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Tutored By Teacher

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/8/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, Erotic Massage, Oiled, Teachers

Director: Barrett Blade



Cast: India Summer, Janet Mason, Destiny Dixon, Samantha Rone, Dylan Phoenix, Derrick Pierce, Jack Vegas, Tyler Nixon, Robby Echo

Length: 2 hours 21 minutes    

Date of Release: November 7, 2016

Extras: 3 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Individual Slideshows

Slideshows Menu Trailers Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: There's a logo in the lower right hand screen. Video is crisp and clear, audio is good with one scene being a bit louder than the others.

Overview: Five scenes that all follow the same format. There's a quick setup followed by a full Nuru Massage session which consists of a shower, tub soak and then a body-to-body full contact massage complete with oral and vaginal sex. Our five starlets range from a relative newbie to India Summer who has over a thousand credits to her name at this point. The male performers are all believable and perform well in their respective scenes, with Robby Echo having two on this disc. The name is a tad misleading, because not every scene has a teacher or a tutor in it.

Scene 1: Janet Mason & Derrick Pierce

Janet MasonDerrick is checking into his hotel room, which is a mess. He calls the front desk to complain and then hears a knock coming from a trunk at the foot of the bed. He opens it to find Janet who got locked in there by her last clients. She's so relieved to be out and offers to repay Derrick for his rescue by giving him a massage. Derrick is oddly cool with that considering he just found her locked in a trunk. She explains what Nuru massage is and they head to the tub to begin.Janet Mason

Janet's looking good sporting red hair and her tan lines outline the nipples on her ample breasts. She talks softly as she smears massage gel all over their bodies while sitting on his ass, and then rubbing her tits and bush all up and down him. They kiss passionately while she rubs her crotch on his and then slides down, staring into his eyes as she works him erect with her mouth and hands. Derrick is surprised when she climbs onto his cock and starts going to town. The gel sloshes all around and once Derrick realizes his massage has turned into a fuck session he gets into and starts banging away at this MILF. She coaches him to feel the energy flow and build up to a big release, which he does all over her patch.

Scene 2: Destiny Dixon & Tyler Nixon

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Destiny DixonTyler's teacher & tutor, Destiny, is leaving his house and she accidentally drops a business card for her massage business. He asks his brother if he's ever heard of it and his brother tells him all about it and Tyler runs out the door to check it out. Once he's there he's pretty shy once he realizes his teacher is naked and kneeling in front of him. He's still awkward as she presses his nude body up against the glass shower wall and starts rubbing her fantastic body against it. He loosens up a bit and stiffens up as she strokes his cock to erection. Her pierced nipples glint in the sunlight coming through a window and her ass looks fabulous as they climb into a hot tub.

Destiny DixonTyler's fully hot for teacher now and starts playing with her pussy. Her eyes are striking as she stares up at him while blowing him on the side of the tub. He forgot that he was here for a massage but he's ready for it and lies down on the air mattress tub side. It is incredibly hot to watch her oil them both up. She seems to enjoy rubbing her body all over his as much as he does. Once he rolls onto his back she lets him taste her nearly bald beaver and spins into a 69. She rubs her snatch all over his tongue while she does a bit of dirty talk and jerks his cock. She thinks he's ready to move on with the treatment and she lets him slide into her wet hole. She's an active rider and looks unbelievably good doing it. She maintains excellent eye contact as he hammers her in missionary while she talks dirty and asks for his load which he delivers all over her.

This is a very good scene and will have a lot of replay value. Destiny is new to me, but wow!

Scene 3: Samantha Rone & Jack Vegas

Samantha RoneJack is in for a massage and discovers his masseuse was a girl he used to babysit. She's excited to see him and is quick to get naked for him. He feels like a dirty old man, but starts kissing on her in the shower. It's pretty erotic as she lathers up his cock by rubbing her ass all over it. Once they're in the tub she starts licking his shaft like the popsicles he used to give her when she was younger. They chat a bit and then they move onto the massage portion.

Samantha Rone


She spends quite a bit of time massaging his cock with a two handed twisting motion while sucking the tip of it. She says she's going to stop fucking around because she knows how badly he wants her little pussy and climbs onto it. Her facial expressions and noises are fun to watch as she fucks her former babysitter. She can't believe her babysitter is fucking her so good in spoon and begs him not to stop. She bucks wildly in missionary and then holds her legs up in the air so he can slam her deeper. She pants and squeals a bit while begging for him to cum for her.

The reverse twist on the usual babysitter scenario works well here. I did notice that there seemed to be a continuity error. At some point most of the massage gel that was covering their bodies disappears.

Scene 4: Dylan Phoenix & Robby Echo

Dylan PhoenixDylan is a relative newcomer to the industry, but apparently she's learned the biz from her mother Ryan Conner who took home an XRCO award last year for best cumback. She plays the masseuse here and her client is Robby whom she used to babysit and she assures him it's all good and is even going to do it for free for old times' sake. She's a pretty girl and sports an incredibly intricate tattoo on the left side of her back. She makes good eye contact as she lathers him up in the shower and then admits to him she always wanted to fuck him once they are in the tub. She goes balls deep on his cock with her mouth effortlessly. He gets the idea and starts fucking her mouth in a POV shot.

Dylan PhoenixOnce they are oiled up and in a 69 she asks him if he wants to fuck her. Hell yes, he wants to fuck her. The camera gets a great closeup of her gel-soaked pussy sliding up and down his shaft. She grinds her ass rhythmically and skillfully on his dick. She bounces like a mad woman, rubbing her pierced clit as she does. He's banging away in spoon when she mentions it's so weird how she used to wonder what it would be like to fuck him while she was fucking his dad and that drives him over the edge and he pops in her mouth.

Destiny seems to be a natural. I look forward to more work from her. The scene seems to be recorded a lot louder than all the others on the disc.

Scene 5: India Summer & Robby Echo

India SummerRobby's the masseuse and his college professor stops in for a massage. She feels awkward but Robby convinces her he knows what he is doing and that he'll maintain discretion. Once she's stripped to her panties she wants to call him Ken to make everything less awkward. Her long, lean body looks good as she leans against the shower wall, her pubes shaven into a perfect strip. She likes the way he lathers her up and starts kissing him as he slides his fingers into her. The camera pans up and down her body as she gets finger fucked and they move on to the tub. She is enjoying the relaxing caress of his hands, but not as much as she enjoys his tongue in her slit. She returns the favor by showing her excellent oral skills and they move onto the massage.

India SummerOnce she''s oiled up he uses both hands to play with her pussy and as always, she shows why she is one of the most consistently awarded performers in the business. She's not getting much of a massage, but she's really there to get fucked anyway, and works his cock hard with her mouth and squats over him and uses him as her personal fuck stick. She bumps and grinds on him like the seasoned pro that she is. She's like a living fuck machine and she really seems to enjoy the fucking she's getting and giving. Her small boobs jiggle as he hammers into her hole and she seems to have multiple orgasms right before he has his all over her tummy.

Final Thoughts: This disc is way better than I expected it to be! I've never watched a massage title before, and up until now I had no idea of what Nuru Massage even was. Each scene follows the same pattern so it's really just a matter of picking your favorite performers and watching them. I really liked Tyler and Destiny's scene, and India performs as well as expected. Dylan might be new to the business, but she's got skills and should go far in the industry. All of the setups here are done well, with the acting being believable from everyone. Janet was fun to watch in her setup and in her scene. I will definitely look for more stuff from Destiny, that girl is incredibly good looking! Since there's no real bonus materials on the disc, and the scenes are basically all the same I'm going to say if you're into Nuru Massage, or want to see what it is - definitely check this out On Demand!

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