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Creeping Tom 2

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/12/16

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Genre: Gonzo Voyeur


Cast: Naomi Woods, Elena Koshka, Edyn Blair, Hope Howell, Ashlee Mae, Ryan McLane, Mike Hunt

Directors: Stoney Curtis, Jerry Kovak

Release Date: Oct. 25, 2016

Length: 3 hours, 22 min.

Condoms: None

Extras: Seven trailers, a photo gallery and two bonus scenes from Cheeks For Weeks 2 and Boober

Overview: The title is fitting for this very horny disc. This creepfest is five scenes of older guys leering at young women showering, sun bathing and sleeping. When the girls discover the the men spying on them it makes them super horny. It's a hit and miss disc that's mainly just ok at best.


Scene One: Elena Koshka

In the opening scene the very pretty Elena Koshka is staying at a boarding house when she discovers cameras set up in her shower by landlord Mike Hunt. She threatens to tell the cops unless he let's her stay there rent free for six months.  After explaining he just wanted to see her naked, she spreads her legs in front of him and invites him to her room. She lays spread eagle on the bed and Mike touches her pussy and creepily whispers about how beautiful it looks.


Elena grabs a vibrator and rubs her clit with it while Mike fingers her. After she cums she spreads her wet pussy open for him to stick his cock in. He fucks her missionary for a few seconds before it abruptly cuts her giving him head. After stroking his cock with her mouth while playing with his balls, looking up at him with her gorgeous blue eyes, she climbs on top and rides him, first forward then reverse. Lot's of dirty talk between the two as she slides her tight wet pussy up and down his cock. They go into a doggy and she queefs a little as he plunges his dick inside her. After he makes her cum, she licks and sucks her juices off his prick, then they go into a missionary. She furiously rubs her clit as he fucks her bringing her to orgasm again. They go back into doggy and he fingers her asshole as they fuck. She begs him to keep fucking her until he pulls out and cums in her mouth. An ok scene with decent enough sex from the very attractive Elena Koshka.



Scene Two: Naomi Woods


In the only non-POV scene on the disc, Ryan McLane conducts his daily ritual of spying on his pretty blond neighbor Naomi Woods as she sunbathes nude. With camera in hand he records Naomi as she walks to her deckchair and removes her bikini. She lays there completely naked, legs spread open showing her pussy, as she texts her friend. Lots of closeup shots of her naked pussy here. When Ryan gets all of the video he needs he tries to sneak out but is caught by Naomi. He apologizes and explains how attracted he's always been to her. Naomi then confesses her attraction to Ryan is mutual. He starts eating and fisting her pussy standing. She turns around he eats her asshole before he sits down for her to suck his cock. She sensuously runs her mouth up and down his shaft, looking up at him with those beautiful blue eyes and telling him how much she loves his cock. She then leads him inside by his hard cock. Once inside, he goes down on her, eating and lick and slurping her pussy. He then hikes one leg up and t-bones her, making her pussy cream on his cock.


She lays down on the couch and he fucks her missionary, and there's a very good shot from behind as he drives his cock in and out of her pussy. She then turns over to be fucked doggy style. After he fucks her to orgasm she sucks her cum off his dick and rides him. She grinds on his dick first forward then reverse. She sucks him once more before Ryan t-bones her again. They fuck this way until Ryan shoots his load in Naomi's mouth. She calls him a pervert after she swallows his cum. Just like the first scene this one is just ok. I'm glad it was shot non-POV, unlike the rest of the disc.



Scene Three: Edyn Blair


In my favorite scene, the very attractive red head Edyn Blair, is sunbathing naked by the pool, telling her girlfriend about how creepy her new roommate is and how she just broke up with her ex-boyfriend. When her roommate (Mike Hunt) shows up she scrambles to but her swimsuit back on and tells him she's going upstairs to take a nap. Mike peeks through the doorway, and through Mike's eyes we see Edyn changing out of her bikini into her underwear before laying down for her nap. 30 minutes later, Mike sneaks in and touches Edyn's pussy, waking her up. This startles her and she asks what he's doing. He apologizes saying he just wanted to see it. Being horny, she starts playing with her pussy before grabbing a vibrator and cumming in front of him. She let's him smell her panties and jack off as she massages her clit with the vibrator. He fingers her pussy making her cum before sticking his dick in and fucking her missionary. She presses the vibrator back onto her clit and convulses as she cums on his cock. Her “O” face is a thing of beauty as she screams out that she's cumming.


She grabs his cock as it moves in and out of her in a great caught from behind shot. After sucking her cum off his dick they go into a doggy style, Edyn sticking her perfect ass up for Mike's cock. She rubs her clit and puts the vibrator back on it giving her multiple screaming orgasms. She then climbs on top of him and lowers that beautiful pussy down on his cock. She rides and grinds on his cock in reverse cowgirl before being T-boned. The chemistry between them is great, Edyn teasing him with her pussy, looking into the camera and smiling. She then climbs back on top of him and rides him reverse cowgirl in a POV shot. He feels bounces her gorgeous ass as it twerks up and down on him. They then go into another doggy before he cums on her ass. Edyn Blair is terrific in this scene. Very attractive and sexy, plus she actually gives a good performance when she discovers Mike feeling her pussy. Some great dirty talk in this one as well.



Scene Four: Hope Howell


Hope Howell is staying with her cousin, Mike Hunt again, in California. He sneaks into her room while she's sleeping and peeks at her pussy under the sheet. He very creepily whispers how beautiful it is and starts fingering her. This of course wakes her up and she asks what he's doing. He apologizes and says he just wanted to see it. She says it's ok just ask next time. She takes her panties off and starts rubbing her pussy. He starts fisting her until she cums on his fingers. Mike starts eating Hope getting her good and wet for his cock.


He starts fucking her missionary and Hope rubs her pussy making her cum again. She sucks her cum off and there's a great shot of her looking up at the camera with her pretty green eyes and freckled face. They then go into a doggy, and Hope by this time seems to be getting more distant as the scene goes on. She keeps looking off between moans, not seeming to really get into it. She sucks him some more before riding him cowgirl. Mike rubs her asshole asking her if she likes it, and her reply is,”Yeah, a little bit.” OK, we see where this scene is going. He then fucks her laying down from behind, then a T-bone before cumming on her ass. This scene started off good enough before Hope Howell started getting bored along with the rest of us. Very bad performance.



Scene Five: Ashlee Mae


This disc ends with a blowjob scene by pretty blond Ashlee Mae. Ashlee's mom and stepdad are out of town so she's lying on their bed watching tv until she gets tired and takes a nap. Her stepdad, once again Mike Hunt, comes home and sees her laying there in her underwear, her pussy hanging out over one side. He leers at her before pulling them to one side revealing her pussy lips and whispering how beautiful they are. He pulls the lips apart before Ashlee wakes up. He apologizes and explains how he wanted to see how what it looked like. She tells him how hot she's always found him and how she's always wanted to suck his cock. She pulls her panties off and plays with her pussy as he jacks himself. She rubs herself before taking his hard cock in his mouth. She runs the whole gambit on his cock, She sucks, she gags, she deep throats, she strokes the shaft as she sucks his balls, the whole nine yards until he cums on pretty face. Just a very basic blowjob scene, administered nicely by Ashlee Mae.



Final Thoughts: I say this with almost every gonzo disc. It's always hit and miss. The creep factor is so heavy here. When Mike Hunt whispers into the mic about how pretty and wet and pink every pussy he spies on is, it almost makes your skin crawl. With the exception of the knockout gorgeous Edyn Blair who genuinely turns in a half way decent performance, there's no real highlight to this disc. The performers are attractive enough, and they kind of act like they're having a good time. But the creep factor is so high here you feel like you need a shower after each scene. Watch On Demand


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