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Schoolgirl Bound 4

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Impale-her » Review Date: 12/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Genre: Straight

Director: Eddie Powell

Cast:  Kylie Quinn, Jessy Jones, Zaya Cassidy, Karlo Karrera, Aurora Belle, Chad White, Adria Rae, Mario Rossi

Length: 2 hrs. 9 mins

Date of Production or Release: Aug 25 2016

Extras:  Behind the Series, Bonus 1 & 2, Pick Your Pleasure, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Fantasy Lingere, Company Info


Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: No major problems, aside from a temporary bobble in the scene 4, of paused by so minor most would not catch it.

Overview: Get ready for yet another erotic memoir of a schoolgirl bound! This is the tagline for the film, which filled with crafty elements of BDSM and incredible fucking, licking and sucking of young women clothed in the naughtiest and likely the highest erotic outfits the catholic or prep-schoolgirl outfit to delight and strength of mature men.

Scene One:  Kylie Quinn, Jessy Jones

Scene 1

Kylie comes home from shopping for a bikini but instead purchased quite  bite of BDSM gear, which doesn’t appear new, but confesses her desire to explore the kink world, and thought she be judged for it, her boyfriend a tad unsure still interested in trying out her desires. Jessy hints the concept of role-playing and Kylie informs him that her ‘sister’ has an Old Catholic schoolgirl outfit, might fit. She undresses and puts on a form fitting uniform, during this one gets to drool over her. Jessy begins tie her wrists together with blue rope as she admits to her ‘professor’ of being a naughty girl. Kylie knees and starts her oral lessons on her ‘teacher’ and this first image is very hot, it becomes the ideal position and lustful desire, using her tongue to suck forcing on his pointer, her hands caressing his cock. She does her best to deep throat his cock, a lesson she repeats and learns well, with some mouth fucking, Jessy encourages with the good girl remarks, all positive reinforcement. Jessy stands as she continues to kneel praying she pleasures and pleases her professor with her cock worship lessons, Kylie looks up begging to be fucking. She kneels on the bed more on hands and knees fucked hard, and spanked, while Kylie begs her professor to fuck harder and teach her lessons. She looks divine begin fucked, so hot in the catholic outfit, and begs for punishment. Kylie returns to her knees on the bed and sucks Jessy’s cock with a bit of throat fuck; she enjoys tasting her juices on his cock. Jessy lays on the bed and fucks her again on his left side, her blouse undone, her wrists no longer bound, but her cries enough to try out for the choir. Jessy applies black ankle and wrist cuffs along with leather, also black hog tie (very similar to KinkLab’s design) constricting her movement, instant submission of his slutty student. He begins fucking her in various positions and using her cries of professor to drill her deeper on his lesson plans. Kylie’s hands cuff behind her back and she on top rides her professor’s cock and he continues to slap her ass harder but a tease method, while fucking he plays with her clit as she bound and only able to accept the fucking. He pulls his cock out and teases her asshole but returns to fucking her pussy until she utters incoherent phrases. She begs for cum on her face, tits and begs for a taste, he does cums on her and she sucks him off finishing her oral report.

Scene 1

Scene 1

Scene Two:  Zaya Cassidy, Karlo Karrera

Scene 2

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Zaya wears a schoolgirl outfit wrists bound thoroughly together as well as her ankle, she is answering possible test questions from her tutor Karlo, and as she gets them wrong he teases her small tits’ nipples with hard pinches. Another tease occurs with him taking her to bend over a bend flips up the skirt and spanks briefly (a tease) on her ass, though still wearing panties. Zaya sits back gets an answer right, and has her tits played with and gets another one wrong and Krlo retrieves a leather paddle and works her tits over slowly. Another right answers and Karlo licks and sucks her left nipple. Karlo ask how do you make me cum the fastest way – answer blowjob and Zaya delivers the response properly sucking his thick tool, kneeling on a hard floor and sucks his cock, barely using her hands. She does gag a bit for the deep studying of his cock, but she thanks her tutor with the delight of performing a better blowjob. Soon after, removal of ankle ropes he begins finger fucking her and stuffs her wet panties into her mouth, and then starts fucking her on the table on her back, his cock’s girth stretching her swollen pussy aching for more delights and bliss, her sighs and cries of passion have him pounding slow and steady with increasing speed. He then bends her over and works over her pussy some more with a few hand slaps, and holds the rope to her wrists, his cock falls out a few times and works to keep it in, her pleas for more penetrating education encourages him to press on, delivering more pleasure in learning. By the way she is in an interesting position for this fucking session. She then kneels again as Karlo lays down, on the table and gaggles on his cock for another suck fest, and this time without the use of her hands. Zaya straddles him with her back to the camera and spanked a few times, and fucking begins again, his deep fucking has her begging for more pleasure and lessons. Karlo stops and unties her hands and sucks off his cock again, making sure to learn her oral exam very well, before he whisks he up and straddles his cock while spread facing the camera and piling thrusts herself on him on the table, rubs her clit to heighten her slutty schoolgirl performance. Zaya grinds herself to graduation of pleasure before kneeling to fill her and work over tool of lessons. This leads to another hard fucking and explore of afternoon fun filling cum session on the open awaiting mouth of Zaya, pure sex of delights!

Scene 2

Scene 2

Scene Three: Aurora Belle, Chad White

Scene 3

This scene starts a little ominous Aurora awaits in a back room, a leather collar and chain, she is pulled out the room her blouse undone and then cuffed wrists behind a wooden post pole adjunct to a wall mirror, which promptly exposes breasts. The room seems similar to that in the first Schoolgirl Bound (2015), which feature Mick Blue and Morgan Lee (scene four) and it is bonus scene on the DVD of He’s in Charge (2016). Chad uses a leather paddle, against her nipples and then the top of skirt and then lifted her skirt and against her panties and spank her pussy. Aurora exquisitely enjoys the attention her pussy gets, and her facial expression – divine. Chad kneels before her tearing down her panties and finger fucking her, then munching for awhile on her precious pussy. She then slides down the pole and squats staring right his crotch, expecting his cock for the tasting. Now that scene has less to do with schoolgirl fantasies, than anything else, in fact ideally it is just woman skimpy dress. Chad tells her not to look at his cock but keep her eyes looking up at him, as he controls her by tugging on the chain he repeats the command to her a few times, as her eager mouth opens to accept his cock. She complies with his orders, wanting to be both a good girl and fuck-toy. Aurora performs a wonderful little blowjob session before ordered to stand and told to call him ‘Sir’ he gags her with her panties and gets into an elaborate position to fuck her pussy using the mirror more for the viewer to enjoy the angle than the Aurora. Chad uncuffs her and Aurora the brief freedom to finger her pussy and told to kneel look at herself as she sucks his cock now allow to her hands and then look at him again all the way down his cock. The entire mirror play not completely wasted as she kneels again facing the mirror and first spanked and then fucked on fours and seeing herself taken, changing into a submissive wanton slut and good girl, aching and sighing for more cock, Chad drills her pussy, slippery and sliding into her with passion. Aurora does more of the thrusting back onto his cock and taken him deeper as she made to look at herself become truly naughty. Chad rubs her clit and then begins to fuck her some more in the same position. He changes up the position first a short stay on her back and then straddling him with her back to him and side view and several of other views of fucking. Aurora kneels and receives a cumshot to her precious face and mouth.

Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene Four: Adria Rae, Mario Rossi

Scene 4

Adria in a cage and is handed a vibrator by Mario and ordered to make herself cum as he watches intently, as she applies the tiny vibe to her clothed clit. Adria removed from the cage and wrists bound, makes her sit with her legs spread open as Mario uses the small vibe to run up inner right thigh and lightly over her pussy and clit, making her shiver and quiver with delights. He then uses it on her nipples and returns to using on her clit as Adria leans in to kiss his harden clothed cock, and then she begin suck with enthusiasm and passion, taking his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, gagging a bit as she slurps it down and throat fucks, slurping more in a sloppy blowjob. This really is not needed and just becomes a silly mess, long for a return to Kylie Quinn’s scene one performance. Mario kneels down to complete a speedy pussy licking, and then has Adria suck his cock again while spanking her pussy with a leather paddle and then has her hold it in mouth to muffle her cries as he fucks her. Adria struggles to stay in an awkward position and Mario pulls out to tease her by rubbing his cock against her clit before entering her shaved pussy. Mario has Adria kneel on the seat of a chair and bend over to mount and fuck her thoroughly and deeper. By the way, the outfit (uniform) serves no importance to the scene just a girl wearing it. Adria knees again to suck Mario’s cock, and enjoys a lengthy stroking of his cock, before facing the camera and straddling him to thrust onto him like a pogo stick, with heighten pleasure as he returns with a serious pile-driver pounding. Adria pauses to suck a tad more cock, Mario has her straddle again facing him and fucks her pussy without mercy, and her pussy lips hug his cock, deliver unbridled passion and intensity of hard fucking. In addition, this last scene keeps going for far too long, the duo fucks in nearly every position possible except for 69 and anal, but cums on her face, tits and mouth before she is placed back in the cage as she savors licking his cum from her fingers off her body.

Scene 4

Scene 4


Noting that the website Adult DVD Empire lists the first scenes of the film contain a taboo reference to stepdads actually not true, there’s no reference to imply this, older men of authority fucking younger legal age women. Now the schoolgirl in catholic uniform always a turn on, and the scenes most of them a winner aside from the last one, sloppy attitude in cocksucking becomes a turnoff. The first three scenes deliver a wonderful series of entertainment and pleasure, taking some exploration into the BDSM world, but playing it safe, never truly going too far and the bounded girl never stays that way for too long. The only thing missing aside from perhaps office or classroom settings, more intense spankings, shy girls and a good ass-fucking otherwise the film delivers when needed.


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