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Sex, Sinners & Saints

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 12/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Genre: Straight

Director: Roma Amor

Cast:  Nathaly Heaven, Karol Lilien, Violetta Pink, Steve, Max, Nic

Length: 2 hrs. 0 mins

Date of Production or Release: Oct 13 2016

Extras:  Chapter Selection

Condoms: no

Audio/Video Quality: No major problems the audio, captures the echoes in a positive manner in the opening scene.

Overview: Sinful Couples In A Classic Passionate Erotic Film, this is the tagline for movie, and it is truly that, in variation of only three scenes, the eroticism pronounces itself extremely well, and sure to awaken the love, passion in most couples, from there each can add their fetishes and kinks. However, if one seeks a film to introduce perhaps a reluctant lover into the world adult films, this one does nicely.

Scene One:  Nathaly Cherie  & Steve

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A very nice set, exquisitely design, the camera work early on is a tad sloppy tilting to the right a bit much. Now for the action, starts slows Nathaly admiring the craftsman of statures and then Steve enjoy light biting on her firm ass, all in slow loving foreplay. The couple move into candlelit room, and the heat of eroticism increases to passionate kisses, mouth, neck, and so on, all requiring the removal of Nathaly brief clothing. Steve works on savoring her body first, kissing her inner calves and outer thighs, nothing hurried as Nathaly sucks teasingly on his thick fingers, afterwards begins full mouth sucking on her titties and then moving down her body, before pausing at her panties. Steve proceeds to remove her panties and tonguing her, though at first we the viewers see a side view with her legs in the air, but in close up, with observe his eyes gauging his response to her sighs. His tongue works on her almost bare pussy, with just a momentarily little finger fuck, which ends a tad too quickly, as Nathaly pounces on top of Steve, undoing his shirt and kissing his firm chest and body. Nathaly takes a little to kiss and lick the outside of Steve’s crotch area, and rubs her body against him, as he lies on his back on the floor, before hungrily reaches to undo his pants. It is here her oral tantalizing skills enter in, his semi-erect cock for the taking, this again for lovers, she licks the underside of his cock, and then begins to suck and swirl her tongue on his tool, with a mix eyes close and yet at times looking at him. She continues for a lengthy time working her mouth over his cock, stopping only to kiss and lick is balls, but focusing most of the time on his cock, filmed in various angles the side, straight on to the camera, and then with Steve sitting and Nathaly working over his cock in from the side in loving close up. The scene changes to her on all fours as Steve lies prone, and kiss and fingers her prime pussy, swirling his fingers and teasing her clit, again not a long portion of play from him. Nathaly starts a reverse cowgirl position more in an aggressive squatting method than the standard straddling, and piling driving on his cock. Switch the fucking position to Steve on top and Nathaly playing with her clit and him fucking smoothly with heightening penetration finishing with dripping his cum over pussy and them ending in more passionate kissing.

Scene 1

Scene Two:  Karol Lilien & Nic

Scene 2

Karol enters and the titled card reads “Spiritual Desire” reading some text message (don’t see them) she advances through the building finding roses along the path, a very real location beautiful architecture presented in a weird fish bowl angle, until changing to normal of Karol and Nic kissing.  The camera pulls back to show them in a balcony area, and Nic caressing her back as they kiss though the camera shakes in wide shots. They then venture off to a room very similar to the first scene, (it might be the same one), as the couple passionately kiss more, and Karol unbuttons Nic’s shirt, they speak but the music overrides the words. She admires his lean and muscular body, a close up of their kissing and tongues flickering, she leans back as Nic rubs aggressively against the fabric barely covering her pussy. This of course encourages her to remove her one piece tube dress, as Nic rubs, massages and titty sucks on Karol’s nipples. The scene quickly cuts to her facing the camera and straddling his face as he munches on her pussy and still reaching up to tease her breasts, and close-in of him tonguing her deeply for pleasure. Another fast cut of them in a positing, more kissing and Karol aggressively working him of his pants to reach down for his cock, massaging it and kissing him more erotically. She fondles his balls and teasing the head of his cock with her lips and tongue before working on it with her precious mouth, the camera shows wonderful shots and close-ups on facial pleasures. She works and pleasures Nic, stroking his cock and teasing with kissing, licks and just sucking, but it works to heighten more pleasing techniques and then switching to a 69-position, though Nic teasing with his fingers on her pussy and the camera returns to focus on Karol’s sucking skills. Soon enough she rides his cock, spread legs facing the camera from the top of his head and occasionally playing with her pussy and tits, but focus on her clit. A long fucking session ensues of Nic and Karol with many close-ups of penetrations as she rides and pile drives herself on his drilling tool of pleasure and ecstasy and he jerks himself under her onto her ass.

Scene 2

Scene Three: Violetta Pink & Max

Scene 3

This final scene starts with the focus on Max (shirtless) and a title card of “Into the Chapel” and sees Violetta in a white veil and wearing matching white bra and panties, within a beautiful layer shot and tilting fish bowl camera work, all in the same locations of the other two scenes. Max and Violetta embrace, he swoops her up and cradles her in her arms, they stand by an altar kissing a tad more before venturing into a candlelit room. The couple start with kissing and Violetta strokes his chest , suddenly changing the moment to Max eating a tasty pussy and she lies back savor the divine pleasure, from first his tongue and then a lengthy finger fucking.  Violetta switches position to crawl on top of him and begin to taste and engulf his cock into her hungry mouth, with a firm grip and loving strokes, she works him over with lasting delights, making eye contact, while enjoying his manhood. The camera captures a wonderful close-up of her tongue and lips dancing over his cock, they then kiss and neck more as she strokes his cock and lightly plays with his balls. Violetta then mounted him rode the stead very well, grinding on his cock, before Max regained control and fuck her on his left side while maintain a firm hand on her sweet ass. The scene changes  and Max thrusts and fucks her on her back as he powers over her, and escape of pleas and ahs echo from her with each new pounding, before exploding on her belly and she jerks him off a tad more.

Scene 3


Scene 3


This entire movie gives the passion and pleasure a serious fun workout and fills the void that many other productions don’t view the lengthy foreplay and giving sexual enjoyment to both couples allowing without worry or embarrassment. In addition, the movie allows the manner to explore other adult films or at least rekindle theirs to fiery new heights, ending the dryness and frustrations in exchange for smiles, and lots of wetness and orgasmic bliss.

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