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Insane Ingenues

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/6/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genres: 18+ Teens, Vignettes, Psychodrama

Directors: Craven Moorehead, Michael Hues, Remzy Jizz, Andrew Garfilth
Writer/Producer: Bree Mills



Cast: Jillian Janson, Sara Luvv, Gina Valentina, Maya Bijou, John Strong, Derrick Pierce, Seth Gamble, Michael Vegas

Length: 2 hours 18 minutes

Date of Release: December 20, 2016

Extras: 2 Menu-Selectable Trailers "Cheating With The Nanny" & "The Neighborhood Brat", Scene-Specific Slideshows, 17:52 minute BTS which is totally recommended viewing!

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: No problems. The video is Hi-Def anamorphic widescreen. Cameras are steady and on point. Audio is captured well and dialog is crystal clear, which is of paramount importance as there is a ton of dialog to follow.

Overview: Pretty Dirty compiles a series of four crazy girls toying with a man in her life. While the sex is hot and crazy, the ladies are just plain crazy. The craziness ranges from mildly obsessive or conniving, to super whacked out multiple personality disorders. The acting is superbly executed! There were times in which I was literally on the edge of my seat, gritting my teeth, as the craziness unfolded. Sara Luvv and Gina Valentina play the Super Whackos in this flick and their awesome performances are equaled by their costars Michael Vegas and Derrick Pierce, respectively. The other two scenes feature four equally good performers and performances, but their roles don't require quite the reach these two scenes do. It's edgy, pulse-raising "porn"! Make sure to check my Final Thoughts for exactly what to expect out of this disc!

Scene 1. Maya Bijou & John Strong "Bad Little Spinner"

Maya Bijou

Maya plays a needy, spoiled brat that is trying to get her stepdad's attention as he talks on the phone to his boss. Since he's ignoring her, she takes it upon herself to put his cock in her mouth. John manages to keep his composure on the phone for a bit, but he is motivated to end the call abruptly once his dick is deep in Maya's throat. She gets some scolding from Daddy, and then she gets some deep dicking as he works out his anger.

Maya Bijou

While he works out his tensions, she works out his cock in a manner that suggests she would have more than twenty or so credits to her name at the IAFD. The scene is shot with multiple cameras that provide good coverage of the action, but the edits are a bit abrupt at times. In between position swaps; Maya makes sure to keep Daddy's dong nice and lubed orally. She's more of a cock watcher than an eye gazer for most of the romp but manages an eye smile up at her stepfather as he deposits his stream into her mouth and she lets him get back to work a little more stress-free.

Scene 2. Gina Valentina & Derrick Pierce "Help Me Teacher"

Gina Valentina

-- sponsored by --

Brazilian spinner, Gina, is ditching class to stay home and rub one out to thoughts of her teacher. She keeps getting interrupted by phone calls, one of which is her teacher. She pretends to be her mother and invites him over so the whole family and he can sit down and talk about her absenteeism. After the call, she has an extensive conversation with her reflection in the mirrored closet door while trying on outfits. Her delusional state seems more real by the moment. Her mental devolution progresses rapidly as she applies black makeup around her eyes just in time for Mr. Pierce to arrive at the door. As she answers the door with a story about her mom beating her, she sucks Mr. Pierce right into a web of deceit. Mr. Pierce offers to help her by getting in touch with the authorities, but her delusions are all too real and she has convinced herself that he actually helped her pick her outfit. Derrick plays a caring teacher well, his confusion with her escalating madness totally understandable and believable.

Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina

Gina's descent into insanity is convincing, and made complete, as she rips off her top and starts slapping herself in order to blackmail Derrick into fucking her. Derrick is now fully aware that she's absolutely bonkers, but is somehow brave enough to let his cock into her crazy throat. She covers herself in slobber as she sucks him and then climbs onto his wet willy. She rides like the wind; her eyes continuing to express her insanity. Our little Brazilian bouncer bangs away on his boner and there's nothing he can do about it at this point except enjoy the ride. I'm not sure Derrick realized how committed to this role Gina was going to be, but he uses it to his advantage as he pounds into her tight little hole while yanking her hair. After a good amount of thrusting into her, he yanks her to the ground and cums on her face to her insane delight.

While the sex was intense and filmed really well; Gina and Derrick's performances here were all too believable! It offered no real turn on value to me due to that believability of her craziness.

Scene 3. Jillian Janson & Seth Gamble "Dominate Me Professor"

Jillian Janson

Jillian's writing in her diary about her plans to blackmail her psych professor into having her way with him. She rushes over to his house and startles Seth by rapidly pounding on his back door. As he tries to get her to leave, she unveils her devious plan. He's trapped and he knows it. There's just no reason to argue with this beautiful, award-winning starlet with the stunning eyes. He tells her she can't handle what she came for and she takes it as a challenge. He steps up to the challenge by tossing her onto a bed, slapping her around, and gagging her with his tie. She likes that and he turns the gag into a blindfold as she sloppily blows him.

Jillian Janson

The sex is rough and rapid, Seth's dominant lines delivered while he continues to slap her around. However, that dominance isn't quite convincing as both of their faces are covered in smiles as he ramrods into her. He really makes an effort to be more than she can handle, but she takes every hand slap and hair pull with delight. The more he tries to manhandle her, the more the cutie relishes her ride. The fuck session is intense and filmed expertly. Her beautiful face lights up as he unloads on it.

It's a well-done scene, and the seeming roughness of it is mitigated by their obvious enjoyment of it and each other.

Scene 4. Sara Luvv & Michael Vegas "My Ex Is Crazy"

Michael walks his first date to her door, obviously smitten with her as he enjoys the traditional brief goodbye kiss that indicates she also enjoyed their time together. Back in the car, he checks his phone and discovers his unstable ex-girlfriend has been calling him relentlessly. He tries to call 911 since he figures that's a violation of the restraining order he has against her. Unbeknownst to him, she's stowed away in his back seat and breaks into his house through an unsecured window while he showers. His paranoia and panicky state are well played, and highlighted by an appropriate musical score, as he frets over what she might do.

Sara Luvv

Sara Luvv

As he prepares to get dressed, his paranoia is proven to be totally founded as he discovers Ms. Luvv shaking and seething on his bed. Sara's immediately believable as a total whack job, her big eyes made up raccoon-fashion and her voice wavering unnervingly. Her bouts of insanity come in bursts between seconds of sanity. Like Derrick in his scene, Michael plays an unnerved and unsure victim that is forced into a fuck session with a raving lunatic. Also similar to that scene, he also allows his cock to be swallowed by a stark-raving madwoman. His eyes show genuine fear as his cock-starved costar continues to flip between her psychotic tendencies and normalcy with increasing frequency.

Sara Luvv

As our victim tries to appease his crazed kidnapper, her eyes grow more crazed, her gaze unflinching from his face. The fear never leaves his face, just like her craziness never leaves hers, as the two tumble through a slew of fuck positions. Her dialog is frighteningly real as she forces herself up and down on his cock. She begs him to cum inside of her and makes babies as he bangs away at her box. He's smart enough not to fall for that and plasters her face instead. She falls asleep quickly during post-coital cuddling giving him the opportunity to make an urgent call to 911 as the creepy soundtrack fades up.

Final Thoughts: Wow. I'm at a loss as to how to rate this fuck flick. Once again, Bree Mills reaches new territory and new heights in storytelling with Craven Moorehead at the helm. The stories are gripping, and the acting by everyone totally convincing; except for that tiny smirk that Seth Gamble can't seem to completely lose during his rough and tumble romp. The sexcapades are captured in brilliant fashion, but the absolutely fantastic acting performances dilute the turn-on factor of them; at least for me.

If these performers and performances aren't nominated for major awards come awards season, something is seriously wrong! From a purely film-oriented standpoint, this compilation of scenes is superbly shot and the characters portrayed just as well. From a sexual turn on standpoint, it may fall absolutely flat with many viewers, as it did with me. If you are looking for a great psychodrama, I can't recommend this highly enough! If you are looking for cute schoolgirls or legal teens being banged by Teacher or Daddy, you're going to want to look elsewhere. It's just not that kind of film at all. In fact, the film that came to my mind was 2017's award-winning BDSM movie Deception (read my review here) from kink.com. Even though they are genres that are diametrically opposed, both movies luckily have great Behind The Scenes inclusions which allow a viewer to see that these people really are actors and actresses playing their roles very, very well. While some in the world may discount "porn stars" as not possessing any real acting talent; movies like this prove that is absolutely not the case at all. Kudos to everyone involved in this project, and thanks for continuing to push boundaries! I'm going to say this is absolutely recommended viewing, although many people may want to opt for some kind of streaming rental option.

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