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Race Relations Vol. 10

Studio: Pulse Distribution » Review by Steve P » Review Date: 2/8/17

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Content: 3.5/5 stars

Running Time: 2 hours, 57 minutes

Cast: Alexa Grace, Jay Taylor, Jojo Kiss, Zelda Morrison, Kali Kavalli, Lia Lynn Robinson, Mandingo, Rob Piper, Ricky Johnson, Moe Johnson, Charlie Mac, and Jon Jon

Directed by: Billy Watson

Genres: Big Cock, Interracial

Condoms: No

Audio/Video: No technical specifications to note, presumably HD video quality.

Bonus Scenes: None

Extras: Photo gallery, cumshot recap

Overview: Dogfart celebrates the tenth installment of its Race Relations DVD franchise by compiling some of the greatest hits of their "Blacks on Blondes" scenes, featuring a diverse display of intercourse, situational humor, and raceplay.

Scene 1: Alexa Grace and Mandingo

If there's one person who isn't in Dogfart videos as much as you'd assume - likely due to his contractual obligations to Jules Jordan for his own personal DVD series - it's Mandingo, but he shows up in the opening scene of Race Relations Vol. 10 with the blonde cutie Alexa Grace. Alexa struts out to the pool in a black bikini, which slips off by the poolside as she begins to masturbate before sinking into the shallow-end. She rests on a bed underneath a shady canopy to play with herself, eventually welcoming Mandingo and his footlong black dick as soon as they enter both enter frame. "It's literally the size of my arm," Alexa states. "Literally."

Alexa takes his shaft about halfway during a blowjob, eventually segwaying to suck one of his balls while jerking his dick as the two lounge and enjoy one another. She winces as he enters her, cursing to ease the entry. She needs a break just a few minutes later, both to taste herself and regain all the breath she lost exhaling. Diving into her crotch while she's on her back, Mandingo smiles a bit has Alexa's initial cursing has been traded for arousing whimpers until she realizes he's only giving her half of his dick. She's in utter disbelief and demands more.

All the pressure and work makes Alexa fall to her side where you really see a size contrast. Alexa is barely five-feet and extremely thin, while Mandingo is tall and muscle-bound. During a blowjob in the home-stretch, director Billy Watson enjoys focusing his camera on a closeup of Alexa's ass, centering her asshole in the frame as she sucks away at Mandingo, he himself visibly in a oral state of bliss. During both missionary and reverse cowgirl, Alexa's pussy is forced to swallow Mandingo whole, with her loudly screaming to confirm that he's both doing his job and that the size of his equipment is overtaking her. Meanwhile, he just grips her ass and goes along for the ride.

Reverse cowgirl does her the most favors because it's in that position where we can see her facial expressions, her lovely body, and the penetration all at once without cuts or pans. Eventually, Mandingo flings her off his dick mid-cowgirl so he can blast a load on her tongue. She swallows and dives into the pool, declaring her appreciation and love for Dogfart into the camera. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 2: Jay Taylor and Rob Piper

Jay Taylor's scene has a bit of a humorous story that builds at a more conservative but arousing pace. Jay has to help Rob study despite him being very reluctant and preoccupied with partying and the very things that are prompting his low GPA. Back at Jay's house, she fittingly teaches Rob about the intricate anatomy and science of the penis as they lie on a red beanbag, Jay proclaiming that the size of the penis shouldn't matter for oral or vaginal stimulation being that the nerve endings are the same in all penises. Rob is in shock; Jay's sexual experience with her five-inch boyfriend has ostensibly blinded her to the realities of larger, girthier cock. Thank God he's here to prove her skepticism wrong.

Jay agrees to a blowjob for science purposes only. "You can't fuck me," she sternly tells him, agreeing to a blowjob despite her concerns about her boyfriend finding out. She sucks rhythmically upon being in awe of Rob's nine-inches. Unlike her boyfriend, she cannot successfully deepthroat Rob beyond going about five inches down his dick. She still claims that she won't let him fuck her, despite nestling her now naked-self next to him, slurping away at his shaft.

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Finally, Jay agrees to a "quickie," but it turns into more than that the second she slides onto his cock, resulting in her entering immediate ecstasy as Rob's dick, lubed up with her spit, glides in and out of her. It soon becomes more about reality than theory for Jay as she tells Rob, "maybe science was wrong," all while he's balls deep inside her. She lies on her back, committed to taking him hard, but finds out she enjoys doggystyle a lot more, especially with the fluffy, cushy support of her beanbag. Doggy is also where you can hear how slippery she is, clearly never experiencing sex like this before.

By the time she's treated to more strokes on her back, she appears dazed and in lust, but a blast of cum on her face and tits knocks her back down to reality. Here's a strong example not only offering a narrative to a scene, but also allowing it to be carried and interwoven into the sex and the characters' personalities. Jay and Rob handle their roles splendidly and the sex is compelling enough, not to mention is paced out nicely, for the viewer not to recall how much better the tease and buildup actually was in comparison. 4/5 stars.

Scene 3: Jojo Kiss, Zelda Morrison, Moe Johnson, and Ricky Johnson

Jojo Kiss and Zelda Morrison are two crosstown cheerleaders giggling about how naughty they've been in the past, doing everything from having sex to shoplifting. After the game is over, the two decide to sneak into the football team's locker room, on the prowl for two young black guys to have sex with, despite Zelda's repeated concerns about her boyfriend. The two wind up meeting Moe Johnson and Ricky Johnson in the locker-room, both of whom very happy to see the young ladies and very persistent, along with Jojo, in getting Zelda not only to cheat on her boyfriend but have her first experience with black men as well.

Zelda begins by jerking the boys off, eventually going with Ricky while Jojo takes on Moe. "It's as long as my arm," Zelda says agasp at Moe's long cock. The two proceed to give the men blowjobs, Jojo's technique sloppy and hands free often while Zelda's is a bit less gag heavy, as she stares up at Moe, and then Ricky when the two ladies switch off, wide-eyed with tears forming.

The ladies arch their backs in midair, flaunting their cheerleader side by holding back their leg and balancing so we can watch them get penetrated simultaneously. Jojo is the enabler here, encouraging her friend to unleash her unrepentant dirty-side, which eventually blossoms into Zelda screaming as they lie back on the bench. Jojo watches Zelda's pussy swallow Ricky's dick, while Zelda moans loud enough to echo throughout the locker-room. The two talk the entire way through sex, playing their characters very well and even switching off on to their men with flawless, cheerleader-like precision.

When faced with the men they initially began to please, Jojo decides to take Ricky on in the bathroom stall, while Zelda and Moe get the bench all to themselves. Jojo wiggles her ass on Ricky's dick in a twerking motion, while Zelda gallops her ass on Moe. Jojo practically dances on Ricky, eyeing her best friend wail, calling Moe her "black cock daddy" as she's pounded like never before. The girls end things on their knees with Moe emptying himself on Jojo's mouth, while Ricky paints Zelda's face upon receiving some flattering encouragement.

"I'm a cum-guzzling slut," Zelda says with Jojo's instruction, and they finish with a bit of cumswapping and Zelda discarding any concern about her poor boyfriend. This is a fitting tentpole scene due to its nonstop sexual energy crossed with the strong personalities of both Jojo and Zelda. The two are always moving and always offering something arousing, be it Jojo with her unbelievable sex moves or Zelda with her gradual progression into a "total slut," as her best friend calls her. Watson and Dogfart have effectively taken a cliche setting and made it sizzle with the perfect talent. 4.5/5 stars.

Scene 4 : Kali Kavalli and Charlie Mac

I've long adored Kali Kavalli for her free-spirited nature, her desire to show and tell her feelings during sex, and her all-around perky nature. Her scene with Charlie Mac opens with a closeup shot on Kali's spread legs as the two sit outside. Kali flashes her surroundings, not caring that her black panties are showing, as she laments about not having a good sexual experience in seven years. Her freak has been repressed by her boyfriend, and all Kali has wanted to do for years now is fuck a black guy.

Naturally, she makes use of Charlie's presence as soon as the two go back to his place, with Kali sucking his large black dick eagerly and passionately. Charlie holds her hair back as she rests her head on his stomach, sucking while he fingers her. In some way, the scene actually bears a romantic quality that persists as Kali sits atop Charlie in missionary, suppressing very vocal "ow's" as she adjusts to riding his girth.

Soon enough, she laments her tardiness to experiment with black guys while riding him, Charlie having no trouble or hesitancy in going deep inside her. She hops off to enjoy another quick blowjob, smiling as she tells him, "I taste pretty good." Upon cleaning his cock off, Kali embarks on a reverse cowgirl adventure that has her ready to cum. She's adjusted to Charlie's size so well she makes her pussy devour his shaft to the point where it catches up with her. She winds up collapsing backwards on to Charlie, her fluttering bleach-blonde hair lands in his face while her pussy still tightly grips his penis.

"My eyes are watering, my nose is running, you're fucking me up," Kali tells Charlie as he dives in doggystyle. Despite her body apparently responding to her first good dicking in a while, Charlie isn't done with her as he grabs a handful of her ass, plowing her into the couch. The final moments have Kali showing off her flexibility, hiking her legs past her head leaving herself wide open for Charlie to enjoy. She laughs her way into briefly choking on his cock just as he's about to blow his load. He sprays a small amount of cum on her mouth and chin, concluding a scene that can only be described as giddy. 3.5/5 stars.

Scene 5: Allie James (acting only), Lia Lynn Robinson, and Jon Jon

Allie James and Lia Lynn Robinson are two young girls, smoking cigarettes outside one day as they aimlessly bat off a list of things they could do to pass the time. Allie suggests the winner and that's get her friend to try black cock for the first time, despite knowing that Lia is married and worried about her husband's reaction. She nonetheless takes her to Jon Jon's house where she leaves the two of them alone. Lia tries to wolf down Jon's monster manhood but has a difficult time. Deepthroat has her tapping out about halfway down Jon's shaft before he goes on to tease relentlessly, watching her play with herself or having her prepare her pussy for such a passionate pounding with a little fingering.

When Lia goes back to sucking Jon's cock, then begins the raceplay. We hear Lia expound upon her desire to have sex with black men, encouraged and egged on by Jon, who tells her that he'll make a tape for her husband to watch. Lia doesn't suck for too long, for she's too eager to ride Jon missionary. He grips her ass tightly and for a woman as hesitant as she is, Lia has no problem going hard and fast all over his lap. A subsequent reverse cowgirl has her pussy plugged up nicely as she leans back on the couch initially only to rise up and watch her tight twat take on Jon.

A momentary break in the action comes as Lia, arching her back towards the camera as we see an unobstructed view of her playing with her asshole and pussy, tells us about her interracial fantasies. She claims to have stayed up late while her husband is asleep, watching black porn, something Jon gets aroused by hearing. He takes three of his fingers and puts them inside of her pussy one-by-one and proceeds to finger her vigorously before resuming sex, this time doggystyle.

The raceplay in the scene does get old, especially after we needed to stop the sex for it and it persists on after that small interlude. The tradeoff, on the other hand, is watching the control during doggystyle switch between both Lia and Jon. Sometimes Jon is penetrating Lia forcefully, and sometimes, he makes her pick up the work and have her ass work his dick. "You gonna cum on my face?," Lia innocently asks Jon as she twiddles her pussy. He complies and she's so satisfied afterwards that she continues to play with herself and question whether or not she'll ever go back to white men again. 3/5 stars.

Final Thoughts

For a compilation disc about a long-running online series that hasn't changed its thesis much since its inception, Race Relations Vol. 10 presents a commendable amount of variety. While Alexa Grace's scene is very straight forward, Jay Taylor's offers great humor and interwoven narrative, Jojo Kiss and Zelda Morrison's gives viewers a hugely fun and wickedly arousing sex marathon, Kali Kavalli is her spirited self, and Lia Lynn Robinson's raceplay ties it all together into a complete, diverse package in multiple different ways.

The usual kinks are in place, such as the size comparison, the color contrast, and the young and spry starlets that are honing their craft, yet Race Relations Vol. 10 is assembled knowing the tease and the structure pulls one into the setting just as much as the performers' attractiveness does. Dogfart may be tagging the bases familiarly at times, but it ultimately knows how to present and market what sells.

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