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AI: Artificial Intelligence

Studio: Girlsway » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/13/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Lesbian, Feature, Sci-Fi

Writer/Director: Stills By Alan
Producer: Bree Mills



Cast: Celeste Star, Serena Blair, Alix Lynx  

Length: Feature 1 Hour 50 Minutes, 2 hours 26 minutes including Bonus

Date of Release: August 12, 2016

Extras: 2 Menu-selectable Trailers, 30 minute BTS, Scene-specific Slideshows

Slideshows Menu

Extras Menu

Bonus Scene: Alexis Texas, Dahlia Sky, Kalina Ryu

I'm not sure why this scene plays as Chapter 4 of a 3-part series, other than saving the viewer from having to navigate a few menu button clicks. It does offer hot threeway action between our two blonde and the brunette vixens, so there's no complaints from me here.


Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Excellent on both fronts. Shot in hi-def, presented in anamorphic widescreen. Audio is crystal clear. The soundtrack is engaging, pertinent, and never overpowers any dialog.

Overview: This is three scenes that originated as a mini-series on the Girlsway site. It's a tale about a geeky girl, Serena, that is a computer programmer working in the Artificial Intelligence field. A helpful friend of hers passes along some cutting edge technology that helps her along her path and she ends up creating a self-aware intelligence.

If you haven't been living under a rock for the last 50 years then you know that a storyline in this vein will inevitably introduce some cliches, which usually play out with varying degrees (or lack) of success. Luckily, here they play out well due to a three part formula: 1. Good directing. 2. Good acting. 3. Attention to detail by the entire crew.

Since this is a "feature/series", my descriptions below will contain some spoilers, but I won't get too thick into the plot, nor will I reveal the ending.

Scene 1. Celeste Star, Serena Blair

This scene's setup is like an intermediate film class. From the opening fade-in of Alix's deer-in-the-headlights face to the masterful editing of multiple camera angles that keep the flow quick, while entertaining and informing the viewer of the complex dynamics going on in Serena's mind.


With a title like AI: Artificial Intelligence, you know there has to be some "hacker" footage where we get to see someone typing on a keyboard: oh joy! That's never been tried before, and failed miserably more often than not. Yep, Alan and his camera crew definitely employ that technique here, but it actually works due to a superimposing of the keyboard being typed on in a time lapse while showing Serena spinning in her chair as time passes and computer code scrolls across the screen.

For good measure, once the Artificial Intelligence Serena has created becomes self-aware (you knew that was coming, didn't you?); they have a conversation and the AI (now known as Celeste) needs to learn "everything". Enter the next cinema technique: Being Meta. Yep, Girlsway uses self-referential techniques to showcase their goods as Celeste scours the world for answers "Person of Interest" style. You thought you were just watching a porno. Wrong. But, don't worry, we'll get to that...

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The next day, Serena answers the door and there's a hot brunette standing there and addressing her by name. She introduces herself as Celeste and our confused, programming geek invites her in and Celeste explains exactly how she became to be and how she owes Serena a debt of gratitude for creating her. Both actresses here play their parts seriously well. Celeste, being now "omniscient", casually explaining things without sounding condescending; Serena being "the geek" clutching her laptop tightly to her bosom as her eyes dart around nervously.

Celeste & Serena

With all of the cinematic "necessities" out of the way, the cameras move on to what you all came here for. One starts with laser sharp focus on the girls' big, beautiful, eyes while another captures the soft, intimate kisses that Celeste instigates. Serena timidly feels up Celeste through her form-fitting dress as their embraces become tighter and more passionate. Celeste peels that dress off to show her creator just what she was responsible for; a long, lean body with boobs that are the size of Serena's hands and a beautifully trimmed bush. Celeste's locks frame her face in a lovely way as she strips her nervous creator's clothes off and softly licks and caresses her erogenous zones. The pair's eye contact is superb and unwavering as Celeste pleasures Serena with her tongue, bringing her to her first-ever orgasm. Come time for reciprocation, Serena starts off slowly and shyly, but soon is munching away like a seasoned pro. Celeste is eager to share her wealth of sexual knowledge and the two engage in some tribadism. Apparently, Serena is a quick learner. She goes from knowing about tribadsm through Greek myths to grinding groins expertly in a matter of moments.

The scene really shines because of the acting from both performers and the superb camera work combined with skillful editing.

Scene 2. Alix Lynx, Celeste Star

Serena and Celeste are awaiting the arrival of Alix; Serena in her usual dowdy, geeky clothes, and Celeste in a hot red, lacy top. The red plays well with her lipstick shade and the lighting highlights her incredible cheekbones. Blonde hottie, Alix, shows up with her laptop looking like she's ready for a casual stroll on a SoCal beach trolling for guys to supply her with free party supplies. She plays the part of an up-n-coming DJ with a bit of a chip on her shoulder, and her eyes and hand gestures are spot-on as she almost dismisses the idea that Celeste could be some kind of EDM phenom she's never heard of. Little does she know the omniscient being is the one trolling the waters here, and she falls for it hook, line, and sinker. Serena's a bit slow on the uptake as Celeste includes her in the storyline, but she's saved by the bell, literally. A delivery guy has shown up with a ton of boxes. Nope, this isn't going to be the "delivery guy" porn cliche. Remember, this is lesbian porn we're watching!

With Serena out of the way dealing with deliveries, Celeste can put the moves on her "new friend". Those moves start with a kiss that gets rebuffed momentarily, but quickly go the way of revealing Alix's beautifully round breasts. Once again Celeste gets to indoctrinate a newbie into the wonders of lesbian sex. Again, the eye contact is superb, with Alix's long lashes batting with each lap of Celeste's tongue as she lies on the dining room table. Celeste's ass moves in tandem with each stroke of her tongue, her own exposed breasts pressed against the wooden table. As in the encounter with Serena, Celeste's semi-tousled tresses bounce as she gets serviced by her new student.

Alix & Celeste
Alix & Celeste

Serena's apparently up to her eyeballs in boxes and comes in looking for some help from her friends, who dive underneath the table to keep their tryst secret. That sets up a very unique framing situation for the rest of the encounter as the two continue the action. The box licking continues more aggressively on the hard tiled floor, and the table itself becomes a sexual jungle gym. It's supports get used as leg props, handholds, and even a back brace as Alix brings Celeste to a shuddering climax while Serena continues to seek her friends' aid in box sorting of another kind.

Scene 3. Alix Lynx, Celeste Star, Serena Blair
Celeste and Serena are showering together, and Celeste still has to offer encouragement to her creator to build her self-confidence up. The fact that all those boxes contained a household of furniture and a new wardrobe aids in that effort. Alix shows up as the other two are in the newly furnished bedroom, both looking super hot. Serena's look has changed from frumpy and geeky to chic and stylish. Serena and Celeste sit Alix down and let her in on the little secret that is Celeste. Here we go again with showing that not all porn is created equal. Attention to detail becomes apparent here with the complete makeover of Serena and once again the camera's whir into laser focus on each lady's eyes and lips as Alix goes from incredulous to accepting while Serena exudes her newly found power and confidence.



Now that they are all on the same page, it's time to take the dust cover off that book and see what lies inside. The trio start kissing, in pairs at first and then all together like the musketeers while looking as hot as some of the former Mousketeers. Little by little, a piece of fashion is removed and tossed aside in order to facilitate access to what lies beneath. And what lies beneath Serena's fashions is a bald beaver that the other two lick simultaneously. Celeste takes some time to stop and remove Alix's clothing, giving the latter some time to really go to town on Serena's slit. Serena's soon panting and writhing in ecstasy and then the tables turn in Alix's favor as the two brunettes give her some tongue time. Once the solo turns are taken, it becomes a sea of tongues and tribbing making sure that each girl gets to orgasm at least once.

It's a hot scene with Alix's blonde hair anchoring the two brunettes nicely.

Cover vs. Content: 3 hot girls outside, 3 hot girls inside.

Celeste StarFinal Thoughts: Girlsway shoots, Girlsway scores! In fact, as I type this paragraph, news is coming in that this film scored Best Special Effects at the XBIZ awards last night. That's a bit odd, in my opinion, as there really aren't any special fx aside from some computer monitor manipulations. Oddity aside, this is a really well done Science Fiction story. Sure, it's a bit formulaic albeit with the twist of an all-girl storyline, but there's a reason certain formulas exist. Because they work! Told over the course of three episodes, it's a familiar tale: Computer gains self awareness. Unlike most of the takes on this tale, this time the computer isn't a malevolent force to be reckoned with, but one that wants to aid its creator in her future.

Part of the formula that exists in AI storylines involves cliches, because it must. Tweaking that formula to include things like being meta to a degree really work in the film's favor here. Add to that an outstanding cast that can actually act, shot by a competent camera/audio/lighting department with the aid of some top notch hair/makeup/wardrobe and you have a winning formula. For a film to be metacinematic and work takes skill by the writer. Now, before anyone jumps on me for using the  term wrong; please know that I am using it in reference to the way Girlsway often references their own work within the work rather than any characters breaking the 4th wall and informing the viewer they are aware they are in a film. Girlsway does this to varying degrees, here it is used pretty extensively although rapidly in one scene. Blink too long and you'll miss it.

If you like your lesbian porn soft and pretty, and your sci-fi to actually be based on real possibilities then you'll love this flick! Buy it. Highly Recommended! The girls are hot, the story is well told and the whole production comes together fantastically. If you like your girl-on-girl action with a bit more "bite", then you may want to adjust my rating down a notch.

 ~cyber5  Tweet me.

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