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I Blow Better Than Mommy

Studio: Desperate Pleasures » Review by J.W. Sharp » Review Date: 2/1/17

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

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Genre: Gonzo, Blowjobs, Family Roleplay, POV


Cast: April Dawn, Ava Little, Hope Harper, Nora Doll, Olivia Kasady, Stefania Mafra, Anastasia Rose

Director: Shawn Dusk

Length: 96 min.

Date Of Release: Jan. 10, 2017

Condoms: None

Extras: None 

Overview: Over the past couple of years Desperate Pleasures has carved out a true niche in the genre market. J.W. Ties and Company's little independent has pretty much set the standard when it comes to Family Roleplay (or simulated incest) porn. At releasing what seems like 100 titles a year it's going to have some good ones as well as some clunkers. This POV collection of daughters giving their dads blowjobs, unfortunately, lands in the latter.

Scene One: April Dawn


The scene starts with fresh-faced April and her dad sitting in a truck in the middle of the woods. She confesses that she's seen him watching the daddy/daughter porn on her computer and jerking off to it which really turns on and she wants to pursue it further. She starts rubbing herself through her clothes getting herself excited before walking around to his side of the truck and pulling his cock out. She starts sucking him getting him hard before taking her top off and titty fucking him with her big naturals. She keeps sucking and spitting on his cock until he busts his load on her tits. Ok. 

Scene Two: Ava Little


Still, in the woods we see wide-eyed ginger Ava Little with bright red hair dressed in a schoolgirl uniform. She thanks her dad for picking her up at school and apologizes for getting into trouble again (she was caught fucking her boyfriend again in the bathroom. Oh kids these days.) It just so happens to be dad's birthday and she wants to give him a special present. This would be sticking his cock in her mouth. She drops to her knees and starts sucking his dick. She sucks and blows before taking her top off and showing her tiny little titties. It is cute when she looks up at him with her big bright eyes and her lips are wrapped around his cock. She sucks and caresses his cock with her mouth before he cums on her tits.

Scene Three: Hope Harper


Ah, what would a Desperate Pleasures title be without Hope Harper? In the best scene on the disc, we're still in the woods and Hope is asking her dad to borrow the truck and some money to get a hotel room so she can fuck her boyfriend. She begs and tells him if he does she'll give him a blowjob. That's he needed to hear. She pulls his cock out and starts caressing it with her mouth. What makes Hope the best on the disc is the way she worships her dad's cock. She genuinely loves doing this and it shows in the way she's constantly telling her dad how big his cock is and how she loves it so much. I like Hope and while she has done better scenes this is the one to watch in this collection. 

Scene Four: Nora Doll


In this scene, Nora walks in on her dad laying on the bed. She remarks on how she knows he hasn't been getting any from mom in a while and she wants to help out. She does this by pulling his pants down and stroking his cock before taking her pants and top showing her big nippled little titties. She rubs his hard cock on her tits before licking it and going down on it. She licks and blows him until he busts his nut all over her tits. And that's it, folks.

Scene Five: Olivia Kasady


We now come to the worst scene on the disc. Not only is it the creepiest but it's just so badly shot. Most of it is so out of focus and the guy holding the camera is shaking throughout. Short blond haired Olivia Kasady talks and pouts like a five year old when she tells her dad how she's noticed how stressed out he's been lately and how much she wants him to relieve his tension. She starts feeling his cock through his shorts before going to her knees and putting it in her mouth. She keeps telling him in her little girl voice how big he is and how much better she is at sucking his cock than mommy. The creep factor is through the roof on this one. About half way through the scene the cameraman, who I guess was sick on the day of the shoot, has to stop and lean against a table. Unbelievably they don't stop rolling and we witness all of this mess in real time. When he finally busts his load on her tits you're almost as sick as he is. If this scene doesn't make your skin crawl, well I don't know.

Scene Six: Stephania Mafra


In this scene, skinny inked-up red head Stephania Mafra's parents have split up and she's visiting her dad at his place. She remarks how much nicer his place is than her and her mom's and tells him about how much they've been fighting a lot lately. She truly misses him and wants to know what it would take to get him to come back. She crawls up to him, pulls his pants down and starts sucking his already stiff cock. Stephania is the slobber queen on the disc. She uses a gallon of spit on him, lubing his cock with her hand and mouth until she jerks his load onto her tiny titties.


Scene Seven: Anastasia Rose


The last scene has cute girl next door type Anastasia Rose. She saunters into her dad's room who's laying on the bed and starts seducing him for, feeling his cock through his pants before taking her shirt off and playing with her nipples on her sweet young tits. She pulls his pants down and shows her ass to her dad. She tells him she knows she can suck his cock better than mommy and starts running her mouth up and down it to prove it. With a lot of energy and vitality she sucks and jerks his cock until a river of cum pours out the top of it like lava. She cheers as it shoots from his cock. I don't know if she's better than mommy but it looks like she's giving her a run for her money.

Final Thoughts: With just a couple of small exceptions (Hope Harper and Anastasia Rose to be precise) this DVD has absolutely nothing special about it. The scenes are so completely run of the mill with very little energy from any of the performers. And the Olivia Kasady scene is just so repugnant that it's certainly destined to the bowels of tube sites everywhere. I really can't recommend this disc at all. If you're a blowjob fan or a daddy/daughter porn fan, you can find things much better somewhere else. Even on other Desperate Pleasure titles. Skip It.



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