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Asian School Girls

Studio: Third Degree Films » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 1/3/17

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Genre: Asian Gonzo


Cast: Cindy Starfall, Kat Dior, Marica Hase, Saya Song, Mick Blue, John Strong

Director: Mick Blue

Length: 2 hours, 10 minutes

Condoms: No

Video/Audio: Single Camera Anamorphic Widescreen in 2-channel Stereo

Extras: 1 Bonus Scene


Overview: The latest vanity piece from Mick Blue is just a slightly above average compilation of Asia girls fucking in school uniforms. It has a some good talent, unfortunately there just isn't enough material to showcase it. Like every other gonzo title it's hit and miss, and this one sadly has more misses than hits. Each scene starts with a striptease from the female stars before going into their all too familiar scenarios.


Scene One: Cindy Starfall and Mick Blue


The scene starts with Vietnamese born Cindy Starfall doing her algebra homework, still in her uniform from school. Bored, she starts thinking about her cradle robbing boyfriend Mick Blue's cock, drawing pictures of it on her paper. She calls him up telling him she's horny and needs him now. After she hangs up she starts masturbating, pulling her panties to one side and rubbing her pussy until Mick shows up. There's very little foreplay, a little nipple sucking and pussy eating until Mick spoons her from behind. Still wet and horny from masturbating she's ready to cum and rubs her clit as he fucks her, orgasming on his cock. She sucks her juices off his cock before climbing on top of him and riding him. He slams his cock up in and out of her pussy, his balls slapping against her asshole and making her scream in pleasure. She rides his big hard cock cowgirl before spinning around and fucking him in reverse, sucking her cum off his cock in the interval. He drives his cock in and out of her young tight pussy until she cums again until fucking her from behind. He eats her ass first before sticking his cock in and fucks her doggy style, her ass arched up to accommodate his cock. They then go into a missionary before Mick pops his load on her face. An okay scene with an okay from veteran Cindy Starfall.


Scene Two: Kat Dior and John Strong


In a rather insulting scene, one of my favorite LATINA, NOT ASIAN, starlets Kat Dior is crying over her failing John Strong's class. She asks if there's anything she can do to get a passing grade, unbuttoning her shirt and unzipping his fly. She hikes her skirt up and John starts eating her pussy. After getting her nice and wet he stands up stroking his hard cock. She marvels at it before putting it in her mouth and giving him sweet head. After giving it a good sucking he starts fucking her doggy style, his cock like a piston pounding in and out of her pussy. She then lays on her side and he starts to t-bone her, teasing her pussy with his cock. She spits on her nipple before he sticks it in and furiously fucks her. In her signature move, the very vocal Kat Dior screams out her orgasm. She then climbs on top of him and rides him, first forward then reverse. One thing I can say about this scene is this is one of the rare times you can see Kat squirting on the guy's cock when she cums. After sucking her cum off his cock John fucks Kat from behind before he shoots off on her face and in her mouth, her swallowing his cum. Kat Dior is one of the best starlets today with lots of energy, but why cast a Latina as an Asian? I guess she has some Asian features, but there's still plenty of actual Asian performers such as Kiteh Kawasaki who was so great in the Xbiz nominated Asian Xperts waiting in the wings for their big break. I'm sorry, but this just kind of rubs me the wrong way.


Scene Three: Marica Hase and John Strong


In this scene John Strong is watching funny videos on his phone when the very cute and very giggly little porcelain Japanese doll Marica Hase walks up. In her very limited broken English she asks him what he's watching and figures her would like to see something better. She opens her uniform shirt and flashes her tits at him. Undeterred when he tells her he has a girlfriend she places his hand on her tit and he starts pinching and sucking her nipples. After a little making out she hikes her skirt up and he starts eating her pussy. She pulls her panties over to one side as he flicks his tongue on her clit and sucks on her pussy lips. After getting her good and wet he stands up and Marica starts making sweet love to his hard cock with her mouth. In true Japanese style she worships his cock, kissing the shaft and gently sucking on the head. She gags on his cock, creating so much slobber it gets in her hair. With her spit still stringing from her mouth he sits her on the seat and fucks her missionary. She rubs her pussy as he fucks her, making sweet high pitch moans and gasps as she cums on his cock. He lays her on her side and kisses her neck as he spoons her from behind, holding her hand the whole time. I actually think this guy is falling in love with Marica and her hairy pussy. John then flips over and Marica starts riding his cock in reverse cowgirl. She rubs his balls and shaft as he plows his cock into her tight pussy. She makes such sweet little squeaks as she cums on his cock. She climbs off and sucks her juices off before climbing back on and riding him cowgirl style. She bucks and twerks her ass on his cock before climbing off and sucking him again. She climbs off and her dicks her from behind, fucking her doggy style before she jacks him off on her face, shooting off in her mouth. The best scene on the disk solely because of the authentic Japanese sexual techniques administered by Tokyo native Marica Hase.


Scene Four: Saya Song and Mick Blue


Mick Blue is trying to teach Korean native Saya Song German. Looking very cute in her nerdy glasses she just isn't catching on. She confesses that instead of studying she's been partying. Mick tells her she needs to be punished and that she needs to be spanked. She hikes her skirt up and bends over his lap how brown Asian ass sticking up for him to smack. He strikes and neads her bare ass making her horny. He sits her down, skirt still hike up, and tells her to rub her pussy until she cums. She masturbates her hairy pussy until she orgasms and then starts sucking his cock. After giving him some head she gets on all fours and with one more smack on the ass fucks her doggy style. She marvels at the size as it plunges in and out of her tight pussy making her cum. She sucks him a little before climbing up and fucking him cowgirl. He pumps his cock in and out of her pussy before she turns around for a reverse, sucking him again in the interval. He then lays her down and t-bones her before going into a missionary. She furiously rubs her pussy and orgasms once more before he pulls out and cums on her face. She wipes his jizz off her chin and eats his cum as she looks up into his eyes. Not a bad scene. Saya Song is one of the best Asian talents working today.. It's just very conventional.


Overview: There is some good talent on this disk. Marica Hase with her natural cuteness brings her authentic Japanese sexual techniques nicely to the western world. And Saya Song is a fine performer bring some good energy to her roles. There is just absolutely nothing new to this title. We've seen it all before. If you have an Asian fetish you could do worse I suppose. But what really gets to me is the casting of Kat Dior. I like Kat Dior and I have nothing against her personally, but if you're going to have a release about Asian school girls the performers should all be Asian. So I'm just going to say to stream this title on demand, and if you just want to see Asian School Girls watch the other scenes.


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