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Transsexual Gloryhole Experience 2

Studio: Trans 500 Studios » Review by Daisy Jane » Review Date: 12/10/16

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

GENRE: Transexual, Male on Shemale.


Sophia Obregon

Lana Davalos

Bella Rosario

Milagros Bejarano

LENGTH: 109 minutes



AUDIO/VIDEO QUALITY: Mediocre at best.  There is a lot of background noise that should have been edited out. The constant squawking of loud tropical birds mixed with loud off-camera music is an ever-present distraction that really takes away from the film.

EXTRAS: Behind the Scenes and Web Access are the only extra features offered on this DVD. The Behind the Scenes consists of the performers putting on their makeup and cheesing for the camera.  Because the entire film is in Portuguese, it is impossible for me to assess the content of their conversations.

Transsexual Gloryhole Experience 2 is a film produced by Trans500 Studios. Although it touts itself as having "Sizzling Hot TS Gloryhole Action," it actually left quite a bit to be desired.  I had high hopes for this film, as I am a big fan of both shemales (referred to in the feminine pronouns from here forward) and gloryholes. The set was very rinky-dink, with spray-painted plywood walls and excessive amounts of back lighting that gave too many glimpses as to what was going on behind the gloryhole.  While gloryhole porn is generally staged in a trashy manner (public restrooms, video booths, etc.), this one felt authentically trashy.  The major problem with this film the total lack of originality…and lack of penetration. But if you are looking to watch 109 minutes of blowjobs and handjobs, this may very well be just the film for you!



The opening scene stars Bella Rosario, the petite curly-haired brunette with nice eyes and a cute ass. She begins by doing a striptease in front of the painted wall, showing off her lean legs and decent-sized cock. When the two huge cocks pop through the gloryhole, she seems genuinely excited to get her hands (and mouth on them). While she clearly enjoys sucking and rubbing the giant dicks, it quickly gets repetitive watching her go back and forth between the two. While I kept hoping that she would lean up against the wall and shove one of those cocks into her pert ass, she never goes any further than just blowing and handling them.

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Bella Rosario manages to keep the heat up in the scene by playing with and fingering her own asshole while she has a mouth full of rock hard meat. The end of the scene is her strongest moment as she is shown sitting on the floor, stroking her own cock.  She does an excellent job maintaining intense eye contact with the camera, making the viewer feel as though she is looking right at them while she is aggressively rubbing herself.  When she finally cums, the camera zooms in as it drips down into her asshole, making you want to clean her up with your tongue.



Lana Davalos is the star of the second scene. She has a beautiful body, with small tits, curvy hips, and a great ass.  Watching her ass bounce is definitely the highlight of her scene.  Her cock is decent-sized, although uncircumcised, like many of the Brazilian performers.  She looks smoking hot in her bathing suit covered in sugar skulls, but she looks even hotter once she peels it off.

Lana only encounters one giant cock at the old gloryhole.  Judging by the way that her eyes lock in on it, she is clearly turned on and ready to play.

  When her partner can no longer contain himself, he cums all over her hand, but much to my dismay, she never licks it off. While she is great at sucking, licking, and stroking, it is too much of the same old thing.  Like the first scene, I was really hoping to see her get fucked through the gloryhole.



Milagros Bejarano is a tall and statuesque performer with a bombshell body.  Her ass is big and round and she definitely knows how to make the most out of it.  Her initial striptease is pretty hot, as she twerks and shakes her big booty in front of a close-up camera shot. Her long braids and intense eyes top off her exotic mystique.


Milagros is graced with the presence of two cocks in the gloryholes.  She sucks them deep, impressively bottoming out on those mystery men.  The major weakness with this scene is the off-camera direction.  Milagros is constantly looking away from the camera, trying to interpret stage directions.  When she is told to assume a certain position that is obviously uncomfortable for her, she repeatedly scowls at the person off camera who is giving her the instructions. 

This obvious off-screen action significantly detracts from the action at hand.  It is impossible to ignore, as Milagros does her best to figure out what they are trying to get her to do.  Had they allowed her to just act on her natural instincts, the scene would have been exponentially better.



Sophia Obregon is HOT…like, SUPER HOT. Her long hair and big blue eyes (contact lenses) make her look like the girl next door, but her bright red lipstick and matching fishnet stockings let you know that she absolutely down for dirty-good time. She has great tits and a cute, small ass. She does a great job maintaining a very natural form of eye contact with the camera while she is deep-throating the gloryhole cock. 

Unfortunately for Sophia, her scene is buried at the end of the DVD and is full of the exact same stuff as all of the previous scenes.  She does a decent job sucking and rubbing, but it offers zero originality and probably isn’t the best representation of her skills. This is not her fault, but the fault of whomever is directing the scene.  They clearly had a vision that they were committed to stick with throughout the entire film.



All in all, I would have to say that Transexual Gloryhole 2 was a disappointment. The performers were hot and sexy, but they were limited by the poor direction and very low-budget production quality.  The actresses had amazing asses and had they inserted some penetration into the scenes, the movie would have had a better chance of keeping my attention. As it stands, this was not a memorable film and I wouldn’t recommend it to my tranny-loving friends.  


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