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Unexpected Encounter, An

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 12/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Genre: Lesbian

Director: Jacky St James

Cast: Shyla Jennings, Dahlia Sky, Elle Alexandra, Kast Dior, Scarlet Red, Lauren Phillips, Sara Luvv, Kylie Quinn,

Length: 1 hrs. 42 mins.

Date of Production or Release: Aug 18 2016

Extras:  26 minutes of BTS footage, photo galleries and trailers


Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No major problems

Overview: This entire film contains the spontaneous moments of no strings attached, stranger sex, fleeting times of anonymous sex and passion with women, and starting with the ladies interviewed before rolling into the footage of the stories. It might make one think of x-rated version Truth, Lies and Videotapes.


Scene One:  Dahlia Sky, Scarlet Red

Scene 1

Opens with Scarlet Red discussing the two types of girls good and bad, the good ones pure and innocent while the bad ones do everything, the nasty deeds, it is a double standard. The guy who beds many women called a stud and who knows the many sexual delights as experience but the girl is just that a good girl, the ideal mate, as oppose to the slut. Scarlet is a good girl but she gets an audition to play a home wrecker. She's waiting to get called in, for her audition as a home wrecker who destroys a wholesome marriage, then Dahlia arrives as the slut on scene however neither get the role but the good girl down on herself get Dahlia’s attention and begin the tryst in the public bathroom, which looks very, very nice. They get excited the moment with the language and taking the time to strip each one and another, and enjoy and exchange of passionately kiss, as their hands and tongues explore each other’s pussy.  They passionately kiss in the bathroom and get to know each other intimately. Scarlet shows just how naughty she can be, (where’s the casting directing for that movie) as she eats from behind and munches deliciously well, as a good girl should.  These two women deliver a fingering, humping and slippery sexual ride of delicious moments for themselves and the viewer. It all works very well with a nice set up and Scarlet learns the joys of being a bad girl, with a wholesome outlook.

Scene 1

Scene Two:  Kat Dior, Lauren Phillips

Scene 2

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Kat stars as Mandy and free lover, a women who clarifies she is not a slut but rather one of opportunity and she is open to everyone for the deeper harder sexual passion. She joins a singles meeting group and arranges to go to a concert, which meets at Katrina’s home (Lauren Philips) who greets Mandy at the door in a nonchalant manner wearing only a towel, after some useless small Mandy finds herself welcomed into the love nest. Lauren drops her touch and begins an indifference manner of discussion then fetching a beer for them soon enough the passion of lusts erupts, first the kissing, the silly few slaps on the ass (oh, please it is not spanking five quick slaps with very little redness makes for a spanking). Lauren first sucks and licks Kat’s toes before working over her titties with an insanely eager devouring passion and Mandy overtake the scene by titty sucking with enthusiasm. Kat mounts Lauren’s pretty face, grinding herself on her and as the playing lick-fest started in loving manner. Soon enough couple enters into the legendary 69 position. The two luscious ladies give each other a wonderful tongue baths of feed off of their cum repeatedly and pussy games of hide and go soak panties in pussies and shove them their mouths to savor of the scent and taste in a new fetish fun.

Scene 2

It begins with kissing, as Lauren spanks, and rubs Kat's pussy over her shorts. She then moves on sucking and licking on Kat's toes and feet. Lauren then briefly motorboats Kat, as Kat sucks on her tits. They then switch, as Lauren does the sucking. Kat then straddles Lauren's face, as Lauren tongues, and sucks Kat's pussy, during which, Kat rides her face. Kat then sucks on Lauren's tits, before rubbing her pussy on them. Kat, then removes Lauren's panties, and stuff them in her mouth, before slowly pulling them out, Prior to going on to suck on Lauren's pussy. She then stuffs Lauren's panties into Lauren's pussy, before she proceeds to rub the pussy hard. Next, Kat is on top in the 69 position, as Lauren eats her pussy, and she does the same for Lauren. This before it eventually sees Kat bouncing on Lauren's face as her tongue, Kat lies back, as Lauren shoves her panties into Lauren's tight pussy, Lauren tongues and sucks to a delicious finale. As this occurs, Kat wraps her left leg around Lauren's neck. Next, a combination of both Lauren and Kat herself, rubbing and fingering her pussy hard causes Kat to climax. Shortly after this, Lauren pulls the panties out, which we lodged deep inside of Kat's pussy. Lauren the shoves them into Kat's mouth, prior to returning to work on Kat's pussy with her mouth briefly, followed by Lauren straddling Kat as she grinds her pussy on top her face. This eventually leads to Lauren's climax and the end of the scene. Another nice scene though the spanks very unnecessary it tends to a tease and never materializes into a lustful encounter of a deeper kinkier encounter, which does not occur in the film.  

Scene 2

Scene Three: Elle Alexandra, Shyla Jennings

Scene 3

Shyla Jennings, seeks more of no strings attached fucking, and claims most women find it easy for a woman to fuck a stranger a rather natural fantasy for them, but most find it unorthodox to have them and chicken out when the opportunity presents itself. Likely true, face it Hollywood and the adult entertainment really explore and exploit this trait and the reality never backs it, unless a man is telling the story to his drinking buddies. Shyla just releases into the passion for sexual pleasure, no pressure and no regard emotional guilt, she notes placing a singles advertisement online, and got numerous dick pictures as the major turnoff.  Her name, which catches her attention, Elle, they set up a date and want non-committal sex date, and to make sure it is only strangers Shyla chooses to wear a very nice blindfold. A spoiler this entire scene three works very well, the eroticism and passion all natural, the passion between Elle and Shyla ideal moments to savor. Elle undoes Shyla's robe revealing her gorgeous tits, with the exchange of kisses, as she then reaches down to lightly teasing rub her pussy. Both women enjoy the moments of rubbing tit and Shyla has her panties removed and lays backs as Elle wiggles between her legs and has her spread wider, as she sucks on Shyla’s clit and devours her pussy with her tongue. Elle doesn’t stop there she continues the licking with some finger fucking too, her tongue flicks with speed and steady tempo.  Elle stops and straddles Shyla's face, allowing her to feed on the nectar of her pussy her lapping skills extremely fine as she sends shivers up through Elle. They exchange a few more delicious positions and finger fucks as well licking to the delights and sighs of passion. 

Scene 3

Scene Four: Kylie Quinn, Sara Luvv

Scene 4

Lastly, perhaps the less believable of all the encounters as Sara Luvv, discusses an encounter with another women at a event at someone’s home and how they kept bumping into each other, and therefore it leads them bore with the party to seek out a empty bedroom at the house. Sara and Kylie begin kissing passionately, spontaneously enjoying themselves, as Kylie’s panties come off, and soon she’s seated spreading her beautiful legs nice and wide so Sara can give a quick rub of Kylie’s clit. Sara straddles Kylie and forcing her to lean back, and pleasure her to delighted heights (unsure why no one else at the party hears – could have been more interesting if a group ladies joined on the unexpected encounters. Next exchange as Kylie mounted on all fours, and Sara feasts her tongue on Kylie’s pussy from behind with wild abandonment, and fast, furious finger-fucking occurs. The couple enjoys the mouthwatering enjoyment of titty sucking and nipple licking and rising their pleasure to return their mouths to each other’s pussy to finish them off to wonderful orgasmic bliss. However, Sara finishing off Kylie, a tad different and needs one to view it.

Scene 4


The opening segment really sets a high benchmark, and shows what real passion and direction provides, especially when that person is an award winning (over 10), Jacky St. James, and this film shows the talents of all the women involved.

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