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Christmas Spirit

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 12/29/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Christmas lesbian fantasy


Cast: Reena Sky, Shyla Jennings, Elle Alexandra, Rayveness, Jenna Reid, Charlotte Stokley

Writer and Director: Stills By Alan

Length: 3 hours, 16 minutes

Release Date: Nov. 21, 2016

Video/Audio: 16:9 Anamorphic widescreen in 5.1 Surround which is slightly distorted at times

Extras: 25 min. Behind The Scenes featurette and two trailers


Overview: Stills By Alan continues his winning streak with this very clever all female take on A Christmas Carol. Reena Sky gives a terrific performance as the scrooge like ice queen whose only concerned with the bottom line. Her daughter comes home for the holidays to come out to her mother that she is a lesbian by introducing her lover Elle Alexander. Things go from bad to worse for everyone until Reena is visited by the Christmas spirit, portrayed by Charlotte Stokely. This two disc release is paired up with a separate Christmas story, A Christmas Wish, that features one of the final performances by the beautiful and legendary Rayveness before her retirement in October of last year.

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Disc One: Christmas Spirit


The Setup: In a wonderfully paced 20 minute opening Reena and her step daughter Shyla Jennings are arranging her return home from college for the holidays. Little does Reena know Shyla is bringing her girlfriend, gorgeous ginger red head Elle Alexandra. When Shyla and Elle arrive Reena isn't home. Elle remarks on the absence of anything “Christmasy” in the house. Shyla explains that they only celebrated Christmas once that she can remember and that Reena always objected to the over commercialization of the holiday. Shyla and Elle take advantage of Reena's not being home and go up to Shayla's old room to make out. Unfortunately they don't even get their clothes off when Reena arrives and is shocked by what she sees. Shyla builds up the courage to tell her step mother of her orientation. Reena is not having any part of it, even after Shyla reminds her of her lesbian past. Unphazed she tells Elle to leave, and in a heartbreaking scene, she smiles as she lays in her bad that night and hears the car spin off outside to her daughter's cries of “I'm sorry!” It's a testament to Reena's great performance as the completely rapacious and heartless ice queen.


As Reena is sleeping naked in her bed showing her gorgeous tits, the Christmas Spirit enters the room played by Charlotte Stokely. In a fantastic display of SFX, the translucent Charlotte looks at Reena with white glowing eyes and shows her reflections in a mirror of a past Christmas with Shyla.


Scene One: Reena Sky and Shyla Jennings


This scene is a flashback to 2012. Reena has just given Shyla the latest new fangled gadget called a smart phone which and ponders if it will ever catch on. In exchange she tells Shyla to give her an orgasm. They start making out and undressing each other. Once Shyla has her panties off Reena starts sensuously rubbing her pussy. She nibbles at her little tuft of hair before licking and sucking on her pussy lips. Reena runs the full gambit on Shyla's pussy, licking, sucking, fingering. We even see a great shot of of Reena's perfect Latina ass as she bumps pussies with Shyla.


Shyla then gets into all fours and Reena starts licking her asshole as she furiously rubs Shyla's pussy. After Reena makes Shyla cum, Shyla lays down and Reena straddles her face. Shyla devours Reena and it doesn't take long before Reena's hairy pussy cums in her mouth. Reena then climbs off and and finger bangs Shyla to one more orgasm. This is a great scene. It might have been just a little bit better if they had given equal time to the beautiful Reena Sky. She only has one orgasm to Shyla's three or four. But that's just nitpicking. It's still a great scene.


Scene Two: Shyla Jennings and Elle Alexandra


The spirit has now changed her look and shows Reena a reflection of Christmas four years in the future. Shyla and Elle are enjoying Christmas together wearing cheesy Christmas sweaters and simply loving each other. They ponder on Shyla's now late mother who worked herself to death at her ad agency and never accepting her daughter for who she is. As the reflection shows Shyla wiping away a tear, the spirit points out to Reena that in the future Shyla and Elle will be enjoying the things that Reena's money could never buy her: love, companionship, and worst of all, her daughter's will.


As Elle comforts Shyla over the death of her mother they start making out. The sexual tension between them rises and in a beautifully well paced sequence they start undressing each other. The passion and the tenderness between Elle and Shyla is such a gorgeous thing to behold. Once Elle gets Shyla's pants off she looks longingly at her pussy before giving butterfly kisses up her leg. Once she gets to her destination she teases Shyla's clit with her tongue. This sends shivers of ecstasy all through Shyla. Elle gently sucks and rubs on Shyla's pussy and clit making her convulse and cum. Shyla then lays on the couch and Elle straddles her face. Shyla eats away at her pussy making her ass buck on her face and her cute freckled ginger body shake as she cums. Elle then sits straggled legged as Shyla eats away at her sweet red pussy.  She gently nibbles and licks away making Elle's hips buck as she orgasms in Shyla's mouth.


Shyla then climbs up and they start bumping pussies, Shyla holding and kissing Elle's leg as she grinds away on her clit. Shyla bucks and rubs her pussy against Elle's sending them both over the top in an amazing orgasm. And in a last sequence of true sapphic love, Elle cradles Shyla in her arms like a child tenderly rubs and fingers Shyla's dripping pussy to one more sweet orgasm, giving her face lovely butterfly kisses much like the ones Shyla gave her at the beginning of the scene. I'm going on record as saying this is one of the best lesbian scenes I've seen all year. In two fantastic performances we see a lesbian couple making love, simple as that. No wham bam, thank you ma'am. A beautifully paced scene from Stills By Alan that is just a gorgeous sight to behold.


Scene Three: Reena Sky, Shyla Jennings and Elle Alexandra


Reena begs the spirit to give her a chance to change the future. The spirit assures her these are only reflections of a future that hasn't been written yet, and tells her to change the future she must make changes to her life in the present. She brings Reena back to Christmas Eve this year and we see the opening scene where Shyla and Elle are making out in Shyla's old room. But this time Reena has a complete change of heart. She's now loving, caring and completely accepting of Elle, much to Shyla's shock. The next morning, Christmas day, Reena has gotten a Christmas tree and presents for Shyla and Elle, the cheesy sweaters from scene two. Reena tells Shyla she will always love her and accept her as a lesbian, and then confesses to Elle about her history with women, and with Shyla. Elle is shocked at the thought of Shyla and her step mother, but after Reena tells her she'd like see what Shyla sees in her, they start making out.


This starts a scorching hot three way scene of two beautiful young and one slamming mature lesbians making sweet love to each other. There's too much action in this scene to fully describe, however it remains hot and passionate throughout and it's a fitting ending scene to a classic story of love and acceptance. God bless us everyone.


Disc Two: A Christmas Wish


Scene One: Rayveness and Jenna Reid 

In this tale of stolen innocence the beautiful Rayveness and very cute Jenna Reid are step mother and step daughter. The scene starts with Rayveness arguing with Jenna's father over the phone that he won't be there with his family on Christmas Eve. Sweet young Jenna over hears the argument and approaches Rayveness asking if they are getting divorced. Rayveness assures her that they aren't and that adults argue sometimes. Jenna is relieved and tells Rayveness how much she loves having her for a step mother and that her father's absence shouldn't spoil their Christmas together. Rayveness agrees and and tells her she'd like to teach her something to help they bonding together. They start making out, Jenna telling her she's never done this before. They make out some more feeling each others bodies with Rayveness reaching down into Jenna's pants and having her lick her taste off her fingers. Rayveness starts undressing Jenna, licking and sucking on her tits, the whole time rubbing her pussy over her shorts. Rayveness then takes off her top showing her gorgeous supple mature breasts while Jenna nervously lies there watching. She pulls Jenna's shorts off and Jenna jumps everytime Rayveness touches her. She heavily breathes in and out as Rayveness kisses her tummy working her way down to her shaved pussy. She gently spreads Jeanna's legs open and lightly flicks her tongue over Jenna's clit.  She teases her clit bringing goosebumps all over Jenna's body before she devours her pussy, and I mean she goes to town on it. She licks, sucks and rubs her pussy, telling her to cum for mommy as she works it furiously.


After licking and slurping up all of her cum she climbs up and straddles Jenna's face. She orders her to lick her mommy's pussy lips and groans out with every wave of orgasm Jenna gives her. Rayveness then climbs off and they start to scissor each other, but before they bump pussies Rayveness finger bangs Jenna to another orgasm. She then starts grinding away at Jenna's pussy with so much intensity. She bucks and rubs her clit against Jenna's, straddling her leg until they explode on each other, Rayveness screaming out as she cums. In the BTS feature on this disc, Jenna admits this was her first girl/girl scene and it shows. She is so nervous in the beginning that is kind of cute. And she couldn't have asked for a better teacher than Rayveness. After 25 years in the biz she brought so much experience, showing patience and comfort to Jenna. And I love how the scene started so light and sensual and ended so raunchy.


Scene Two: Rayveness and Jenna Reid


That night Rayveness dreams about Jenna resenting what she did to her. She lambastes her telling her she's going to tell everyone including her dad, and that she has mentally scarred her for life. She wakes up and finds Jenna downstairs opening Christmas presents. Rayveness joins her and apologizes for taking advantage of her. Jenna tells her she's glad it happened and enjoyed their “bonding” time, and wants to do it again. This time the tables have turned and it's Jenna that initiates the sex by making out with Rayveness. They start undressing each other and Rayveness licks Jenna pussy through her panties. She then sits in the chair and Jenna eats her pussy. She licks and sucks Rayveness' beautiful mature pussy, her lips spread like angel wings. Rayveness presses Jenna's head deep into her pussy as she makes her cum.


She then makes Jenna stand up and she licks her pussy from underneath of her, giving her a standing orgasm. Jenna then sits in the chair and Rayveness eats her out, licking, sucking and finger banging her to another orgasm. They then get down on the floor and scissor each other like last time. They rub their clits and pussies with Rayveness straddling Jenna's leg again until they cum, Jenna convulsing wildly as Rayveness screams out that she's cumming.


They hug and kiss each other some more when Rayveness' husband, Jenna's dad comes home and catches them, Rayveness telling him it's not what it looks like! Yeah, ok. The only problem I have with this scene is it is so poorly miked. It's a fine production if only it didn't sound like it was shot in the next room. That's a small gripe compared to the scorching hot sex. And it's SO great to see one of my all time favorites Rayveness in what was probably the last scene she shot before her retirement. Rayveness, if you're reading this, Godspeed with your singing and we all love and miss you.


Overview: The winning team Stills By Alan and Bree Mills delivers another great title. 2016 has been a stellar year for them. Christmas Spirit is so clever with fantastic special effects and a terrific performance by Reena Sky, who is so smoldering hot. And I never even touched on the wonderful makeup job on Charlotte Stokely as the spirit. And my God, the beautifully romantic scene with Shyla Jennings and Elle Alexandra I think was so great because you actually believed it. Their performances convinced you that they were an actual lesbian couple making sweet tender passionate love. It's a very touching and moving story of acceptance and love. The second story, A Christmas Wish, pales in comparison story wise. It was a good first outing for Jenna Reid. Unfortunately she was overshadowed by the powerhouse that was Rayveness. Despite it's very few technical flaws, I still Highly Recommend this very hot title.


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