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Freaky Petite 2

Studio: ArchAngel » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 12/21/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Petite, First Anal

Director: Mimefreak


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Cast: Bailey Brookes (Credited Bailey Brooke), Cali Carter, Gabriella Paltrova, Lily Jordan, James Deen, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue

Length: 2 hours 10 minutes    

Date of Release: December 5, 2016

Extras: Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, 18:49 minute BTS which has some interesting moments and is worth checking out!

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Superb on both fronts. Music loops accompany each tease and sound good. Mimefreak captures everything well and presents it in anamorphic widescreen.

Overview: Four petite ladies get freaky with their male cockstars. Lily starts things off with James Deen and Cali caps it off with what you've all been waiting for: her first on-screen anal! Mick Blue gets that honor, which totally makes sense considering how many awards he's got under his belt.

Scene 1: Lily Jordan & James Deen

Lily Jordan

Lily opens up the disc with a tease by the pool. Mimefreak uses some cool exposure technique here that really captures her body and attire well and makes the surroundings wash out in a high key fashion. Once the tease is over an edit brings us to her on all fours on an ottoman where she proclaims she doesn't want to waste any time and asks James to get over there and fuck her. He does just that. There's no warm up, he just pulls her bikini bottoms aside and starts drilling into her and bending her upwards into an effortless standing bang from the rear. There's a room divider in the background that introduces some moire patterns into the video, but that actually works here as it complements a piece of art on the wall nicely.

Lily Jordan

Once she's standing, she gets spun around and James starts talking about the slut she's gonna be and she rubs his cock and gives him some enthusiastic mouthing, her eyes big and up-looking as she starts but closing as she gets balls deep. They sparkle as she lies sideways and James jams into her then rubs her pussy causing her to gush. He works her hard, pounding and rubbing her. Once she's on top she's no slouch, rhythmically  pumping his dick which Mimefreak chooses to shoot from behind, which shows off her petite little ass well. He also pans around for their profiles and zooms into their faces which in my opinion, not enough camera guys do. They move to a chair and get shot from below along the length of their torsos which works really well to frame her face. She stares at James as he dicks her in doggie and she coaxes him along vocally as he grips her firmly for leverage, thumb or fingers in her ass until he can't take any more and she jerks him to fruition on her face.

Scene 2: Gabriella Paltrova & Ramon Nomar

Gabriella Paltrova

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Gabriella is wearing jean shorts, a knit tank and thigh high athletic socks as she teases. Her eyes stare into the lens as she smiles and shows off her juicy body. She addresses the viewer directly with some dirty talk as the scene begins and the camera moves in closer at her request, her big breasts displayed nicely. Ramon strolls in and starts fingering her pussy as he stuffs his cock immediately into her mouth. She likes that and wants him to fuck her face and he drops his drawers so she can get busy taking his dick deep into her throat as he pinches her nose shut with some breath play. She climbs onto him and bounces wildly, her ass shaking like gelatin and her hair flipping in every direction. He meets her bounces with thrusts of his own as he slaps her ass causing her to cum while shrieking loudly. It's a wild ride!

Gabriella Paltrova

She rides for quite awhile and then he pounds her hard on all fours making her scream again. He gives it to her good and she's panting and he just rams harder as she giggles and her head bobbles around while she mentions it's like she's getting whiplash. Her ass is open wide and he drills into it as she rubs her pussy in spoon and shoves two fingers deep into herself. She's loving this action and narrating until she orgasms while he grips her throat and they pause to kiss as they readjust themselves. She's gaping and gasping as he takes her ass in reverse cowgirl, legs up to her head and he stands up to bounce her on his boner. They both want to cum and he tosses her onto the couch in missionary so he can get down and her eyes are massively open in amazement and then they roll into her head as she's screaming and holding her holes open wide. That's enough for him and pops on her face, missing a bit which she licks off the sofa and he pulls her back onto him so she can get in one more "O" herself. Such a gentleman as he gets up leaving her boobs quivering in ecstasy.

Scene 3: Bailey Brookes & James Deen

Next up is Bailey, by the pool. This scene caused problems with one of my players; it stuttered and froze. Works fine in another. Go figure. Her tiny ass is well framed in her white bikini, her nipples hard as glass as she shows off her boobs. Once inside, she asks where her dick is and James takes that as his cue to come in and play with her tits. This is another scene where Mimefreak exposes for the skin tones and shadows, blowing out everything in the background for a somewhat ethereal effect. James is attentive and smiling as she shows how bad she wants some cock. He holds her hair up in a bun as she blows him. As she gets into cowgirl her panties are pulled aside and there's a tearing sound as she stretches the top elastic for better comfort I assume. James' eyes almost never leave hers as he throws her backwards finishing off the tearing of her panties and diving into her crotch with his face.

Bailey Brookes

Bailey Brookes

She likes that and her arms and torso involuntarily jerk while she starts spouting dirty talk and he grips her neck to hold her head up as he slides in and out of her. Her round boobs bounce as she cums all over his cock, her legs spread wide. She wants to taste it and slurps all over his shaft and balls. Their eye contact is superior to most performers throughout the scene as they both enjoy a good balling. She rubs out another orgasm as she rides in reverse. I'm not sure who's smile is is bigger his or hers. They are both clearly enjoying this romp. She begs for all his cum as she holds her ass high, face tucked into the crook of her elbow and he bends her back to bang away and unloads inside of her. For a moment I thought the creampie was going to land on the lens as it is below her, but it gets pulled away just enough to capture a good splashing sound as it hits the leather sofa.

Scene 4: Cali Carter & Mick Blue

Cali Carter

And now folks, the moment you've all been waiting for! Cali is stretching and twerking at the pool. The water shines reflections on her incredibly toned body as she does. Inside, her turquoise bikini and dark streaks in her blonde locks contrast nicely with the all white surroundings. She dribbles a bit of spit on her big globes as she tosses her top and then drops her drawers to show off all 5 feet of her incredible body. Mick needs no encouragement. He's all over that in a New York Second, his tongue like a heat seeking missile as he plunges it into her butt crack. Her smile lights the room as he stares into her eyes and she slides his shaft into her slit in spoon. She begs him to stretch it good as they press their faces together. Mick goes right into piston mode, pumping fast and deep. Her jeweled navel shimmers as it sways in the light that is filling the room.

Cali Carter

This is another scene where our cockstar might have a smile as big as our starlet, which is always a refreshing occurrence! She does some dirty bantering as he bangs her in missionary, her tiny body curled up so she can look into his eyes and watch the action simultaneously. She wants him to use her hole and he does. She makes sure he plans on stretching her other hole too, but first she wants to taste her juices and slobs his knob a bit, beautiful blue eyes peering into the center of the lens. Once he's all lubed up, he licks her ass and then slides his tip in and out of it, getting deeper with each thrust. She bounces back as she rubs her pussy, smiling. She's obviously comfy with the action and starts pumping back harder, inviting him to take what he wants.

Cali Carter

Cali is definitely ready for this ass romping, and she's not going to waste her 1st Anal screen time. She encourages her award winning cockstar to take her hole however he wants, showing off all of her parts in multiple positions, even taking him Ass-to-Mouth, which he thoroughly enjoys as he throat fucks her. This is good stuff! These two are ready for action and are both working up a sweat sucking and fucking one another. Her tiny derriere looks divine in cowgirl and she looks stunning in reverse cowgirl as she begs for him to drill deeper into her ass. The missionary is like a machine as she begs him to use her and he jumps up so she can toss his load into her throat. She's all smiles and giggles as she says "That was the perfect ass fuck".

Cover vs Content: Beautiful Cali Carter adorns the cover and lights up the screen in her hot scene! Content is even better than the cover!

Final Thoughts: Here it is! The long clamored for, the long-awaited; Cali Carter first anal. Too often in the industry that translates into something not exciting and a letdown. Not in this case! The lead up to the final scene is done by some pretty girls that aren't just phoning it in, they are here to fuck! Mimefeak captures everything extremely well, with a nice balance between technical acumen and artistic flair. Thankfully, we don't get stuck with any B-grade men either. There was obviously some planning and forethought into how this whole first anal DVD would come together. It doesn't seem like a bunch of scenes slapped together. There's really no reason I can think of as to why you wouldn't want this disc! Lily and Bailey are cute newbies that I'll keep my eyes out for in the future, and if you don't already know who Gabriella or Cali are (have you been living under a rock?), then this is a perfect way to introduce yourself to them. Cali absolutely rocks the cock in her first anal. Go check it out! Highly Recommended!

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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