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Girl Story

Studio: Girlsway » Review by cyber5 » Review Date: 2/11/17

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genres: Lesbian, All Sex, Vignettes

Director: Stills By Alan
Story By: Lucy J



Cast: April O'Neil, Jenna Sativa, Marie McCray, Kristina Rose, Kalina Ryu, Janice Griffith

Length: 2 hours 42 minutes

Date of Release: January 13, 2017

Extras: Scene-Specific Slideshows, 2 Menu-Selectable Trailers, 18:30 minute BTS

Extras Menu

Condoms: N/A

Audio/Video Quality: Very good. Presented in anamorphic widescreen and shot well. There is one scene noted below where there is a lighting issue, but it isn't a deal breaker by any means.

Overview: Girlsway presents us with 5 scenes of girl on girl action. Those five scenes cover two completely independent story lines. If you watch the Behind the Scenes on the disc first, you will spoil one of the stories by knowing the title. You will also spoil any surprise you may get by reading my scene by scene breakdown! There was just no way to accurately inform you of what happens in a scene without giving away the plot. If you are just wondering whether or not the lesbian sex is hot and steamy: yes. You can skip my blow by blow accounting and stop reading here, or skip down to my final thoughts and check out my overall view of the disc without any spoilers.


Scene 1. April O'Neil, Jenna Sativa

April & Jenna

Our scene opens directly with the girls making out on a couch in a sunlit room. It's immediately apparent why Jenna took home top girl/girl awards in 2017 at both XBIZ and AVN. She's just hot, and her little, pierced tongue works wonders on April's hairy love hole. Once her fingers are put into action, April is squirming all over the couch. Jenna's face lights up as April takes the reins; her slow tonguing causing Jenna's tummy to twitch. There's very little dialog as the two move from tongue play to groin grinding where the only real words are reassurances that the other girl is hitting all the right spots. It is smiles all around as their bodies mesh together and the fingering and tongue play grow more intense and then..."Cut!"

April & Jenna

Here's where we learn exactly why there was zero setup to this scene, which is highly unusual for a Girlsway story. The sex is the setup! This is also where things get really weird in a very interesting way. All of a sudden the camera pulls back and we see Behind The Scenes, literally. Cameraman "AJ" enters for a quick interview as the main cameras continue to roll and then he exits just as quickly leaving the girls to chat amongst themselves and then the girls leave, cameras still rolling. Jenna heads off to shower and April steps outside to make a call, right in the middle of the scene. I told you this was going to get weird. April steps back to set and is sent to makeup to get ready for some Girlsway promo shots which become similar to "the tease" common in many adult movies, except that we're still in that "BTS viewpoint" and then...it gets weirder. We flip back to main camera viewpoint and our story begins. Wait. What? You'll find out how that turns out later on, but first, we plunge into a wholly different story line...

Scene 2. Kalina Ryu, Marie McCray

Kalina & Marie

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Marie's on the phone, looking for love to replace the love she just lost, Karly. Her friend sets up a meeting with Kalina and she heads over to meet her. Kalina's taken the time to set up a lovely lunch, and the two lovely ladies exchange small talk and pleasantries on the veranda as they dine. Kalina's loving her new acquaintance and offers to be her rebound and they head off to a beautiful couch nestled into the garden.

Kalina & Marie

With the pleasantries out of the way, the pleasure can begin. The filtered sunlight dances across their bodies as their lovemaking begins. It's giggly and sensual as the girls get it on in the garden oasis. With both girls being multi-award nominated over the years, you can bet that the action is hot and steamy. The girls toss their long locks to and fro as they enjoy each other. Kalina uses her whole body to move her tongue as Marie sits atop her face. Marie is panting and thrusting, literally fucking Kalina's face and then she invites Miss Ryu to do the same to her. The face fucking becomes an intense sex session as the girls trade pussy to pussy moves. Kalina's found a new fuck buddy and works her over hard, both girls panting and smiling in ecstasy. A quick kiss and cuddle are in order for the pretty pair as they decide to nap off their workout.

Scene 3. April O'Neil, Kristina Rose

April & Kristina

April calls Kristina on the phone and they set up a plan to meet at Kristina's place for a content trade. After that call, she calls her girlfriend Janice who takes a really bitchy attitude about the whole idea of this content trade. After that call, she calls Kristina back to do the content trade right now to spite her bitchy girlfriend.

Kristina's house is all set up to produce content for her website, and she's ready to shoot content right now. April's fresh from a set, so she has a wardrobe with her and is also ready to roll. Now that the two have officially met they are ready to do each other. April's never produced her own content, but Kristina whips out her DSLR and shows her how easy it is. Once again we find ourselves on the set of a girl on girl porn shoot, only this time they are "shooting it themselves" POV-style. In an even more unique twist, we're actually watching a multi-cam shoot that allows us to see the scene in a traditional manner, with one camera allowing us to see the screen on the camera the girls are shooting with so we get a POV shot of their POV shots.

April & Kristina

The girls go through a fun-filled romp, looking great as they do it. They trade camera holding, shooting stills and video of each other while they fuck each other. They even shoot their own BTS interviews in real-time with Kristina planning on just handing over the files to her webmaster for editing and such. The sex is intense and since we get a Hollywood view of how a camera jerks around during POV footage, it's easy to see why such footage is often nausea-inducing.

Scene 4. Kalina Ryu, Marie McCray

Kalina & Marie

We find our new fuck buddies waking from their afternoon nap and deciding to give each other the business one more time before Marie heads out. This go-around, there's no slow lead in, they just start at intensity level 9 and go to 10. With a quick break for a cup of java; they kick that intensity up yet another notch in the kitchen. They go down on each other using the counter as a leg-stretching aid. During Kalina's leg stretch, she fingers herself while Marie fingers her furiously causing her whole body to shake spasmodically involuntarily.

Kalina & Marie

They move the romping to Kalina's bedroom where they can up the fuck session one more notch. Marie's smitten with her new sex kitten and wants to begin a relationship. Kalina wants to keep it just as playtime for now, as she is currently at the beginning of talking to someone else...I'll give you one guess who that might be.

Scene 5. April O'Neil, Janice Griffith

April & Janice

April arrives at home and finds Janice watching lesbian porn and masturbating with a vibrator. Janice is glad to see her and April's a bit surprised to find that she's not watching just any porn; she's watching one of April's scenes. Being the bitch that she is, Janice calls April out for breaking a rule they share that she's not supposed to kiss girls on the mouth while filming. Now that she's all bent out of shape April has to reassure her that she's the one she loves, the scenes "are just work". It doesn't take more than a few kisses and slit licks to get her girlfriend to giggle and forget she's mad.

April & Janice

Knowing she has to make up with her pissed off girlfriend, April spends a copious amount of time performing cunnilingus while fingering her into ecstasy. As Janice takes her time going down on her lover, her insecurity resurfaces since April isn't making the same sounds she does on film. She's really starting to become an unlikeable character, but she is easy on the eyes! Character flaws aside; it is fun to watch as April does some of the things to her that she's seen her do on film. That seems to satisfy Janice and she heads off to shower. And that is where our story ends. Or does it?

The lighting in this room is coming from overhead, and it's pretty harsh. That causes some blown out highlights in Janice's silver hair and some posterization of the ladies' skin at times. It's very odd to find this kind of technical issue with a Stills By Alan film. It's not a deal breaker, but it is present off and on throughout the scene.

Final Thoughts: As with every Girlsway title I've seen, this one continues to redefine what is possible within a genre that can often become repetitive in less skilled hands. This creative team continues to push boundaries and redefine the lesbian porn landscape. It seems every title they produce finds at least one new novel technique to introduce rather than rehash the same old thing. It's almost as if they have a hotline to Felix the Cat and his magic bag! Here, the novelty is that we are at times literally Behind the Scenes while being in the scene. Add that to the now familiar film method where at some point we find the story "beginning in the middle of where we thought it was" and you have a unique film.

As with other Girlsway titles I've seen, this one breaks a story down into multiple chapters so website members can watch it as a series, or see the completed work as a whole. To round out the disc, they take another multi-chapter story and interleave it amongst the main story. It keeps the whole thing from getting tedious or repetitive, and I find it to be an effective way to lay out almost three hours of girl on girl action. All in all, I found the disc enjoyable other than not caring for the character played by Janice. Of course, that was the whole point of her role; so kudos to her for playing it well! Everyone on this disc played their parts very well and looked fantastic doing it and each other! I'm going to say this is highly recommended viewing. Many casual fans of lesbian porn may find it better to rent it for a weekend on demand. Fans of any of these girls may find themselves replaying their favorite scenes over and over, so a purchase is absolutely justified.

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