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Cum Inside Me 3

Studio: Blacked.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/12/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 20 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; Creampie; Interracial; Big Cock; Cumshots

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in 4K. 

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: DVD cover girl Crystal Rae with Adria Rae, Dakota James, Taylor Sands, Rob Piper, Michael Williams, Jason Brown

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Info for blacked.com and blackedvideo.com


It’s all about internal cum shots and interracial action in Greg Lansky’s latest flick, Cum Inside Me 3. Crystal Rae is the featured starlet in her big black dick tryst with Rob Piper. Crystal brings starlets Adria Rae, Dakota James and Taylor Sands along for cock and creampies over 4 hot scenes. The girls are paired with Michael Williams, Jason Brown and Rob in stimulating sex scenes expertly filmed and produced in Lansky’s signature cinematic style. No pussy is left unfilled as these spunk providers cap off every hole after long sessions of deep pussy drilling. I highly recommend this flick. Lansky took time and paid attention to detail in his scene set ups, adding more sound and background tracks that create the right atmosphere for each starlet. Each girl is craving a big black cock and their desires are fulfilled in scene after scene. Dakota James has a hot shower scene with monster cocksman Michael Williams and Dutch born Taylor Sands enjoys an on-the-desk fuck with a powerful businessman, Jason Brown. Overall, this is yet another sizzling, highly produced flick for Lansky and one the fans will enjoy watching.

Scene 1:  Adria Rae and Rob Piper

Michigan born Adria Rae opens Lansky’s flick in her creampie scene with Rob Piper. Things don’t start off well for her as she recounts getting a DUI. She didn’t have the money for a lawyer and she can’t pay the fines either. She remembers that she met a hot attorney at a party one time and she knows exactly what she needs to do. She calls him up to see if he wants to have drinks. Cut to Rob Piper popping a bottle of the bubbly while Adria watches from across the room. He hands her a drink and compliments the way she looks. She tells him she is stressed out about the DUI she got. Rob tells her she should have refused the breathalyzer. He asks to see the ticket she received and there’s good news. He knows the judge really well and he’s sure he can help her out. He tells her to set up an appointment in his office and he’s sure he can work out a discount for her. Adria rubs his chest and say she isn’t really looking for a discount because she’s short on money. She is hoping they can set something up on the side. She knows she can help him alleviate some of the stress he’s been experiencing. He calls her a naughty little girl and asks her if she’s sure she wants to do this. She says yes daddy and starts kissing him passionately, tonguing his mouth and rubbing his dick in his pants. She promises to be a good girl for him. He makes her prove it by standing up and stripping in front of him, calling her sexy. She lies on the couch next to him and starts sucking his cock while he fingers her pussy and calls her a good girl. Adria enjoys his black stick, running her lips up and down his hard shaft slowly.

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They kiss again and then Adria gets on her knees and gets face fucked. He pumps her mouth making her gag and drool on his prick. Strands of mouth lube fall from her chin. She is a sloppy cocksucker and has his cock wet all over. It’s Adria’s turn to be on the receiving end of Rob’s tongue. She lies on her back and he smacks on her pussy, licking and kissing it all over, making her squeeze her tits and close her eyes in pleasure. He tongue lashes her clit, driving her bonkers then gets on top of her and begins stretching her pussy open in missionary position. She begs him to give her his big dick. Rob pumps her hole, driving deep in her pussy as she mumbles how much she loves his big black cock. Rob picks up the pace and slams her hole hard and deep. She screams out pound my fucking pussy and give me that big dick! She sucks her pussy melt off of his cock then sits on it, riding it cowgirl style. Rob starts pumping her hole again, stuffing it with his stiff prick. He stands up, holding her up into a standing cowgirl and drills her tight hole, sending her to ecstasy. She takes another round of pussy pounding doggystyle and in downward doggy that has her crying out in pleasure. She can’t believe she’s being fucked like this. A final round of cowgirl fucking ends with a creampie dripping out of Adria’s pussy. She straddles him, pushing his cum out of her cunt. He sticks his dick back inside her, pumping it slowly until there’s no more cum left. Adria climbs off and licks up and swallows the cum off his stomach then sucks his cock, draining any leftover spunk. He promises to take care of her ticket for her.

Scene 2:  Crystal Rae and Rob Piper

DVD cover girl has been dating a sugar daddy for a while now. Mike is her sugar daddy and he has been so generous to her. There is only one problem, sex with him is boring. She likes him and doesn’t want to give up her lifestyle, but she needs to find a way to have fun. She has been flirting with Rob lately and she is really attracted to him. She has already made out with him and she can’t wait to take things a step further. When her sugar daddy leaves for the day, Crystal decides it’s time to take her flirting with Rob to the next level and she invites him over. She assures him that they have the whole place to themselves all day and she starts kissing him and reaching in his pants for his cock. She says can I please have your cock, daddy and with that, pulls his pants down and starts sucking it. She can’t believe how big his dick is. It’s so huge, she tells him and she doesn’t know if she can fit the whole thing in her mouth. She is on her knees, blowing his dick, jerking it with both hands and working her lips around his dick head.


She tries deep throating his meat but can’t get her lips all the way down his shaft. She starts gagging and choking on it and lubing it up with her mouth, looking up at him the whole time. When he lies down, she continues her oral love, telling him how much she loves his fucking big cock. He reciprocates once she turns over onto her back and opens her legs. Rob licks her pussy from stem to stern, lashing and whipping it with his tongue, getting her all wet. She begs him to stick his big fat cock inside of her. He grants her wish, penetrating her hole missionary style as she calls him daddy. His big cock begins stretching her pussy and she yells fuck me! Rob works his way deeper and deeper into her pussy slowly but surely and then starts fucking her even faster. She whimpers as his big black cock drills deeper and deeper into her pussy. She rides him cowgirl style and gets fucked even harder than before, grinding up and down and back and forth on his hard prick. After pussy to mouth cock sucking, she rides him cowgirl style, enjoying his girth inside her then she bends over doggystyle and hosts his cock in her warm box, taking a pounding from behind. Downward doggy is followed by a hard pounding standing cowgirl which leads to a seated cowgirl and creampie for Crystal. She looks back at his cum as it drains out of her pussy and she’s amazed at how much cum is inside her.

Scene 3:   Dakota James and Michael Williams

Alaska native Dakota James is staying at her brother’s place for a while and she is attracted to his roommate, Michael. She is so attracted that she tells her friend on the phone that she has got to figure out a way to fuck this guy. It’s perfect now that her brother is gone for the day. She asks her friend if she has any ideas. When Michael is taking his shower, Dakota walks up and strips in front of him and joins him in the shower. He says this is crazy and asks her what she’s doing. She says she has to take a shower too and so she decided to do it right now with him. She rubs soap all over his body, admiring it and telling him that she has wanted to do this for so long. She starts rubbing his big stick and tells him she wants to see how big she can make. She starts jerking him off in the shower, making his cock harder and harder then she leans in and kisses him. Michael’s cock is really hard now and she loves it. She kneels to suck on it, jerking it back and forth and lubing it with her mouth. They move to the bedroom where she continues to give his prick some mouth love, telling him how much she loves the way it feels down her throat. It’s not long before she is blowing bubbles and gagging all over his dick, drooling everywhere.

She sucks his balls then is ready to host his black meat inside her. She sits on it cowgirl style and goes for a ride, moving her body up and down, hugging his prick with her pussy. Dakota has a nice ass and it’s on full display as she bounces back and forth on his meat. She sucks him off then her pussy gets a doggystyle pounding from behind. She closes her eyes in ecstasy, telling him how good he feels inside her. She says her pussy is dripping wet for his big black cock and once he drills her hard, it makes her cum. His big black stick disappears deep inside her wet hole and it has Dakota screaming and holding on to the bed sheets as her pussy gets slammed. She begs him not to stop fucking her because it’s making her cum again. Downward doggy soon turns to missionary style fucking with Dakota begging to be filled up. He fills her pussy with cum, giving her the creampie she asked for. She spreads her pussy open as the cum slips out then she swallows the remaining cum off his hard cock.

Scene 4:  Taylor Sands and Jason Brown

Taylor Sands is from the Netherlands and she is a beautiful European babe. She talks about her modeling career and how important it is to get this next big gig. She has a new agent and her career is taking off. Taylor is being considered as the main model for a new campaign and she agrees to meet her manager, Karla, for drinks. Karla tells her it’s important to be confident and arrive early because the competition is stiff. She tells Taylor is she really wants this job, she is going to have to do more than any other girl is willing to do. She doesn’t understand what Karla means. Karla puts it in plain English, telling her if she really fucks his brains out, then she will get the job and he may even put her on the cover. Taylor is unsure at first but after a kiss from Karla, she builds up the confidence to do whatever it takes to get the job. She meets Jason and hands him her portfolio. He’s impressed and thanks her for coming in then tells her his people will call her people. Before she leaves, she tells him that she knows he’s considering other girls but she is really motivated to get this job. He thinks that’s great but she sits on the desk in front of him and opens her legs, revealing her pussy and tell him she doesn’t think he needs to see any other girls. Jason likes where their meeting is going.

He takes off his shirt and she licks his chest then kisses him. Jason wastes no time in eating her pussy. He pulls her panties off and licks her pink clit, turning her on as she lies on his desk. Taylor is beautiful as she lies back in ecstasy on the office desk. Her body is shaking all over as she tells him he’s driving her crazy. She knows what she wants next and tells him she wants his cock in her mouth. She bends over doggystyle on top of the table and sucks his cock as he feeds it to her at the edge of the table. She lies on her back on top of the table in missionary position and Jason pulls her pussy over the edge and starts fucking it. She begs him to go slow because his cock is so huge. He opens her up, spreading her pussy with his big cock. She is creaming all over his hard stick, moaning and groaning, keeping her eyes pinned on him. The missionary drilling is followed by a cowgirl ride on top of Jason’s prick. She rides slowly at first then he helps grips her ass, helping move it up and down on his stiff pole. After sucking him off she bends in doggy position for a pussy pounding from behind that leads naturally into a downward doggy. Taylor lies on her back as he fucks her missionary style and she begs him to please cum inside her pussy. Jason pumps her snatch until he blows his load deep in there, leaving her with a pussy full of cum. She pushes it out, leaving a dripping creampie between her legs. Jason promises to put her in a lot of photo shoots from now on.

Final Thoughts:

The girls are over for cock and creampies in director Greg Lansky’s latest flick Cum Inside Me 3. This movie is a visually pleasing presentation of internal cum shots and interracial action that leaves no hole unfilled. Crystal Rae is the featured starlet and she is joined by Adria Rae, Dakota James and Taylor Sands in 4 scenes of sensual sex expertly filmed. Rob Piper, Michael Williams and Jason Brown provide the jizz that leaves these girls’ pussies full and dripping after they get stretched out by big, black cock. I highly recommend this flick. It’s easy to see that Lansky paid even more attention to detail in this flick with his background sound tracks that add to the atmosphere for each scene. Cum Inside Me 3 won’t disappoint and it’s another signature Lansky interracial flick that is sure to please.

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