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Anal Beauty 5

Studio: Tushy.com » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/23/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 40 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: Anal; All Sex; 18+ Teens

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Alex Grey with Adria Rae, Elena Koshka, Morgan Lee, Christian Clay, Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Cumshot Recap; Photo Gallery; Website Info


It’s another hot anal adventure in director Greg Lansky’s Anal Beauty 5. No ass hole is spared in this over 2 hour and 40 minute flick that puts 4 beautiful starlets in gaping anal assgasms. DVD cover girl Alex Grey is the featured starlet of the flick, opening the movie in a hot scene with Christian Clay. She’s a naughty little rich girl who has a thing for her father’s driver. When her parents go out of town for the weekend, she has Christian take her on a shopping spree. When they return, she makes her move, inviting his big cock into her tight ass hole, fulfilling a hidden fantasy she has had for some time. Alex is joined by Adria Rae, Elena Koshka and Morgan Lee in anal escapades with cock partners Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn and Christian that are a pleasure to watch. This flick is full of deep anal drilling and the starlets beg for more. Hot scenes show close ups on each girl’s ass hole being pumped and stretched by hard cock. Alex and Elena have especially hot scenes, hosting Christian’s big pole in their sphincters. Morgan fucks Tommy, taking his cock in her ass then his jizz, ending in a dripping anal creampie. Adria’s hot scene with Mick Blue begins with spanking and submission that she is dreamed of. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. With it being a Lansky flick, the production quality is high, the girls are young and horny and the sex is hot and filmed well. Anal Beauty 5 is one to get your hands on.

Scene 1:  Alex Grey and Christian Clay

DVD cover girl and featured starlet Alex Grey calls herself a spoiled rich girl. She just turned 18, living at her parents’ house with her own credit card. Her parents are out of town most weekends and Alex loves it because she has the whole house to herself. She would masturbate most weekends, fingering her pussy while lying in bed. Alex starts masturbating, moaning in pleasure. On one of those weekends she has the house to herself, she starts fantasizing about her father’s driver. He’s an Italian stud that turns her on. He is an older man and that is a plus. One day after he takes her out shopping all day, she lets her emotions rule the day and she tells him that she is attracted to him. She wants to know if he feels the same way about her. He kisses her passionately, sending her a strong message that he is just as turned on by her as she is of him. He lifts her dress, spanks her ass cheeks and lies her across the kitchen island, positioning her doggystyle so he can eat her pussy from behind. She loves the way this all feels and tells him to eat her pussy just like that. He strips her naked, continuing to tongue her mouth and eat her pussy.

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She lies on her back on the kitchen island with her head hanging over the edge, working his hard cock into her mouth. She turns over, lying on her stomach to suck his cock off even more, hugging his shaft with her lips and eyeing him as she works her mouth up and down his pole. After a wet cock sucking session, she rides his dick briefly in a standing cowgirl then takes the action to the bedroom, landing on her back and hosting his cock missionary style. Christian drills her pussy then kisses her while she hoists her legs up over his shoulders. She moans louder and faster as his cock pumping gets deeper and harder. Alex fingers her clit while her pussy gets stretched.  She is cumming from the pussy pumping. She squat thrusts on top of her, spreading her pussy then opens her legs wider and tongue fucking her wet hole. She climbs on top of him and rides his pole cowgirl style, kissing him passionately. She tells him his cock is so big as is slips in and out of her wet pussy. Christian spanks her ass cheeks while she bounces up and down on his prick. She climbs off and sucks his cock then is ready to take it up her ass. She rides his hard pole in reverse cowgirl position, swallowing his cock deep in her ass hole. After a round of ass to mouth, she has more anal romance reverse cowgirl style then begs him to put his cock in her ass doggystyle. She squats over top of her and drills her tight ass hole, spreading it open and making it gape as his dick pumps straight up and down in her hole. She tells him to fuck her ass just like that. Alex’ ass hole is gaping wide open as Christian works his dick deeper and deeper inside her. After a round of spoon fucking up the ass, Alex turns around, gets on her knees and catching his cum in her mouth. She shows it off then swallows it, looking up at him. He tells her she is a very good girl, a very nasty good girl. Alex makes him promise never to tell her dad about their anal experience.

Scene 2:  Adria Rae and Mick Blue

Adria saw something she shouldn’t have. She happens to see her German teacher, Mick, spanking one of her classmates in his office. Mick has pulled her skirt up and is spanking her pretty ass. Aidra watching the whole thing and she knows that her classmate is enjoying it so much that she is cumming all over herself. Adria is enjoying what she’s seeing as well, so much so that when she gets home, she starts masturbating to the memories. She has always fantasized about being dominated by an older man. She just has to do something about her feelings and her fantasy. She decides to talk to Mick. She goes to his house and tells him everything, how she saw the whole thing and how she can’t stop thinking about it. She tells him she wants the same thing for herself. Mick fully understands and tells her that she needs discipline. She says, yes sir and follows him to his bedroom. He asks her if this is what she really wants. She says, yes sir. With that, he quickly bends her over his knees, pulls up her skit and spanks her round ass cheeks, making them turn red almost immediately and making her scream out. Aidra likes the way her spankings feel. She tells him she really wants to be punished, sir. He kisses her red ass cheeks then spanks her again and again. After a long, hard round of heavy spanking and discipline, Aidra drops to her knees and gladly accepts Mick’s cock down her throat. She keeps her arms behind her back as he grips her head and fucks her face. He instructs her to open her mouth and let him do the work of filling her throat with his cock. Aidra takes control, jerking his cock with both hands and working his dick head into her warm mouth. She tells him she has always wanted to fuck him.

She continues to suck his dick and lick his balls while he lies on his back on the bed. After lubing his cock with her mouth, she sits on it, riding it cowgirl style and feeding him her nipples. Mick holds her ass cheeks open and fucks her pussy. Aidra moans in pleasure and tells him he’s fucking her pussy so good it’s making her wet. Mick fingers her ass hole while he pumps her pussy and once Aidra lies on her back, he aims his dick for her tight ass hole, stretching it out slowly at first. He drills her ass hole, spreading it wider and wider and keeping Aidra whimpering in pleasure. She sucks his dick then Mick orders her to ride his cock in her ass. She rides it in reverse cowgirl position, swallowing his cock deep in her ass hole. She fingers her clit while her ass hole gets stretched, telling him how big his cock is in her ass. Mick fucks her balls deep, pulling his cock out slowly and revealing a gaping ass hole. The anal romance continues in doggy position, making Aidra cry out. Mick drills her hole faster and faster then pulls out and shoots his load in her mouth. She smiles as she swallows his spunk, telling him that she learned a lot today.

Scene 3:   Elena Koshka and Christian Clay

Elena just started college a few months ago and she really likes it. She made a lot of friends and she loves her classes. But Elena needs money. She needs a job that pays well and doesn’t take too much time. One of her girlfriends tells her to try modeling. She gave it a try and starts getting gigs. She is doing more and more modeling shoots and is loving it. She gets booked by a photographer named Christian and she is really excited about working with him. The pay is so good, she doesn’t have to work for the rest of the semester. We watch her at her numerous photo shoots, being filmed by Christian in all sorts of positons. She is doing a shoot in her white lingerie, posing and teasing the camera as he films her. She maneuvers all over the bed as Christian snaps photos. He helps her get into the right position, moving her around and it’s turning Elena on. She gets a shiver down her spine as his hands run across her body. Soon, Christian asks her to take her lingerie off so he can take nude photos of her. Elena realizes that she loves taking photos in the nude. The whole thing is turning her on and making her wet. As Christian gets her more and more comfortable, he so puts his tongue to her wet pussy, lashing it back and forth across her clit. Soon, he’s fingering her snatch and keeping Elena in pleasure. She wonders if this is something all photographers do. He says no, only the professional ones. Elena is lying on her back with her legs spread wide open as Christian fingers and eats her pussy.

Elena wants to suck his dick and gets excited when he drops his pants, revealing his hard pole. She grabs hold of his shaft and works his cock back and forth in her mouth, drooling all over it and leaving trails of drool hanging from his meat. Christian thrusts in and out of her throat, making her gag while she drools. He holds her on both sides of her head and fucks her skull, telling her to take his dick deeper and deeper down her throat. She is ready to host his big cock in her pussy and does so missionary style at first, lying back and closing her eyes as Christian’s cock stretches her pussy. She tells him to keep going, to keep fucking her. Christian does as she asks and he drills her pussy hard, fast and deep. She stays in the same position and watches as Christian’s cock penetrates her ass hole. She tells him it feels good and she wants him to keep fucking her ass hole. He pulls out and she spreads her ass cheeks, revealing a wide gaping ass hole. Christian goes back in, deep and hard, fucking her tight ass hole and keeping her in ecstasy. She sucks him prick in ass to mouth action then gets on all fours, spreads her ass chees open and tells him to put his cock in her ass. Christian squats over top of her and splits her ass hole open with his cock, spreading it wider and wider. The ass stuffing action is hot as the camera focuses in close on Elena’s gaping ass hole.  She fingers and spanks her pussy while her ass hole gets filled. Elena gets spoon fucked up the ass then sits on Christian’s cock cowgirl style, pulling his dick deep into her ass. After sucking him off in ass to mouth fashion, she sits on his dick in reverse cowgirl position, riding his cock in her ass. Christian pulls out and pops in her mouth, giving her plenty to swallow. She looks up at him and tells him he’s such a great photographer.

Scene 4:  Morgan Lee and Tommy Gunn

When the scene opens, Morgan is getting dressed in her sexy personal training outfit. She is Tommy’s trainer and little does she know, Tommy has always wanted to fuck her. He wants her even more now that he has learned she is single. She is a tough trainer and she is in the middle of his workout when she tells him he has earned a drink of water. During the break, Tommy asks her how she’s doing then he starts to say that he has always wanted to fuck her, but before he can get the words out, Morgan finishes his sentence for him. She knows he wants to fuck her and she tells him to shut up and fuck her. She also tells him that she has always wanted to fuck him. They make out then move into the bedroom where the action heats up. They kiss passionately and Tommy works his fingers in her pussy, driving her crazy. She begs him to keep teasing her with his fingers like he’s doing. When Morgan drops to her knees, Tommy uses her mouth as a wet target, aiming his cock for the back of her throat and fucking it, making her gag and drool. Tommy lies on the bed and Morgan grabs hold of his dick with both hands and tells him his cock is perfect. She enjoys sucking it, working it in and out of her mouth.

After lubing his cock with her mouth and getting it all wet, she sits on it cowgirl style and rides it. Tommy grips her ass cheeks and fucks her pussy. Morgan surrenders to the ecstasy and tells him don’t stop. She wants more. The anal romance begins in reverse cowgirl position with Morgan riding Tommy’s hard long pole up and down. She climbs off and does ass to mouth then bends on all fours in doggy position for a deep doggy drilling. Tommy stretches her ass hole, filling it up with his hard cock. She tells him to stretch her ass hole and Tommy fucks it balls deep. Morgan lies on her back for more anal drilling then takes a surprise anal creampie as Tommy shoots his load deep in her ass hole. She squeezes his spunk out of her tight hole, telling him it’s exactly what she wanted.

Final Thoughts:  

Hot, young starlet Alex Grey stars in Greg Lansky’s Anal Beauty 5. Alex sets an anal example for her co-stars Adria Rae, Elena Koshka and Morgan Lee who all get their tight ass holes stretched by cocksman Christian Clay, Mick Blue and Tommy Gunn. This flick present 4 scenes of anal adventures that leave each girl with a gaping ass hole. Morgan Lee is left with a cream filled ass hole as Tommy cums deep inside her ass hole, filling it with jizz. The scenes are all shot well and the girls are willing anal subjects who want a big hard dick deep in their ass holes. Overall, I highly recommend this movie. The scenes are shot in extremely high def and the action is filmed in great close ups and hot angles that reveal the deep anal pumping each girl experiences. Get your hands on Anal Beauty 5. It’s a pleasure to watch.

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