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Meet The Batemans

Studio: Pretty Dirty » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/9/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: Couples, Cougars & Kittens, Threesomes

Director: Craven Moorehead
Writer: Bree Mills



Cast: Brandi Love, Anikka Albrite, Nina North, Mick Blue, Seth Gamble

Length: 2 hours 19 minutes    

Date of Release: November 4, 2016

Extras: 25 minute BTS, Individual Slideshows, 3 Menu-Selectable Trailers

Extras Menu

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Quality on both counts. Camera work is clean, although there were some edits that happened about a second earlier than I would have liked.

Overview: The title track of this disc is split into two parts which occupy the opening and closing scenes and features Brandi, Nina and Seth. Mick plays husband to Brandi in one scene, and costars alongside his actual wife Anikka in another. The production value is good, and the acting performances are totally believable. As usual, Bree Mills writes good setups for each scene.

Scene 1. Brandi Love, Nina North, Seth Gamble "Meet the Bateman's Part One"

Nina thinks she is interviewing for a babysitting job for Brandi and Seth. As it turns out, they are looking for a sub to show the ropes, as it were. She gets sucked into signing a contract and pretty sure she's doing plenty of sucking of her own. Brandi is always perfect in these types of roles, her acting always comes across as natural and fluid, and Seth plays his part well. Nina's acting chops are up to par here too as she plays the unsure, awkward teen interviewee and then shows off her slut skills. Brandi coaches her into the perfect positions so she gets a good view of the action Nina is performing on her husband for her masturbation enjoyment.

Nina & Brandi

Nina & Brandi

I never get tired of watching Brandi in action, and this scene is no exception. The busty MILF is all smiles all the time, and her body is tightly toned. Nina rides her new employer with abandon, obediently listening to every instruction Brandi and Seth give her. It is one of those semi-awkward threesomes where one person gets sidelined, but in the scene that is by Brandi's choice. She just wants to watch the babysitter bounce on her husband's boner. There is a bit of girl/girl action, but mostly Brandi coaches their new sub into pleasing her husband. She bounces on Seth for a long time, and then really starts getting into it, perky tits bouncing and hair waving. She makes good eye contact with her new employers as Seth slams into her and then drops to get her face covered, which Brandi seductively licks off of her.

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Scene 2. Brandi Love, Mick Blue "Thong Stuffing"

Brandi plays Mick's wife in this setup and he's been away on a trip for weeks. She's so happy to see him, and he has come bearing gifts; a little blue set of panties. Brandi's tan-lined ass looks fabulous as she strips to try them on for him and then follows his orders to crawl over to him and blow him. Her big eyes stare up at him as she works him into her throat. Mick has bigger plans and takes her new panties and carefully stows them away inside of her pussy. He continues to throat fuck her as a piece of the panties hangs out of her hole.

Brandi Love

Brandi Love

He pulls her into missionary and finishes stashing the fabric into her snatch and then sticks the tip of his cock in. Once he's sure they are nice and wet he takes them out and stuffs them in her mouth. The panties play a key role in this scene, filling her hole, or her mouth, being used as a set of reins on her, or binding his balls as the two have a returning home sex session. Both performances are good here, Brandi smiling and sucking; and Mick licking and fucking. Their eye contact is nearly constant and they show us that they are literal fuck machines. Brandi's face glows as she smiles, gagged with her panties as Mick works his rod between her big boobs to pop all over the panties.

PSA: Folks, these are consummate professionals on a closed course. Sticking small things in tiny holes and then pushing them in with your dick is probably never a good idea. I'm sure every doctor and nurse has heard about this kind of thing in every Emergency Room in the world. Don't Try This At Home.

Scene 3. Anikka Albrite, Mick Blue "You're Not Going Anywhere"

Mick plays an award-winning porn star here (imagine that) and Anikka portrays an obsessed fan of his; pictures of him plastered all over her house or being rubbed onto her body. She sets him up for a car crash, which she conveniently rescues him from so she can nurse him back to health. He wakes up and realizes she's crazy but he lets her start sucking his cock anyhow, having been apparently dosed with Viagra or something. She says she doesn't watch porn, but he knows she's picked up skills somewhere as she sucks him expertly. She strips off his shorts, and then her dress to reveal her awesome body which looks great under the warm lighting on the set.

Anikka Albrite

Anikka Albrite

The oral action goes on for quite a bit, and does include her on top in a 69. She's in ecstasy as she finally gets to slide down her obsession's pole, impaling herself on it. He can fuck amazingly well considering he allegedly has two broken legs. Her ass grinds in a clock like motion as she rides him in cowgirl before she starts pumping hard onto him. She pauses to grind on his face and then climbs back on his dick. She's grinding and licking his face like a crazed freak and the expression on his face his priceless as he realizes this chick is a total whack job. She might be whack, but she has a bangin' body so he continues to bang her into oblivion as she rambles on about how they should be together forever. His eyes are huge with fear as she begs him to cum inside of her. He's like a jackhammer as he preps his load to be delivered into her as she cums. What a great performance from him and her!

Scene 4. Brandi Love, Nina North, Seth Gamble "Meet the Bateman's Part Two"

This starts out right where Part 1 left off and the girls both suck his cock to readiness so Brandi can take her turn on the ride. The girls kiss deeply as Brandi bounces. Nina provides some spit lube, tasting Brandi's pussy. Nina smiles as she rubs her pussy on the sidelines, with everyone else helping her finger it. Nina has warmed up to the whole situation by now and helps Brandi bounce as she licks her big boobs. Brandi wants her new toy to straddle her hubby's face so she can check out her ass while she pumps her pussy like a piston on Seth's cock.

Brandi & Nina

Brandi & Nina

It's hot when Nina gets into doggie and licks Brandi's box, and everyone seems to really enjoy that action as much as I do. Soon, the girls swap places, with Nina on Brandi's face as Seth jams in and out of his wife. Brandi lets her new sub take a final ride and then Seth wants to fuck Brandi's boobs while the two girls kneel in front of him. Seth wants to shoot his load so he takes a final few slams into Brandi's snatch and then pops all over her and Nina is eager to lick it off.

This scene is almost a mirror image of part 1, only the girls trade places. Nina shows she has already grown comfortable in her new role and Brandi and Seth seem pleased with their new hire.

Final Thoughts: Three unrelated scenarios play out, and are performed skillfully by everyone. Camera work is good, audio is clear and the setups are fun. Mick's performance with Anikka is excellent as he plays a broken-legged hostage to a crazed fan. Anikka plays a great stalker too. The Bateman's have good chemistry and Nina plays her role well going from unsure and unsteady to an excited, helpful sub-in-training. There's nothing ground-breaking about any of the stories and no circus sex acts, but you get to watch Anikka and Brandi show off why they are highly sought after as performers. There's a decent Behind the Scenes and that may kick this into a decision to owning this, but I think most people will want to check this out On Demand.

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