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Mother's Love 7, A

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 12/28/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hour, 33 minutes

Cast: Alexis Malone, Anna Bell Peaks, Audrey Show, Corinna Blake, Pristine Edge, Logan Pierce, and Johnny Sins

Directed by: Unknown

Genres: All Sex, Creampie, Mature, MILF, POV

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: "Shot in HD," so the DVD box art claims

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery, cumshot recap, and trailers

Overview: For years now, Porn Pros' website Pure Mature has been the "Blacked" of MILF content, emphasizing luscious and eye-catching cinematography to go with the intercourse that takes place on-screen. While A Mother's Love 7's repetition and aesthetic predictability grows increasingly with the passage of every scene, and the visuals admittedly can't match the level of conviction and appeal of Greg Lansky's, the disc is still very serviceable and impressive in very subtle ways.

Scene 1: Alexis Malone and Logan Pierce

Alexis Malone walks into the scene, flaunting a hip-hugging skirt that hides a rocking booty, and a loose-fitting, formal white-top that's buttoned ever so loosely. Despite this making her out to be an eye-catching character in her scene, she's undoubtedly seen as a strong woman here, commanding power simply by the way she makes her entrance and presence known. She asserts herself and her assets as she's met by Logan Pierce, who greets her by gently massaging and caressing her flawless body, while the camera favors closeups of her freckled bust and distended eyelashes. Everything about her is smoking.


Logan initially pulls out a Hitachi vibrator to Alexis' excitement, so much so she's biting her lip and fluttering her eyes in no time, until her bra falls off and reveals a set of nipples that could poke your eye out. He finally unleashes his girthy cock before her, to which she responds with a romantic blowjob. She goes deep infrequently, favoring the head of Logan's penis while smiling and using her hands. She finally takes his saliva-coated cock and initiates doggystyle sex, where we, the viewer, can absorb a better look at her toned body.

The shooting-style shifts from being all-encompassing to point-of-view when Logan has Alexis's ass bounce on his dick as he clutches her hips and picks up the pace soon after. Things get devilishly hot when she hikes her legs into the air to give Logan an unexposed view in addition to access to her snatch, as the audio-track of the scene is monopolized by deep, moaning breaths of relief and pleasure.

Missionary and reverse cowgirl positions help work the scene to a close - a common conclusion on this disc as you will come to see - though it would be nice to have some spicy conversation and dialog between the two performers take place (again, something you'll see is a recurring absence). The finale is a Logan dribbling a sticky load on Alexis's chin, making for a frequently steamy and artfully done scene. Three and a half out of five stars.

Scene 2: Anna Bell Peaks and unnamed male performer

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Tatted up, high-heeled, bearing an insatiable bust and adorable pink hair, Anna Bell Peaks walks down the stairs of her home to find her unnamed, unintroduced man waiting. She teases us by showing her pierced tits but plunges into a blowjob instead, covering them back up until a titfuck commences. Afterwards, Anna, in the meantime, keeps herself amused in a solo of her playing with a clear, aqua blue dildo, which she uses on her clit while dirty-talking to herself. her stud is treated to cunnilingus afterwards, stretching her over his face before she proceeds to wolf down his cock. "You're making my eyes water," she softly whispers after forcibly slurping his member down her throat.

He slides in her as they spoon, where he shows talent with her clit in one hand as he takes a handful of her breast in the other. Her bulging eyes and lip-biting tendencies work to liven things and reciprocate the notion he's doing a fantastic job. Eventually, he has her mangled in a mess of passionate sex, with her knees to her chest and both of their arms interlocked with one another.

On her back, Anna Bell's legs are elevated as he thrusts inside her and works her snatch to the point where she squirts a bit. Missionary has his finger sliding up Anna's asshole, where she does most of the work as her tits wobble and sway sexily before his face. Conclude with an unexpected sloppy creampie and that's Anna Bell's time to shine, a pleasant diversion from the kind of normative material we might've expected from this compilation of scenes several years ago. Three and a half out of five stars.

Scene 3: Audrey Show and unnamed male performer

The scene opens with our stud toying with Audrey Show's rear-end and nipples, leading to a foreplay consisting largely of tit-sucking and low-tier ass-worshipping as Audrey gyrates on his crotch in both missionary and reverse cowgirl. When it comes time for him to finger her, we see his bright pink nails match the orifice of her's he's fondling as she softly moans with pleasure. This segways nicely into a deeply focused cunnilingus session.

Cutting to the blowjob portion, Audrey takes most of what he has to offer at once, prompting only humble gagging, which shows her experience and prowess. She goes at it for a few more minutes before he inserts himself into her vagina rather quickly while Audrey's on her back, her calves resting on his shoulders. She smiles when she sees she can accommodate his entire shaft without letting out too many audible moans. A POV sequence eventually follows with the camera favoring a closeup of Audrey's clit, which begins to become submerged in her own bodily fluids.

Our man soon grabs a hold of her ass while he doggies her, smacking it around before slipping his thumb in her ass. A POV sequence of her riding his cock shows she's basically dribbling her bubble butt on his his crotch as it creates a hearty bounce in return. A brief titfuck and reverse cowgirl commence, the latter having Audrey be the recipient of the second consecutive internal injection in a role. This is a scene that's fun in spurts, despite everything from the scene structure to the aesthetic finally become predictable to the point of being a tad boring. Three out of five stars.

Scene 4: Corrina Blake and Johnny Sins

Corrina Blake arrives home, drops her purse, blows out a candle on a cupcake, and we can only assume her present is a hard cock from Johnny Sins.

Soon enough, the panties drop and so does her bra, revealing plump, natural breasts she proudly shows off as she fingers her moistening pussy, with a closeup revealing a tiny piercing. Soon after, Johnny thrusts her head during his blowjob, but needs not give direction to Corrina when she slides down to his balls, working and sucking them to sheer perfection. A spit-lubricated titfuck follows and shows off Corrina's puppy-dog eyes during another POV blowjob sequence.

Johnny goes on to take charge upon entry inside Corrina, working her twat at medium speed as he hoists her legs up. She eyes him only when shes' not lost in ecstasy. The POV camera here shows how smooth and deep Johnny's penetration really is, and doggy comes to have her audibly and adorably queefing the harder he decides to rail her.

By this time, Corrina's ass is beet-red from being spanked, slapped, and impaled by Johnny, which means it's time for the usual home-stretch of missionary and reverse cowgirl, both of which occur with certain rigor. Things end with Corrina getting her neck and lips soaked in Johnny's thick load, with A Mother's Love 7 rebounding in proving its formula is good for more than just two scenes back-to-back. Three and a half out of five stars.

Scene 5: Pristine Edge and unnamed male performer

Pristine gets intimate with herself to open this scene, caressing her lovely body on a couch when in walks our man of the hour to make love with her as she strips down to be completely naked. In the middle of their make-out session, however, he becomes a bit preoccupied with fingering her rear before she momentarily leaves him to finger herself for the pleasure of the viewer. This is where we get a better look at Pristine and recognize she's the smallest and least busty of the other girls, but these traits don't seem to matter in the slightest once her oral skills are put to use.

Her stud has her blowing him rapidly and forcefully, with her, at times, struggling to keep the entirety of his shaft down in away that accentuates the principles of deep-throat pornography. He makes her further wolf down his dick until he's ready to fuck, where Pristine shows that despite being petite, she is limber and can rock sex in any position. A rowdy doggy transitions to a sexy spooning romp where a mix of pain and pleasure arrive on Pristine's face and change between seconds. Things get even hotter when he rams her with one leg up; if she's not smiling, she's wearing her o-face during this scene.

Her eye contact and facial expressions make POV a fun time, and by the time missionary comes around, we see her try to regain a bit of focus after being mostly dominated by the power of our male performer. The two manage to exhaust themselves enough where an impromptu kiss gets them back on their game enough where he can shoot a small load into her mouth. She smiles and kisses his cock in approval, concluding A Mother's Love 7 quite elegantly. Three and a half out of five stars.

Final Thoughts

For a film called A Mother's Love, the theme of mother/son or even the idea of a mother is downplayed to the point of being based solely upon the viewer being cognizant that the women acting in this film are of perceived child-bearing age. There is no script here that even suggests family roleplay, somewhat to the dismay of myself and quite possibly the average consumer who is looking for a title boasting the still-taboo-but-increasingly-normalized depiction of incestuous relationships in porn.

Something resembling conversational dialog and foreplay would've assisted this disc greatly, but as it stands, this is a frequently enjoyable and arousing disc. It's brimful of performers' natural talent and charisma by way of communicating their pleasures to the audience, something that is necessary when it comes to completely erasing characters and the semblance of a script from the picture. DVD covergirl Alexis Malone and Anna Bell Peaks take the cake for being the most enjoyable performances, Alexis asserting her strength from the opening shot and Anna Bell providing a pleasant change-up in style, injecting a little Burning Angel in what could've been a completely sterile porno whatsoever.

A Mother's Love 7, despite some evident repetition and boasting a title of questionable significance, has enough in it to where there's an interest maintained throughout the two and a half hours on the basis of the performers and their talent.

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