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Going Bonkers

Studio: Girlsway » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 1/11/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Genre: Lesbian Comedy


Cast: Kenna James, Bree Daniels, Lana Rhoades, Reena Sky, Chanel Preston

Director: Stills By Alan

Length: 121 mins.

Video/Audio: Anamorphic Widescreen in 5.1 Surround

Extras: 15 min. Behind The Scenes doc. and two trailers


Overview: If you're familiar with the girlsway.com's Spellbound Kiss this is a continuation of that online series. It tells the comedic tale of sweet wanna be witch Kenna James and her wacky attempts to use magic to find true love, always to disastrous results. In the first series, available exclusively at girlsway.com, Kenna accidentally creates a spell that makes her step mother fall in love with her. This causes a rift between her father and step mother, but before she leaves she performs one more piece of magic. She brings her teddy bear Mr. Bonkers to life in a scenario inspired by the film Ted. Now she has a talking toy who gives her the worst advice, leading to all kinds of sticky situations for Kenna.



Scene One: Kenna James and Bree Daniels


It's been a month since Kenna's father and step mother divorced. Kenna, her father and Mr. Bonkers have moved, and Kenna's beginning to feel lonely (horny is more like it). She confides in Mr. Bonkers about her crush with a girl in her poetry class, the strikingly beautiful redhead Bree Daniels. She invites her over for brunch, becomes all tongue tied and nervous around her. She runs upstairs and asks Mr. Bonkers for advice. He persuades her to use magic and make her fall in love with her. So she reluctantly casts a love spell. After rejoining with Bree downstairs, Bree reveals she has already has a girlfriend but still thinks Kenna is very sweet. When she gives Kenna a peck on the check the spell kicks in and Bree becomes all hot and horny for Kenna. She chases Kenna around the house and finally throws her on the couch, planting hot kisses on her before pulling the top of her dress down and sucking her tits. She pulls her shirt off and sticks her boob in Kenna's mouth, forcing her to suck her nipple. Bree then hikes Kenna's skirt up and and starts eating her pussy, making Kenna cum in her mouth. Bree then climbs up onto Kenna and rides her face, bucking and grinding her pussy on Kenna's tongue. After cumming on her face they start bumping pussies.


Bree rubs her clit up against Kenna's before going into a 69, making Kenna eat her pussy until she cums on Kenna's face. Kenna then tells Bree she wants to fuck in the closet, where she locks Bree up, trying to figure out how to fix this mess. This scene pretty much sets the tone for the feature, a light wacky comedy with both funny and very hot sex scenes. Kenna James is terrific in her wide eyed innocence, trying to convince Bree she still loves her girlfriend while the whole time she's cumming in her mouth. Kenna is a nympho, but she still wants to do the right thing. Too bad she can't help but give in to her sexual urges. And taking advice from the dirty minded Mr. Bonkers is no help.


Scene Two: Kenna James and Lana Rhoades


After listening to a plan by Mr. Bonkers to make Bree fall back in love with her girlfriend Lana Rhoades, she finds Lana at the gym working out. It turns out she's a personal trainer and Kenna convinces her to come back to her place train her. Meanwhile back at Kenna's Bree is still locked in the closet masturbating while sniffing and trying on Kenna's panties. Once Lana arrives at Kenna's she finds Bree and is so overjoyed about Kenna finding her she kisses Kenna on the cheek, making her fall under her spell. She tackles Kenna in the hallway and pulls her clothes off. Showing that she's the dominant in the relationship, Lana pushes Kenna against the wall and plants her pussy against her face forcing her to make her cum. Lana then gets down on the floor, spreads Kenna's legs apart and munches her pussy.


Just like the last scene, Kenna is trying to stop it (but not too hard), telling Lana how much she loves Bree to deaf ears. After Kenna cums in her mouth, Lana grabs Kenna by the neck and makes her say her pussy is HERS! To which a very frightened Kenna obeys. She then gets up between Kenna's legs and bumps pussies with her, grinding her clit against hers until they both cum. She then climbs up on Kenna's face and rides her tongue before going back down on her and munching Kenna's box until she cums. Kenna then tells her she wants to fuck in the closet and locks her up inside with Bree. The exasperated Kenna seems to be getting from one pickle to another. Another very funny and very hot scene from the great performance from Kenna James.



Scene Three: Kenna James, Bree Daniels and Lana Rhoades


Flashing back to Spellbound Kiss, Mr. Bonkers tells a now exasperated Kenna to cast one more spell to make her fall in love with both Bree and Lana and that would break the spell like it did with Kenna's step mother. To do this she would need a lock of their hair. So with scissors in hand she unlocks the closet and Bree and Lana come rushing out. But before she can snip their hair they gang rush her onto the and Lana immediately starts eating Kenna's pussy while Bree plants kisses all over her. Lana's tongue makes Kenna cum multiple times before Bree straddles Kenna on her face. She munches her pussy while Lana licks her asshole making her cum again. They then force Kenna into a missionary position making it easy for Bree to eat her pussy while Lana rides her face.


After cumming, Kenna tells them with would really turn her on of they kissed. They both protest saying it's Kenna they love, but she insists they should do it of they REALLY loved her. So while Bree scissors Kenna and Lana rides her face they start kissing. Lana grinds her pussy on Kenna's face until she cums at the same time Bree explodes on Kenna's clit. Bree and Lana then start passionately kissing when Kenna tells them to bump pussies together, telling them it would really make her cum. Lana starts bucking on Bree's pussy, grinding to an incredible orgasm from the both of them. I won't give away the scene's ending, only to say that Kenna's saga isn't over just yet.


Scene Four: Reena Sky and Chantel Preston


In this unrelated scene, Chantel Preston plays herself as a diva-ish celebrity with Reena Sky playing her P.R. rep. Chantel's husband just left her for another woman and she's having none of it. So she hires Reena to spin a story that she's having a lesbian affair to the public. After a great single hand held camera shot reminiscent of a Tarantino or Paul Thomas Anderson scene, she decides Reena would be good as her lover, even though Reena admits to never being with another woman. She tells her not to worry and that would all just be an act. Chantel takes Reena's saying if she's going to play the part she needs to look it. She inspects Reena's perfectly tanned Latina body and asks her how her kissing is. Having never kissed a girl Chantel shows her how. Getting turned on Chantel starts seducing Reena, taking her top off, rubbing and sucking her tits, making Reena suck on hers, etc. Eventually Chantel is naked and Reena starts licking her pussy. She eats and licks her clit until Chantel cums. Reena then lays back and Chantel then munches on Reena's hairy box.


After she orgasms, they get into a 69 position and Reena eats and finger bangs Chantel's pussy until she cums on Reena's finger. They then bump pussies, Reena's gorgeous ass rubbing against Chantel's leg as they cum on each other. After Reena eats out Chantel's pussy one more time, Chantel reminds Reena this is all fake, visibly much to Reena's disappointment. A short, light little scene tacked on at the end continuing the humorous feel of the disc. As usual Chantel turns in a great performance as the dominant paired with a rather subdued Reena Sky and her perfectly slamming body.



Final Thoughts:  Stills By Alan has been having a great year with Bree Mills and Girlsway Films. From the wonderful Christmas Spirit to the beautiful Clairvoyance. Unfortunately this title doesn't hold up to those. I loved Kenna James as the nyphomaniacal witch with a heart of gold who's trying to do the right thing while still pursuing her own happiness. But her insistent begging for the girls she's with to stop fucking her while her pussy is in their mouth gets so annoying with each scene. Her breathy wide eyed performance is a bit over the top. The scenes themselves though are scorching hot. Bree Daniels is a true firecracker with her shock of short red hair and amazing electricity. Lana Rhoads is best during the sex scenes, delivering such intense energy, especially when she orgasms. And the whole Mr. Bonkers concept itself is a little bit much. I understand, it's a wacky comedy with very little value, and the scenes are total raunch (no heavy emotional message here like in the titles I just mentioned). On that level it delivers. It's also a sharp contrast to the much darker Spellbound Kiss, which this story is a continuation of. Since it's a much different film you'll see from Stills By Alan I Recommend it.


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