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Should I Say Yes?

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/18/16

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Genre: Couples Feature


Cast: Alex Grey, Lyra Law, Damon Dice, Lucas Frost, Vicki Chase, Seth Gamble, Kat Dior, Ryan McLane

Writer/Director/DP: Jonathan Morgan

Length: 116 min.

Video/Audio: Sharp digital film in Dolby 5.1 Surround

Condoms: Yes

Extras: Three Bonus Scenes, Six Trailers, A Photo Gallery and A Wicked Pictures Promo Reel


Overview: In this great romantic couples feature, Sarah, wonderfully played by the beautiful and glamorous Alex Gray, has not had the best luck in the love department despite having an amazing sex life. When her current boyfriend John, played by Ryan McLane, texts her that he has an important question to ask her, she suspects this to be a marriage proposal, and not wanting to be hurt again this freaks her out. She calls her BFF Jessie, played by Lyra Law, and asks for her advice. Thus sets up the film which consists of flashback scenes of her past disastrous relationships, despite the scorching sex. Given her past should she say yes? We'll see.


Scene One: Lyra Law and Damon Dice


When Alex calls Lyra she's about to have sex with her boyfriend Damon Dice. She tells her she'll be right over, but not until she's had her fun first. The scene starts with oral, Damon first eating Lyra and the then Lyra sucking Damon's cock. Lyra climbs up and playfully teases Damon's cock with her pussy, rubbing the outside with her pussy lips. They then start fucking doggy style. He pounds away at her pussy and she moans with ecstasy with every stroke.


They then go into a missionary and in this great sequence Lyra furiously rubs her clit as Damon frantically fucks her, making her explode on his cock. Lyra's expressions are fantastic as he makes her cum over and over. She then climbs back on him and doesn't tease him this time. He slides his cock up her pussy and frantically bucks in and out of her as she rides him. She reaches around and rubs her asshole and then grinds away on his cock. They then go back into a missionary, Lyra making herself cum on Damon's cock before he pulls out and shoots a steady stream of cum on her tits. A very good scene with some terrific sex between the two performers.


After Lyra and Damon have their fun Lyra goes to see Alex. Alex tells Lyra about Ryan's text and is sure he's going to propose. She explains about how afraid she is of commitment given her history of failed relationships. Lyra assures her that after two years together Ryan is the one and she should accept. Alex however is still filled with doubt. So Lyra tells her to go through all of her past relationships and they can weigh the pros and cons.


Scene Two: Alex Grey and Lucas Frost


The first guy was her high school sweetheart Mitch, played by Lucas Frost. Alex recounts how they went back to his place while his parents were out of town and start making out in his room. She undoes his pants and lets them drop to the floor before sucking his cock. Some nice closeup shots of Alex's eyes looking up into Lucas' as she gives him head. She then gets naked and they go into a 69. Immediately her pussy is wanting to be licked as she moans and cries while simultaneously sucking his cock. She then climbs on top and bucks her gorgeously perfect ass on his cock. Alex Grey gives a terrific performance as she joyously rides his cock. They go into missionary and Alex's cries of pleasure are incredible. She tenses her hips as her pussy cums on his cock while simultaneously rubbing her pussy. She then climbs back on top and in a signature move fucks Lucas crab style. Really hot position from Alex here.


They then go into a doggy where Lucas sensuously slides his cock in and out of Alex's pussy. They go back to missionary where Lucas makes Alex cum before shooting what seems like buckets of jizz on Alex's stomach and pussy. Alex's plays with it and licks some of it off her fingers before the scene ends. This is just the first terrific performance from Alex Grey that she will show throughout the rest of the film.


After the sex Alex discovers a plastic baggy in Lucas' bedside table containing his used condoms while music that sounds like the Theme from Jaws plays in the background. This completely freaks her out and she runs out of the room. Lucas kisses the bag of condoms and tells it how special they are to him. Alex tells Lyra that after Mitch she swore off guys and had a lesbian relationship with Joanna, played wonderfully by Vicki Chase.


Scene Three: Alex Grey and Vicki Chase


This is a fantastic and wonderfully shot lesbian scene that starts in the kitchen with Alex and Vicki discussing buying a new apartment. Vicki starts kissing Alex and they make out with Vicki rubbing Alex's pussy under her shorts bringing her to orgasm. After getting her naked Vicki eats Alex's pussy standing from behind before disrobing herself. Alex eats Vicki from the front, making her dark hairy pussy cum in Alex's mouth. Alex then sits up on the counter and Vicki rubs and eats her pussy to an explosive orgasm. Vicki then sits up as it's Alex's turn to make her cum, and man she does, completely devouring Vicki's pussy sending her to the moon. Alex bends over and Vicki eats her from behind before before Alex furiously rubs Vicki's pussy as she grinds on her hand to orgasm. They then go into a 69 with both of them licking, rubbing and petting each others beautiful pussies and then slurping up their cum. We see Vicki's pussy peeking out between her legs as Alex kisses her.


Alex then sits on a stool, legs spread open and Vicki very sensuously rubbing and fingering her. Vicki then hikes her leg up and they bump pussies until they both explode on each others cunts. An absolutely amazing scene of sapphic love between two absolutely gorgeous women masterfully shot by Jonathan Morgan.


Afterwards Vicki and Alex are getting dressed. Vicki looks upset and Alex asks her what's wrong. It turns out last week Vicki accepted a job offer overseas so her and Alex will have to break up. When Alex asks why tell her now after making love, Vicki responds she wanted to make her cum first. This destroys Alex Grey in a very good performance where she displays genuine hurt. We really feel for her here in a stirring display of good acting.


Scene Four: Alex Grey, Kat Dior, Seth Gamble


Going further down memory lane is Greg, played by Seth Gamble, whom Lyra describes as the “wanna-be-rapper guy.” Alex recounts how her and Seth were at a bar and grill talking when the very cute Kat Dior walks in and sits at the bar checking Seth out. Feeling a little tipsy Alex gets the idea for a threesome with Kat and Seth and approaches Kat about it. Cut to an amazingly energetic three way scene in Seth and Alex's apartment with Seth laying on the bed in his underwear and Kat and Alex crawling up in their black lingerie. Alex pulls out Seth's cock and Kat starts sucking it. They pass it back and forth before Kat climbs up and rides Seth's cock. Alex grabs her ass and pushes it up and down on his cock, grabbing and feeling his balls as Kat furiously bucks up and down. They then form a doggy daisy chain with Alex eating Kat from behind as Seth fucks her. Alex slams her ass repeatedly against Seth cock, making her have an explosive orgasm. Kat sucks Alex's juices off his cock before he fucks Alex doggy style again while Alex eats Kat's pussy. Seth then teabags Kat as Alex sucks his cock before fucking Kat missionary. In true Kat Dior form, when she cums it's a thing of beauty. She makes sure the whole neighborhood knows as she screams out her orgasm with enough energy to power a building. After sucking Kat's cum off his cock Alex climbs on Seth's cock and rides it to Chicago. She repeatedly announces shes cumming as he drives his cock in her and Kat furiously rubs her clit.


After sucking her juices off his cock again, he fucks her missionary with Kat sitting on her face. Seth rubs Alex's clit making her cum as he fucks her. Kat sucks his cock once more before Seth puts it back in Alex and cums on Kat's face and Alex's stomach. There's so much energy and electricity you might feel exhausted just watching it. Truly great scene from three truly great performers.


So what happened here? It turns out a month later, on Alex's birthday no less, Seth runs off with Kat, leaving Alex high and dry. Lyra tells Alex that Ryan is the best mate she's ever had and that she should accept his proposal. Alex still has doubts though. So Lyra tells her that when he comes over tonight to fuck him before he asks. If he stays and still asks she'll know he's the one. After Lyra suggests this Ryan shows up at the door. Lyra leaves them alone and Ryan goes down on one knee. But before he can say anything Alex tells Ryan to fuck her, thus leading to the last scene.


Scene five: Alex Grey and Ryan McLane


In a very romantic scene Alex and Ryan go to Alex's bed and start making out and undressing each other. Once Alex is naked Ryan starts eating her pussy. Alex cries out as she cums and then they go into a 69. After putting on his condom Ryan passionately fucks Alex missionary. After Ryan makes her cum she climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl, that gorgeous ass of her bucking on his hard cock. They then go into a doggy and like in her first scene she fucks him crab style. She then starts grinding on him cowgirls style, thrusting her pussy on his cock while playing with her clit until she cums on his dick. They then go back into a missionary and he fucks her until he cums on her face. This is a very fitting scene here with lots of sensuous love making.

So the final question is, does Sarah (Alex) say yes, or does she succumb to her fears of rejection and spited love and turn down his offer? I'm not gonna spoil it. Buy the movie and find out.

Final Thoughts: As far as a good romantic feature this is one of the best I've seen this year. Why? Well, several reasons. First, it's so real. The performers are truly professional porn stars that actually enjoy working together. The threesome scene with Alex Grey, Kat Dior and Seth Gamble was a scene containing three porn stars really having a good time fucking each other. The lesbian scene with Alex Grey and Vicki Chase had two great bisexual actors really enjoying each other, and it showed. Second, Alex Grey. This is definitely HER movie delivering a truly terrific performance in both the sex and non-sex scenes with Lyra Law, who is great also. And finally Jonathan Morgan has delivered a sharply written and beautifully photographed film. His angles in the sex scenes were perfection and the final scene was so romantic. This is a rare film I had the pleasure of watching and I suggest viewing it for a romantic night with your special someone. I gladly give this one an XCritic Pick.


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