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Natural Beauties 2

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 12/30/16

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 50 minutes

Date of Production:  2016

Genre: All Sex; 18+ Teens; Anal

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Ariana Marie with Kristen Scott, Pepper XO, Rebel Lynn, Christian Clay and Johnny Sins

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap


Ariana Marie was crowned as a Vixen Angel in October 2016 and she stars in Natural Beauties 2 from director Greg Lansky. This movie is another example of great porn packaged in close to 3 hours of 4 hot, highly produced scenes that you will want to watch over and over. I highly recommend this flick that features Ariana and includes starlets Kristen Scott, Pepper XO and Rebel Lynn. The natural beauties get into a series of sexual antics with cocksman Christian Clay and Johnny Sins. There’s hard pounding sweaty sex that leads to multiple orgasms for these starlets. The flick features Ariana in a deep penetrating anal scene that’s a turn on to watch and Pepper gets a dripping creampie that oozes out of her warm, wet box. The set up of each scene is fun and the stars do a great job telling their short stories. Christian and Johnny help bring out the chemistry with their partners and from the multiple orgasms, it’s easy to see that each girl is enjoying fucking these guys. Vixen’s Natural Beauties 2 is one to add to the porn stash.

Scene 1:  Ariana Marie and Christian Clay

Ariana really loves her apartment. It’s close to college and she made a good deal on rent when she moved in a few years ago. The problem began when her landlord, Christian, decides to increase the rent after her lease was up. She tried to talk him into keeping her rent the same, but he isn’t paying attention to her text messages and phone calls. Ariana decides to invite him over to talk about the rent. She puts on her sexy clothes and she knows she has to do something bold to keep him interested. As the conversation goes on, it’s clear that Christian isn’t interested in keeping her rent the same. Ariana decides it’s time to make her move. She starts rubbing his cock and tells him she needs him to give her a discount on the rent and if he does this one little thing for her, she will do whatever it takes to make him happy. He tells her she will have to be a dirty little girl in order to make him happy. Ariana agrees to be naughty and starts kissing him. They’re in her kitchen and the chemistry between the 2 of them heats up. He kisses and sucks her nipples then sits her on the countertop and eats her pussy. Ariana is a pretty sight with her legs raises high in the air, leaning back against the kitchen window. Christian tongues and fingers her wet cunt. Then he sticks his finger in her ass hole, finger fucking her hole. She wants to suck his cock and he is happy to oblige. But before he feeds her his cock, he takes her to the bed, lies her on her back and eats her pussy some more. Ariana calls him a fucking pervert as he licks her pussy and ass hole, lashing them back and forth with his tongue.

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Once he lies on his back, Ariana takes his hard cock and puts it in her mouth, sucking on it, jerking it back and forth, stroking it, keeping it hard. She savors his cock in her mouth, slurping on it like an ice cream cone. With his cock fully lubed, he sticks it in her pussy, stretching her out as she lies in missionary position. Ariana looks at him intently, telling him his cock is so fucking big as it drills her tight pussy. Her cunt is creaming all over his hard cock, lubing it even more as it pumps up and down in her tiny little hole. Ariana gets some anal attention as Christian’s dick penetrates her ass hole, spreading it open and making it gape. She is still in missionary position, taking a big dick up her ass hole. When Christian pulls out of her ass hole, he sticks his tongue in her gaping hole and eats her ass, then squats over top of her for a squat thruster fuck session that drives deep in her ass. Ariana joins the ass to mouth club, sucking his cock right out of her ass hole then sitting on it in reverse cowgirl position, continuing her anal romance. Her gaping ass hole is stuffed with Christian’s cock and her hole is so good is what he tells her when he fucks it doggystyle. A final round of spoon fucking up the ass leads Christian to his popshot. He shoots his load in her mouth and all over her chin. She strokes his cock and sucks it, telling him he can get her ass every week now.

Scene 2:  Kristen Scott and Johnny Sins

Kristen is attracted to the new gardener her dad hired. Her dad hired Johnny after the old gardener quit. Whenever Johnny is around working in the yard, Kristen makes sure he can see her. She suns in a skimpy bikini while Johnny waters the plants. Her dad always seems to get in the way of her flirting with Johnny. He always interrupts or has directions to give Johnny. So, Kristen devises a plan to get her dad off the premises so she can be alone with Johnny. She tells her dad that they’re out of her mom’s favorite wine and that he needs to go get some. Her dad leaves right away and Kristen knows she doesn’t have much time to fuck Johnny. The hurry back to her bedroom and in no time. Kristen is naked on the bed, lying on her back and enjoying the way Johnny’s wet tongue feels on her clit. She loves the way he eats her pussy but she is hungry for his cock. She greedily pulls his dick out of his pants, gets on her knees doggystyle near the edge of the bed and eats Johnny’s meat. She sucks his cock vigorously then stays in place as Johnny fucks her mouth until she drools a gallon all over his cock. They kiss passionately and Kristen tells him she has been waiting so long for his dick. She’s not done sucking it. He lies down and she strokes and sucks his hard prick more, looking up at him with pleasure in her eyes. She licks his balls then sucks on them, pulling them into her mouth with her lips. Johnny tells her to keep doing it just like that.

Kristen is ready for Johnny’s cock inside her pussy. She sits on his hard dick cowgirl style and bounces up and down on it, moaning and screaming as his dick thrusts further and further in her pussy. She yells out for him to pleas fuck her harder. She wants her pussy to be slammed. All of Johnny’s hard fucking has led to Kristen to an orgasm. She cums on his cock then kisses him and positions herself for more cowgirl cock pumping. She tells him she can’t get enough of his cock because he fucks her so fucking good. After sucking his hard wet pole, she rides it reverse cowgirl style. Kristen bends over into a downward doggy and Johnny punishes her pussy with his cock, drilling her cunt deep and making her scream. He pulls out, eats her pussy then fucks it missionary style. Kristen is cumming again with Johnny’s cock inside her. Johnny pulls out and eats her wet, creaming pussy then sticks his dick back in it and fucks her missionary style. They get into a hot, hard pounding standing cowgirl that has Kristen cumming yet again. After she cums, Johnny is ready to cum. He sets her on her knees and pops a full load of spunk right in her mouth. Kristen doesn’t hesitate. She swallows then strokes his cock in and out of her mouth, telling him that she’s going to ask her dad to hire him full time.

Scene 3:   Pepper XO and Christian Clay

Over the past few months, Pepper has been babysitting for a really rich Italian guy, Christian. He is always very generous with her, paying her extremely well. Pepper can’t help but feel attracted to him. Whenever he’s around, the sparks fly between the 2 of them. One day when he was showing her around the back of the house, he starting touching her and rubbing her pussy through her panties. Before Pepper knows it, she is sucking his cock along the back fence of the house. She enjoys the way his big hard cock feels inside her mouth and she really enjoys the load of cum he shoots down her throat. Later on when the kids have been tucked in and his wife is away, these 2 pick up where they left off outside. They rush to the bedroom and kiss passionately. Pepper lies on her back and Christian eats her pussy. She loves the way his tongue feels as it moves back and forth across her clit. She climbs on top of him in 69 position and sucks his cock while he continues to eat her pussy.

They both are pleasing each other with their mouths and Pepper now wants to be pleased with Christian’s cock. She lies on her stomach and Christian annihilates her pussy in a fast thrusting downward doggy. He moans in ecstasy and tells him to fuck her pussy. Christin squats over top of her for a hot squat thruster round of fucking that turns to doggystyle. Pepper moans with every stroke of Christian’s cock inside her and tells him to shove his cock in her. She sucks her pussy juices off his cock then enjoys it missionary style. Christian puts her in doggy position again and stuffs her wet box full of his big hard cock. A long cowgirl ride on top of Christian’s prick leaves Pepper with a cum creampie dripping out of her wet pussy. She loves the feeling of being filled up. Once the cum drips out of her pussy, she reaches for his cock again and sucks it, licking up and down his shaft.

Scene 4:  Rebel Lynn and Johnny Sins

Rebel’s dad has been trying to get in shape ever since his divorce. He hires a personal trainer, Johnny and Rebel thinks he is insanely hot. Whenever Johnny comes over, she flirts with him but her dad is always in the way. She decides she has to be more blunt with Johnny if she is going to get what she wants. When her father walks away, she runs up to Johnny and tells him to sneak into her room before he leaves. Her dad returns to pay Johnny and they agree to meet at the same time next week. Johnny doesn’t leave the premises. He sneaks into Rebel’s room just like she asked him to and to his surprise, he finds Rebel lying in bed with her legs wide open, showing off her pussy. She looks up at him and tells him that it took him long enough to get here. They kiss and Rebel pulls down his shorts telling him that he has been working her daddy out, but now it’s time for him to work her out. Johnny’s cock is already hard and Rebel strokes it, jerking it in and out of her mouth. She deep throats his hard, long meat, spitting all over it. She tells him that she loves putting in the extra mile on his cock. Rebel is working her mouth back and forth over his cock and has drool everywhere. She gives his balls some mouth love as well then her pussy gets some cock love as she sits on it cowgirl style and bouncing up and down. She tells him she knew his cock would feel so fucking good and she has been waiting so long for this. Rebel takes control of the fucking, bouncing and grinding on Johnny’s hard prick.

She wants his cock deep inside her and she orders him to pound her pussy and not to stop fucking her. When Johnny goes into overdrive, pounding her pussy from below, Rebel screams that she’s cumming. She creams on his cock then climbs off and sucks it clean of her wet pussy juices. She rides him reverse cowgirl style then sucks him some more before bending over for a long round of doggy fucking. She tells Johnny to slow down his strokes so she can feel every inch of his cock thrusting deep inside her pussy. She wants it hard again and tells him to fuck her pussy, fuck it! She turns over onto her back and Johnny eats her cunt before fucking it missionary style. Rebel cums again, telling him to keep his cock deep inside her pussy. She says his cock feels so good going in and out of her pussy. Another round of missionary fucking sends Rebel into ecstasy. She cums again and Johnny immediately buries his face in her wet box, eating her cum. He slams her hole some more, eating her pussy as he goes. After the final round of missionary fucking, Johnny pulls out and shoots spunk down Rebel’s throat. She swallows then strokes and sucks his cock, telling him how warm his cum is. She rubs it over her tits and calls it good protein. She tells him to meet up same time next week after her dad’s workout. Johnny promises to be there.

Final Thoughts:

Natural Beauties 2 is a flick to add to the great porn stash and I highly recommend you get your hands on it. You’ll enjoy watching DVD cover girl Ariana Marie in a deep penetrating anal scene with big cocksman Christian Clay. Ariana was crowned as a Vixen Angel in October 2016 and she is a turn on to watch in the opening scene of this flick. She is joined by starlets Kristen Scott, Pepper XO and Rebel Lynn and they each bring their own heat to this flick, making for a fiery movie of hot, sweaty sex and multiple pussy orgasms. Johnny Sins is the other cocksman of the flick and he pounds Rebel and Kristen’s pussies until they cream. The movie runs for close to 3 hours and each scene is highly produced and set up well by these all natural starlets. There’s great chemistry in this flick and no shortage of close up, pussy stretching action. The girls enjoy fucking their mates, adding more excitement to the flick.

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