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Tales of Lust

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Randy N Chastity » Review Date: 1/1/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Natural tits, public nudity, cum shots, blow jobs

Director: Several

Cast: Juan Lucho, Julia Roca, Ena Sweet, Marius, Lobo, Luna Ruiz, Alex Ak, Selina Ak, David Santos, Gabe Tonic, Silvia Rubi

Length: 90 minutes

Date of Production: Unknown

Extras: The DVD that I reviewed included 1 extra bonus scene. The movie menu presents you with the choice of Playing the Movie, Selecting a Chapter or seeing the cum shots. So, not a lot of extras.

Condoms: Sometimes.

Audio/Video Quality: The disc played great on my MacBook Pro. The movie is Letterboxed.

Overview: Each scene starts with some music and after a few minutes, the music stops and the natural sounds of the area are all you hear. Great touch. The back of the DVD case has some mini pictures of the scenes. They list their web site in very small letters.

I am a submissive, locked in chastity. So, I'm curious how hard I can get from different types of porn. This did not make me rock hard, but some precum did flow down between the bars of my cage and onto my balls. Nice.

Scene One: Among The Bushes - Juan Lucho, Julia Roca - directed by Lucia Her scene starts off with her, entering a garden and then changing paths to go between some bushes and be a voyeur. She is watching a man, sitting on a chair, reading a book. She joins him and takes the next seat. They begin talking and soon it turns playful with her stealing his book and running into the bushes. Soon they are kissing, passionately. It is great how there is not talking, just the background sounds of the park. She unbuttons her blouse and shows off her small, perky breasts. He guides his hand under her skirt to finger her pussy while they French kiss, deeply. She then unbuttons his pants and slides her hands down to play with his cock. He lowers his pants, while she drops to her knees to deep throat him. The scene is beautifully shot from behind some bushes, so it plays like we are voyeurs in their love making. He leaves and she follows him to a clearing where they continue with first a blow job and then she hikes up her skirt to show a full hairy bush. She sits on his cock and bounces. It is a treat to see some honest love making and camera angles. Each time they change positions, they only look at each other and really connect with the moment. He pulls out of her and cum on her neck. Their passion does not seem rushed or forced. One problem is that since it was shot outside, when the clouds would move in and cover the sun, the scene would get darker.

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Scene two: Going Bananas - Ena Sweet, Marius - directed by Alex Bosch The scene starts off with both of them at a long table in a house. She is reading a book and he is on the computer. She keeps seeing notes that direct her to other rooms in the house. In each new room, there is a new note telling her what to do next. In the bathroom, she starts to get undressed and we watch as a voyeur from another room. She has a beautiful body and the simple lighting shows off her figure. She ends up in the bedroom, naked, lying on the bed, wearing a blindfold and holding a banana. He enters wearing only underwear and begins to worship her body. Kissing his way down, he stops at her pussy, where he also fingers and licks it. Soon, he slides a condom on the banana and slides it into her pussy. She spread her legs wide to accept the penetration. He carries her to the kitchen, puts her on the counter top and continues to kiss and play with her body. All this time, from a distance, the camera shows us their bodies getting more intimate and naughty with each other. She takes off her blindfold, gets on her knees and sucks his big, cut cock. They then move to another room, to continue their lovemaking. You hear him orgasm and see a little cum coat his cock. Nice.

Scene three: Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Lobo, Luna Ruiz - directed by jean - Pierre Mendoza This scene has subtitles and starts with them outside, she is watching him fire a gun to hit cans. She bets him he can't hit the next can and to win the bet, she starts to play with his cock. He can still aim and shoot, so she takes the action up a notch, drops to her knees, peels away his jeans and gives his uncut cock a blow job. That does it as now he is missing the cans. He gives her the gun to try her hand at the shooting range and slides her pants down. It is refreshing seeing the actors wear regular clothes and underwear, it allows for more tease. They turn, kiss, drop to the grass, keep undressing and soon she is sitting on his lap, French kissing. She then gives him a blow job and he continues by stroking while she is licking the tip of his cock. All of this is done with them still wearing shirts. He then fucks her missionary style and he cums on her body.

Scene four: Unwrap Me - Alex Ak, Selina Ak - Directed by Julia Mc Donell This scene starts with our actors, in a house, wrapped up in red vinyl tape. He worships her body by kissing and licking the material, working his way up to her face. They kiss. Then he slowly unwraps her, starting with her ass. He then kisses and licks over the newly exposed skin. Using his teeth, he breaks the tape and frees her breasts and kisses that. This is followed by freeing her leg which has me licking her toes. Soon, you see and hear the rain outside and the viewer gets to see the slow tease as these 'clothes' are removed from first her body and then his. It is soon her turn and she sits on him, takes some extra tape and wraps it around his head to blindfold him. She frees his cock and gives him a blow job. He then frees his face and returns the favor by licking her hairy pussy. I love how the camera spends as much time on their facial expressions of love and passion as it does on the actual sex organs. Soon they remove the rest of the red tape and she goes back to worshiping his body by licking up and down and ending on his cock. He then slides on a condom and she sits on his cock. Her bouncing shows off her beautiful, small, perky breasts with erect nipples. They change positions so she is sitting down and sucking his cock sans condom. He then sits down, strokes while she kisses him and he cums on his chest.

Scene five: THR3E - David Santos, Gabe Tonic, Silvia Rubi - Directed by Julia McDonell This scene has subtitles and even though they are speaking a foreign language, one of the actors has a bright yellow shirt on that says US State. A husband and wife enter and meet a third man. They say this is their first time. The husbands says he will do what she wants, so they start kissing in front of the other man. The couple start lightly petting and soon the third man joins in and takes off her top showing a lot of tattoos, and small pierced nipples. The scene is setting things up to put her in the middle of a MFM gang bang. At first, both men spend most of the time kissing and touching her breasts and lips. Soon her pants come off and she is only in black panties. Both men worship her body with her husband pulling down her panties and licking her pussy. Clearly the husband has a naughty side as he has a pierced tongue and knows how to use it. During her moaning, it is revealed that she also has a pierced tongue. Soon, she and the other man are fucking and her husband is off on the side masturbating and watching. So, the scene is now more cuckold. Great eye contact between husband and wife. Then, he joins them on the bed and gets his dick sucked by her while the other man is fucking the wife doggy style. The husband has an average sized dick, so it is no trouble for her to deep throat him. Soon he cums and it runs down his cock. He is now left to watch as his wife makes love to the other man and his much longer cock. Soon, he cums all over her ass. The three of them then cuddle on the bed.

Scene six: Belle Dame, Sans Merci - Gabe Tonic, Silvia Rubi - Directed by Jean - Pierre Mendoza This scene has subtitles and stars the wife and the other man from the previous scene. We see him hiking in the woods. he is thirsty, but his water bottle has just a drop. He sees a note and follows the instructions. It takes him to other notes and finally to a topless lady wearing a mask and a note that instructs him to open his mouth. He does so and she lets some liquid flow from her mouth to his. They then French kiss, lay on the ground and he slowly teases her pierced nipple with his lips and tongue. The tease is incredible. He lightly fingers her pussy and pussy lips. He follows this up with licking and sucking her pussy lips. Soon, she unsnaps his shirt and his jeans to free his big cock, which she teases with her lips. While she is giving him a blow job, he says, "You can't be real." So, is this a dream of his or a fantasy? Soon, she is laying on her back, legs spread apart, getting slowly fucked. It is also refreshing to see ladies wearing normal shoes and clothes in a natural setting. They end by kissing while at first he strokes himself off and then she helps my kissing his balls. He tells her to open her mouth and he lets the cum drip in. He gets dressed and they cuddle. Then we see him open his eyes, dressed and still holding the empty water bottle as he looks around an empty forest.

Final Thoughts: Overall it is a great movie if you are into soft, sensual sex. It is all natural and organic. I like the use of natural light, but that meant that some scenes were a bit dark as the clouds rolled in.

This is a good movie to watch if couples having a sensual time is your thing.

My rating: Buy it.

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