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Flesh Hunter 14

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 1/23/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: All Sex, Gonzo

Director: Jules Jordan


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Cast: Brandi Love, Janice Griffith, Kimmy Granger, Riley Nixon, Lana Rhoades, Chris Strokes, Jan Valjean

Length: 2 hours 19 minutes

Date of Release: December 29, 2016

Extras: 13:27 minute BTS, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, 5 Menu-Selectable Trailers, Website List

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Condoms: None.

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in 4k and presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen. Audio is good. Please Take note of Scene 3 and my comments in my final thoughts before purchasing this disc though, as there was a playability issue with my copy.

Overview: Jules Jordan takes us into the 14th installment of this popular gonzo series. The disc opens with XBIZ New Starlet of 2017 and closes out with the wonderful Brandi Love, also a multi award nominated performer! Sandwiched in between those two great performers is Kimmy Granger, Riley Nixon and Janice Griffith. The production value is high, and the replay value is also. You'll want to check this out, for sure.

Scene 1. Lana Rhoades, Chris Strokes

Lana Rhoades

XBIZ's Best New Starlet 2017, Lana Rhoades, opens this disc teasing in a white mesh one-piece. Her eyes are captivating and her long, brunette hair flows beautifully as she slowly stretches and poses for the camera. She also spends some time taking selfies with a pink instant film camera. Nice touch! The camera (the one filming, not hers) moves around quite a bit, but the moves are determined and methodical, not random and sporadic.

Once Chris enters the scene (sans the baseball cap he seems so fond of, thankfully), he starts playing with her natural D-cups and the framing is nice, effectively using a full-length mirror to show off her assets from multiple viewing angles as well as capture the extensive collection of objets d'art present in the house. Her mesmerizing eyes are attentive to her partner as the action begins, her fabulous form bathed by the sunlight in the room. She's nude, except for some leg warmers which stay on throughout the scene for some reason. Her moans are soft and feminine as Chris plunges in and out of her, lifting her up for a standing bang session momentarily before she works her ass diligently on his cock in cowgirl.

Lana Rhoades

As she rides rodeo style, our camera team jockey for position, sometimes resulting in  a slight head chopping, but nothing too drastic nor long-lasting. Her boobs jiggle with each thrust from Chris' sword, and her oral skills are simply amazing as she engulfs his rod with ease. In missionary, Chris switches it up with one, or both of her legs pressed to his chest in the air, or spread wide for deeper penetration resulting in a healthy dose of spooge plastering her chest and face.

Scene 2. Kimmy Granger, Chris Strokes

Kimmy Granger

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Our second scene features 2017's AVN and XBIZ nominee for Best New Starlet, Kimmy Granger, in a French maid outfit, doing some dusting during her tease. Again, some objets d'art get utilized quite effectively in the photographic composition and Kimmy's gaze is on point, right into lens center. During the sex scenes, I consider that a no-no usually; in the tease it is expected, if not required. She looks great as a maid, and she uses the uniform's ruffles and her feather duster erotically as she saunters around while a piano and string track plays.

Chris doesn't really enter the scene, he just kind of appears standing against a wall. Kimmy doesn't seem to care, she starts lap grinding her ass against his groin and immediately drops to her knees when he unzips his manhood. Her tongue darts in and out of her lips as she smiles and takes off her panties so she can wrap them around that manhood during her blowjob which is voracious. Her legs are long and well-defined in her fishnets and heels as she stretches them on the furniture so Chris can pump into her from behind. Her face is radiant as she smiles and locks gaze with her swordsman. She pumps her body during the balling like there is no tomorrow, and when he sits on the couch she tosses her leg over his face for an inverted 69.

Kimmy Granger

The camera time is split pretty equally amongst close, mid, and far shots which showcases the action nicely, which is serious. Did I mention Kimmy pumps and grinds like there's no tomorrow?, Well, I'll reiterate that right now so you don't forget. She fucks fast and furiously, and when she isn't dominating the movement Chris takes over and hammers her hole. One of the most memorable moments is when he hammers into her while she balances on a couch arm, which gives him some room for a full arm swing to smack her ass cheek red as he pounds his cock into her relentlessly. That works him up to a finish, and he tries to run over for a face pop, but ends up splashing most of it in her hair and on her neck. She's cool with that; all smiles as she milks the last drops of it into her mouth.

Scene 3. Janice Griffith, Riley Nixon, Jean Valjean

Jean is sitting in a chair as violet-haired Janice and short-haired Riley kneel and make out over his lap sporting outfits similar to the one Lana opened the disc with. The camera here is exposing for flesh tones and the large windows behind the trio artistically get washed out for a fairly dramatic effect. The massive amount of sunlight plays well with Janice's violet locks, but it also tends to wash out Riley's milky skin. That is, until Janice stuffs a big red ball gag in her mouth and the camera angle changes to focus on the two centered around Jean's now unsheathed cock. Since Riley's not able to aid in the blowjob, Violet playfully spanks Jean's dick against her cheeks before removing the gag with a reassuring kiss so that she too can bob on the knob.

Janice & Riley

Their eyes are alight and faces show delight as they lick the stick and wriggle out of their mesh entrapments; Janice's box barren and Riley's showing off her true hair color. The camera goes in tight as Riley takes the mount, with an insertion assist from her female costar. That assistance continues as she holds Riley's ass to keep it from slipping off it's perch before holding her tongue against Jean's Johnson.

I assume the sex continues - I don't know. I did get glimpses of the two stacked atop each other with Jean plunging between them - but this scene was problematic and kept shutting the player down in one machine and the disc wouldn't even recognize in another. I had to skip the chapter at this point.

Scene 4. Brandi Love, Chris Strokes

Brandi Love

AVN's 2017 nominee for MILF Performer of the Year, Brandi, plays a newly divorced hottie shopping for a roommate and Chris shows up as a prospective boarder. She's looking super fine in her tight fitting ensemble accessorized with red-soled heels. She's none-too-subtle with her hints of what she really needs a roomie for, and it isn't necessarily to help her pay the mortgage. Strokes gets the hints and in two shakes of a lamb's tail he has his tongue in her tight, round tushy. She reciprocates by dropping to the kitchen floor, stripped to her pink panties that match the eyeshadow shade she seems particularly fond of. That's not a bad thing, as that shade is very complementary to her lip color choice, and her nipples which are rock hard; probably from the chill of the marble counter Chris props her up on so he can access her hot little hole.

Brandi Love

The camera man seems to be aware that getting her shoes into the frame as well as keeping focus on her smiling face is a really good idea. It really adds a nice sense of depth to the shot and elevates the composition as a whole. Brandi's had enough kitchen action and they head off to her bedroom where she can really get her groove on, and she does just that. It seems as if Brandi and Kimmy have been paying attention to each other's moves and Brandi shows off her own grinding and pumping skills in reverse cowgirl. Chris doesn't seem to think that he's in deep enough that way, and pulls her backwards and into a spoon so he can slide his shaft in and out of her snatch while she does a bit of dirty talk. Her eye contact is great, even when she's not facing her cocksman, and he uses her large breasts as a handhold as often as he can. Her long lashes really define her eyes as she stares up at him in missionary, leg braced across his shoulder and then she rolls over clenching her legs together so his dick is sliding in and out of a soft, pink vise.

I normally don't use the word "cute" when it comes to full-grown women, but she really looks cute as she bends over the edge of the bed and twerks on Chris' face before he jackhammers into her box and then spins her to her knees to plaster her with his seed as she holds her hair out of the way. She finishes the scene with one of her well-delivered lines and a smile.

Final Thoughts: Jules Jordan delivers a tour de force gonzo title here. Four scenes littered with award nominees, and winners, shot by himself with the aid of Elliott Clixx and edited by Mecha. This is volume 14 for a reason; it just works. There's no huge storyline to distract you, the girls are all stunning and the production value is very high. The performances from Chris Stokes are solid, and thankfully he seems to have left his baseball cap off of the set! I can't really speak for Jean's performance due to technical difficulties, sorry Jean. With that said, you may be thinking to yourself: here comes the Highly Recommended rating on the disc. Wrong. That's what it SHOULD be.

I should have no qualms about recommending you buy this disc, except for that little problem of the disc itself. Failing to play in 50% of my reviewing players is bad enough: having a chapter flake out entirely, multiple times in the other 50% is a game changer. Yes, I cleaned the disc, yes I cleaned the players. No, there is no visible defect on the disc. Sometimes that's how the cookie crumbles. So, I'm going to give you a rating 2 ways: I Recommend you watch this, sans extras, On Demand rather than take your chances with the physical media OR you can take door number two and take your chances on the physical media. I'm a physical media kind of guy, so I'd take my chances if I was buying it somewhere with a good return policy, and preferably locally, just for that reason. So, my rating at the top of this review will say Recommended, just remember there's a caveat at the end of the review!

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