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My First Blowbang!

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Randy N Chastity » Review Date: 1/1/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Blow Job / Gang Bang.

Director: William H.

Cast: Samantha Hayes, Melissa Moore, Cali Carter and Aurora Belle.

Length: 1 hour, 33 minutes

Date of Production: Oct. 10, 2016.

Extras: The DVD that I reviewed also included 2 extra bonus scenes. There are some advertisements and then the movie menu presents you with the choice of Playing the Movie, Selecting a Chapter or seeing the Extras. The Extras has links to the Bonus Scenes, Photo Gallery, Trailers, just watching the Money Shots, Behind the Scenes with Interviews, another commercial, Company Info and a Photo Gallery.

Condoms: No.

Audio/Video Quality: The disc played mostly great on my MacBook Pro. There was one part on the last scene, where my disc was damaged and the computer skipped that section. The sound was good.

Overview: The movie seems like it is starting, but it is really a 2 minute commercial of highlights of the movie. The back of the DVD case has some postage-sized pictures of the scenes and that is it. They list their web and Twitter address. One thing that all of the scenes had in common, was that the lady of the scene would gyrate on a white backdrop for a few minutes and then spend a few minutes answering questions about her background and how she got into porn.

I am a submissive, locked in chastity and into BBWs. Not sure how arousing this movie will be for a male submissive as the scenes portray the Men as the Doms, standing, and the thin Ladies on their hands and knees, as the subs.

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Scene One: Melissa Moore So, after 7 min of various foreplay, we finally get to the action. It starts off fast and raunchy with Her dropping to her knees and deep throating the first of many cocks. The man is still dressed, with his pants down to his ankles, telling her what to do. A minute later, another man enters, unzips, and Melissa is busy sucking him. She alternates for 2 minutes, sucking their dicks, then a third man enters, then a fourth. The first man is still directing the action. He is telling her what to do and how to do it. Mostly, they guys want her to suck them and deep throat them. Soon, a fifth man enters the scene. The guys are all shaved and fill the frame, with her in the middle of the action. Soon, her breasts are wet from all of the saliva she is drooling while sucking the cocks. The guys have big cocks and each one wants her to deep throat down to the balls. She does very little talking, mostly because she is gagging on their cocks. They do a lot of talking, telling her what to do, in very graphic details. She is soon sitting on one of the men, while he is licking her pussy, but the camera does not show much of that. Most of the scene is shot from the men's chest to their knees. A lot of the time she is in the middle with the guys around her, either getting a hand job, blow job or stroking themselves. It was great to hear her speak at the end, asking to have some icing on her face and cum everywhere. Some guys had more cum than others, but none came by a blow job, they were all from the guys masturbating.

Scene two: Samantha Hayes The scene starts off the same as before, with the gyrating and questions. After several minutes, she meets her first partner who pulls down her leggings and eats her pussy. Soon he tells her to get on her knees like a good whore and suck his cock. It is big and massive. He directs the action and has her suck his balls into her mouth. Soon another guy joins in by crawling under her and eating her pussy. A third man joins them, drops his pants and she sucks his massive cock. Soon another man joins and they surround her with big, shaved cock. Her top is grey and long sleeved. It is pushed up over her breasts and soon her saliva is getting her top wet. Once she got two dicks in her mouth, but only just the head as they are so big. Most of the time they stay in character and call her a 'pretty whore' and telling her in graphic detail what to do. A few times, they say polite things like, 'Thank you.' They did tried to think outside the box and come up with interesting positions, which is not easy as there is no furniture in the room. They bent her over, backwards, so she could suck cock and lick balls. But, like in the first scene, there are a lot of guys stroking while she sucks one cock. Then, she asks for every drop of their cum and they stroke and drip cum all over her face. Some guys cum a lot, some a little.

Scene three: Aurora Belle This scene starts off the same with the gyrating and questions. Then a man enters, unzips his pants and tells her how to suck a cock by deep throating him down to his balls. Soon she develops a rhythm and sucks and strokes his cock. Like the other scenes, soon another man joins and they both call her derogatory names. Then a third man enters with his big cock out and ready for action. Another guy enters and this seems to be her limit, as she seems to forget to keep stroking the cocks and only sucks. The men correct her. They take off her dress to display her small breasts, but hard, erect nipples. Just like the other scenes, one guy gets on his back, slides under her and licks her pussy. But the camera spends all the time on her body sucking and stroking cock. Half way through the scene, it is clear she is one of the newer stars at this type of fetish, as she starts to slow down in her stroking and sucking. At the end of the scene, it was the guys telling her how they were going to give her some cum and she just taking it. Like the other scenes, some guys can deliver the goods and some can't.

Scene four: Cali Carter This scene starts the same with the gyrating and questions. But for her, she has a great lingerie outfit which is black with rhinestones that show off her figure and tattoos. She has great breasts, erect nipples and takes direction well as the men tell her what to do and how to do it. She can also keep up with the action as each new cock enters the scene. The cocks are big and she has no trouble sucking one person and stroking another. Unfortunately, it was this scene that the bad sectors on the disc prevented my computer from displaying the movie. So, my computer skipped over the damaged spots.

Final Thoughts: Given my comments above, overall it is a good movie if you are into white, hung men getting blow jobs and hand jobs from white ladies. It is to bad there were some bad sectors on the disc I received to review. Given all of the extras, I say buy it.

This is a good movie to watch if BJs / HJs are your kink / fetish.

My rating: Buy it.

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