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Detention Hall

Studio: Kelly Madison Media » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/3/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 52 minutes

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: 18+ Schoolgirls; 18+ Teens; Gonzo

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Ryan Madison

Cast: Raven Redmond, Tiffany Watson, Rhaya Shyne, Sally Quirt, Ryan Madison

Bonus Scenes: 1 Bonus Scene from teenfidelity.com

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers; Behind the Scenes and POV Fluffing Cam with tons of behind the scenes interviews, sex and blowjobs with each starlet; Q&A content with each starlet answering questions about their favorite sex positions, whether they like it when guys cum inside them, does she like anal; when she lost her virginity and how many guys she fucked before she got into the porn industry and lots of other questions; Polaroids of the girls; Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery; Bonus Scene from teenfidelity.com; Now Available movies Daddy I’m Bored, Ms. Madison 3, Romantic Aggression 3, Rough Rider, Thou Shalt Not Print Marks Upon Thee, Bad Neighbor, Kiss 5, Tie Me Up, Kelly 2.


The married duo of Kelly and Ryan Madison have carved a niche with their hardcore teen porn featured on their websites. In Detention Hall, 4 young teens have to pay for their bad girl antics at school. Ryan is in charge of detention and he makes each girl’s pussy suffer the consequences of their actions. Tiffany Watson is the DVD cover girl and she is joined by Raven Redmond, Rhaya Shayne and Sally Squirt in scenes of intense fucking all over the classroom. These detention divas have their eyes set on Ryan’s dick and after using their mouths on it, they use their pussies as a warm host. Raven is not doing anything she should be doing in detention, in fact she spends her time trying to get Ryan’s attention. She finally does and enjoys the hard cock lesson he gives her. Tiffany gets caught smoking in the bathroom and Ryan smokes her pussy in detention hall. Rhaya is fucking her boyfriend in his car and when Ryan walks up on them, he takes her straight to detention and picks up where her boyfriend left off. Sally Squirt has plans to make everybody pay for the way they’ve been bullying her, Ryan calms her down and takes her to detention where he drills her tiny, tight pussy and cums in her mouth. Overall, I recommend this flick. The production quality is always high in Madison flicks and these young teen girls are a pleasure to watch as they succumb to rough sex. The camera work stays close to the action and each girl uses Ryan’s cock to reach their orgasm.

Scene 1:  Raven Redmond and Ryan Madison

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19-year-old relative porn newcummer Raven Redmond is in detention. She is writing lines on the board that say I will not touch myself. After completing that, she goes back to her desk and starts drawing pictures of a big dick while teacher Ryan is at the teacher’s desk doing work. She is just wasting time. Ryan finds the cock drawings and crumbles them up and throws them away. Raven starts texting on her cell phone next, which she shouldn’t be doing so Ryan takes her phone away. Raven is so bored now, she is just sitting there but she finally gets Ryan’s attention. She joins her at her desk and starts squeezing her tits. Then he starts kissing her. They make out passionately with Raven seated in her desk chair. Ryan pulls up her blouse, exposing her pretty tits and starts kissing them, biting her nipples, driving her crazy. This is one bad girl who is enjoying the attention. She starts rubbing his cock in his pants then when Ryan takes it out, she starts sucking it. He is soon fucking her mouth and calling her a good girl and gripping her around the neck. Raven is gagging on his cock, drooling all over his balls and her tits. He fucks her beautiful boobs as she kneels in front of him then goes back to fucking her throat in the front of the classroom.

This bad girl finally gets the cock in the pussy she has been craving when Ryan fucks her doggystyle bent over the teacher’s desk. He spanks her ass cheeks hard and pulls her arms behind her back, drilling her bad girl pussy.  After a doggystyle lesson for Raven, she sits on his cock, riding it in reverse cowgirl position in the teacher’s chair. She’s making the best of her detention, getting fucked in the best way, in a rough standing doggy that keeps her moaning. After creaming all over his dick, she jerks and sucks it clean of her pussy juices then spits all over it, licking his balls too. She rides him reverse cowgirl and cowgirl then bends over on all fours for a hot doggy fuck. She gets her tight little pussy drilled missionary style until Ryan blows his load deep inside her, filling her up with cum. She pushes his cum out and rubs it all over her pussy then Ryan fingers her until she creams all over his fingers then he promises to walk her outside to her parents car.

Scene 2:  Tiffany Watson and Ryan Madison

Tiffany Watson is a smoking bad girl. She goes into the boy’s bathroom as school, smokes a cigarette and leaves her name and number scribbled on the bathroom wall. Ryan walks in to use the bathroom and doesn’t realize that Tiffany is in there smoking until she starts coughing. She’s busted. Ryan starts opening bathroom stalls and eventually finds her. He drags her out of the bathroom by the hair and takes her back to detention. She starts writing lines on the chalkboard, but it’s not what Ryan thinks. The lines say I will only put my teacher’s cock in my mouth. She puts her leg up on the desk and starts banging on the desk, irritating Ryan. She opens her legs wide and pulls up her skirt, teasing him. Her antics finally work and Ryan walks over to her and starts feeling her boobs, rubbing them and eventually kissing them, licking her nipples and turning her on. He pulls off her panties, sniffs them then starts kissing her. She is naked now and is rubbing his cock then quickly turns to sucking it. She swallows his balls and his cock, gagging on it and covering it in mouth lube. Ryan starts fucking her face and leaving her drooling all over herself. He calls her a bad girl as she deep throats his cock, blowing bubbles and choking on his meat.

Ryan pins her on the floor in missionary position and slams his cock in and out of her bad girl pussy, leaving Tiffany screaming fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy! She wants to be fucked harder and harder and Ryan gives her what she wants. He stands her up by the hair and bends her over his desk and fucks her in standing doggy position, spanking her ass cheeks. She orders him to pull her hair while he fucks her. Tiffany is enjoying the hard pounding she’s getting from Ryan, working herself up into a ball of ecstasy. She takes control next by riding his cock reverse cowgirl style while he sits on his chair. He tells her he’s seen her on the playground twerking and he wants her to twerk on his dick now. Back to standing doggy these 2 go with Ryan stuffing her pussy nonstop as she walks across the room to the couch. He drills her high school pussy doggystyle, spanking her hard and making her scream then he covers her mouth while he fucks her, telling her they have to keep it down in here so no other teachers can hear them. She goes from doggystyle to spoon fucking then missionary as Ryan plays target practice with her pussy. She does pussy to mouth, making a sloppy mess of his cock again, drooling all over it, then she takes more hard fucking from behind until Ryan pops inside her. He opens her legs and has her use an Hitachi on her pussy, keeping her in ecstasy. After experiencing it, she thanks him for putting her in detention today.

Scene 3:   Rhaya Shyne and Ryan Madison

Rhaya is having sex in the car, fucking and enjoying it. She rides her boyfriend’s cock, getting fucked in cowgirl position. He squeezes and spanks her ass while she bounces up and down on his dick. Teacher Ryan is patrolling the parking lot and walks up on the couple fucking in the car. He opens the car door and drags Rhaya out by her hair to detention. He buttons up her clothes and makes her write lines on the chalkboard for her bad behavior. She sits in her chair to do work but Ryan can’t stop watching her. He rubs his cock from across the room while he looks at her. Then he joins her at her desk and starts playing with her hair, kissing her on her neck and rubbing her tits. Soon he is making out with her and she is unzipping his pants, pulling his cock out and sucking it. He sits on the edge of the desk while Rhaya works his cock in and out of her mouth.

He’s fucking her in no time, bending her over a file cabinet in standing doggy position and drilling her pussy, slamming his body back and forth into hers. She stands up while he fucks her and enjoys the feeling of being choked. The standing doggy moves across the room and now she’s leaning up against the chalkboard as he pumps her pussy. After fucking over the desk, she rides his hard dick cowgirl style on the couch then lies back for more drilling. The fucking between these 2 is passionate as Rhaya moans in ecstasy. She licks her pussy juices off his cock then rides it in reverse cowgirl position and soon finds herself in a downward doggy that leaves her pussy stretched open. The doggy fucking continues for a while then he fucks her missionary style, calling her such a good girl. The cowgirl ride leads to Ryan’s internal popshot where he fills her tight bad girl pussy with cum. He continues to fuck her then opens her legs so she can push his load out of her pussy.

Scene 4:  Sally Squirt and Ryan Madison

Sally is so sick of everyone being so cruel to her. They make her feel like nothing, making fun of her small size and her braces. Sally is 4 foot 11 inches and 83 pounds. She sits on a school bench and decides that she is going to make everybody pay for the way they’ve been treating her. She takes a gun out of her bag and plots to punish everyone. Ryan walks up and stops her the calms her down, asking her what’s wrong. She cries, explaining that no one is nice to her. Ryan tells her everything is going to be OK but he has to take her to detention. She agrees. He makes her write lines on the board, but her lines are affirmation lines, helping to build her self confidence. He watches her write her lines then stars running his fingers through her hair. He turns her around, stopping her at the chalkboard and starts kissing her, making her promise that she won’t tell her dad. He pulls up her school uniform and starts licking her pink pussy. She opens her legs wide, enjoying his wet tongue all over her clit while she sits on his teacher’s desk. After telling her that her pussy is perfect, he lies on the desk and she sits on his face, smothering him with her wet snatch. Sally turns her sights to his cock, grabbing hold of it and sucking it. She leaves drool hanging from his cock as she slobs all over his meat and balls. Ryan skull fucks her then leads her over to the couch where he pulls off her uniform and positions her on all fours, doggystyle. Sally moans as he works his cock in her tiny little pussy, pumping it in and out in doggy position.

Sally spreads her legs wide for a deep missionary drilling that keeps her whimpering then she rides him cowgirl style and in reverse cowgirl position, looking back at her pussy while his dick slides in and out. Sally is creaming all over his cock and lies back on his teacher’s desk missionary style while Ryan stands near the edge and pummels her snatch. She climbs up on him and enjoys a standing cowgirl before eating his meat again, slobbering all over it and lubing it up with her mouth juice. He spoon fucks her then climbs on top of her missionary style for nonstop drilling that has her screaming out. He pumps her pussy then pulls out and cums in her mouth. She promises not to tell anyone about her detention experience.  

Final Thoughts:

Four teenage bad girls are made to pay for their school time distractions in Detention Hall. This close to 3-hour flick features rough, passionate sex between Tiffany Watson, Raven Redmond, Rhaya Shayne and Sally Squirt with detention teacher Ryan Madison. I recommend this flick for its high-end production quality, young, horny teens and high energy sex that sends each girl to their breaking point. Kelly and Ryan Madison have built a strong collection of teen porn, featuring classroom sex that is full of creampies. You’ll find lots of that in this flick as Ryan makes each girl’s pussy pay for the bad acts they have performed around campus. These bad girls are just as horny as Ryan and they use his cock as their pleasure stick. The camera work is great and stays close to the pussy pumping action all through the film.


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