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My Daughter's Private Sex Tapes

Studio: Desperate Pleasures » Review by Mr. 5B » Review Date: 12/17/16

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Title of Work:  My Daughters Private Sex Tapes

Genre:  Taboo

Studio:  Desperate Pleasures

Director of Photography:  JW Ties and Hope Harper (The camera is still the entire film)

Cast of Stars:  Hope Harper, Zoey Carter, April Dawn, Jack Moore, and JW Ties.

Condom Use:  NO

Length of Title:  1 hour and: 24 minutes

Release Date:  Unknown

Video/Audio Quality:  Video is shot in HD and the audio sounds fine

Extras:  N/A


“The 411”:  Here we have more of the Florida Taboo standard that we see from the majority of Florida mom and pop studios. In this film you will see Hope Harper with a bunch of no one models that think because they shot for Desperate Pleasures they are stars. This film has zero star power and the male talents are far from talents. This looks more like a film shot out of a trailer park in the sticks of Florida. There is zero camera work in this film unless you think setting a camera on a dresser and recording is a standard in porno films. You get no close ups and no angles…just one stationary view in the entire film. If you wish to see a film with the typical daddy and daughter set up then this might be for you. If you wish to see a porn film then you are going to have to search for another studio as you will not find that here.

 Scene One:  Hope Harper and JW Ties

The movie opens with Hope speaking directly to the camera until she moves to the bed and calls daddy into the bedroom. Some short dialog and a poorly dressed JW in lounge pants, a cut off t shirt, and his penis out walks in to speak with Hope. He sits on the bed for more dialog and moves to his back so Hope can begin the blowjob. Hope then removes her clothes and has sex with daddy for a total of maybe 4 minutes where you get no views besides what the camera catches on the dresser. Hope moves from cowgirl, to reverse, back to cowgirl, and finishes looking at JW and his ass until the scene ends after a sad pop and Hope goes to the camera acting as if daddy did not know he was being recorded.

Scene Two:  Hope Harper, Zoey Carter, and JW Ties

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 This scene is a lot like the first one, the only exception is this time we add Zoey to the mix.  More stationary camera action as Hope calls in her sister Zoey who comes right in and sits on the bed. After a few lines Hope calls out to daddy played still by JW so he can see the sisters matching outfits. This time he is wearing gym pants and no shirt as he enters the scene and lies on the bed. Zoey starts with the head job and the girls begin to play with each other. Views become obstructed quickly and 3 minutes later the girls remove their outfits and Zoey mounts the dick cowgirl. While this is happening you see Hope on the side of the bed masturbating, and Zoey continues to grind away. After 2 minutes of riding the girls switch and Hope is now grinding cowgirl. Hope switches to reverse and Zoey is blocked by Hope as she gets off with her fingers. We move to Zoey in doggy where you see JW looking into the cameras he gets her from behind. Hope switches Zoey after a few minutes for a JW creampie in the doggy position and the girls leave the field of view for a shower you never see.


Scene Three:  Hope Harper and JW Ties

 More of the same you saw in the first scene, but I cannot fail to notice the huge bandage on the hand of JW. What makes this scene different is JW acting as if he is asleep during the beginning of this scene. Not sure if he wakes up or this is just dreaming.  You do get the best view of Hope riding the dick in this scene as the stationary camera is placed closer this time to the action that lasts a whole 5 minutes from sucking of the dick to pop.


Scene Four:  Hope Harper and Jack Moore

 Spicing up the taboo family Hope calls Grandpa Jack into this one. Filmed exactly like the first scene and almost in textbook order you get Hope starting with a sucking of the dick. She goes from the head job to cowgirl, reverse, and finishes in the doggy with a scene that last all of 7 minutes.


Scene Five:  Hope Harper, Jack Moore, and JW Ties

 We now warp into the bedroom where JW is once again asleep and Jack enters wearing the same clothes from the scene we just ended. Hope does a little tease to daddy JW who is asleep until Grandpa enters the room. Jack runs Hope thru a few positons as JW stays asleep next to them on the bed. This last for close to 10 min and Jack blows on her chest and exits the view. Hope comes close to the camera to show her load covered chest and we fade onto the next one.


Scene Six:  Hope Harper and April Dawn

We get Hope and April on the bed together and you guessed it, out comes the Hitachi, the munching, fingering, and clit rubs. Both girls take turns on each other, but it is hard to see any action as we are once again with the stationary camera. A lot of back and forth from the two ladies until they climax with the Hitachi between both their legs. Hope then grabs the camera to show her wet pussy with a close up shot. She then sets the camera back down and we move towards the final scene. This is also the longest scene of the movie.


Scene Seven:  Hope Harper and JW Ties

Somehow we end up back in the bedroom where Hope just drilled Grandpa next to daddy JW. Once again JW is sleeping and Hope enters the room and strips down inserting the cock into her mouth and quickly moving to cowgirl as every scene does. She rides for a few minutes and you see slight touches from sleeping daddy. Hope dismounts to go back to sucking away on the shaft. She moves to reverse and it looks like JW is awake now or is he? With 2 minutes left in the film JW awakes and moves to finish off the movie with his ass facing the camera right before he switches to doggy for the 20 seconds later pop where JW falls over and we end the movie with Hope talking to the camera as it fades to credits.


Bonus Scenes:  N/A


“The Porn Hard Truth!!!”

This studio has put out a lot of titles over the last few years, over 100 films to be exact. While most these titles feature models no one has ever heard of every once a while JW Ties and Desperate Pleasures get lucky with models like Hope Harper. Apparently she is contracted by Desperate Pleasures or has some sort of arrangement with them as most her catalog is under JW and the DP team. My only critique is if you’re going to limit your work to a studio that helps you with films and distribution wait for a company like Arch Angel or Brazzers as this material is not shot well and does not give Hope and her talents the recognition she deserves. If you’re a fan of Hope then you will probably like this film, but if you’re a fan of porn save the money and make a home video as you can more than likely create the same or better material on your own.



Mr. 5B

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