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Young & Beautiful 2

Studio: Vixen » Review by John Boy » Review Date: 1/30/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Feature Running Time:  2 hours 42 minutes

Date of Production:  2017

Genre: 18+ Teens; All Sex

Condoms:  No

Audio/Video: Video quality: Shot in HD.  Audio: Stereo 48000 Hz

Director: Greg Lansky

Cast: Featuring Kendra Sunderland and Alexa Grace with Veronica Rodriguez, Mia Malkova, Sydney Cole, Christian Clay, Jean Val Jean, Xander Corvus, Charles Dera

Bonus Scenes: No

Extras: Multiple Chapters; Photo Gallery; Cumshot Recap; Website Info


Director Greg Lansky has much to celebrate. He just came off a win as AVN’s 2017 Director of the Year. This is big news especially when he held the same title in 2016. Lansky’s work is being celebrated for its cinematic showcase of hot sex on film with beautiful young girls and amazing backdrops. His flick Young and Beautiful 2 is another presentation of high quality, hot porn that keeps yours eyes glued to the screen. This flick is part of his Vixen line and it stars the duo of Kendra Sunderland and Alexa Grace. These 2 open the flick in the only threesome in the film, sharing Jean Val Jean’s French cock in a birthday surprise. That scene is one of the hottest ones in this flick, especially when the girls stack each other and get fucked over and over and when they get in doggy position side by side and get their pussies slammed from behind by Jean. That hot duo is joined by starlets Sydney Cole, Veronica Rodriguez and Mia Malkova in 3 more scenes of sizzling sex. Veronica’s scene with Christian Clay is another hot one. She fucks him outdoors, taking a cum load down the throat then takes the action inside when his wife is away. Veronica’s surprise is her powerful squirt that shoots out like a shower. She sprays all over Christian and everything else nearby, soaking it all in her intense orgasm. I highly recommend this flick. Lansky is putting out consistently high quality porn that’s a turn on to watch and this flick is right in line with that.

Scene 1:  Kendra Sunderland, Alexa Grace and Jean Val Jean

Kendra Sunderland and Alexa Grace star in Young and Beautiful 2 and they open the flick in the first scene. It’s the only threesome of the flick and it’s a hot rendition of 2 horny best friends sharing one cock and stacking on top of each other as they both get fucked. The scene opens with Kendra riding her bike down a quiet road, thinking about doing something special for her boyfriend’s birthday. Her parents are out of town and this would be the best weekend to do it. She already knows what she’s going to do and she is excited about it. Her boyfriend, Jean, is a perv and has talked about doing a threesome. Kendra is turned on by the whole thing and asks her best friend Alexa to do it. On his birthday, Kendra blindfolds Jean and tells him she has a surprise for him. Once she makes sure he can’t see anything, she kisses him and starts rubbing his cock. She calls Alexa over and trades places with her. Alexa unbuttons Jean’s pants and starts sucking his cock. He thinks his girlfriend is sucking him off but Kendra and Alexa giggle at each other, knowing they have pulled off the ultimate surprise. Soon, Kendra shares in the cocksucking, jerking his dick while Alexa sucks him. Jean takes off the blindfold to find Alexa sucking his dick. He is excited that his fantasy of a threesome is finally happening. He kisses them both and tells them he wants to fuck them both. The girls go back to sharing his cock, passing it back and forth from one wet mouth to the next. The girls get on their hands and knees side by side and open their mouths wide for a good throat fucking. Kendra goes first, showing Alexa how to take Jean’s cock. She gags and blows bubbles with all the spit she gurgles up.

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Kendra lies back and experiences Jean sucking her clit. He eats her pussy so good, Kendra says it feels like it’s her birthday. She kisses Alexa then tells her to get on top of her and put her ass in Jean’s face so he can eat both their pussies back and forth. He takes turns on their wet, pink holes, licking both with his tongue. With both girls holes wet, Jean fucks them. He drills Kendra’s pussy first as she lies on her back then he fucks Alexa’s wet hole as she bends over doggystyle on top of Kendra. The stacked fucking is hot to watch. Kendra fingers her clit and cums while Alexa gets fucked on top of her. Both girls take more cock lying on their backs with their leg up on his shoulder. Alexa is close to cumming as Jean pounds her hole. Kendra sits her pussy on his face in 69 position and both girls share his cock again. They take turns riding reverse cowgirl and cowgirl then Alexa opens her mouth for pussy to mouth cock sucking right out of Kendra’s wet snatch as she gets fucked doggystyle style. Both girls bend over doggystyle side by side and Jean fucks from one pussy to the next while the girls kiss each other. After the side by side doggy, Jean pulls out and shoots his load in the girls’ open mouths. They play cum swap then suck his cock some more. Kendra looks up and him and says happy birthday!

Scene 2:  Sydney Cole and Xander Corvus

Sydney’s dad remarried a few years ago, and ever since then, she has had to live with her stepbrother, Xander. She thinks he’s a spoiled brat. He gets his way all the time. He sneaks into the bathroom while Sydney is getting dressed and he snaps a pic of her. She tells him to get out of there. Later than day, Sydney finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her and she feels horrible about it. Xander overhears her conversation on the phone and talks to her afterwards, telling her he can help her get back at her boyfriend. They hatch a plan to take picks of Sydney sucking Xander’s big cock and she will text those pics over to her cheating boyfriend for the ultimate revenge. Sydney just goes with it and doesn’t think much about it. They warm up for the cock sucking by kissing then she pulls his pants down and sucks his already hard stick. She is so horny she forgets she’s sucking her stepbrother’s dick. With his cock in her mouth, Sydney hands the cell phone to Xander and tells him to get a pic. She texts her boyfriend the pic and writes that a girl like her needs a big cock. After sending it, Sydney is still horny for Xander’s meat. She continues her wet, sloppy blowjob, telling him she never thought her stepbrother would have such a nice cock.

Xander tells her they can’t stop now. He pulls her panties off and eats her pussy from behind then sits her on his dick cowgirl style. She rides his pole slowly, telling him his cock feels so fucking good. Xander promises to stretch her pussy out while she rides him. She looks over her shoulder at his cock drilling her pussy and says fuck me! Xander’s hard and fast pumping of her pussy makes her cum. He continues to open up her pussy with his dick. She licks his dick clean of all her pussy juices then sits on his stiff tool in reverse cowgirl position. Xander fucks her so hard that she cums again. After a short stint sucking his dick, she rides reverse cowgirl then gets on all fours for doggy. Xander pulls out and fucks her throat, thrusting his meat to her tonsils and making her drool. She licks his balls and then lies back for more fucking. She sits near the edge of the bed with both feet up in the air and watches as Xander’s prick slides in and out of her tight pussy. She yells for him to fucking cum inside her pussy and fucking fill her up. Xander fucks her harder and faster then blows his load deep inside her snatch, leaving his stepsister with a cum-loaded pussy creampie. She says his cum feels so warm inside her pussy.

Scene 3:   Veronica Rodriguez and Christian Clay

Sexy Veronica Rodriguez has one of the hottest scenes of the flick with Christian. She sucks and fucks him outdoors, taking a cum load in the mouth then she takes her horny behavior indoors for more fucking that has her squirting like a shower. Veronica is from Venezuela and she has been staying with her American host family for about 2 months now, Christian and his wife. They have been really good to her and she is having a good time. But she has a little secret. She has been doing naughty things with Christian and it all started one day when they were out taking a walk. She never thought she would do something like this but they started kissing on the walk and she sucks his cock. She has a greedy mouth and drools all over his cock while she works it down her throat. He makes her promise that she will never talk to his wife about any of this. She promises then deep throats his cock, spitting up all over it. Drool is draining down her arms as she soaks his dick. She stands and turns around into a standing doggy and Christian drills her tight little pussy. Veronica can’t believe how big his cock is inside her. He fingers her clit and fucks her hard, making her squirt streams all over the place. He fucks her harder this time and she is on the path to cum again. Christian pulls out and cums in her mouth and she swallows it all.

After that day, they never did anything again but there was a lot of sexual tension between the 2 of them. She can’t stop thinking about him and keeps flirting with him every chance she gets. Christian’s wife never notices any of this because she is always on her cell phone. One weekend when his wife went to the gym, Veronica is happy to find that she is alone with Christian again. It doesn’t take long for the 2 of them to be all over each other again, just like before.

He tells her she drives him crazy. Veronica wastes no time in reaching for his cock again. She is on her knees sucking his balls then she puts his cock in her mouth. She gives him the same sloppy, wet blow job she gave him before, lubing his dick all over. After jerking and sucking his cock, she lies back in ecstasy as Christian tongues her pussy and clit. She can’t stop screaming si papi, si! Christian devours her pussy, making her creamy and wet for his hard cock. He penetrates her slowly at first, stretching her tight pussy with each stroke. He starts drilling her pussy faster and faster, making her scream louder and louder. Soon he is crouched over top of her, putting her in the shoulder holder and fucking her snatch hard and deep. Veronica wants more and more of it and tells him how much she likes the way his cock feels inside her. The shoulder holder fucking sends his cock all the way to the bottom of her little pussy and it’s driving her crazy. She sucks his dick before sitting on it cowgirl style, grinding her ass around and around on his big pole. She screams that she fucks him better than his wife! He stands up as she continues to bounce up and down on his dick drill then he tells her to suck his cock again. Veronica gets into reverse cowgirl position and rides his dick. The pleasure is so intense for her she squirts like a flood all over him twice. Her squirting is incredible to watch as she splashes everything around her in an intense orgasm. She sucks his cock clean then tells him to give her more of that cock. She hosts his big prick doggystyle and the deep fucking is sending Veronica to squirtville again. He pulls out and she gets on her knees just in time to accept a load of his cum in her mouth. She swallows and asks him if his wife swallows cum.

Scene 4:  Mia Malkova and Charles Dera

Mia Malkova is a thing of beauty. When the scene opens we see her hanging out at the pool in her white swimsuit. Ever since her roommate moved out last year, she has been renting out the spare bedroom in her apartment to make extra money because rent has been very expensive. At first, she was nervous having strangers coming and going all the time but she got used to it. A lot of the guys who rented her room turned out to be super hot and Mia started sleeping with them. She has the whole thing figured out now. Whenever someone wants to rent the place, she looks them up online and does a little research. Her newest renter is Charles and she thinks he’s super hot. Mia can’t wait to see what he’s got and one day she walks up to him in her lingerie and says hi. Charles is surprised to see her half naked and tells her he has a girlfriend. She says his girlfriend isn’t here right now, it’s just the 2 of them. She kisses him and tells him to come with her. Mia leads him upstairs to her bedroom where she puts her plan into motion. She gets him naked and kisses him passionately while jerking his cock. She tells him she knew from his photos she would like him. Mia licks his cock up and down, teasing the tip of his dick and driving him crazy. She puts the whole thing in her mouth and slaps her tongue with it then tells him she can’t forget about his balls. She sucks his balls and keeps jerking his cock. She gets on her knees and tells him to fuck her face. Charles thrusts his cock to the back of her throat making her gag right away. She keeps her eyes on his while his dick causes her to spit up. She tells him to fuck her pussy and she gets her wish, starting in doggy position. He fills her hole slow and deep in the beginning, doing it just the way Mia loves it.

Charles spanks her ass cheeks then starts fucking her hard, making her moan. She tells him to fuck her hard and deep. The doggystyle pounding is getting louder and faster as he slaps his body up against her and drills her pussy. Charles eats her pussy once she lies on the bed then helps her on top of his dick in reverse cowgirl position. She rides his cock and fingers her clit and is soon cumming while telling him nice and deep, fuck me nice and deep! She rides cowgirl style then spreads eagle on the bed inviting him back inside her pussy. He pumps her tight pussy, telling her it’s his turn to cum now. Charles goes into overdrive, drilling her snatch and causing her eyes to roll back into her head. When he pulls out, Mia quickly gets on the floor and tells him to cum on her face. He pops in her mouth and on her cheeks. She sucks his dick telling him she wants to get every last bit of cum.

Final Thoughts:

The duo of Kendra Sunderland and Alexa Grace are the featured starlets in director Greg Lansky’s Young and Beautiful 2, and their opening scene with Jean Val Jean is the hottest one in this flick. These BFFs agree to a threesome with Jean and things heat up when they 69 each other while Jean fucks their tight pussies. These girls stack on top of each other as Jean’s cock stretches their cunts. When he pops in their mouths, they play a game of cum swap. Sydney Cole, Veronica Rodriguez and Mia Malkova are the other young and beautiful starlets that help heat up this movie. Veronica has a hot scene with Christian Clay when she fucks him outdoors, swallows his cum then repeats the whole thing indoors when his wife leaves the house. She squirts like a fire hose all over him when she cums, soaking everything in sight. Sydney fucks Xander Corvus’ big cock and Mia gets slammed doggystyle by Charles Dera. I highly recommend this flick. It’s another piece of sizzling work from Lansky who has much to celebrate after his win as AVN’s 2017 Director of the Year. He won the 2016 title as well and that speaks to the great quality porn he’s putting out.

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