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Hot Office Girls 3

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/5/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genres: All Sex, Foreign, British, Office

Directors: Unknown



Cast: Miya Rai, Lexi Ward (Credited Lexy Ward), Chantelle Fox, Tiffany Kingston, Nikita Law

Length: 1 hour 49 minutes

Date of Release: November 25, 2016

Extras: Absolutely None

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Poor-to-fair for audio and while the presentation of the visuals is clear anamorphic widescreen, the camera work leaves a lot to be desired.

Overview: A five scene compilation of sex in an office, which in most scenarios is a "porn studio" office. There's a quick setup to each scene, but half the time you'd have to turn your volume to 11 to even grasp at what it is. Most of the girls are fairly new, the exception being Lexi Ward. As for the guys, I didn't even bother to try to track them down since the website they come from didn't even bother to list who they are.

Scene 1: Chantelle Fox & Guy

Chantelle is at her desk and the guy walks in and says something about his phone. The audio is so low, even with headphones on and cranked up it's hard to figure out what they are saying. Apparently it's irrelevant anyhow as he walks up to her, pants bulging. She rubs his crotch and soon they are sucking and fucking their way around the office. She's wearing black, top stripped off and skirt hiked up to reveal her torn stockings as she blows him and romps on his rod.

Chantelle Fox

She has nice round globes, and a lithe body with jet black hair. She's a high bouncer and back and forth thruster as she goes cowgirl. There's some active 69 work and our guy pulls her into a leg open missionary for some deep thrusting s she spouts dirty British talk. He gives it to her good and then she takes some time to jerk and blow him to fruition.

She's a cutie and is fun to watch. Too bad the audio sucks in this scene, as I'm sure there was a good one-liner at the end that I missed.

Scene 2: Lexi Ward & Guy

Lexi Ward

Lexi's pretending to be busy, sitting around with no panties on, There's a dude off to the side who calls her out for wasting time ordering pens and pencils online when she works at a porn studio and should be rounding up girls with no pussy hair that have douched and haven't eaten for 12 hours. She mentions the girl should take some Imodium too, and he agrees. They discuss this for awhile and she sends out the ad and wants to get back to ordering pens, but he has other ideas.

Lexi Ward

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He plays with her pussy and pulls her top down to expose her breasts, which are large and round. She's ready now and bends over her desk so he can finger her from behind. The camera gets a bit wonky moving in and out and up and down, but keeps the pair roughly centered before shooting from ground level up which is an awkward viewpoint as she reaches down his trousers. The view switches to POV as she drops to suck him, which she puts a good effort into. She gets bent back over the desk as he strips to slip her the shaft. The camera man gets underneath the glass table for a unique view of her arm/boob/face pressed into as she gets drilled. There's a quick BJ as she gets into missionary and he starts pumping away, her boobs bouncing. The desk shakes and I'll admit - I was half expecting the tempered glass to crack and shatter at any time, but it doesn't. She quickly drops for an impressive facializing, eyes bright and wide.

I just couldn't really get into this scene. The camera angles were just a bit odd, or perhaps it was an odd lens choice? I don't know but I was constantly aware of it.

Scene 3: Miya Rai & Guy "Freddy Flavors"

Freddy is working a deal to skim some money off a performer he wants to hire and an auditor, Miya, shows up. She throws around accusations of someone skimming and Freddy swears he's a hard worker and filled with integrity. She says he doesn't feel that hard to her as she stands to rub his crotch. The auditing goes out the window as he strips her down and rubs on her body. She grinds her ass into his crotch  as the camera shoots from ground level again. He unbuckles his trousers and she puts her lips and hands to work.

Miya Rai

This scene is almost a play-by-play of the last one, although it does introduce a bit of side missionary which brings him to blow, which she catches on her big lips.

The acting in this scene is really wooden, no pun intended. Again, the audio is not captured well enough to really follow the dialog during parts of it.

Scene 4: Nikita Law & Guy

Nikita Law

Nikita's new to the office and "the boss" whips out his cock to show her what's expected of her. She gets busy right away, with a bit of banter between bobs. Nikita's looking good, her ass nice and pretty; her stockings featuring elaborate fuchsia and black lace designs at the top. Her tits are round and firm, and she can get a large dick way into her throat. She pumps back in doggy to meet her man's thrusts as the two banter away. There's the sound of a door closing behind the camera and our guy looks up to see who just walked into the office and bailed, but then goes back to banging the office fuck bunny.

Nikita Law

She's got some moves, swirling and grinding, bouncing and thrusting. She is probably as active a participant in each stroke as he is. She's folded in half in a stack of cushions when he pops in her mouth and it drips into her cleavage. The two banter about the fact that she can probably keep her job; but then he says he doesn't know if he needs such a whore working in his office.

Nikita has only one other title listed at IAFD, These British Are Smoking Hot 2, which I reviewed and you can read that review by clicking on the title. This scene here is the standout on this disc, by far.

Scene 5: Tiffany Kingston & Guy

Tiffany is wearing a French maid's outfit, polishing stuff around the office while fingering herself. She walks in on a guy wanking and he explains it's a porn studio this is what happens - people suck, fuck and wank. The buxom blonde wants to check it out and starts with a spit polish. Her makeup and fingernails are brightly colored and featured prominently in the POV BJ. The dude finishes stripping off his clothes, throwing his trainers aside and Tiffany jumps on for a ride. She's not shy, she just starts slamming up and down on him. She tosses on leg up on the glass desk, and again I'm expecting some high-heeled-to-glass catastrophe that never comes.

Tiffany Kingston

He somewhat stands to pound into her as she bends over in a really awkward multi-piece-of-furniture braced doggie style before settling across one desk for some serious plunging. He decides he can get deeper and harder with her on the floor and starts plunging her there while squatting over her. The two go through a number of positions, and it's a raucous romp from the get go. She scratches his legs in a circular motion as he finishes himself off in her mouth as her eyes stare up at him.

Final Thoughts: This is a compilation of British girls getting banged in an office by guys that the studio didn't even take the time to credit. The audio is captured shoddily for the most part, and the camera work is just not very good, although better than some of what I've seen lately. The sex is nothing to write home about and I hate to say it, as this is my first review of 2017, but you might as well Skip This. There's no extras on the disc, and if you are looking for some fun, British dirty talk - you aren't going to hear it here. UK Porn Kings had an idea here, and I'm not sure how this compares with the previous two volumes, but for me this disc just isn't worth the time. Nikita Law puts forth the most effort here, followed by Tiffany Kingston, but the production doesn't do either of them any favors.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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