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Girls, Girls, Girls

Studio: Other » Review by Don Juan DeMarko » Review Date: 2/15/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Well, well well. Mysteries can come every day, in many different forms. For me, I was pressed to find out who it was that brought out such wonderful smut on disc that is the Desire Films company. After doing a little digging, a friend of mine informed me that she was shooting with a certain amazing somebody and presto, mystery solved. Excuse the vagueness, but I find it so exciting the AVN Web Director of the Year Ivan Puba is the man responsible for such amazing pieces of cinema that get down to brass tax and show porn fans what they paid the price of admission to see. Ivan has long been known to bring out crazy, twisted angles that bring out our imaginations as porn fans in the best way. He showcases girls who look that part and are hungry to make a name in this business by putting out so much in the name of creating a wonderful scene, website and film. I can think of stars like Natasha Nice, Abigail Mac, who all have sites on the PUBA Network but have put forth so much of their own time and money to make things perfect as pie, literally, for the fans in the adult world. This film we are about to dive into head first, is one that showcases some up and comers in the business as well as some gals who are steadily becoming seasoned veterans in the industry. The box cover is beautiful, featuring girl/girl star Lynn Vega on one of her first box covers. I was very much looking forward to seeing her work but the line-up of women of all colors, shapes, sizes and sex drives was enough to have me curious from the start.

Run Time: 1 Hour 2 Minutes

Extras: Trailers and a Photo Gallery

Don Juan's Phyla: Girl/Girl, Lesbian, Compilation, Semi-Gonzo

Lynn Vega and Alix Lynx


Scene 1: Summer Brielle and Alison Tyler

 Summer Brielle and Alison Tyler

My normal reviews always have a set-up to go along with things, but when reviewing a film from Desires Films, you will sometimes get scenes mixed in that have some set up and others that have none. This particular dish has none and in all honesty ladies and gents, it does not need any. The action begins immediately and we are thrust as viewers into this wonderful make-out session between two of the biggest busted beauties in the industry today. Summer Brielle, I have become very familiar with as her name grows in the industry. Alison Tyler on the other hand, this was my first rodeo with the brown haired beauty. Alison has a certain vibe that is seen instantaneously from the get go of the action.

Summer Brielle and Alison Tyler

Alison Tyler has one of the best bodies in the business. This is how women should look in the industry. She has meat on her bones, she is every man's fantasy when it comes to that gorgeous woman walking into a room and she's got a booty and bust that has you drooling from second one and most likely following here around the room for a few hours with your tongue hanging out. You will have your tongue hanging out while watching this scene, that is for damn sure. The time frame of the film is very, very short. It is a unique change from how most girl/girl films are made, even ones that are compiled. The editing is great, as you never see the ladies miss a Que or have things go askew in the worst of ways when there is an angle change. Summer Brielle has some very yummy moments where Alison is choking her and giving her some love slaps, as she rubs her pussy to climax. It is hot and the way it should be done on film, showing the girls enjoying every second of it, because as all of us men, well women know too, women love that pain with pleasure in the sack and these two make that type of lust come out on screen. I really liked it. Alison Tyler is on showcase in this scene. We get to see her get into some very, very lovely positions. One of the best being where the cameraman gets behind a piece of furniture and shoots Summer with her tongue up Alison's ass from the side view. It is artistic and sexy as hell. The moans of passion and dirty talk are other big sellers of this scene. One of the biggest pluses as well, is watching Summer twerk as she eats Alison's pussy from behind, then seeing her do the same when she puts Summer on her back side. I really like the little touches that were added by the girls. For instance, while Alison is in the delicious doggie position, she has her sexy panties still down around her knees, only to have Summer take them off and put them in Alison's mouth as she kisses her. This gives the scene a great replay value from the start. I thought these beauties were a throwback to yesterday, when the scenes of lesbian passion has all these little niches that drove the true girl/girl fan wild and this scene does just that.

 Summer Brielle and Alison Tyler

Scene 2: Brett Rossi and Daisy Monroe

The Set-Up:

Brett Rossi and Daisy Monroe

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This scene has a tad bit of set up and it is done superbly. Brett and Daisy are lying around in their panties getting ready to play truth or dare. Brett Rossi's bubbly character is something simply wonderful and it stands out in the scene all the way till the end. Her laugh and smile is intoxicating and as the girls go from truth to dare, they turn up the temperature in the most gradual, sexy way possible. It will have you begging for mercy as they talk of slutty encounters and then proceed to get a little hot under the collar for each other. The bodies on these babes are beyond bodacious and when you see Brett dare Daisy to lick her tits, things just keep going and going from there, all the way to heaven if you will. The movements of each lady, into position after position, is exactly what this business is known for. The action does not seem rehearsed and the ladies seem to be making up the sex as they go along, which is fine me, because it adds so much to a scene. It is fun as hell to watch each girl play with the others ass or boobs as they get hot for each other. But once the game really begins, you are in for a hell of a surprise.


The Sex:

From the second Daisy takes her panties off and twerks her booty as she get her asshole licked, the sex takes on this playful, whimsical romp through the land of lesbian fantasy. It is very delicious to watch these girls play. Brett Rossi steals the show from the beginning. Her aggressive manor in which she pulls Daisy close and leads the actions is superbly done. Daisy Monroe has one of the sexiest small frames in the business. She has a very unique style when she performs. She has some of the most amazing boobs in the business and when you have her paired with a counterpart like Brett Rossi, the movie just flows like a sweet red wine, I honestly hope she comes back from her "break from the industry" very soon. The dirty talk and dialogue between the two women is simply heaven and once again, PUBA knows how to bring you some wicked cool angles that are just simply, vintage PUBA. There is a shot, where Daisy is with her back on the bed and we zoom in to see Brett's gorgeous ass high in the air, the camera moves in for a tight shot of her derriere, than pans out and zooms in on Daisy's facial expressions as she purrs with pleasure. That angle is ninety seconds of bliss and this scene is littered with amazing shots that will truly drive the viewer insane with passion. I think from start to finish, this scene is a well made second coarse, in a very amazing dinner party. The ladies show some pizazz and the do not let anything become a bump in the road. From the toe licking to the scissoring, these ladies simply do everything well to give the viewer their moneys worth on this scene.

 Brett Rossi and Daisy Monroe

Scene 3: Lynn Vega and Alix Lynx

 Lynn Vega and Alix LynxWe go from little setup to zero, but with these two beautiful new comers, who needs story to set up the sex. As the camera fades back in for luscious main coarse number three, we finally get to see the cover girls of this wonderful film. Both of these beauties are girl-girl aficionados, especially Lynn Vega. This scene features a little touch of everything sensual and desire filled in the lesbian genre. Lynn Vega has one of the most amazing story book tales of how she got into this business, if you ever have a chance to read it, please do, you will see why this gal has a true, deep seeded love and want for pussy. It shows in her every word in this scene, every flick of her tongue and every roll back of her eye as she gets her clit pleasured in the most titillating way for the crowd to see. When you watch the scene start and these two ladies kiss, you know from second one, with Lynn teasing Alix's lips with her tongue, that her passion runs deep and Alix is just begging for Lynn to show it to her. The lighting is magnificent and the bodies just keep getting better and better in this one. This scene has a theme of women who are in great physical condition and it shows at every angle. The women's attire plays a very sexy role in this scene as well and watching Lynn get placed down on her gorgeous bum as Alix strokes her kitty with these colorful panties on, is like watching the most forbidden intimacy between two women. The teasing factor will drive you wild in this one porn fans.

Lynn Vega and Alix Lynx

PUBA once again brings fans views that you truly want to see. You can also tell he gives the girls free range to make the scene what they wish it to be and boy, oh boy does Lynn Vega show her worth in gold in this one. Some of the smallest things make the biggest difference in a scene and watching Lynn do circles with her tongue around Alix's nipples, or watching her tongue fuck her pussy with patience and perfection is something words can not describe in this business. Don't get me wrong, Alix has plenty to bring to the table, it takes two to make a wonderful scene and her love for the business shows as well, you can tell both girls were fans of porn before they became porn  stars, but Lynn simply steals the show and lets herself get led around a little and then simply shows her versatility as an actress and performer with all the rest. This scene gets the award for hottest of the movie and as the action picks up and we see Alix begin to get into the action on the best of ways once it is her turn to worship Lynn in the oh, so yummiest ways. The kissing gets deep and intense as the scene goes on and Ivan does a good job going from one angle to the next. Chemistry is everything and you can tell everyone is on the same page in this wonderful scene. There is a lot of future brightness in this chapter of the film with these two ladies. It is not everyday that you see a show put on this well, with performers who mix and match like these two do. One thing is for certain folks, I think we have found one of the future stars of the girl/girl world in Lynn Vega. It is amazing to watch her masturbate as she licks Alix's kitty, then when she is sitting on Alix's face she is giving her the reach around and playing with her pussy as she licks with emphasis. It is what lesbian performers should be doing always in films! I also believe that Alix Lynx is simply going to continue to dazzle the audiences with her ability to make any scene work and be on the same page with all, to create a fantasy that will simply have you coming back for more and more and more. I don;t think many performers watch their scenes, that is common in an artist but these two ladies love the industry and it shows from second one of their encounter and you fans are the winners. This scene is worth the price of admission by itself.

 Lynn Vega and Alix Lynx

Scene 4: London Keyes, Alix Lynx and Alison Tyler:

London Keyes, Alix Lynx and Alison Tyler

Boom, bang, pow, here we go again into a non stop sexual thrill ride. This time we bring London Keyes in to add a little bit of a rounded finish to this film. The three ladies cast into this scene were spot on in the way they will appeal to the crowd. You have a little bit of something for everyone eye candy wise. You have the gorgeous blond, the sultry curvaceous brunette and the oh so nasty, kinky, petite gal who brings in some extra deliciousness to the scene, from big boobs to ethnic flavor, this scene has it. The amount of time left in the film did not do enough justice for these ladies.

I think that with the differences between the three, there is enough here to add validity to what Ivan was doing here. This scene adds in something I think the others missed too. Fingering! Before we get into the nitty-gritty I have to say that the ladies made the scene start out with a bang with the outfit selection.

London Keyes, Alix Lynx and Alison Tyler

Alison is looking like the woman staright out of a Victoria Secret catalog. London Keyes, she has a style all of her own, from her sexy voice to her unique ink. London has come to also be a gal who is known as the glue that keeps a scene together. It was wonderful to see Alix and London basically letting Alison be there play toy and it is sexy.

Alison does not have much dirty talk in this scene due to her partners, but she enables them to be the best at what they do, which is evident as Alix sits on her face and London is licking away with force. The dirty talk and moans make this scene simply scrumptious and I truly think this was the best way to close the film. I would have liked to have seen a lot more close up shots in this one but hey, you can't get to choosy in a film like this.

I love how London Keyes simply makes the action flow. She is a veteran of how to maneuver in a scene and she is always in the right place with each girl. Her lingerie is sexy as hell as well and when you see her talk dirty in the amazingly sexy voice of hers, it just makes the sex so much better.

It was so hard not to call this scene the best of the movie. The positions were amazing, the camera work and editing did just enough to keep us in the fantasy and if there is one thing that truly makes this scene shine, it is that the women make this threesome appealing for each performers legions of fans. They all get a great showcase and each girl gets the chance to strut her stuff in the best way. The sex will have you begging for mercy, especially when the girls get so hot for each other they start fingering each other after Alix sits on London's face and she lets her tongue to all the talking for her. Great close to a great film. I think that when the screen fades to black you will have a feeling of satisfaction. This is not your epic production or a film that focuses on acting. It is Girls! Girls! Girls! Taking part in each other and making sex the vocal point. Ivan did what he set out to do and I think you the fan will agree after you see this film.

 London Keyes, Alix Lynx and Alison Tyler

Don Juan's Bottom Line:

It is what the doctor ordered or what the merchant promised, that makes this film so worth watching. Ivan Puba delivers with exactly what the title promised, Girls! Girls! Girls! This film is a bit short in length, that would be my only draw back to the film, but when you see what PUBA does with those sixty plus minutes, it delivers where it should. The film is a showcase of newer talent in the business and some veteran faces that show a side you can not get without them. Summer Brielle shows that she has got more than something new up her sleeve when she is paired Alison Tyler. These pairings in each scene bring out the best in each girl. The growth of performers like Daisy Monroe and Lynn Vega continue to woo the critics, especially this one. I was taken back so much by Lynn Vega's performance. Her and Alison Tyler simply grab a hold of you with the way they perform. It is amazing to see women enjoying other women so much on screen. The fluff is left at the door on this film and Ivan, who has always been a man with a vision gets to the point quickly with what he is selling. This film, I think it will be something that caters well to the fans looking for something new. In an industry that has hundreds and hundreds of beautiful women, it is not always easy to find the goods and this film does exactly what it states it will. I do recommend this film and I think once you see the starlets like Brett Rossi, London Keyes taking the reigns in this party, you will be floating on cloud nine.

Don Juan




"With in Your heart, Mind and Soul."

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