a second blowjob, this time really choking on his cock, the two spoon-fuck, where you can truly hear how wet Harmony is. The two passionately kiss before he blasts on her tits, for a fitting finish as Harmony rubs the sperm into her enormous bust. Four out of five stars.

Scene 4: Lea Guerlin and unnamed male performer

Lea Guerlin works as a masseuse and, as our unnamed male performer walks down the street, he notices that her next appointment just rudely cancelled on her. As he walks and talks with her, in her fairly risque outfit of a dark, short skirt and heels, he discovers she's also a "sexy glamour" model and eventually gets her to agree to do some impromptu photoshoots outside. She's excited but clearly a bit nervous as she undresses to reveal her bikini-clad, goosebump-ridden ass as well as her perky nipples.

Back at his house, he has her pose for a bit, in addition to spread her ass for him, before giving her a full-body massage, with most of his focus going to her moistening vagina. He devours her during a hearty session of cunnilingus as we get a closeup of Lea's most private regions, including her contracting tight butthole. We finally see her blowjob technique, which is slow and sensual, until she decides to spread herself out all over his cock.

By now, she's more then comfortable, and the routine positions allow us to look deeper and see things that we might not have originally noticed. Consider Lea's moans, which sound more like repressed, melodic sighs, the way she softly sucks on his thumb as they have missionary sex, or the way he uses his now spit-soaked thumb to give her a treat by flicking her hard nipples. Finally, the way Lea gyrates her ass over her man's cock, in a rapid, twerking-like motion, is also pretty enticing. "I think I ruined your makeup," he claims after blowing the biggest, thickest load of the hour all over her face. Three and a half out of five stars.

Scene 5: Ally and Unk

Twenty-one year old Ally catches the eye of Unk as he's taking a video of the gorgeous lake near his home. A young brunette, looking like a cross between Riley Reid and Lexxxi Lockhart, Ally and Unk have a chat for a while as Unk tries to coerce her into showing him her breasts, to which she's very shy about. The two have a long, intimate chat, where she talks about her boyfriend and their relationship, and seeing as how the other clips were clearly truncated from their original run on the Brazzers' site "Public Pickups," it's interesting how the editors decided to let this particular scene go on and develop.

With that, a brief outdoor blowjob leads to Ally and Unk going back to his place to have sex on the patio, where the breathtaking ocean view is shown germane to Ally's nude body, spread-out over a plastic chair before a larger table. Unk loves licking her pussy, as we see medium-length, closeup shots of Ally's twat as Unk feasts on her freshly shaven clit. A bit of a long-winded cunnilingus thankfully progresses into a halfway decent scene where Unk takes Ally on her back, eventually with so much force the plastic table winds up caving in.

Scripted or not, Ally is fine, and the two decide to get a sturdier table to finish out their little romp. Things get a bit spicier when Ally begins to talk about her boyfriend while she's getting fucked, yet still will not let Unk near her asshole, a privilege apparently only her boyfriend gets to enjoy (yet it doesn't stop Unk from rimming it just a little bit towards the end of the scene). Unk talks throughout the entire thing once again, clearly smitten with Ally and all her beauty, and sending it all home with a large cum-blast to Ally's face, which gets mostly in her hair. A large smile as she continues to kiss his dick mostly indicates that she wasn't bothered at all. Three and a half out of four stars.

Final Thoughts

The ambience and cinematography of D.T.F. - Down to Fuck a Stranger (which, again, is a collection of clips from Brazzers' website "Public Pickups") is bar-none, appearing to be shot in 4K resolution with crystal-clear audio and sound that picks up every goose-bump on Lea's crotch as well as it does every drop of cum on Harmony's massive tit. The content, on the other hand, is a mixed bag that leans to being mostly successful in tagging all the bases in the sense that it relies on intimacy due to the camera angles, innocence due to the amateur young ladies and their initially apprehensive reactions, and finally, the familiar positions but overall dirtiness of not only fucking a stranger, but partly doing so in public.

Had the camera angles not been so obtuse at times and maybe the pizzazz dipping between scenes, this could've been another excellent release from Brazzers this year, alongside the largely great "Don't Break Me Vol. 3." But as it stands, there are strong moments here that warrant at least a strong look, especially one that prompts a bit more attention to subtleties.

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