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TS Seduction

Studio: Kink.com » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 2/3/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

TS Seduction

TS Seduction is one of the family of kink.com sites. As its name implies, it is dedicated to trans women. However, more particularly, it is, in the site's byline, about "Sexy TS women with huge cocks (who) dominate the holes of straight boys."

Truth be told, TS Seduction is one of my very favorite sites to visit. I've been a member of it for several years and, without fail, I watch each episode posted on the site...usually the day it is released. 

As a member of the kink.com family site, the scenes are, well, kinky. Believe me, that's a good thing! Kink owns a fortress-like building in San Francisco and most of the scenes are shot in its dungeons, bars, science-fiction, and other themed rooms. The episodes are mostly featurettes that begin with a scenario in which the trans woman "seduces" her guy and then enjoys the hell out of him. 

There's a lot to like about TS Seduction, chief of which is its roster of performers. Believe me, anybody who's anybody in trans woman porn in the United States is featured prominently, including the ground-breaking performer (and, perhaps, grande dame of trans-women) Vaniity, one-of-a-kind Danni Daniels, and Mia Isabella. Even better, four of my Must-See Girls (Aubrey KateJonelle Brooks, Jessica Fox, and Venus Lux) are prominently featured. 

This review is based upon my visits between 12/27/2016 and 01/24/2017.


  • Overall Look and Feel (Aesthetics): Overall, the TS Seduction site is well designed and appealing. A proliferation of black agrees with the general kinkiness of the contents. Above, take a look at the homepage. The first row of thumbnails represents the most recent scenes while the second row depicts the site's featured scenes. If you want more of either type of scene, just click the "View All" link. There's also a row of "More Kink" thumbnails. Clicking on any of these images takes you to a recent kink.com site outside of TS Seduction.
    • If you subscribe to this site, make certain to watch all the featured scenes...going back to 2009. I've watched all of them and all of them are, to say the least, explosive.
  • Scene Page Look and Content: Once you click on a scene's thumbnail on the home page, the scene's page appears (see the example below). As you can tell from the screen capture, you can click the arrow and stream the video, jump to a specific portion of the scene using the "Scenes" drop down menu, download the scene in a variety of resolutions, and watch the trailer. You can also read about the scene, see its member-driven rating, and note the tags applied to the sex. You can also click a link to download photos that accompany the scenes. Or, you can watch a slide show of those photos by clicking one of the photos that appear immediately above the scene's descriptive text.


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  • Ease of Navigation: I think the overall navigation is intuitive and easy to use. 
  • Speed: I've never had a problem with streaming videos stopping or hesitating when playing those scenes on my desktop or iPhone.
  • Responsive Design: Superb. Without a doubt, this site responds very effectively to the device used to access it. The iPhone version is as intuitive and easy to use as the desktop version.
  • Content provided: TS Seduction supplies video (in five resolutions), photos, descriptive text that accurately describes the content of the scene, and options for you to rate the scene or post a comment.
  • Frequency of updates: Every week. In January 2017, updates were posted on 1/3, 1/10, 1/17, and 1/24. That's every seven days. 
  • Cost: The screen capture below shows you the subscription plans available. The cost may seem pricey to you. However, you get 24 sites in several categories: 




These comments are based upon my review of the five most-recent videos that were posted between 12/27/2016 and 01/24/2017.

The collage below is composed of un-retouched (only scaled) images from (clockwise from top left) Venus Lux and Artemis Faux, Chelsea Maria and Zane Anders, Jonelle Brooks and Will Havoc, and Aubrey Kate and Ruckus. 


  • Size (resolution): There are five resolutions that are available (see below). The lack of full 1080P versions of the scenes is most disappointing. Some sites are even providing 4K resolution. Kink, please offer us full HD!
    • HD (1280 X 720)
    • Large (960 X 540)
    • Medium (640 X 360)
    • Small (480 X 270)
    • Mobile (512 X 288)
  • Down-loadable? Yes.
  • Available as Video on Demand? Yes
  • Approximate length: The five scenes I watched for this site ranged from 32 to 56 minutes with an average run time of 41 minutes. Please note that these times include behind-the-scenes content. In general there's a short interview before and after each sex scene on TS Seduction. Nonetheless, the amount of solid sex in each scene is noteworthy.
  • Storyline/acting: Almost all of the scenes on TS Seduction include a storyline. In most cases, those storylines are well delivered by the performers prior to the beginning of the in-and-out action.
  • Type of Scenes Available:
    • Solo: No
    • Trans woman/genetic woman: Only as part of a threesome or group scene
    • Trans woman/trans woman: Only as part of a threesome or group scene
    • Trans woman/man: Yes
    • Group: Yes
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Since the majority of the scenes are built upon storylines, the wardrobe is usually chosen to accurately depict the plot. In most cases, the wardrobe is very well done. Make-up, too, is competently applied. Check out the screen captures I've provided for an idea of how the girls look during their scenes.
  • Girl has orgasm during scene: Yes. Sometimes, the cumshots are, well, kinky. For example, check out the top-left image below. Aubrey Kate pops inside her condom and then pours it into Ruckus' mouth. He subsequently spits her semen into her mouth and she swallows it. Nasty...but oh-so-kinky!



  • Compression artifacts: I have only had minor problems with compression artifacts when watching some of the oldest scenes on the site AND only if I'm using cellphone data (rather than a wifi or Ethernet connection).
  • White balance/lighting: The overall look and feel of kink.com scenes is on the dark side. The scenes are predominantly shot inside the company's "castle" and there's a feel about the scenes that matches that ambiance. If you check out the screen captures above (both the sex and cumshot collages), you can get an idea of the lighting and white balance. Although the lighting changes from scene to scene, I do think that the overall feel of the scenes, as affected by the lighting, fits the tone of the storylines and locations used during shooting.
  • Camera angles/motions: Well done, overall. The only thing I might suggest is tighter shots when the girl pops.
  • Audio: During the sex scenes, the audio is always appropriate. However, during the interviews, I often have a hard time hearing the director as she asks questions and talks up the cast members. She's behind the camera's microphone and, thus, her voice is not always perfectly captured. Regarding the camera motions, I very much like the technique of the camera operators who shoot these scenes. There are very few jerky camera motions nor are there any trite oblique angle shots. And, the videographer knows enough to stay out of the light so her/his shadow doesn't fall across the performers as they fuck. 
  • Editing: TS Seduction episodes generally play out in "scenes," and each scene contains a different scenario (i.e., bondage, oral sex, doggie style, etc.). The video generally fades to black between each of these scenes. During each scene, the camera angle moves back and forth effectively. So, you can see the action from the side, behind, in front, and so on. 
  • Problems encountered: None.


These comments are based upon my review of the five most-recent photosets that were posted between 12/27/2016 and 01/24/2017.


  • Size (resolution): 1200 X 675. It is my educated guess that the photos provided by TS Seduction for each scene are screen captures from the video. The images are far too small to be of interest to you. Please, kink.com, give us some images that are at least 1080P in size.
  • Down-loadable? Yes
  • Type of Photo Shoots Available:
    • Solo: No
    • Trans woman/genetic woman: Only if part of a threesome or group scene.
    • Trans woman/trans woman: Only if part of a threesome or group scene.
    • Trans woman/man: Yes
    • Group: Yes
  • Approximate quantity of photos per set: The five photosets I looked at for this review contained between 36 and 47 photos each with an average of 41 images per set.
  • Attention to model's make-up and wardrobe: Same comments as I made for the site's videos (see above).
  • Photos of Orgasms included: Three of the five photosets I reviewed showed the girls' cumshots.
  • White balance/lighting: Same comments as I made for the site's videos (see above).
  • Problems encountered: None.


  • Preview of video/photo-shoot content: Each scene page contains descriptive text that nicely captures the essence of the scene without being "marketing hype."
  • Blogs: You can add your comments about each scene. Lots of members do just that. Reading the comments give you a flavor of the scene.
  • Stories: None.

Commentary and Recommendation

love TS Seduction and I highly recommend it to you. The sex is awesome, the (almost exclusively) American roster of performers is unparalleled, the scenarios (for the most part) are plausible and well acted, and the kinkiness is right on.

 The site is nicely designed and easy to use. Its responsive design is also very effective. So, I gave the site 5/5 for ease of use.

The quality of the sex scenes is outstanding. That said, I do think that the resolutions of the videos and photos provided are too low in today's marketplace. That's the only reason I gave the site 4/5 for quality. 

Finally, the overall value of this site is quite good. If you love powerful and dominant trans women as much as I do, you'll love this site. So, I have the site 4.5/5 in overall value.

My bottom-line recommendation for TS Seduction is Highly Recommended. Given your ability to access 24 sites with one subscription, you'll always find some kinky sex to enjoy.

Dr. Jay

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