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Family Friendly

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 2/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 27 minutes

Date of Production:  2016


Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex; Family Roleplay

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Paul Woodcrest and Robby D.

Cast: Featuring Kristen Scott with Gina Valentina, Bobbi Dylan, Jenna Sativa, Toni Ribas, Tommy Gunn, Tyler Nixon, Xander Corvus

Bonus Scenes: 1st Scene: Kayla West and Erik Everhard from Brothers and Sisters 3;  2nd Scene: Kacy Lane and Evan Stone from Daddy Issues 2

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Trailers for My Sister Has a Big Round Ass, My Sister Has a Tight Pussy 6, Daddy Issues 3; Behind the Scenes with over 18 minutes of interview footage with the starlets; 2 Bonus Scenes; Pick Your Pleasure with tease, blowjob, missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, popshot; Fantasy Lingerie; Company Info


Digital Sin brings us more family taboo affairs in Family Friendly from directors Paul Woodcrest and Robby D. The 4 sordid scenes feature stepbrothers and sisters and stepdads and daughters relieving the sexual tensions with a good fuck that’s bound to make them closer than ever. Kristen Scott is the featured starlet and DVD cover girl and she gets in a compromising position with her stepdad Toni Ribas. Kristen has pierced her nipples against the wishes of her parents and Toni confronts her about it. She doesn’t see what the big deal is because it’s her body. She decides it’s time her stepdaddy pumps her pussy so they can make this problem go away before her mom gets home. Gina Valentina, Whitney Wright, Bobbi Dylan and Jenna Sativa are the other starlets involved in taboo family romances. Kristen’s scene with Toni is hot but so is the opening scene with Bobbi and Xander Corvus. These 2 step siblings have been fucking each other for some time and they go at it again doggystyle on the stairs. Bobbi’s best friend Jenna walks in on the whole thing and secretly masturbates while watching them fuck. I highly recommend this movie. Digital Sin produces great porn that’s shot well and captures hot sex on film. This flick is no different. The storylines keep the pace going and the sex is hot throughout.

Scene 1:  Bobbi Dylan, Jenna Sativa and Xander Corvus

This threesome scene involves Bobbi fucking her stepbrother Xander on the stairs while her best friend Jenna secretly watches the whole thing. It all starts when Bobbi and Dylan are hanging out getting something to eat and Bobbi says she has been starving all day. Jenna jokes that Bobbi has been starving for dick. That reminds Bobbi about that she has a booty call with a big dick and she decides to text him. She is texting back and forth with Xander but Jenna doesn’t know it. They talk about fucking each other in their parent’s bed. Jenna is so jealous that Bobbi has a dick waiting for her at home. Bobbi tells her she can fuck her big dick stepbrother, Xander. She says it’s totally fine. Jenna says OK. Once Bobbi and Jenna get to the house, Bobbi introduces Jenna to Xander. The 2 end up flirting with each other and Bobbi and Jenna go upstairs to their room. Bobbi changes into something sexy which Jenna thinks is strange then tells Jenna she’s going to talk with Xander for a few minutes and will be right back. Bobbi meets Xander on the stairs and it’s time to work out all those pent up sexual tensions they’ve had all day. They start kissing each other and soon Bobbi is sucking Xander’s big cock. She slurps his dick, wetting it all over with her spit. Xander sucks her nipples and pulls her hair, turning her on.

Bobbi gets into standing doggy position on the couch and takes commands from Xander. He orders her to open her holes and show him. She spreads her ass cheeks and he spreads her pussy open with his big hard dick. They fuck standing doggy style with Bobbi holding on to the wall. She puts her hand over her mouth, afraid that Jenner will hear her fucking her stepbrother. Xander says who cares and he slams his dick deep inside her pussy, filling it all the way to his balls.

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Bobbi is moaning louder and louder now as Xander’s dick drills her lonely pussy. She tells him she missed that stepbrother dick. She goes from standing doggy into doggy on all fours on the stair. Xander fucks her just as hard and she holds her ass cheek open, telling him to get that pussy and fuck that pussy. Bobbi is like soft putty in his hands now. She is in so much pleasure her body goes limp as he moves her from doggy to reverse cowgirl. She sits on his dick, bouncing up and down as Xander tells her that’s a girl. By this time, Jenner is wondering what is taking Bobbi so long. Little does Jenner know, Bobbi is now riding Xander’s hard pole cowgirl style on the living room couch. He tells her to take it nice and fucking slow. She rides his cock in slow motion, feeling his dick deep inside her. Xander picks up the pace again, pistoning her pussy. Bobbi tells him to fuck her pussy! That’s what she came home for. The hard cowgirl fuck is making her cum. She creams all over his cock. That’s when Jenner decides to see what’s taking Bobbi so long. She walks down the stairs to a shocking sight. Bobbi is fucking her stepbrother. Jenner can’t believe it but she is turned on by the whole thing. She starts fingering her pussy and rubbing her tits, peeping in on them as they fuck. She hides behind the rails to stay out of sight while she masturbates. Bobbi turns around into reverse cowgirl position and Jenner runs back upstairs to the bedroom. She thinks about everything she just saw while Bobbi continues to get her pussy stretched fully out by Xander. She gets on her knees to suck his balls then bends doggystyle for more pussy pumping from Xander. He pulls out quickly telling her he’s cumming and she gets on her knees again and opens her mouth wide to land his cum load. He shoots in her mouth and face. Bobbi texts Jenner telling her she’ll be right up and by the way, my stepbrother likes you!

Scene 2:  Kristen Scott and Toni Ribas

DVD cover girl Kristen Scott gets the fucking of a lifetime landing her a mouthful of cum from her stepdaddy Toni Ribas. Toni happens to see his stepdaughter getting dressed and he notices that she got a nipple piercing. He texts his wife telling her about it and his wife texts back that she’ll be home soon and they should all have a family meeting. Toni decides to talk with Kristen about it before his wife gets home. He sits her at the kitchen table and tells her that he saw that she got a new piercing and it’s not OK. She has to respect the rules of the house and she should get permission for things like this. Kristen doesn’t know what the big deal. She says it’s her body and she can do what she wants. Toni tells her when her mom comes home, they will all sit down and talk about this. Kristen approaches him and tells him she knows he’s been watching her and that how he saw the nipple ring. She pulls up her blouse, exposing her tits and says don’t you think this looks great. Toni tries to turn away but Kristen looks him in the eye and says fuck me daddy. They kiss then make their way to the bedroom where she starts sucking her stepdaddy’s cock. It’s not long before Toni is pulling her hair and fucking her throat, stuffing his dick in her mouth. The throat fucking starts making her gag and she comes up for air, licking his balls in the process and leaving trails of drool hanging from her lips.

She takes off all her clothes and lies on the bed on her back in missionary position. Toni fingers her pussy over and over, making it cream and cum. Kristen says oh yes, daddy! He fingers it again, making her scream and cum again then he penetrates her wet snatch with his cock. Kristen fingers her clit while Toni services her pussy with his dick. The action turns to spoon fucking and Kristen is on the verge of cumming again as her body shivers and shakes with all the thrusting. Back in spoon position now, Kristen’s hole is stretched with both Toni’s cock and his fingers stuffing it at the same time. Reverse cowgirl fucking is next, keeping Kristen’s pussy humming. She swallows his dick in a sloppy blowjob then rides it cowgirl style, enjoying Toni’s hand gripping tighter and tighter around her neck. He fingers her pussy again, making her cum and squirt and feeding her his wet fingers. Another round of spoon fucking is followed by missionary and doggy and Toni presses his foot against her neck while he slams her wet snatch. All that attention on her pussy makes Kristen cum again. She still has a greedy mouth and sucks his cock and balls in 69 position with Toni lying on top drilling her throat. A final round of passionate missionary fucking and spooning keeps Kristen moaning. She uses her mouth to make him pop, jerking and sucking his cock until a fountain of cum shoots down her throat. She sucks and swallows his sticky load.

Scene 3:   Gina Valentina and Tommy Gunn

Gina’s girlfriend has a thing for her stepdad Tommy. She can’t stop talking to Gina about him. Gina tells her girlfriend she can’t have her stepdad. She needs to find somebody else. After their conversation, Gina realizes that she is home alone. Her parents are gone so she decides to have a fun day of dress up. She goes into her parent’s closet trying on different clothes and acting out in the mirror. She puts on her stepdad’s shirt and tie and mimics him in the mirror. She gets naked for all except the tie and continues to act out. Pretty soon, she twists the tie into the shape of a dick and pretends to jerk it off. She is having lots of fun with pretend dress up. She puts on her stepdad’s pants, shirt, tie and hat and dances in the mirror just as Tommy walks in on her. She is so embarrassed, she tells him he should have knocked. Tommy says it’s his room. He didn’t think he has to knock. The big, baggy clothes are falling off her body, revealing her curves to Tommy. He tries to look away from it all. Gina makes Tommy promise not to tell mom about the whole thing. He promises to keep it all a secret. Gina leans in and kisses him on the lips, surprising him at first but he realizes that he likes it. They start kissing like passionate lovers then she tells him to relax as she unzips his pants. She reaches for his hard cock and licks it then sucks it. She still has his big shirt and hat on as she works his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. Tommy likes the way her wet mouth feels on his dick. She asks him if she sucks better dick that her mom and he agrees.

He fingers her pussy then puts his wet fingers in her mouth. Gina licks his fingers clean then moans in ecstasy when he fingers her hole again. She crawls across the bed doggystyle and Tommy crawls behind her, eating her wet pussy. He lashes her clit with his tongue and spanks her ass cheeks until they turn red. She stays in doggy position and slams her pussy back and forth into his big hard dick, enjoying the way her daddy is fucking her pussy from behind. Gina tells him to fuck her just the way he fucks mom. She gets kinky and climbs up on the dresser and opens her legs for Tommy to walk up and stretch her pussy. He pumps her cunt, leaving it wet and creamy. Gina gets back in her parent’s bed and rides Tommy’s cock cowgirl style then screams for him to fuck her as he slams her hole in the bicycle, holding one of her legs up over his shoulder. He pumps her pussy then pops directly in her mouth, wrapping his tie around his cock and jerking it. Gina swallows her stepdaddy’s cum and licks his tie which also has cum on it.

Scene 4:  Whitney Wright and Tyler Nixon

Tyler needs his stepsister Whitney to take him over to Melissa’s place this afternoon. Whitney frowns on this whole relationship he has with Melissa because she doesn’t like the way Melissa treats him. She agrees to take him over there around 5pm even through it bothers her. At 5 o’clock, Whitney is ready to take her stepbrother to Melissa’s house but Tyler tells her that Melissa just cancelled on him. Whitney is upset that Melissa has done this to her stepbrother again. Tyler tries to make an excuse for Melissa but Whitney isn’t buying it. She says Melissa does this to Tyler all the time and she believes that Melissa is seeing someone else. Whitney consoles him, explaining that he’s not going to Melissa’s house anymore and he should take time to think this whole thing through. She says any girl would kill to be with him and it’s not going to be Melissa. Tyler accepts this and tells Whitney that she’s right. The only problem is that he cares about somebody really special but there are issues with it. He explains that he is attracted to her and has been afraid to tell her. Whitney says she has had a crush on him the whole time and now they need to do something about their attraction. She puts his hand on her tits and kisses him. These step siblings take their raw passion upstairs to the bedroom where Whitney lies on her back and pulls her panties off to the side, showing Tyler her pink pussy. He fingers her clit and sucks her tits, telling her she’s so beautiful.

She enjoys the way he begins eating her pussy and fingering it. She tells him to keep doing it just like that. With her pussy all wet now, Whitney unzips Tyler’s pants and puts his cock in her mouth and sucks it. She licks from his balls all the way up his shaft then bobs her mouth back and forth on his dick. He tells her to spit on his cock and get nasty with it. She lubes his meat with her mouth and strokes it back and forth. Spit is drooling all over his dick now and he takes it and penetrates her pussy missionary style. Her pussy is so tight, she pushes his cock out for a second. He sticks it right back in and drills her pussy. Whitney lies back with her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of getting her pussy stretched open. She goes on a long cowgirl ride on his cock, bouncing and grinding back and forth then she lies on her side for a session of spooning. Tyler squeezes her tits and pulls her hair while he fucks her pussy. She screams for him to keep doing it just like that. Once she gets in doggy position, he fucks her cunt some more and plays with her ass hole at the same time, fingering it while his dick drills her pussy. Whitney rides him cowgirl style then gets on her knees for face fucking. Tyler fucks her throat until it makes him cum. He blows his load all over her face and in her mouth. She sucks his cock, licking it clean of cum. They both promise never to tell anyone about what just happened.

Final Thoughts:

Kristen Scott, DVD cover girl and featured starlet in Digital Sin’s Family Friendly, has a thing for her stepfather Toni Ribas. When he confronts her about a nipple piercing she got against his wishes, she uses that opening to show him how she feels. She turns her secret attraction into a taboo fucking affair that leaves her squirting, creaming and cumming on her daddy’s cock. Kristen isn’t the only one who gets friendly with her family. Bobbi Dylan, Jenna Sativa, Gina Valentina and Whitney Wright let their taboo emotions take over leading to more intense family fucking throughout this flick. The movie is directed by Paul Woodcrest and Robby D. and I highly recommend it. Digital Sin is known for great quality porn shot well and they deliver the goods in this 4 scene flick. There’s great chemistry between these family bonds making for hot sex scenes. Bobbi and Xander Corvus bang each other silly on the stairs and Gina takes cock and cum from her stepdaddy Tommy Gunn after playing dress up in his clothes.


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