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My Friend's Hot Girl 23

Studio: Naughty America » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/12/16

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genres: All Sex, Affairs

Directors: unknown



Cast: Dani Daniels, Jade Jantzen, Abby Lee Brazil, Olivia Austin, Ashley Adams, Bill Bailey, Derrick Pierce, Tyler Steel, Johnny Castle

Length: About 2 hours 42 minutes    

Date of Release: October 20, 2016

Extras: 2 Menu Selectable Trailers, Photo Gallery, 2 minute Interview with Alexis Adams

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in 4k and presented in anamorphic widescreen. Keep your volume control handy, some scenes get a bit loud as the room captures the girls' voices bouncing off of them.

Overview: Five scenes taken from the Naughty America website showcasing starlets cheating on their men with their man's friend. Each scene has a brief setup and then the action begins. It is a compilation, so A/V and sex quality varies a bit between each, but overall it's worth a look.

Scene 1: Olivia Austin & Bill Bailey

Olivia AustinBill comes home to find Olivia waiting for him on his bed, stripped down to her bra and panties. His buddy will be home in about half an hour, but Olivia convinces him it'll be fine - they can finish before that. After a bit of arguing, he gives in to her now nude body as she puts his cock in her mouth and straddles him in a 69. She gives him a lot of oral attention, soft and slowly and then he returns the favors while pulling her buxom body into positions for the best access.

Olivia Austin
Once she's in doggie, he slides into her hole that's tight because she hasn't been getting any action from her man. The camera moves around the bed slowly and moves in and out to keep the action fairly well framed. The blonde's body looks good as she lays atop him back to his stomach while he pumps her from below. She makes sure to spread her ass cheek for the viewer as she rides in cowgirl asking him to slap her ass. Even though she mentions a couple of times that she likes it rough, the action stays tame and predictable. She really seems to like when she lies on her back and he semi-spoon bangs her. Her moaning gets him riled up and he starts drilling her harder, her big boobs swaying with each stroke. There is pretty good eye contact in some positions, with missionary pushing him to the brink and he blows into her mouth at her request. She thinks that next time they do it they should do it with a shorter time constraint to make it more exciting.

The scene is well lit, and decently shot with good audio, but it is fairly generic overall.

Scene 2: Dani Daniels & Derrick Pierce

Dani DanielsDerrick is waiting on Dani who's getting ready for a cocktail party by putting on a dress with cocks printed on it, which she thinks is hilarious but he knows his buddy won't be amused by it and sends her to change. She changes into a slinky number  which he also doesn't approve of, so she takes it off and throws it at him, standing naked in front of him and says she needs some dick. Since he likes her heels and her ass he gives in to the temptation. Dani is smiling and giggling, her eyes luminous as she gets put onto the table to get her hairy box licked. She's gasping and shrieking as he tongues her hole: the room is reverberant and loud, keep your volume handy. Somehow, her eyes get even brighter as she squats to return the favor; bobbing enthusiastically. I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it before, but Dani is one of those girls that pumps her whole body, not just her head when showing off her oral skills.

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Dani DanielsDerrick's hot for her ass and wants her to ride in reverse so he can watch it bounce, and bounce she does. She bounces hard and high, again the room loudness exaggerating the slapping and shrieking. Her firm tits look fabulous, gripped by his hands, as she rides him hard and fast. In cowgirl she switches to a forward and back grinding motion, again in a no-holds barred fashioned. Since Derrick's fucking his friend's girl in his favorite chair he figures he should pound her pussy on his friend's dining room table for good measure. He does that later on, but not before pounding her from behind, choking her which she delights in and he has to cover her mouth to keep the noise level down she's creating with her incessant begging for more. Once she's on the table in missionary, her eyes start to squint and glaze over as he just pounds into her before popping a creamy load all over her slit as she giggles.

That was an impressive fuck scene from both performers! They just romp on each other and have a great time doing it. Great action.

Scene 3: Jade Jantzen & Tyler Steel

Jade JantzenTyler's setting up his buddy's house for a party Jade is not supposed to know about. Of course, she comes home early from her errands and wants to know what the hell is going on. Jade admits she's about to dump Tyler's best friend and starts to put the moves on her old beau Tyler. Tyler is a believable actor in his role here, but I have to mention that he's one of those guys that performs a lot of his scene with a baseball cap on - which never plays well to the camera. No matter how good a performer might be, they always take on an air of lameness when they don't remove the baseball cap. But I digress...somehow Jade convinces him that she should be blowing him, and gets right into that action. Her blue-grey eyes sparkle in the sunlight as she pops his boner in and out of her cheeks. The oral action continues on a couch, where she finally loses her neon tank top to reveal her perky little boobs with upturned nipples.

Jade JantzenOnce Tyler's got her naked he starts licking her, which she seems into as she uses a naughty word as he slurps away. He thinks it might be too tight for him and her eyes seem to take that a challenge which she eagerly accepts while using more naughty words as he starts driving into her. This is one of those scenes I grin at as the sectional couch starts to separate while he bangs away. Tyler doesn't even blink, he just repositions the couch and sticks his leg in the crack without blinking an eye or missing a stroke. Jade's red nails look great touching her boob and rubbing her clit as she gets her tight body hammered into. He works her tiny ass in doggy, her hair maintaining it's curl even up to this point in the scene. It bounces as high as she does as she rides him, the camera having to pull back because she's bouncing as if she was trampoline powered. She's looking good while bouncing and he pauses to take her shoes off by placing her upside down on the floor and licking her again. He takes a few minutes to piledrive into her and then relieves her neck pressure by taking her in spoon on the couch before popping onto her nose and lips.

Scene 4: Abby Lee Brazil & Johnny Castle

Abby Lee BrazilAbby's man isn't feeling well so she knocks him out with medicine while his buddy jumps in the shower. She's hot for Johnny, so she steals his towel, strips naked and wraps herself in it so she can unwrap it when he comes looking for it. Her body is thin and tight, her left side tattoo well-captured by the camera as she drops to her knees to service him.

Abby Lee Brazil



The camera catches a rarely-used shot from floor level behind him as she slurps on his dick, showcasing her boobs well even though they are in shadow. He's into the action now and as long as he's betraying his friend, he might as well fuck her tits while getting a BJ. He's a talker during sex, which some people aren't a fan of - so be aware of that. He does make great eye contact as he licks her and jams his digits in and out of her pussy. Her nails are filed into talons, which is very noticeable as she rubs her boobs while getting eaten. Her ass looks small and tight in doggie while he licks her from behind, and then slides his shaft into her.

Her pussy piercing glints with the light as he slams into her in spoon while she grunts and moans. He's rhythmic and progressively harder and faster which causes her to get louder. Again, keep the volume control handy. She's a very methodical cowgirl, slow and deliberate with her strokes before she shifts gears and her ass jiggles as she twerks on his cock. He also has a very deliberate dick delivery, the pumping starting slowly and building her into a cacophany of bad words. Once her legs are near her head she's praying and panting as she cums on his dick. The camera comes in to frame them well in reverse cowgirl as his balls slap against her before he hammers her in a modified missionary causing her to cum again. There is decent eye contact and some kissing that shows a connection between the two as they exchange dirty talk while fucking before he jerks it into her open jaws.

It's not quite as intense as Dani and Derrick's scene - but it does showcase if you are going to bang your buddy's girl while he's in another room then you have to go balls out and really enjoy the ride.

Scene 5: Ashley Adams & Johnny Castle

Ashley AdamsAshley's tanning nude by the hot tub and Johnny joins her and drops his towel which takes her aback for a second. He's cool with both of them being naked and makes small talk, putting her at ease and convincing her to oil him up so he doesn't get tan lines. Straight out of the gate I notice that the sun is at that horrible angle that is going to cast this scene into bad shadows, and it seems to me nobody ever has a reflector on set. That turns out to be the case here, sadly. Johnny's sex talk mentions that they are now tanning partners as she rubs her boobs while bobbing his knob. He takes advantage of her hands on her tits while he takes a few thrusts between them from tip to balls, each stroke long and calculated while she stares up at him. Soon enough she is on all fours asking for her ass to be slapped while she balances on the flagstone of the tub rim.

Ashley AdamsAshley is another whole body head giver as noticed when  when he takes a break from pumping his gym-derived body into her from behind so they can share oral moments with one another. Her boobs swirl in a circular motion as she agrees she's his slut as he starts to ram her in missionary causing her to get loud. Once he really starts his ramming she opens her legs farther and her boobs bounce up and down before he pauses to stick his cock in her mouth and slap her tits while she rubs her pussy. Johnny uses a very concentrated effort to make her cum for him while he uses two hands on her twat while she talks to God. They banter about her being the house slut while he bangs her, pivoting her ass at the hips for what would be a good view if the sun was behind them. He's a machine and makes her cum in a number of ways, screaming and holding her breath while he beats his meat into her. She lies still on the tub edge as he strokes into her while she invites him to cum on her tits. The invitation turns to a bit of begging as he bangs harder while watching her face; her smile growing bigger as his load approaches. He manages to get most of it on one nipple, with a good spurt of it going into the main pool as they finalize the rules of tanning naked anytime as he walks off.

It would have been a much better scene had there been a reflector and/or diffuser on set. The sex and banter is good, the shadows aren't. Overall, it's pretty good regardless.

Final Thoughts: It's a compilation of scenes filmed for the Naughty America website. Some are better than others. Dani and Derrick are the standouts here. They just bang the heck out of one another and have smiles on their faces while doing it. It's one of those discs that makes me ask why don't the crews have $50-100 bucks worth of reflectors on set when it is obvious they have thousands invested in their camera gear? C'mon people. Buy a silver one, a white one and a gold one. You can get two colors in one reflector easily enough, there's just no excuse for not having things like that in your gear bag.

Overall, it's good sex. I mentioned Dani's scene is the standout - she puts forth a great effort here. This isn't earth-shattering porn here folks. This is decent stuff that is shot well by a good company using good performers. The extras section is irrelevant on the disc, but I'm sure there's some decent value in renting/streaming this title if you haven't seen the originals already. Watch this On Demand when you want to see some hot girls bang their man's best friend.

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