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Studio: Girlsway » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 12/29/16

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Genre: Lesbian

Director: Stills By Alan

Cast: Abigail Mac, Hillary Scott, Samantha Rone, Celeste Star, Charlotte Stokely, Lexi Belle

Length: 2 hrs. 27 mins

Date of Production or Release: October 21, 2016

Extras: Behind the Scenes; Trailer GW for Clairvoyance; Trailer MG for The Nosey Neighbor


Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No major problems, aside of an occasion bang from off set.

Overview: Girlsway presents another interesting tale of sci-fi; laying down with seduction as two lovers, lesbians, run from the sinister government while going under the covers to learn the probing secrets of the alien transmissions. Hillary will expose her bareness to prove her innocence.


Scene One:  Hillary Scott, Samantha Rone

Scene 1

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Opening the part one title card scene astrophotography, conducted by Hillary, which quickly ends and her returning home to her lover Samantha, who’s making dinner, but Hillary needs to check something out first. Hillary in the home office speaking out loud of what she is doing, and no one else there, in the hopes of her laptop discovers the alien race, using all sci-fi terms, and mentioning the real life Carl Sagan and his extraterrestrial mission in 1974 man reference in 2001: Space Odyssey (1968). So with the biggest discovery ever, what to do, celebration on the bed, Samantha using her talented tongue to work over Hillary’s nipples, before she does the same back to Sam, but soon enough Hillary investigates the bright pink area, with a tease of the clit and then exploration of kisses on inner thighs. Hillary continues to lick and probe Sam’s juicy region, discovering the wetness and what has her pleading and panting so much. Samantha dives between Hillary’s thighs full on mouth to the pleasure zone, being Hillary’s good girl and baby for the orgasmic bliss; they exchange kisses, tasting themselves through each other’s lips. Hillary eagerly flicker her tongue as Sam straddles and grinds on her face, burying her pussy on her more and more. Sam staying on top scissor-fuck Hillary before Sam hurries to taste once pussy again, and bringing the sticky juice on her tongue to Hillary’s mouth. Then a quick position change so Samantha’s ass directed to the camera on her hands and knees, Hillary licks and kisses her ass, as Sam rubs multiple finger fucks herself to a squirting mess, Hillary excels the passion tonguing Sam’s asshole wildly fast with hand slaps to it too. They reposition into sixty-nine with Hillary into a dominating position on top, and Samantha squirting more than summer afternoon drizzle. Wait not finished yet, a mutual rubbing of each other pussy and then another sixty-nine to top of the pleasure and one reference position of scissoring to orgasmic delights.

Scene 1

Scene Two:  Abigail Mac, Hillary Scott, Samantha Rone

Scene 2

The next scene starts with them waking up in bed, grabbing tablets and laptop on the bed (not there before – oops never mind), and the problems getting online to a title card stating Part Two, and a group of black ops people in a van prepping for a hostile takeover. Once at a house, six armed men jump out of the white minivan dress in black, except with wearing black tees and then Abigail struts on the scene wearing the largest badge on a chain around her neck and serious stiletto heels. Really, it is heavy on the cheese send up of a god-awful b-movie! Wait the cheese still melting, as they use the most comical and visual effect to simulate a plastic explosion to blow open a glass door – the reason, real house, real property real damage.

Abigail represents the NSA, exchange of banter of insane proportions, with Hillary and Samantha noting though a real fact of the SETI [Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence] founded NASA in 1971. Hillary offering to do anything to be part of the discovery and Abigail uses the offer to dominate the women, with Hillary dropping to her knees to lick Abigail’s pussy while Samantha ordered to lick Abigail’s face. The so-called dominatrix ordering continues, as Hillary licks pussy and sucks on the clit of Abigail, as Samantha ordered to spread wide and finger herself while watching her few moments ago monogamous girlfriend now a slut for Abigail’s sexual conquests. The scene evolves with Sam licking Hillary who works over Abigail again on the bed, before switching the women into more passionate positioning. Then Abigail shows fucking tonguing skills on each Hillary and Samantha in exciting sexual bliss, before ordering them an attitude change to have them turn pussy-munching servants of Abigail.  Fret not the fingers probe of all of them fill all the holes into a wild time of moans and sighs and screams of fuck.

Scene 2

Scene Three: Hillary Scott, Celeste Star

Scene 3

Title presents as Part Three, opening with a cruising drive up to a secluded luxury estate home somewhere like in the hills, and Hillary crying (raccoon eyes) for her lover Samantha. Celeste enters as an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and more sci-fi bullshit, including rescuing her Samantha and communication against the military, then offers sexual release in lesbian lovemaking, with Hillary questioning is it cheating. Soft and sexy kissing before moving into passionate moments Celeste begins ass slapping Hillary and spreading her cheeks to the camera before working lowering her face over Hillary’s pussy and clit and using a combination of fingers, lips and tongue to work her over with more delights. However not to be outdone, Hillary spread Celeste’s legs nice and wide and works over her pussy quite while, though one should mention the scissor scene (with Celeste on top) doesn’t work well and unsure what the women are feeling to give them the oohs and ahhs, though the second time with Hillary on top does meet the mark.

Scene 3

The End? (Title Card Shown)

Scene Four:  Charlotte Stokely, Lexi Belle

Scene 4

This a completely unrelated scene to the film, though it from the Mommy’s Girl site, but as to what film it is not listed, it starts with Lexi as a private investigator and a husband calls to have his wife followed, as she become secretive, like porn and no interest in him. Lexi enter’s the guy’s house follows Charlotte around quite brazenly and into the bedroom, planting a GoPro Camera, quite obviously, as Lexi watches via the camera Charlotte masturbates. Lexi falsely accuses Charlotte, but she turns the tables on her, and makes her, her first lesbian conquest and experience, as a woman accepting that she’s a lesbian, and not straight. Charlotte takes a very aggressive approach licking Lexi’s nipples extremely thoroughly before planting her pussy on Lexi’s face. Then Lexi turns the tables using her mouth like a Hoover vacuum on Charlotte’s pussy and clit, soon afterward they engage in a bit of 69-ing and finger fucking tasting facial lips.

Scene 4


The overall film has good moments, the dominating scene was just nice, the potential to go further existed but not explore further, and the scene four makes no scene for the inclusion except to show another film, from the Mommy’s Girl studios, though nothing tells what the film actual is or belongs too. The sci-fi aspect newer, and more up to date, but the banter becomes too much for the care in the film, to have the real connection to real people and events exceptionally interesting, however the visual effects add tons of cheese to a b-movie production layered in lesbian exploration.  

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